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#rockbox log for 2019-12-18

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02:04:10timetravelerMy ipod wont be recognized on my ipod
02:04:19timetraveleron my computer"
02:04:52timetravelerit says its connected but it wont show up and theres a usb error
02:06:21cockroachhave you tried a different usb port, usb cable, or a different computer?
02:06:47timetravelerI dont have another compuet and yes I have tried different usb ports and cables but still nothing
02:07:16timetravelerIve also rebooted the ipod like more than 5 times
02:07:30cockroachare you running linux on the computer?
02:07:45timetravelerI am running a old windows
02:08:18timetravelerWindows vista..
02:08:35cockroachhmm, that makes it a bit more difficult, I've never used that and my general windows skills are extremely poor
02:08:56cockroachis the ipod still using the original hard drive?
02:09:29timetravelerno its using adifferent drive and it worked before but i changed the battery but it doesnt want to get recognized
02:10:13cockroachhmm, I would have expected it to work even without a battery, but I never tried
02:10:35timetravelerthe ipod can still connect without a battery?
02:10:37cockroachbut the ipod itself starts just fine and works as expected?
02:11:11timetravelerYes the ipod is working just fine rockbox is booting up fine everything is there music loads but it just doenst get recognized
02:11:15cockroachI would think so (my iriver works just fine without its battery), but I never tried with an ipod
02:11:33cockroach(I realize that doesn't help much) :)
02:11:39timetravelerMaybe its a old version of rockbox?
02:12:35cockroachI don't think that should make a difference, but then I'm not sure. What if you activate the 'hold' switch before you plug it in, does that change anything?
02:12:57timetravelerlet me try
02:13:06cockroach(and turn it off)
02:13:17timetravelerIve connected the ipod before and the ipod only shows up as
02:13:31timetravelerremovable disk
02:13:35timetraveleraka emprty disk
02:14:58Lonoxmontwhat happens if you put the ipod in disk mode
02:15:15timetravelerHow do I put thwe ipod on disk mode?
02:15:51Lonoxmontreboot with menu+select, as soon as the aple logo appears switch to select+play/pause
02:15:59Lonoxmonthold until it enters disk mode
02:16:17cockroachI can never remember how to do that :)
02:16:38Lonoxmonttheres also a bonus diagnostic mode if you switch to select+back
02:16:45Lonoxmontbut thats not really useful in this context
02:17:10Lonoxmontalso you might have to have it unplugged from the computer first
02:17:18Lonoxmontidk if it likes to reboot while plugged in
02:17:39timetravelerIve rebootwed the ipod like 10 times already
02:17:55timetravelerAnd it didnt go into disk mode...
02:18:01Lonoxmontthe timing is kinda tricky
02:18:11Lonoxmontyou gotta hit it like /right/ when the logo appears
02:18:19Lonoxmontand hold til it goes into disk mode
02:18:39Lonoxmontleast im assuming this is a modernish ipod
02:18:50Lonoxmontif its old, theres different combos to hit
02:19:06timetravelerIts an Ipod classic 6th genersation
02:19:32Lonoxmontyeah that should be select+menu to reboot then immediately select+play/pause
02:19:52Lonoxmontyou gotta kinda shuffle your hand down if that makes any sense
02:20:07Lonoxmontlike glide right from the first combo to the second, you only have a few ms to do it in
02:20:09timetraveleryep holding the buttons
02:20:37timetravelerit takes a pretrfty long time to bioot up
02:20:40Lonoxmontalso it helps if you release the buttons for like a tenth of a second before the second combo, but again the timing is kinda wonky
02:20:52Lonoxmontleast on mine it is
02:21:09Lonoxmontalso, iirc you said you had replaced the hard drive
02:21:16Lonoxmontwhat board did you replace it with?
02:21:22timetravelerand load whenpfft the ipod shut down instead of going into disk mode
02:21:23Lonoxmontdid you make sure the connector was seated properly?
02:21:49timetraveleryes it is connected
02:22:00Lonoxmontalso, does it work any better with the original battery? on mine the iflash quad board is kinda weird with the new battery i put in it
02:22:16Lonoxmontbut for whatever reason it was more stable on the old worn out battery
02:22:18cockroach(the combo does work just fine with my 5.5th gen, btw)
02:22:45Lonoxmonti think the iflash not meant to handle 4x256gb...
