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#rockbox log for 2019-12-10

00:00:43textmateIm using the mSATA adapter from
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00:07:37Lonoxmontdoes the native firmware work?
00:07:49Lonoxmontif that doesnt work either, might be something deeper going on
00:08:14Lonoxmontalso, did you fully test the msata media to make sure it worked?
00:08:25Lonoxmontif it was suspiciously cheap, might be fake
00:08:39textmateLonoxmont: I just about exactly got it working as I write this
00:09:00textmateI downloaded the binary this person built
00:09:11textmateIt works atleast now
00:11:18Lonoxmontwell thats one way to fix it i guess
00:11:27Lonoxmontwhy did you go msata instead of sd?
00:11:52textmatei thought it would be cheaper
00:12:02textmateand in the future would allow for greater expansion
00:12:25Lonoxmontmsata uses a lot mroe power and gets a lot hotter from what people have told me
00:12:39Lonoxmontbut if it works for you then i guess its fine?
00:12:48textmateheh yeah it really is a little warm to the touch
00:12:52Lonoxmonti bought but havent installed yet the quad sd adapter form iflash
00:13:09textmatealthough this is good because here In iceland it gets so cold its good that its a little hot
00:13:18Lonoxmonttrying to find the post they made on known working cards
00:13:48Lonoxmontattach a peltier generator to the ipod
00:13:51Lonoxmontmake infinite power
00:13:52Lonoxmont( ≖‿≖)
00:13:52textmatenow copying the 16gb of flacs Ive got
00:14:10textmateoh wow this is so /comfy/
00:14:43Lonoxmontdid you upgrade/replace the battery while you had it cracked open?
00:14:51Lonoxmontif so, how was it fitting the adapter board?
00:14:56textmateI bought a new """"3000mAh""""" battery for it because the one I bought before stopped working
00:15:12textmateI hope this one will last longer
00:15:19Lonoxmontmade with the finest chinesium
00:16:05Lonoxmontyeah same im just trying to find known good usd cards for the quad adapter before i crack open the ipod
00:17:14textmateYeah probably a good idea
00:18:11textmateIm thinking of some good solution for syncing the music
00:18:35textmatealso sometimes the iPod just turns off at random intervals
00:20:16textmatetransfer times are a little shit over usb 2.0 I shouldve just plugged it in directly
00:21:50textmatefor now using rsync
00:37:22Lonoxmontyeah it might be thermal cutout since you went msata
00:37:48Lonoxmontrsync should be fine too
00:38:06Lonoxmonthow painful was the itunes restore thing after swapping out the storage?
00:38:13Lonoxmontand/or is there any other way to do it?
00:38:30Lonoxmontnot sure i want apple spyware on my rig along all the other crap i have running
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04:49:41JorphoHello! Anyone here at the moment? I picked up an old Sansa Clip v1 recently and it seems to be perfectly functional, but Windows 7 only sees it as an Unknown Device. I thought I should ask here before making a post on the forums (or banging my head against Linux).
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05:02:16Jorpho...Oh well. Forum it is.
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14:46:18asymsuconanyone ever had fuze+ disassembped?
14:46:37asymsuconneed advices :)
14:46:55mendel_munkiswhats the problem?
14:47:28asymsuconbattery is dead, it's opened from power button, working downwards towards the jack?
14:48:07mendel_munkisthats how I usually do it. just be careful about the ribbion connecting the touchpad to the board.
14:48:22asymsuconyep, I saw it when I tried to open it the other way around
14:48:35asymsuconbut it's fine, no tears (yet)
14:49:01asymsuconabout battery, I checked ebay photos and there are 6 wires coming out of it - all are necessary?
14:49:32mendel_munkisif the ebay photos had six it was either the wrong pic or the wrong battery.
14:50:07asymsuconalso, 384238 is such a weird size, it's hard to find any good replacement, is there some space for slightly larger battery?
14:50:40asymsuconI found nokia's BL-5C which is 455038
14:51:21mendel_munkis has a picture of the battery connection.
14:51:56mendel_munkistheres a bit of space but not much. I wouldn't recommend it.
14:53:42asymsuconok, standard 3 cables as all other sansas, good
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14:56:55asymsuconin which dimension is there extra space? If the original battery fits under the whole display, then the BL-5C would fit there perfectly, it's almost the same thickness, same width and about 12mm longer
14:57:41mendel_munkisasymsucon: the battery I'm using now is a bit smaller then the original and I can't remember exactly sorry.
14:58:45asymsuconno prob, I guess I'll open it and find out, it's either BL-5C or waiting game for the correct cell to be delivered from China
14:59:26asymsuconfinally, have you heated the front bezel to soften the adhesive, or is it not necessary?
15:00:05mendel_munkisasymsucon: I dont think there was adhesive. just clips.
15:03:12asymsuconI could get the bottom pryed by just nails, but the top wouldn't budge.
15:03:17asymsuconOK, thanks for the help
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17:10:24leachim6hi people o/
17:10:40leachim6I want to run rockbox on the AGPTek rocker, however I'm not sure which one to buy
17:10:46leachim6will this one work? or do I need the v1
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17:11:30PrinceKyleI think the v2 is the one that is compatible with Rockbox.
17:11:44leachim6cool, thanks!
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17:12:14leachim6not bad for only about $60
17:12:28PrinceKyleV2 is listed as unstable, probably because bluetooth doesn't work. There are bluetooth transmitters you can buy if that's a deal breaker.
