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#rockbox log for 2019-12-19

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04:21:22AzurusSpeaking of batteries, would the firmware for the iPod Classic Gen7 that has a mod for a 3000mAh battery be supported? The firmware settings only show it going up to 1000mAh. Is there a way of changing this?
04:26:03__builtinChanging the limit is possible, yes
04:26:22__builtinI do doubt whether you actually have a 3Ah battery though
04:29:34AzurusThey do indeed exist.
04:33:27AzurusAs for changing the limit, in the battery settings it only shows a selection up to 1000mAh. How would I increase that?
04:39:28__builtinYou'd have to rebuild from source
04:39:49__builtinThe limit is probably defined as a macro somewhere that you'd have to change
04:40:21AzurusThat is something I am not educated on how to do.
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06:10:32AzurusThat is all greek to me.
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06:19:20TimetravelerHey it's me again for the second time. Ive been meaning to talk about mini sd cards and its prices. I've found a mini sd card for $70.00 its said to be 1TB is this price fair and not a scam?
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06:23:46__builtinI'd be moderately cautious... that's a very good price but not ridiculous
06:24:21Timetraveler:U Im planning on changing the msata drive that I have on my ipod
06:24:36TimetravelerAnd exchangng it to mini sdcards
06:24:55TimetravelerAnd putting it in with The iflash quad adapter
06:26:04Timetraveler:I I don't want to spend $300.00 on a 1TB especially when there is higher storage capacity available today so it should be cheaper...
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06:31:58TimetravelerIs newegg known for scamming its consumers?
06:35:30AzurusTimetraveler: Are you also using the extended 3000mAh battery? If so, how are you increasing the charging point for the battery within rockbox?
06:36:59TimetravelerI have put the 3000mH battery inside the Ipod along with the Msata drive as I will remove in a shoert amount
06:37:35TimetravelerSince the msata is pulling to much power from the battery
06:37:54AzurusHow have you been able to charge the battery to the full 3000mA capacity when the firmware only goes up to 1000mA
06:38:34TimetravelerThe rockbox firmare has limitations?
06:39:04TimetravelerI charge it with the regular Ipod charger
06:39:44TimetravelerIt charges all the way but once its booted up the battery is already drained from the drive
06:39:56TimetravelerAnd loading time
06:41:59AzurusGo into Settings>General Settings>System>+Battery
06:41:59AzurusIn there you will find Battery Capacity where its highest limit is 1000mAh.
06:42:12TimetravelerSo I figured if I changed it to a micro sd card it will draw less power and allow better run time and loading speeds
06:42:22AzurusThis is my concern on this as well because I would like to upgrade the iPod Classic Gen7 to a 3000mAh as well, but if its only charging to the 1000mAh limit, thats 2/3rds of the battery going to waste.
06:43:29TimetravelerHmmm right
06:43:34AzurusYour 3000mAh battery is only getting charge a third of the way because of the firmware limitation.
06:44:34AzurusThis is why I popped into the chat because I was wondering if anyone else has figured out how to change this.
06:44:35Timetraveleri mean it says its 3800mah on the ipod and goes down to 3600mah and it still powers on
06:45:16TimetravelerYea Im not a expert at this stuff
06:45:53TimetravelerBut someone had told me that it isn't a good battery to us for the ipod because of the flash that im using with it as it heats up and it could be danger
06:48:14AzurusWhere do you find your mAh stats on your ipod? I want to locate this on mine.
06:50:29TimetravelerIt is located on...
06:52:27TimetravelerSystem > Rockbox info
06:52:47TimetravelerIf that is what you're refering to
06:53:34AzurusThat doesnt show you the mAh of the battery, just the current percentage based on the voltage its outputting. Voltage and amperage are two different things.
06:54:33TimetravelerHang on
06:55:00AzurusOnce the voltage reaches the cutout level indicated in the firmware, thats when the device shuts down and needs charging. The amperage is the overall capacity of the battery.
