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#rockbox log for 2020-01-06

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14:11:45Viktor26Hello all
14:12:15Viktor26Can I install Rockbox on Fiio X1 II?
14:12:29Viktor26I do not see any Fiio models listed
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16:14:12timetravelerrHi there! My Ipod is detecteble but Rockbox utility says the mountpoint is unwritable How do I fix this?
16:16:45timetravelerrThe computer detects the Ipod. The ipod says its going into usb mode?
16:18:42timetravelerrHow would I fix this?
16:20:35timetravelerrHalf of you must be awake at this time right?...
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16:24:07timetravelerrPlease help ;(
16:24:29timetravelerrHighly appreciated :)
16:25:40timetravelerrso your telling me there are 113 people and out of 113 people only 3 people responde?
16:26:45gevaertsYou're right. All of those 113 people know the answer to your specific question and should reply right away. I'll send them a stern letter to remind them of their duties
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16:27:13timetravelerr.... That came out rude sorry about that
16:27:29timetravelerrI'm glad I got your attention.
16:29:59timetravelerrMy iPod is being detected on my computer the only problem is getting rockbox utility to detect the device. The device keeps going on USB mode and is being read on the computer as removable disk.
16:30:42timetravelerrI'm not sure how to mount it manually
16:36:20timetravelerrI thought the majority of users on here used Ipods..
16:42:05timetravelerrI thought wrong
16:44:25timetravelerrBut I mean thats okay Im just hear toask questions I dont much about this
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17:03:07cereal_eatertimetravelerr: I suggest to restore with iTunes and start installing Rockbox again#
17:04:20cereal_eaterby the way, it is an 6th gen iPod Classic, right? Is it modded?
17:06:45timetravelerrit is the 6th generation ipod and it isnt showing up on itunes
17:07:15timetravelerrAlthough Itunes showsup
17:08:01cereal_eaterwhat do you see, if you switch on your iPod?
17:08:16cereal_eateron its screen I mean
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17:10:03timetravelerrHeres what it says Rockbox bootloader version 1.0 battery status ok: 3680mv loading rockbox.... error: Cant load rockbox.ipod: file not found entering usb mode... bootloader usb mode
17:11:08cereal_eaterok, then reset with pressing MENU + SELECT simultaniously and when the iPod restars, press SELECT + BACK to enter disk mode
17:11:24timetravelerroh jesus
17:11:48timetravelerrthe back button would be the play pause right?
17:12:11cereal_eaterif it is in disk mode your computer should see the device. Then unzip a .rockbox folder to the ipod
17:12:26timetravelerroh okay
17:12:28cereal_eaterno, back is the left button on the wheel
17:12:43timetravelerrSo drag the file folder rockbox onto the removable disk ipod?
17:13:17cereal_eateryes, but the unzipped foder. it should be named ".rockbox"
17:14:54timetravelerrA message says
17:15:04timetravelerrPlease enter disk inside removable disk
17:15:21cereal_eateris your iPod modded?
17:15:43cereal_eaterso it has the stock hard drive?
17:16:07timetravelerrno I recently installed four different micro sd cards
17:16:16timetravelerrinto a iflash quad
17:16:43timetravelerrthere isnt any firmware on the ipod
17:16:50cereal_eaterit seems, that the sd cards are not recognized by the iPod.
17:17:20cereal_eaterdoes iTunes see the iPod when in disk mode?
17:17:23timetravelerrIt previously had firmware but there isnt a firmware installed
17:17:48timetravelerrcause I removed a disk that had it installed
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17:18:33cereal_eaterthe drive doesn't matter. the iPod has a internal storage where the firmware is installed.
17:19:01timetravelerrhow do I get it to enter diskmode?
17:19:08cereal_eateryou obvisously have the rockbox bootloader installed and if disk mode works, the apple OS also works on your device
17:19:33cereal_eaterpress the button combinations described above
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17:20:28timetravelerrwhat happens next?
17:21:05timetravelerrall I get is Load error: -1
17:21:08cereal_eaterare you in disk mode?
