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#rockbox log for 2020-01-05

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02:26:17TimetravelersHey I need help I installed the iflashquad and the isco sd cards
02:26:35Timetravelersbut the problem is the ipod isnt being recognized via USB on the pc
02:27:01TimetravelersMicrosd cards*
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02:29:01TimetravelersSo How am I going to mount the Rockbox files onto the disks?
02:34:16TimetravelersIm the same user who said that ssds were taking to much power..
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02:37:15TimetravelersI'm getting an ATA error: -2147483637
02:39:14TimetravelersIt isnt getting recognized on itunes either so I won't be able to reset on itunes
02:39:53TimetravelersQue yo Ago! (What do I do?)
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02:45:46TimetravelersPlease help i've been planning this for a very long time
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02:50:59AldemTried the automatic installer ?
02:52:09Timetravelerswhats that?
02:53:04Timetravelersthe rockbox zip ?
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02:54:31Aldemrockbox utility
02:54:49Timetravelersit doesnt work with my computer
02:55:17AldemWhy ?
02:55:22Timetravelerslike I try to download it and it says my computer doesnt have enough bits to work the program
02:55:37TimetravelersIm using windows vista by the way
02:55:43Aldem32 bits ?
02:56:10Timetravelersother older utilities I tried crash when I open the program
02:56:30TimetravelersRockbox stopped working"
02:58:40Timetravelersthe drives altogether are newly installed There areno rockbox files and the original rockbox firmware is not present either
03:00:18Timetravelersoriginal apple firmware"
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03:09:49Timetravelerswell what I am I to do now?
03:11:02AldemCan't really say
03:11:04TimetravelersIve been told about a code I can use on a USB I can find a USB
03:11:14AldemI only have a Sansa and it worked flawlessly
03:11:25Timetravelersthrough prompt command...
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03:15:09TimetravelersDoes anyone know about a code that was built to find a usb unditected on a computer?
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03:24:40TimetravelersThe ipod doesnt have a firmware for the computer to detect it to begin with so I am trying to get the computer to detect the ipod to mount rockbox on it
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03:43:00TimetravelersSo any help ?
03:56:57AldemSee the topic
03:57:23Timetravelerswhat topic?
03:58:26Timetravelersas in topic as in #Topic?
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04:03:45Timetravelersthere are hardly any users on that website
04:04:02TimetravelersThere are hardly any users on that room
04:10:18klockas in the topic of this very chatroom
04:11:10Timetravelerswow okay
04:11:27TimetravelersSo Its about firmware
04:11:37Timetravelersand detection
04:12:25TimetravelersIm unable to get the ipod detected on the computer
04:15:25klockyou may or may not have an easier time doing this on a linux distro than windows vista
04:15:51klockcould check the disk management utility and see if it's perhaps unpartitioned
04:16:37TimetravelersNope the disk isnt showing up on the managment tool either and no im limited to windows vista
04:17:25TimetravelersAs in the disk itself isnt visible all there is is removable disk
04:20:58klockmaybe it's installed incorrectly, because i would imagine it would be accessible if not
04:21:13TimetravelersThere isnt anything in the disks they are brand new
04:21:27Timetravelersthere isnt any firmware on the ipod either
04:28:14Timetravelersill be right back
04:28:32Timetravelersis anything Ill post about this on the tockbox official forum
04:29:11TimetravelersIf anything I'll post about it on the Rockbox official forum*
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04:36:05TimetravelerrIm limited to windows vista and I am unable to mount the ipod onto the PC
04:39:26TimetravelerrIf I did I have access on Linux How would I be able to access my Ipod via usb port?
04:41:13TimetravelerrAnd as soon as I powered my ipod on Im not able to shut it down cause there isnt a task for that
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04:51:31TimetravelerrAny help?!
04:59:19TimetravelerrPlease ):
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05:32:47{Opsimath}Shawnare there any differences in pinout between the ipod nano 3rd gen and an iPad?