02:22:53Lonoxmontleast maybe not this one
02:22:54timetravelerthe battery wou.lldnt even power on the ipod original battery
02:23:04cockroachnice, 4x256gb
02:23:36Lonoxmontidk if i just was too greedy or if theres other issues, but the data transfer rate is /so slow/
02:23:48Lonoxmonthavent tested thigns like rebuyilding rockbox db yet
02:24:09cockroachhah, that would probably take days…
02:24:48Lonoxmontive only got 14k items in my library :P
02:24:49cockroachtimetraveler: any success with the disk mode?
02:24:53timetravelerthe battery does get drained for some reason i installed a bigger battery aldo loading time on ipod is sloww
02:25:01timetravelernope still trying
02:25:09Lonoxmontthough tbh i need to go through and prune stupid not needed stuff like text files, iso images, etc
02:25:10*cockroach never uses the library, seems like a PITA to keep it updated
02:25:40Lonoxmonteh, when this ipod was on a hard disk it wasnt too incredibly terrible
02:26:16Lonoxmontthe whole reason i embarked on this hardware shuffling game was the battery was getting to the point where if it was evena little bit tlow, the strain of spinning the disk up was too much for it and the voltage crashed out and caused reboots
02:26:35Lonoxmontit worked ok as long as you didnt push it hard
02:26:40Lonoxmontbut the runtime was pretty bad
02:26:56cockroachyeah, that's no fun
02:26:58timetravelerall the disk mode thing is doing is shutting down the ipod..
02:27:13Lonoxmontmaybe bad contact on the select button?
02:27:23Lonoxmonti know holding play/pause usually is shuit down command
02:27:38Lonoxmontdid you disturb any of those cables when you were modding it?
02:27:56Lonoxmontmight be worth a second inspection
02:28:14Lonoxmontthough if select works normally already we know its not broke
02:28:22Lonoxmontthen it just comes down to timing
02:28:32Lonoxmontidk what the timing is on the classic, i just have the 5.5
02:28:33timetravelerthe select button works fine
02:29:02timetravelerThe safe to remove button pops up on the desk top thats about it
02:29:24Lonoxmontwonder if they removed it or something
02:29:34timetravelerremoved what?
02:29:45Lonoxmontlike every ipod exce-pt the first and second gen has the same combo to get into disk mode
02:30:15Lonoxmontdo you have the original firmware on it as well as rockbox or did you do any reflashing?
02:30:35timetraveleri only have rockbox installed on it
02:30:45timetravelerthe apple firmware I removed entirely
02:30:56Lonoxmontthat might be why disk mode isnt working :P
02:31:25timetravelerdisk mode is only for apple firmware I forgot about that
02:31:32Lonoxmontyou may consider trying to put the apple firmware back on it, at least for testing purposes
02:32:04timetravelerBut I have all my music on it and I want to remove all the music first before doing that
02:32:37cockroachthere are instructions regarding the 6th gen ipod on - maybe those work for you
02:33:12cockroachalso, I'm pretty sure I don't have any apple stuff left on my ipod's memory card but the disk mode still works. would appear to be built-in somehow.
02:33:21timetravelerIs it possible to use Apple firmare with 200gb of storage or greator rockbnox is eating away at the battery..
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02:34:07Lonoxmontthere are limits in how much storage some models of ipod can address due to how apple implemented logical block addressing
02:34:19timetravelerIm having mounting issues for the ipod wityh rockbox It was working last time...
02:34:33Lonoxmontleast with the og firmware, idk if rockbox can work around that
02:34:59timetravelerrockbox works around it but idk whats eating away at the battery...
02:35:15Lonoxmontmaybe you got a bad/fake battery?
02:35:23Lonoxmonti know its hard to find good ones on ebay
02:35:36timetravelerbut it says on the booting screen its 3000mah
02:36:54Lonoxmontis that just what you told it the battery is?
02:37:02Lonoxmontor does it have some way to determine the capacity?