17:21:27cereal_eaterwithit the iPod being plugged in to USB
17:21:40cereal_eaterwithout I mean
17:22:44timetravelerrit isnt allowing me all it says is conect to usb
17:23:53cereal_eaterwait a second, I think I confused disk mode with diagnostic mode: SELECT + PLAY is disk mode
17:24:05timetravelerroh okay
17:24:22cereal_eaterSELECT + BACK is diagnostic mode which might give you some information about the storage
17:25:22timetravelerrshould I reset then enter diagnostics mode?
17:25:45cereal_eateryeas always restet with MENU + SELECT before starting it
17:26:12cereal_eaterdiagnostic mode can tell you if the sd cards are recognized
17:26:59timetravelerrDo i press Select + play simultaneously after I reset?
17:27:25cereal_eaterto enter diagnostic mode properly check this site:
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17:28:49cereal_eaterSELECT + PLAY is for disk mode
17:30:34timetravelerrMy iPod doesnt have the original apple firmware in it
17:30:59timetravelerrI removed / rewrote it with rockbox files
17:31:23cereal_eaterdisk mode and diagnostic mode can't be removed by installing Rockbox
17:32:22cereal_eaterso give me a summary please: can you enter disk mode?
17:33:11timetravelerrI press restart then select + play but all I get is load of error: -1
17:34:16cereal_eaterI suspect it is the hardware combination. A lose cable or something.
17:34:38timetravelerrI connected everything properly...
17:34:51cereal_eaterCan you enter dignostic mode: here's a better description:
17:35:00timetravelerrall the cables are fastened well
17:37:26timetravelerris the screen supposed to change white to black?
17:38:06timetravelerryea Im not getting that
17:39:29cereal_eaterlet me explain, when reseting the iPod with MENU + SELECT the screen gets black, when the aplle logo appears press SELECT + BACK and the screen will be white
17:40:00timetravelerrYea the ipod doesn't start with apple logo
17:40:37timetravelerrit starts with how rockbox stars but instead there isnt abootlader
17:42:24timetravelerrSo everytime I restart the ipod it tells me its entering usb mode plug usb cable
17:45:35timetravelerrDid I break the iPod?
17:45:54cereal_eaterand when you plug the USB cable your computer doesn't see it?
17:46:14timetravelerrthe computer detects it
17:46:19timetravelerras a removable disk
17:46:29timetravelerrbut itunes does not
17:46:47cereal_eatercan you copy files to the disk using a file explorer?
17:47:18timetravelerrit tells me please insert disk inside disk
17:47:58timetravelerrplease inser disk inside removable disk
17:48:16cereal_eaterI really think that you have a hardware problem.
17:48:48timetravelerrthe disks arent being recognize?
17:48:55timetravelerrby the Ipod?
17:48:59cereal_eaterthe iFlash adapters work with some cards and don't with others.
17:50:11timetravelerrI open the ipods property and it says there are disks inside...
17:50:23timetravelerrbut it doesnt display storage]
17:50:39cereal_eaterare you in disk mode?
17:50:51timetravelerrno im in usb mode
17:51:32timetravelerrI click on the removable drives property and it displays all four cards
17:51:43timetravelerrI have the ipod connected
17:52:27timetravelerrit says that the devices are working properly..
17:53:49cereal_eaterthe iFlash adapter should merege all cards and show just one drive.
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17:54:24timetravelerryes except this isnt showing up on the manager either all it shows up as is removable drive
17:54:51cereal_eaterwhat manager?
17:55:00timetravelerrcomputer manager
17:55:08timetravelerrdisk managment
17:55:57timetravelerrnothing shoes up but the computer says its connected and the drive displays on the computers usb hub as removable disk
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17:57:05cereal_eatercan you manually format the card as fat32?
17:57:28timetravelerrIm not sure how to and it doesnt show up to begin with
18:00:14cereal_eaterwhen you connect the iPod to your computer, does it show up as one drive or four?
18:00:34timetravelerrit only shows up as one drive which is removable disk
18:01:54cereal_eatercan you right click on the drive and format it?
18:02:44timetravelerryes I can right click excpet it says i need to enter a disk...
18:03:06timetravelerrit says to insert a disk
18:03:37timetravelerrI might have to change the drives paths?
