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#rockbox log for 2019-12-29

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00:57:56timetraveler28If i'm changing the iPods storage drives and had previously installed the Rockbox firmware. Does this mean that I have to reinstall the firmware when adding a new storage drive?
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01:35:52TmetravelerrIf i'm changing the iPods storage drives and had previously installed the Rockbox firmware. Does this mean that I have to reinstall the firmware when adding a new storage drive?
01:54:17MarcAndersenYes, rockbox itself is on the storage drive, so you need to get it over on the new one as well. I'm not sure if the bootloader can start up with an empty drive.
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02:02:19Tmetravelerrokay thanks for that
02:02:55TmetravelerrIs it possible I can transfer the firmware files from one drive to the next ?
02:03:26TmetravelerrCause the Rockbox zip file doesnt work anymore on my computer
02:04:06MarcAndersenYou should be able to download a new one or use rockbox utility.
02:04:51Tmetravelerrunfortunately I tried that but the newest rockbox utility has to many bites for my computer
02:07:05Tmetravelerrthe older rockbox utility doesn't work either I might have to install it in a upgraded computer
02:08:10MarcAndersenthen just download the zip for your player here and extract the .rockbox folder to the rot of your new drive:
02:08:53Tmetravelerralright thanks!
02:09:05TmetravelerrI don't have the new drives yet
02:10:17TmetravelerrThe last time I tried doing this it didn't unlock the full capacity of the drives..
02:10:33TmetravelerrBut im not too sure
02:13:54MarcAndersenIs it hard to replace the drive in an ipod? As far as i know it uses a 1.8" drive. Does it have a sata or ide connector, or something different?
02:14:22meatloafwhich ipod specifically
02:14:31meatloafdifferent models have slightly different connectors if im not mistaken
02:14:50MarcAndersenoh, i have the video 80 gb
02:17:03meatloafi think the 80gb ones are the newer ones with SATA connector, i dont remember when they changed from ide to sata
02:17:18meatloafbut you can find replacement ribbon cables for the hdd pretty easily
02:17:23TmetravelerrIt isn't difficult to change on my end. I just haven't received the package yet. i'm changing it from a msata to a micro sd
02:17:40meatloaftheres a lot of guides for replacing the hdd in a newer model
02:18:01MarcAndersena micro sd? inside a sata adapter or what?
02:18:20TmetravelerrIm exchanging a msata to a micro sd
02:18:32Tmetravelerrfrom iflash msata to iflash quad
02:18:45MarcAndersenwhat is msata?
02:19:04Tmetravelerrthis thing
02:19:41gevaertsipod video is old style ide I think
02:19:52meatloafoh, is it really? thats my mistake
02:20:45TmetravelerrI heard the sata form factor doesn't work well with Ipod 6th generation and takes up too much power
02:20:55MarcAndersenwhich ipod uses this msata thing?
02:20:58Tmetravelerrwhen it exceeds 200GB
02:21:49TmetravelerrIpod 5th and 6th Gen
02:22:15MarcAndersenI think the video is a 5th gen
02:22:35Tmetravelerr6th and 7th"
02:23:00meatloafiirc 5th gen were called 'ipod video'
02:23:05meatloaf6th and 7th were called 'classic'
02:23:18MarcAndersenoh. the new classics? I really want to get hold of one.
02:23:27Tmetravelerrtheir neat
02:23:37meatloafyea i enjoy mine quite a bit
02:23:39gevaertsBasically you can't get newer/bigger drives other than msata, so if you want to use them you need an adapter
02:23:44meatloafi got one of the 180gb models from a friend
02:24:18MarcAndersenisn't 160 the highest?
02:24:47Tmetravelerryou can upgrade ipods with other drivers like micro sds and sd cards using adapters
02:24:51meatloafyes, 160, not 180
02:25:25TmetravelerriPods go upto 1TB to 2 TB apparently
02:25:50meatloafas in, supported with the original firmware?
02:25:57MarcAndersenI think I might buy one on ebay, as I'm not sure about that sony nw-e390 port.
02:26:11TmetravelerrDont think so
02:26:18Tmetravelerronly works with rockbox
02:27:01TmetravelerrBut apparently ipods are being sold for that amount with the original firmware
02:27:27meatloafive heard a lot of mixed accounts of what the theoretical max is with the original firmware for various ipods as it is
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02:27:37meatloafive never tried anything out myself however
02:28:14TmetravelerrA teaser is seen on Iflashs website
02:28:52TmetravelerrI believe both rockbox and the original firmware is used to break the limit for the original firmware
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02:35:07meatloafim having some trouble getting the cross-compiler build to work via the script. is there a specific gcc version i should be looking to build it with? im running gcc 9.2.0 right now
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02:35:47meatloafit looks like the binutils stuff builds fine, but i get an error building gcc itself (../../gcc-4.4.4/gcc/pretty-print.h:310:6: error: 'cgraph_node' is not defined as a type)
02:37:26MarcAndersenI have a linode which can build rockbox. If you want you can get a user on it and log in to do some tests.
02:42:02meatloafthanks for the offer. i think id like to get it working locally though
02:42:17meatloafi might just try an older gcc version and see how that goes
02:42:59MarcAndersenSure. I'll just log in to see which version mine is running.
02:43:07meatloafthatd be swell, thanks
02:44:39MarcAndersenI have gcc (Ubuntu 7.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1) 7.4.0
02:45:13meatloafhm alright. my distro has gcc 6.5.0 as well in its repository. ill try that and see if i hit the same error
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17:44:05oysteinsOn my Clip Zip I can't get Rockbox 3.15 to play any files; that is, when I try to play any file, the player just skips it and all the succeeding ones. I have tried to install it with the official Utility and by doing a manual install.
17:44:15oysteins My case is a bit special since my Zip's internal memory is bricked (read-only), and I've since loaded Rockbox off a microSD card using a rockbox.sansa file, placed in the microSD's root folder. But loading version 3.15 from the SD card works fine, it's just that it can't play anything.
17:44:35oysteins(I got the rockbox.sansa file from a dev on this channel)
18:05:51gevaertsoysteins: if the rockbox.sansa file isn't the same version as the rest of the installation, it won't work
18:06:14gevaertsHowever, I think you don't need a special build anymore with 3.15
18:07:32oysteinsgevaerts, I also tried to copy the rockbox.sansa file from the 3.15 .rockbox folder to the root of the microSD card. Rockbox still loads but can't play files.
18:08:34mendelmunkisoysteins: to use the rockbox.sansa from 3.15 you also need the from 3.15
18:12:35oysteinsmendelmunkis, Yes, I extracted the .rockbox folder from the 3.15 ZIP to the microSD. Settings → Rockbox Info confirms it's version 3.15.
18:13:13oysteins(And I deleted the old .rockbox folder before copying the 3.15 version)
18:15:01mendelmunkisgevaerts: do you know if there any any settings that need to be changed for rockbox to look there?
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18:46:04gevaertsI have no idea
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20:00:10oysteinsWill running rockbox from a microSD card inherit settings from the rockbox version on the internal memory? 3.15 running off SD inherits the language settings (Norwegian instead of English). That's after a format of the SD and manually installing stock 3.15 (I don't change anything).
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