02:37:21timetravelerthe ipod itself says it in the start menu when booting up
02:37:47Lonoxmont1yeah, but how did it find this information? afaik the battery is just a dumb block of foil and lithium
02:38:06Lonoxmontif you are lucky with charging/discharging protection circuit board
02:38:30cockroachI think you can configure the capacity in rockbox, so I always assumed that there's no way for rockbox to figure it out on its own
02:38:40Lonoxmontas far as i know
02:38:52timetravelerIm not sure I just put in the battery and it just showed up ?...
02:39:12timetravelerYea ive tried that before but nothing changes
02:39:17cockroachbut then, on one of my ipods it says "400mah" and I don't think I configured that, so maybe it *can* tell.
02:39:57timetravelerI have configured it before but it goes back to what it was before.
02:41:14timetraveler:I ive left the ipod plugged in for atleast ha;f an hour and there is still no reading of it on the computer...
02:42:13Lonoxmontif you had a linux machine around, could do some more checking to see if it shows up at all
02:42:26Lonoxmonti think in windows you can look in device manager?
02:42:47timetravelerit says its connected but theres a yellow triangle
02:42:50timetravelernext to it
02:43:02timetraveleryea I checked
02:45:32Lonoxmontiirc you said you were on vista
02:45:44Lonoxmontso idk how much messing around we can do with the devices without crashing it
02:45:54Lonoxmonti know its not the worlds most stable os
02:47:35timetraveler:I Yea its crashed from having too many tabs open beore
02:49:34timetravelerDoesn't make any sense its worked before when I reboot the ipod..
02:49:48timetravelerapparently its another dive letter.
02:51:08timetravelerWhats the name of that software where it helps you install Rockbox manually and it also finds if the device is connected?..
02:52:58timetravelerWhat does DFU do?
02:53:36Lonoxmontdirect firmware update mode i think
02:53:52Lonoxmontbasically puts the ipod in a mode where you can write to the firmware storage i think
02:54:00timetravelerwill that clear all the dat on the device?
02:54:04Lonoxmontidk i dont have an ipod with that function so i dont know much about it
02:54:16timetraveleroh ok
02:55:48timetravelerThere are other options in rockbox setting it has other USB designs
02:55:48Lonoxmontif i were you i would try and get the data out with a linux live environment or something
02:56:15timetravelerBut I dont have linuxx D;
02:56:25Lonoxmontthen again with disk mode gone unless theres something built into the low level device firmware, idk how you are going to get it to just show up as mass storage
02:56:56timetraveleryeaa it would pop up as a mass storage device..
02:57:06Lonoxmontunder the rockbox usb settings you dont want it set to like
02:57:11Lonoxmontthe usb media key things
02:57:24timetravelerwhy not?
02:57:27Lonoxmonti dont remember what you have to set it to to get rockbox to just expose storage
02:57:41Lonoxmontbecause otherwise it shows as input peripheral and not storage
02:57:43timetravelerthere are three options there
02:58:06timetravelerwhats an input peripheral?
02:58:16Lonoxmontlike a keyboard or mouse
02:58:31timetravelerWould that be a good idea?
02:58:40Lonoxmontnot if you want to access the storage instead
02:58:54timetravelerlet me try that
02:58:55Lonoxmontafaik rockbox can only be one kind of usb device at a time\
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02:59:06timetraveleryea it can
02:59:16Lonoxmontif its acting as a media controller (basically a very small very specific keyboard with just media control keys)
02:59:24Lonoxmontthen afaik you cant hit the storage part of it
02:59:31Lonoxmontleast on mine i had issues
03:00:05timetravelerWhy is mty Ipod so slow?
03:00:43Lonoxmontwell for one they dont have much hardware in them
03:00:57Lonoxmontfor two its over at best a usb 2.0 interface, unless they upgraded that on the newer gens
03:01:22Lonoxmontfor three you could be having problems with whatever solid state storage you put in it
03:01:27timetravelerWhat does USB HID do?
03:01:35Lonoxmonthid is human interface device
03:01:37Lonoxmontso a keyboard
03:01:39Lonoxmontor mouse
03:01:57Lonoxmontin this case its like havbing a small keyboard that jsut has the media keys for play pause etc on it
03:02:13timetravelerIm using a solid state drive on my ipod...
03:02:23Lonoxmontlike idk if you remember but in the like 2000s there was a thing for a while with play pause skip buttons on keyboards
03:02:34Lonoxmontthe usb hid is that but on the ipod
03:02:53timetravelerI never really heard of that
03:03:00Lonoxmontyeah it wasnt super popular
03:03:02Lonoxmontor like
03:03:08Lonoxmontsuper well standardised i think
03:03:26timetravelerShould I set the USB port to browser?
