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#rockbox log for 2019-12-11

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09:26:47asymsuconHi, I figured it out, or rather, found a workaround. The CPU noise is present only when the Fuze+ goes from disconnected battery straight to rockbox. But when I reboot to sansa FW and then reboot to rockbox, it works as it should
09:28:05asymsuconmendel_munkis BTW, if you need, I found a perfect battery size which is widely available, and 99% should fit in Fuze+ -> 403840
09:28:11asymsucon$4 shipped from ali
09:28:21asymsuconstock 600mAh
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16:50:12Bilgusasymsucon (logs) could you explain that a bit more? disconnected battery straight to rb?
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17:49:31leachim6is this the right Rocker for rockbox?
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18:18:01kirvesAxeleachim6, looks pretty much like it :)
18:18:11kirvesAxeas the description says
18:18:13leachim6I sure hope so, it'll be here soon from amazin :D
18:18:34kirvesAxedamn, it looks cheaper than it did a year ago
18:18:43kirvesAxeshould I get myself a spare? :D
18:19:06*leachim6 whipsers in kirvesAxe ear
18:19:09leachim6doooooo itttttttt
18:19:16*leachim6 is a bad influence
18:39:19kirvesAxeI remember when I ordered three Sansa Clip+'s for 50e each since they were getting hard to find (I had already had three of those before that)...
18:41:39PrinceKyleThe main problem I see is that at least before Rockbox, the Rocker doesn't have as much battery life as the ClipPlus. Perhaps that changes once Rockbox is installed. But I do know that I get close to 15 hours from my ClipZip with the latest Rockbox, whereas the Rocker advertises 10 hours.
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19:21:07leachim6why isis there a definitive guide for getting rockbox onto the rocket?
19:21:14leachim6I've got the latest .rockbox for it
19:21:20leachim6I need the firmware patcher upt thing
19:21:37leachim6the only thing I can find is some gdrive link, is there a version *from rockbox* ?
19:36:53kirvesAxePrinceKyle, I think I get about 7-8 hours with my rockerbox ;(
19:37:23kirvesAxeso an external portable power source is mandatory for just about every day at work...
19:37:58kirvesAxeleachim6, I wonder if there still is anything more than a long forum post...
19:39:29leachim6it's not just a long forum post either
19:39:34leachim6it's a forest of inter-linking forum posts
19:39:38leachim6god this is awful
19:39:55kirvesAxeThe Lost Woods of forums? :D
19:40:04leachim6and my ocarina is out of order
19:40:23leachim6"The update on the first link (I mean AGPTEK's own v1.2 update) failed, but the second one named "update_rb_new_T6_model.upt" worked!"
19:40:26leachim6what does this meannnnnn
19:49:16leachim6does anyone actually have a rocker?
19:49:20leachim6any help would be helpful
19:59:04leachim6so it seems many people have rockbox on this player
19:59:07leachim6but nobody will talk about it
19:59:15leachim6many posts just saying "ok I fixed it thanks, it works now"
19:59:17*leachim6 facepalm
19:59:22leachim6denvercoder *WHAT DID YOU SEE*
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20:12:30leachim6someone here must know
20:12:48leachim6kirvesAxe: you have rockbox on a Rocker right?
20:38:36leachim6I tried everything on this topic,51653.300.html
20:38:42leachim6still v_v failed
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20:59:04leachim6I GOT IT
21:03:56Lonoxmontanyone here ever jump through the hoops to reload an ipod's firmware without installing itunes
21:04:27Lonoxmontive found some various pages about it but not sure if it as daunting as it sounds
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21:44:19kirvesAxeleachim6, CONGRATS! :))
21:45:42kirvesAxeYes, I do have a rockbox rocker, but I installed it like a year ago, so I think I just read that topic about through until I got some sort of coherent idea what to do and what was the latest updated version etc :D
21:47:00kirvesAxeand I think I'd have to do that again if I were to buy another Rocker for spare, because I might be tempted to see if I can fix some of the issues I have with it (like the totally absurdly bad keybinding for hold etc)
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