06:55:34TimetravelerRockbox > settings > General settings > System > Battery > Battery capacity
06:55:57Azurus3.3volts, but you could have it at 4000mAh, meaning it can sustain that output.
06:57:16AzurusThat is not showing you the mAh of the battery, thats just telling the firmware what mA your battery is inside and to what level to charge it to. Going above the rating for your battery is dangerous and can cause it to rupture and most likely catch fire.
06:57:27TimetravelerI've supposedly had a 4000mah battery but it only allowed me to use 1000mah
06:57:54AzurusRight, so your battery is only being charged up to 1000mAh.
06:58:41TimetravelerI mean what's the point of limiting it to 1000mah when you have 40,000 songs you need to load? It doesn't add up
06:58:48AzurusHence why I am here with this very question on if theres a way of incresing that level in the firmware for aftermarket batteries that go above the 1000mAh level.
06:59:18TimetravelerYea im not about that but
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06:59:44AzurusIts limited to 1000mAh because those batteries above that rating probably didnt exist at the time of the firmware being written, and never was considered.
07:00:05Timetravelerthey should update it.....
07:00:17AzurusAnd I would LOVE that if they did.
07:00:41TimetravelerI cant load anything on my ipod with a 1000mah limitation
07:00:45AzurusThat would mean with the microSD boards you can get, you could have an ipod last probably a week.
07:01:42Timetravelerspeaking of mircoSD. In comparison with SSD msata how much power does it consume vs MicroSD???
07:01:58AzurusLet me link to you where I found out about the batteries I want, and you can also find other parts for repairing your ipod.
07:02:28TimetravelerThank you!
07:02:42TimetravelerI bought this battery already...
07:02:54TimetravelerFor $10.00
07:03:18TimetravelerThey really need to change that 1000mah limitation
07:04:08TimetravelerI found these micro sd cards for a very low price but I'm very unsure if its a scam
07:04:29AzurusI am not sure on the power consumption, but I did watch a video on someone loading 4 microSD cards into it up to the 1TB limit, let me find that video for you
07:05:07TimetravelerCan the ipod exceed 1TB??
07:05:26AzurusThis is what led me down this path of mods, because my battery was giving out....
07:05:43TimetravelerMe too
07:06:00TimetravelerI bought a brand new battery!
07:06:24TimetravelerAnd it should have lasted way longer than the older 780mah battery I used to have but its still the same
07:06:28Azuruslooks like the gen7 works the best for this, same one I have.
07:06:55TimetravelerOoh Ive seen this video
07:07:10TimetravelerYea ive heard the iflash quad is the best iflash
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07:07:26AzurusAnd its where I want to go with this.
07:07:32Timetraveleryess me too
07:07:59TimetravelerIm ditching the ssd card since that draws too much power and it hardly ever loads with the 1000mah limitation
07:08:15AzurusBut for the battery to work properly, there needs to be the change to the rockbox firmware to support the 3000mAh limitations.
07:08:37TimetravelerWe have to inform the rockbox team about this!
07:09:00TimetravelerI never really understood why the battery was cut so short and i found that it only went up to 1000mah
07:09:00AzurusThis is my hope where this will all go.
07:09:39AzurusAgain, because these large capacity batteries were never considered at the time of the firmwares creation.
07:09:46TimetravelerMany people did complain that rockbox was draining everyones batter but rockbox didnt really listen
07:10:26Timetravelerits states on one page FAQ that if your battery is runnin low well too bad"
07:10:52TimetravelerWait but
07:11:35TimetravelerHow did the person in the video manage to surpass 127GB limit on itunes last time I tries 1TB with itunes it didn't work....
07:11:47AzurusI actually had better battery life when I switched over to rockbox, and the golden goose for me was I didn't have to use some shitty frontend like apples software to get my music and podcasts onto it.