03:03:28Lonoxmontyou could find that on laptops a lot more often than full keyboards for computers
03:03:50Lonoxmonti think i had to set mine to none
03:03:57Lonoxmontthen it would show up
03:04:11timetravelertheres no option for none
03:04:18Lonoxmontplay with it and see if anything works
03:04:26Lonoxmontshouldnt hurt anything
03:04:32timetravelerMultimedia presentation mouse and Browser aare the only options
03:05:13timetravelerThe battery is always on low for some odd reason
03:06:04timetravelerHow would configuring the battery on rockbox make it any better?
03:07:15Lonoxmontfar as i know that configuration is just so it can calculate remaning runtime and such
03:08:06timetravelerbrowsing through the library is very pathy as in it doesnt run smoothly through the list
03:08:11timetravelerwhen scrolling
03:08:25Lonoxmontwhat storage did you put in the ipod?
03:08:33timetravelerand it takes a tremendous amount of time to load one song
03:08:43Lonoxmontbecause its sounding like it might be having issues
03:08:44timetraveleruhh.......... 1TB...
03:08:56Lonoxmonti mean msata, sd, what
03:09:03timetraveleridk it was working before...
03:09:21Lonoxmontive heard bad things about the msata adapters
03:09:27Lonoxmontthey get hot and use a lot of power
03:09:33timetraveleroh no......
03:09:33Lonoxmontmaybe it baked itself
03:09:49timetravelerive inspected it it loks fine.....
03:09:57Lonoxmontthough on the plus side if you have an msata cable and a port ony our machine you migth be able to mount the drive directly and get the data off it
03:10:22timetraveleryea I thought that would be a better idea...
03:10:51timetravelerdoes msata work smothly with ipods?
03:11:09Lonoxmontlike i said, ive not heard great thigns about msata adapters
03:11:13timetravelerI spent a lot of money on this drive...............................
03:11:46timetravelerits no wonder my ipod started burning out of nowhere...
03:12:12timetravelerMight as well return it then...
03:12:37Lonoxmontive had modest luck with the iflash quad adapter
03:12:44Lonoxmontstill some weird issues now and then though
03:12:56Lonoxmontyou might consider getting one of those pata ssd cards
03:13:04Lonoxmontwould sidestep needing an adaptor entirely
03:13:06*cockroach is using iflash sd and compactflash adapters
03:13:09Lonoxmontthough the size would suffer as a result
03:13:12cockroachthey work quite well
03:13:27timetravelerwhat do you mean size ?
03:13:38Lonoxmontlike they didnt really make pata ssd in large sizes
03:13:49timetraveleroh okay
03:13:49Lonoxmontit was kind of a footnote technologically
03:14:26timetravelerthe msata might be causing my ipod to run slow then...
03:14:37Lonoxmontalso keep in mind
03:14:45Lonoxmontipods were never meant to be computing powerhouses
03:14:49Lonoxmontthey have like what
03:14:53Lonoxmont64mb of ram?
03:14:56Lonoxmonton the newer ones?
03:15:03Lonoxmontolder ones were even worse
03:15:09Lonoxmontyour 5.5 only has 32 iirc
03:15:33Lonoxmontso that means mostly the firmware runs off the mass storage
03:15:34timetravelerIts a sixth..
03:15:41Lonoxmontso if theres issues there, the ipod is going to run wonky
03:16:15timetravelerive had that happen earlier the battery was running low I believe and the screen started glitching
03:16:17Lonoxmontif i were you i would reflash the apple firmware onto it so ytou get back disk mode, and dual boot rockbox with it just so you have something that is known good
03:16:32Lonoxmontafter you get yourt stuff off it of course
03:17:02timetravelerwouldn't that absorb more battery?
03:17:39Lonoxmontif rockbox is running the original firmware isnt afaik
03:17:45Lonoxmontso its a bit of a moot point
03:18:00Lonoxmontand your battery is already going to not be great because of the msata
03:18:16Lonoxmontthis assuming you got a legit battery and not some fake one from ebay
03:18:34Lonoxmontwith a fake or weak one from ebay the problem is worse because you have less capacity to begin with
03:18:41timetravelerIt was from another site.... nut was delivered with ebay?