17:12:38leachim6not at all, wired all the way
17:12:44leachim6I've been eying it for a while whilst watching the port evolve
17:12:51 Join deevious [0] (~Thunderbi@
17:12:55leachim6it seems completely usable, there's some talk for creating a bluetooth UI at some point in the thread
17:12:59leachim6but no, definitely not a dealbreaker
17:13:14leachim6I sadly had to abandon rockbox when my last Fuze (og) died
17:13:26leachim6RIP Sansa Fuze
17:13:40PrinceKyleGood. I've been thinking of purchasing one of those. They use only external storage.
17:13:51leachim6fine by me, I've got some 128gb micro sd's hanging around
17:14:31PrinceKyleI don't think those have FM or recording either.
17:14:43leachim6not really a dealbreaker for me :shrug:
17:14:47leachim6my phone has that if I need
17:15:42PrinceKyleStill not a bad deal, but I think the price could be lower since there's not a radio or recorder.
17:15:53PrinceKyleand no internal flash
17:16:38leachim6yeah :<
17:16:42PrinceKyleBut the fact that a Rockbox compatible player is still on the market for under $100 is definitely a good thing.
17:16:46leachim6seeing the teardown it looks like 30-35 worth of parts
17:16:59leachim6I'm familiar with the ingenic socs from other devices
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17:20:29leachim6just ordered one
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17:26:47leachim6any good place to ask about headphones?
17:26:51leachim6here seems wrong, but ##audio is dead
17:27:00PrinceKyleI'm probably gonna grab me a 256GB SD card in the near future. They're under $30 now.
17:27:11leachim6isn't that wild
17:27:19leachim6I remember paying like $80 for a 4gb SD (full size) *on sale*
17:27:54PrinceKyleWow I don't think I ever remember paying that much for one so small. But I did pay $20 for 32GB not long ago.
17:28:00leachim6here's what $80 gets you now
17:28:09leachim6PrinceKyle: this was in like 2006
17:28:40PrinceKyleAh yeah maybe. I paid $20 for 32GB in like 2013 I think.
17:29:21PrinceKyleI found 512GB for less than $70.
17:30:05 Quit petur (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
17:30:46PrinceKyleI've purchased a brand called Silicon Power for a while. They seem to do really well, and the price is really good.
17:31:30PrinceKyleBest price per GB is their 256, at least for now.
17:34:43leachim6some people were complaining of bad cards in the reviews
17:34:48leachim6for a few more bucks I got the Samsung
17:34:58leachim6I've used SP stuff before with no issues but hey it's only like $4 cheaper
17:36:40PrinceKyleI've purchased Samsung, but the difference seems negligible.
17:36:52PrinceKyleBut then the price difference isn't that much either.
17:42:14leachim6yeah honestly I think it's probably still possible to just get a bad card no matter the brand
17:43:20PrinceKyleYeah the one that gave me trouble said it was a Transcend brand.
17:44:14PrinceKyleIt has problems on my ClipZip, and it has had some strange issues on my computer as well.
17:44:46PrinceKyleIt had me reporting a bug in Rockbox when it was the card that was causing the problem.
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18:09:20asymsuconmendel_munkis OK, I'm in, the ribbon cable to the touchpad is zif on a hinge or how to undo it?
18:09:46mendel_munkiszif on a hinge sounds right.
18:10:11mendel_munkistry using something flat to pop up the seal.
18:11:50asymsuconI unscrewed two screws on the upper part of the screen
18:12:06asymsuconanything else holding the assembly to the back cover?
18:12:11mendel_munkisthere are another two under the padding on the bottom.
18:14:08mendel_munkisasymsucon: if you have the tools and skill you may want to consider adding a bit of solder to the back pads of the jack.
18:14:29mendel_munkismost of the fuze+s ive owned had weak connections there.
18:17:06asymsuconif I can find the contacts on the board
18:17:13asymsuconthe battery is glued in?
18:17:36mendel_munkisyes but you should be able to gently pry it off.
18:18:03mendel_munkisthe jack contacts are on the side of the board facing the metal plate.
18:20:29asymsuconit's quite tight in there, comparable to phone batteries
18:20:49mendel_munkisIt is glued.
18:27:53asymsuconIt's nervewrecking, one bad move and fuze will fuse together in a nice lithium flame. Maybe I'll put it on a heater to soften the glue a bit
18:28:23mendel_munkishuh I didnt have such an issue gtting mine out.
18:28:53asymsuconthere's a lot of glue, and the bottom part of the lipo is already almost tearing
18:31:03asymsuconbut it shows 0V so it seems it got overdischarged
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18:45:05asymsuconOk, I ended up cutting through the glue with a plastic card, mm by mm
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19:05:19asymsuconok, it works, now to find a suitable battery for it, of course neither nokia nor samsung battery will fit
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20:05:36asymsuconmendelmunkis the symptoms of disconnected jack would be one side missing or floating ground? Because I'm getting very loud CPU noises and static
20:06:24mendelmunkisthat sounds like that could be the case.
20:07:21asymsuconof course the PSU I'm currently powering fuze with is also quite noisy
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20:53:23asymsuconjack is OK and PSU is also not causing that
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21:34:27asymsuconThis problem seem to be occuring only in RB
21:34:42asymsuconalso 40mA when playing FLAC seems quite a lot
21:35:02asymsuconI also got screen flicker
21:39:26asymsucon_Bilgus is the multiboot bootloader necessary to boot into SD card?
21:40:11asymsuconah, sorry, missed the link "Multiboot bootloaders for Sansa Clip+ ClipZip, Fuze+ Fuzev1 and Fuzev2 are now on the mainsite"
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