07:12:06AzurusHe seemed to manage it.
07:13:10Timetraveler:I thats strange i dont like otunes anyway for some odd reason it takes the files in the software and only edits it there but the files can be accessed throught USB hub on the device its name the strange files XCVS
07:13:52TimetravelerExporting files from the device while using itunes is also another hassle
07:14:17AzurusI just like to be able to connect the device, drag and drop my files like I used to be able to do with the good ole Creative Zen back in the day.
07:14:24TimetravelerI'll just stick with rockbox simce its simpler
07:14:40Timetraveleryea For some short time
07:15:29TimetravelerMy 1TB ssd was workin fine with the ipod but over time the battery died faster and now that i changed the battery and reconnected it to the computer it doesn't want to recognize it
07:16:01TimetravelerSo i cant remove the data from the ssd
07:16:12TimetravelerAnd Im gonna have to do it manually
07:16:30Timetravelerusing yet another adapter to connect the ssd to the computer directly
07:17:03AzurusI think sticking with microSD's is the key here.
07:17:26TimetravelerI should have thought if that from the beginning
07:17:37AzurusAnyhow, I am going to kick off for the night. I PM'ed you as well.
07:18:23TimetravelerSo much work
07:21:12TimetravelerWould a 1TB Ssd draw more power than a 1TB Micro sd??
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09:47:47TimetravelerFound this site to be very helpful
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10:01:55TimetravelerIs there a primary source where I can buy a 1TB micro sd without getting scammed?
10:02:44Timetraveler I've looked almost everywhere but couldn't find anything
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22:06:45TimetravelerWhy is it that the Rockbox team has made a limitation of 1000mah usage on the firmware and for batteries over 1000mah. A 1000mah battery won't be sufficient enough to power 40,000 songs. What's the point of using rockbox if it won't allow the device to power up efficiently.
22:08:47gevaertsThere is no such limitation
22:11:09Timetravelerthen why is it that the battery only works for ashort ammount of time?
22:12:09gevaertsThe most common reason for that is that you have a bad battery
22:12:46TimetravelerIt's a brand new battery?///
22:13:53TimetravelerI've heard rockbox only allows to use only 1000mah of the battery regardless it being above 1000mah
22:14:09gevaertsThat's nonsense of the purest sort
22:14:34gevaertsAnd it's actually impossible. Rockbox has no idea what sort of capacity your battery has and can't influence it
22:15:14Timetravelerwhy is it that the battery settings for only go up to 1000mah?
22:15:29Timetravelerfor rockbox*
22:16:51gevaertsFirst of all, the limit of that setting is not *just* 1000mAh, it depends on the specific device
22:17:15gevaertsThe maximum is based on what was commonly available at the time that code was last changed
22:17:52Timetravelerso it was updated?
22:18:13gevaertsThat setting is *only* used to calculated the displayed estimated remaining time though, so it doesn't actually matter for anything that actually happens
22:18:56gevaertsWell, I have no idea which device you have, so I have to speak in general terms. I assume that limit will have been changed at some point for some devices, yes.
22:20:12Timetravelercould it be the firmware version that I have?
22:20:26TimetravelerI have a Ipod classic6th gen
22:22:50gevaertsIt's possible that there is a bug that increases power consumption of course
22:24:13TimetravelerHow am I suppost to fix that?
22:26:03gevaertsFirst of all verify. What does the Apple firmware do?
22:37:16TimetravelerIt takes a very long time to boot up and loading time takes tremendous amounts of time once its booted up the full battery is already down to its final life
22:38:25TimetravelerLoading a song takes about an hour
22:38:45Timetravelerscrolling thrpugh the list is very choppy
22:40:22Timetravelerbecause tha battery for some reason keeps dying faster than I could boot up the device
22:41:32TimetravelerI figured it has to do with the drive but also rockbox
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23:23:43Timetraveleralright ill come back later
23:23:53 Part Timetraveler
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