03:18:58Lonoxmontso you bought from a reseller
03:19:02Lonoxmontsame deal
03:19:04timetravelerit was*
03:19:13Lonoxmontif they are sourcing from ebay you just made your cost higher
03:19:37timetravelerit was only $10.00
03:19:53Lonoxmontyou get what you pay for, especially with chineseium ebay stuff
03:20:03Lonoxmontif a deal seems too good to be true it is
03:20:21Lonoxmontthat 3000 mah battery might be lucky to clock in at half that
03:20:33Lonoxmonti mean its still gobs better than stock
03:20:40Lonoxmontbut still not what it seems
03:21:01Lonoxmontanyhow, i have to go
03:21:02timetravelerwell the msata or lithium arwent a good duo?
03:21:13timetraveleraw alright
03:21:26Lonoxmonttry another adapter is my advice, along with not wiping the apple firmware
03:21:33timetravelerthanks for the info!
03:21:51Lonoxmontafaik rockbox can sometimes do weird thigns with the usb stuff, especially if you ar emoving a large amount of data
03:22:03Lonoxmontdisk mode takes that out of the equation
03:22:44Lonoxmontanyhow, im out
03:23:26timetravelerdang I forgot to ask
03:23:32timetravelerwhats a good battery?
03:26:18timetravelerThe ipod mounted a removable disk ...
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03:37:27timetravelercockroach The most the baterry pops up to is a removable drive but nothing else..
03:37:51timetravelerthe device*
03:38:54cockroachhmm sorry, so far I haven't replaced any of my batteries so I really don't know whether that could be the issue
03:40:19timetravelerright i meant device not battery
03:40:56cockroachwell, a removable drive is pretty much the thing you want from rockbox, isn't it?
03:41:45timetraveleryea but the disk shows up as empty but it isnt and the computer managment disk management says it has storage
03:42:06timetravelerI am not able to access my storage
03:44:05cockroachdoes it show as empty and formatted, or as empty and unusable?
03:44:28timetravelerempty and formatted
03:44:44cockroachwhat happens if you put files on it? does rockbox see them?
03:45:13timetravelerhold on
03:45:41timetravelernothing happens
03:46:11timetravelerits copying the files
03:47:09timetravelerit askes to format the disk despite there being no disk
03:47:31cockroachi would recommend against that :)
03:47:39timetraveleryea i know
03:47:48timetravelerit will wipe all my data
03:49:45timetravelerso apparently the J drive is apple attempting to hijack the ipod there is another drive thats not showing up that is rockbox
03:50:15timetravelereverytime I connect or reset the device itunes opops up
03:51:02timetravelertheres a rockbox utility that helps find that
03:51:24timetraveleri have to disconnect the ipod it feels like its going to melt
03:52:30cockroachI'm not sure I would be comfortable with that battery
03:52:57timetravelerive heard its the only types of batteries for ipods..
03:55:01timetravelerso idk
03:55:08cockroachwell sorry, I wish I could help you but I'm somewhat out of ideas. You could try the rockbox forums, there might be people there who know stuff.
03:55:30cockroachalso, it's getting rather late (or early) and I should get some sleep...
03:55:30timetraveler;I alright
03:55:39cockroachclose to 4 AM here :)
03:56:06timetravelerwhats that program that you manually insta lrock box
03:56:14timetravelerits a zip file
03:56:33cockroach ?
03:56:47timetraveleryes thank you
03:56:50cockroachyou're welcome
03:56:55timetravelerthanks for the heelp
03:57:04cockroachno worries. good luck with your ipod!
03:57:32 Quit cockroach (Quit: leaving)
04:50:40timetravelerhow do I manually mount an Ipod through rockbox utility
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17:40:47asymsuconJust bought another Clip Zip, expanding my sansa collection to 13 DAPs. Since it's battery is near dead, I'm wondering if 40000mAh LiIon is adequate replacement, or a tiny bit overkill.
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18:10:03asymsuconnever mind, found just the right battery for it ->
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20:07:03bertrikasymsucon: nice :)
20:07:25bertrikI don't really believe such battery will fit inside the clip zip :)
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