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#rockbox log for 2019-12-12

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03:36:18koniuheya, sansa clip zip here - upgraded sd card from 128g to 256 and it's not coming up in a file browser
03:36:30koniui can see it in debug/diskinfo
03:36:58koniuany clues how to fix/investigate?
03:46:25koniuah nvm, partition type set as exfat rather than fat32, fdisk to the rescue and no need to repeat the 4h copy yey
03:48:31koniuunbranded 256G from for £20!
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09:24:08leachim6is it possible to configure key shortcuts like double click volume up to skip?
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11:35:22asymsuconBilgus sure, ATM I don't have battery for it, so I use bench PSU, when I connect the power and boot straight into RB there's very noticeable CPU noise (buzzing) together with very high noise levels
11:35:36asymsucon*white noise levels
11:36:28asymsuconIt's only when I boot to Sansa FW and then back to RB the noise is no longer there
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12:32:06pixelmasimilar effects were reported of earlier Sandisk players too (I could hear the noise on my c200 v1)
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13:09:36leachim6what kind of bench PSU? low frequency SMPS will do that
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13:16:08asymsuconleachim6 Not a PSU ripple issue in this case. I used a phone¨s battery to reconfirm - same issue
13:22:45leachim6I see
13:22:58leachim6do you have any snap-on ferrites ?
13:29:39asymsuconsome, but only for HF
13:30:49asymsuconbut really, this is not ac ripple issue - It's never an issue under sansa FW, only on first boot of RB after battery change
13:31:10asymsuconwhich fixes itself when rebooting from sansa fw
13:31:14asymsucon= no big deal
13:31:46asymsuconsubsequent reboots to RB are fine
13:33:18asymsuconmuch bigger deal is the 0.7% frequency error at 48kHz :D
13:34:39gevaertsThat's easy to deal with though. Just resample all your music :)
13:35:43asymsuconor play Opus in 44.1k mode, which will result in another resampling step
13:38:05asymsuconkinda hard to avoid 48k when Opus is involved
13:43:36asymsuconthis is the battery that'll 99% fit in there -
13:44:02gevaertsOpen track in audacity, change speed by 0.7%, reencode, done! I mean, if you're the sort of person who's annoyed by those 0.7%, surely you won't mind some speed change and reencoding artefacts ;)
13:44:54asymsuconlol, in most cases, 0.7% isn't a huge deal, until you do ABX with it
13:46:09asymsuconsince nothing else supports Opus codec except for RB, I had to learn to live with 442Hz tuning :D
13:48:50asymsuconExternally, any battery can be slapped on the back cover - BN45 (Xiaomi, 3020mAh), BL-5C (1020mAh) or even two 18650 holders for a total of 7000mAh (800 hour playback time)
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17:43:58Bilgusasymsucon, I suspected that is what you were saying and I read that as we are missing a setting in our implementation
17:46:08Bilgusso the OF sets somethings flag that helps with the cpu noise, we aren't setting that particular flag at all
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20:00:20asymsuconBilgus That is correct. Strangely enough the first boot into RB from Sansa FW takes about 1-2 minutes
20:01:15Bilgushow are you booting from OF to rockbox?
20:01:47asymsuconhold down power button until it says goodbye
20:01:57asymsuconthen wait 5 seconds and power on again
20:03:48Bilgushmm you'd think it would reset the cpu then weird
20:04:57asymsuconRB is on SD card, and bootloader is your compiled multiboot one
20:06:19BilgusI suppose the flag is still set in volatile ram need to dump the cpu flags in each instance and compare them (read tedious)
20:07:27asymsuconit's a rare occurence really,
20:07:49asymsuconit might become a problem when the internal memory is read only though, as OF won't boot
20:08:08asymsuconand in return this flag won't be set
20:09:44asymsuconbut yep, at first I thought it's hardware related, and almost took out heatgun to reflow the mobo
20:10:49asymsuconif it helps anything, current draw was also over the roof, 40mA with display off
20:10:56asymsuconeven with decoding flac
20:12:35Bilgushuh I'll have to try it on my fuze+ see if I can repro, even if it goes readonly won't be a big deal its set in ram not on drive
20:12:52Bilgusassuming the OF will boot after that
20:19:16asymsuconso all sansas from clip plus to fuze+ suffer from unstable internal?
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21:56:43BilgusIve yet to see a fuze+ fail but flash wears out period
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23:08:54Lonoxmontany ipod people on?
23:09:44Lonoxmonti just replaced my ipod video 5.5g hard disk with an iflash quad adapter and neither itunes nor mks5lboot64.exe seem to be detecting it
23:11:49Lonoxmonton the ipod itself i get the apple logo on a black unlit screen, followed by a white backlit screen with a sad ipod icon and a url for apples support site for ipods
23:12:04Lonoxmontive tried to place the ipod into dfu mode and disk mode, neither seems to work
23:12:21Lonoxmontany ideas or should i pop it open again and swap back to the original components?
23:19:10Lonoxmontif it helps, i am able to get it into diagnostic mode
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