18:04:04cereal_eaterno, I think this means the disk (sd cards and adapter) are not recognized by the iPod.
18:04:33timetravelerryet the ipod is recognized on the computer
18:04:35cereal_eatermaybe it is a fault sd card or the combination of adapter and cards that doesn't work
18:05:35timetravelerrMa n but its displays on property settings...
18:06:07cereal_eateryes the iPod is showing up, but not the drive
18:07:12timetravelerrheres what it saysHS MS / HS CF / HS SD / HS xD cards USB device
18:07:53cereal_eaterthis sounds like you have pluged in a multiple card reader
18:08:43timetravelerrthats what it displays on property settings when i right click ipod / removable disk
18:10:44cereal_eaterso can you open the ipod in explorer?
18:10:54timetravelerrhow do I do that?
18:11:04cereal_eaterare you on windows?
18:11:44cereal_eatergo to my computer and double click on the drive
18:11:49timetravelerrwould there need to be a firmware for the disks to show up as unalocated on computer managment
18:12:16timetravelerryea I cant explore the drive it says I need tp insert a disk
18:12:59cereal_eaterthen the sd cards are not recognized
18:13:08timetravelerroh no...
18:13:24timetravelerrAre gigastone sd cards good cards?
18:13:47cereal_eaterI don't know. Check the iFlash page for compatibility.
18:15:07timetravelerrit says the adapter is compatable..
18:15:27cereal_eatermake also sure, that the adapter is installed right (right side facing up) and the ribbon cable is seated properly
18:15:53timetravelerryea it is
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18:17:29timetravelerrhmmm.. if the drives are recognized would that mean they show up as unalocated in disk managment
18:17:30cereal_eatercompatibility of adapter and cards: check and the SD Cards tab
18:18:02cereal_eaterI think so
18:18:09timetravelerrits not a sd card its micro sd cards
18:18:27timetravelerrusing the iflash quad
18:19:27cereal_eatersee the information on the quad then
18:20:38cereal_eatersorry I couldn't help you further, but I need to go
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18:20:43cereal_eatergood luck!
18:21:09timetravelerrthanks one more question'
18:21:52timetravelerrwould the ipod need a firmware for the disks to show up as allocated on disk management?
18:22:29cereal_eaterno, the adapter should show the micros sd cards as one single drive
18:22:59cereal_eaterif you have the rockbox bootloader and it enters usb mode, the storage should show up, no matter if it is unallocated or not
18:23:33cereal_eaterusually iTunes formats the storage properly
18:24:01timetravelerrexept it isnt showing up on itunes..
18:24:32cereal_eaterthen the storage inside the ipod is faulty
18:25:23timetravelerrbut it still shows up on property...
18:26:25timetravelerrTEAC USB HS CF Card USB Device
18:27:03cereal_eaterthis is not the ipOd
18:27:18timetravelerrits in the Ipod
18:27:30timetravelerrunder property settings
18:28:08cereal_eaterI googled this and this is most likely your card reader
18:28:34timetravelerrMaybe it isnt connected properly
18:28:51cereal_eaterneet to go, good luck
18:28:58 Part cereal_eater
18:29:34timetravelerrthanks for the help
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19:07:58timetravelerrIs there a software where I can convert my Ipods disk into another file system?
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19:10:01timetravelerrI see whats the problem now
19:10:38timetravelerrThe micro sd cards are exFAT file system rockbox does not recognize this type of file system
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22:25:00TimetravelerrI got it to work! I figured our Rockbox wasnt compatable with exFAT format drives so I formatted each disk into FAT32 and now it shows up im just having trouble getting Rockbox utility to register the Ipod now!
22:25:09TimetravelerrAny help on mounting the Ipod
22:25:28TimetravelerrI figured out*
22:28:44TimetravelerrI'm having trouble getting rockbox utility to register the device
22:32:39TimetravelerrShould I format the ipod?
22:36:08TimetravelerrSo I had this issue before where the computer / Iflash quad wasnt registering the storage so I formatted each device to FAT32 for the computer and the Iflash quad to register it but my only problem is now When I connect it to the computer I am asked to format the Ipod. Although It only allows me to format is NTSF /
22:36:43TimetravelerrBut Rockbox wont register the iPod if its exFat
22:37:28 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
22:41:58TimetravelerrAny ideas?
