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#rockbox log for 2020-01-01

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04:09:33AldemOld rockboxed sansa e280 won't charge higher than 96% of battery
04:09:40AldemEven if it says 100% when plugged
04:09:49AldemGuess it was not used for too long
04:09:59AldemBattery took a hit because of it
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06:00:06PrinceKyleHappy New Year!
06:00:42AldemYou too !
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07:04:11TimetravelerCould there be a possibility that there will be newer adapters being built for the iPod? Listing new types of drives other than SSD, HDDs and Micro sd cards..
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07:06:02TimetravelerAlso Happy New Year
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16:22:47se7enHello. quick question. Ipod nano gen2. I accidently started back up in regular mode, and can't get it back into rockbox
16:22:58se7enFurther, how often should I reflash if I'm using the daily
16:23:17se7enFurther still, if I reflash, does this overwrite my music
16:23:48se7enI looked on your site and was unable to find
16:24:49MarcAndersenCan you reset it by holding the select and menu buttons and then turn it on again?
16:25:51se7enI did not know I needed to press both
16:26:17se7enIt has rebooted now, thank you
16:26:24se7enCan you answer my other questions
16:26:33MarcAndersenI also have a nano 2g but it's battery is dead
16:26:51se7enYou mean fully shot?
16:26:55se7enSure you can't soder in a new one?
16:27:23MarcAndersenIt works when connected to a power source
16:27:37bremnerhrm. Time for my period ponder of flashing my agptek rocker with rockbox. Do I have to read the entire 24 page thread, or is there some collected documentation?
16:27:56MarcAndersenBut what do you mean with reflash the nano 2g?
16:28:39se7enI've put the daily build on it, probably last week
16:29:20MarcAndersenWhen you update you can just overwrite the existing files with a new build and then reboot after unplugging
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16:32:00MarcAndersenWould it be possible to make the scroll buttons at the corners of the directional pad on the zen x-fi to work?
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17:23:19MarcAndersenWhat is the difference between an ipod 6g and 7g?
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20:55:22AldemYep, battery caps at 96% now heh
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