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#rockbox log for 2019-11-17

00:00:29w1d3m0d3seems that they left after a few minutes, which is a bummer
00:00:41w1d3m0d3I was about to post a solution to the problem but my net cut out
00:07:39__builtinMmh, I thought I built a static rbutil...
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10:27:00bluebrother^__builtin: I'm a bit puzzles about 3083abeb95e95dd1d12e78f1973546d93c3e12ab −− checking the distributed binaries there are in fact lots of DLLs linked that should have been found. And since f is the iterator over programfiles (and the list programfiles contains at least one entry) that check shouldn't be necessary.
10:27:23bluebrother^doesn't break anything though, but is somewhat pointless. I'm wondering how that change could fix an issue for you.
10:27:57__builtinIt was breaking MXE builds on linux
10:32:53bluebrother^that's rather strange. Looking at the code it shouldn't make a difference.
10:34:33bluebrother^I did build using mxe and that script in the past, though I didn't use mxe for release binaries. Though it's been a while :)
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11:20:44bluebrother^__builtin: I hate to say but that's not the problem.
11:22:07bluebrother^The actual problem is that we try to add dlls to the zip, and for that we query the exe. We'll get a lot of system dlls we can't (and won't) ship. Since we need to know about those there's a list with the ones we know about −− systemdlls. With the new Qt version we got new dlls that are system dlls, but those were missing from that list.
11:22:50bluebrother^as a result which() couldn't find them, we didn't recognize them, and thus which() returned an empty path. That way programfiles contained empty entries. So that change doesn't fix the actual issue, it just ignores it.
11:23:19bluebrother^though there is an indication: the build output states stuff like "which: could not find crypt32.dll"
11:23:27bluebrother^I'm going to update that ...
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11:36:47w1d3m0d3I think I've asked this before but I don't remember the answer, is there an effort to port rbutil to qt 5? right now it runs and compiles, but still uses outdated mechanisms, eg for connect
11:37:32bluebrother^there isn't really development on Rockbox Utility going on. mks5lboot was sitting in gerrit for quite a while.
11:38:21bluebrother^and currently it still compiles on Qt4, so changing that would break Qt4. Though this might not be that much of an issue these days.
11:39:20bluebrother^Though that would mean dropping support for OS X ppc (i.e. 10.4 and 10.5). Otoh, who's still using such an old system? And for current macOS we need to move to 64bit, which in turn means dropping ppc.
11:39:59bluebrother^I don't see a problem with using old Qt mechanisms though :)
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12:02:21w1d3m0d3bluebrother^: they're, in theory, slower, and more fragile, relying on dynamic checks and string comparisons, but they do work
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18:53:42bluebrother^hmm. Seems gerrit forgot my username, and I cannot set it again?
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19:00:07*bluebrother^ wonders who's admin these days
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21:15:51Strife89IMO, anyone using PPC OSX nowadays is probably the type of person who would be fine with manual Rockbox installation.
21:27:35__builtinbluebrother^: ah, I didn't realize that
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21:41:41bluebrother^no problem. Fixed that, and also made it work with Python3. I just can't push right now, need to get my gerrit account back into place first :)
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