22:44:45TimetravelerrHelp would be highly appreciated ;)
22:52:13 Part Timetravelerr
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22:54:39 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:55:21TimetravelerrHi my computer only recognizes my Ipod as a removable disk it tells me to format the disk so should I format the disk it only allows me to format it vis NTSF and exFAT will this work with Rockbox?
23:00:52TimetravelerrRockbox isnt detecting usb mode on Ipod classic
23:01:02Timetravelerrhow do I fix this?
23:07:47TimetravelerrI installed rockbox on my Ipod but for some reason Rockbox displays No partition.
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23:15:23TimetravelerrPlease help I thought I fixed the Ipod but It didnt work...
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23:22:15TimetravelerrI can Access the device via USB hub and Ive successfully installed rockbox except rockbox is not reading any partition although computer management displays the storage as healthy partition
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23:25:19cereal_eaterTimetravelerr: use a program called guiformat to format as fat32
23:26:07Timetravelerrwow I just used this to converty the disks to fat32!
23:26:53 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:29:06TimetravelerrHow will I know ehn its done?
23:30:25Timetravelerrwait will formatting the ipod erase all its data?
23:31:07cereal_eaterwhen the start button appears again it is done.
23:31:27Timetravelerrwait your the same user as before
23:31:30cereal_eaterit will format the disk, but the bootloader will stay on your ipod
23:31:52Timetravelerryea well I formatted the ipod but it appears the files are gone
23:32:00cereal_eaterwhich files?
23:32:19TimetravelerrRockbox files I installed in the dirve
23:32:38cereal_eaterthey are useless if the filsystem is not fat32
23:32:44TimetravelerrIt appears as an empty folder
23:33:07Timetravelerridk they disapeared
23:33:24Timetravelerrill reinstall it
23:33:37cereal_eatercopy a fresh build over:
23:34:31Timetravelerrrockbox utility stopped responding ...
23:36:21Timetravelerralright I copied the files onto the drive
23:37:31TimetravelerrIs there a firmware that takes less space?
23:38:56cereal_eateris 8 MB for the Rockbox folder too much?
23:39:08Timetravelerrno its 16MB
23:39:39TimetravelerrYea it seems like a lot to me
23:39:46cereal_eaterah yes, if unzipped. No, this is what you get if you want Rockbox.
23:40:22Timetravelerryea.. im sure the apple firmware takes more space
23:40:59cereal_eateryou could delete plugins and stuff you don't need inside the rocks folder to reduce size
23:41:11Timetravelerris it still supposed to display as removable disk?
23:41:41cereal_eaterif in disk mode, yes
23:41:51Timetravelerroh right
23:42:18cereal_eaterdoes Rockbox work now?
23:42:27Timetravelerrnot sureI have to reset the ipod
23:42:33cereal_eaterdon't forget to safely remove the iod
23:42:59Timetravelerrokay but now the ipod isnt able to disconnected cause its too much for the windows
23:43:16Timetravelerrnvm it disconnected
23:43:35TimetravelerrIT WORKED
23:44:42TimetravelerrThank you!
23:44:57TimetravelerrI'm unable to access the filews folder on rockbox though..
23:45:55TimetravelerrI want to give it an apple icon how do I achieve this?
23:46:02cereal_eaterdo you have music on your ipod?
23:46:49Timetravelerrno not yet
23:47:16cereal_eaterthe files you copy to your ipod should be visible
23:47:26cereal_eaterfor custom icons search the internet for a guide
23:47:42TimetravelerrOkay thank you very much
23:47:52cereal_eateryou're welcome. have fun.
23:47:55TimetravelerrI have yet another question
23:48:24TimetravelerrMy storage said 512 GB but it only displayed 490
23:49:02Timetravelerrwhy is this?
23:49:46cereal_eaterthat is normal, this is due to different calculations of storage.
23:50:01Timetravelerroh okay
23:50:08Timetravelerrwell thanks for everything!
23:51:29 Part Timetravelerr
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