05:32:53{Opsimath}Shawnfor the dock
05:34:47Ckatwhat part are you stuck on doing what I assume is the manual install on linux?
05:36:44CkatTimetravelerr: ^
05:38:02AldemHe's on Windows Vista 32 bits. I suggested using the Rockbox utility but looks like it's 64 bits only
05:39:24CkatI saw some mentions of being unable to mount it in linux in the scrollback, thought it might be that part that got him stuck with that
05:39:38Ckathow does one get stuck with only 32 bit windows in the year 2020 though
05:44:22Ckatalso {Opsimath}Shawn: afaik if the connectors are the same the pinout was always the same too on those apple devices
05:44:55Ckatnot working?
05:46:30AldemDunno if true, but I've been told that the Sandisk Sansa and old iPad/iPhone connector, while physically the same, had not the same pinout.
05:46:36AldemDon't quote me on this though
05:50:14CkatI more meant within the apple landscape. I used to work at a repair shop when those gens circulated and dont recall having to worry about docking connector pinouts as long as they fit the device
05:50:21Ckatalso dont quote me on that
05:53:39TimetravelerrYea but the ipod isnt running on any firmware
05:54:40TimetravelerrWait are you replying to another user?
05:57:06Ckatthe question if you were stuck at any particular part of the manual install was towards you
05:57:16TimetravelerrOkay okay
05:57:39TimetravelerrYea the connector works fine
05:58:14TimetravelerrAlthough Ive switched out the disks inside cause the ssd was taking to much power
05:58:46Timetravelerrand im starting the ipod now with an empty disk im not sure if I have to format it
06:00:17TimetravelerrSome user on here gave me a code where Promot comand can detect a USB hub in windows
06:00:42Timetravelerrwhen the computer cant detect it
06:01:07Timetravelerrthe code was Ms5rb im not sure
06:02:12Timetravelerr Everything in the ipod works well
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06:09:24HaminthehamsterI got disconnected
06:09:42HaminthehamsterEverything in the ipod is working properly
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06:10:39TimetravelerrMy only problem is
06:11:13TimetravelerrSince the Ipod 6th generation doesn't have a firmware to work off of it might not be detected
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08:28:33{Opsimath}Shawnthe ipod is running on a firmware o.o
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14:21:11TimetravelerrUpdate: Not sure If I am able to have access to administrative permission on a computer library but Since Rockbox utility doesn't function on my main windows vista computer its best to try another updated computer for my project. Since my main windows vista computer can't recognize the device I'll be forced to try something else.
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14:22:41TimetravelerrBy the way do I have to format the disks that were newly installed into the Ipod classic? They would show up as partitions or unallocated.
14:23:53TimetravelerrSo even with a firmware would that mean that the disks are already formated or do I still have to format the disks even with a rockbox firmware?
14:29:03TimetravelerrHelp would highly be appreciated
15:03:16TimetravelerrCan micro sd cards be formatted??
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16:57:16TimetravelerrCan a iPod without a firmware still be detected via Rockbox Utility?
16:59:22TimetravelerrThe Battery I have has a small puncture on the side will this affect the battery in any way?
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19:05:51Timetravelerr Can a iPod without firmware still be detected via Rockbox Utility.
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19:06:49TimetravelerrThe battery I have has a small puncture is it still safe touse
19:07:05mendel_munkisprobably not
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19:08:23TimetravelerrProbably not to which question?
19:12:33TimetravelerrIt isn't a pucture the battery seems flatter on one sude than the other..
19:13:19mendel_munkisin that case I dont know.
19:13:45Timetravelerr Alright
19:14:20TimetravelerrDo you know anything about the first question?
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20:04:34klock"Can micro sd cards be formatted"
20:05:55AldemHe's a time traveller. Back in his era, sd card couldn't be formatted ;)
20:16:31gevaertsThey still can't today
20:16:59gevaertsI mean, yes, people misuse the word "formatting" when they mean "creating a filesystem", but that doesn't change the facts!
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