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#rockbox log for 2020-01-09

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01:57:24_builtinMarcAndersen: either is a bad idea
01:57:46_builtinSpinning the disk draws large amounts of power
01:58:07_builtinPossibly faster than the battery can charge on some devices
01:58:41MarcAndersenOh that's true, haven't thought about that
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15:01:59LF88Hi. Is anyone here familiar with the A30/40 series Walkman? Mine is stuck in a bootloop.
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17:20:32InkerHello. Is there a way to make Rockbox automatically keep playing when connected to a power bank (without having to hold down a button on the player?
17:33:45InkerTo clarify: I mean can I make Rockbox so that when connected to a computer it goes into file transfer mode, but when connected to a wall charger or power bank playback continues?
17:35:48mendel_munkisInker: that should be the default unless the power bank is doing something weird. (I think)
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20:00:25InkerI just tested on 4 different wall chargers and 1 power bank −− they all halt playback upon connection.
20:00:45mendel_munkiswhat device?
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20:01:23InkerAgptek Rocker
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20:06:31mendel_munkisInker: did you mean playback stops or that it goes into usb connection mode?
20:06:50mendel_munkisI just realized I may have misunderstood the issue.
20:13:47InkerI have the charger connected to an AC timer that turns on for a few minutes every hour. The OF keeps playing when the charger comes on, but Rockbox stops playing, and displays the big image of a USB jack.
20:14:09InkerUSB *plug
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20:14:48mendel_munkisso USB detection is broken on the rocker.
20:15:02mendel_munkisI'm not a rocker expert but I'll take a look.
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22:08:08TimetravelerrHi I'm trying to extract data from a drive but I'm unable to access the disk. Any help trying to do this?
22:09:47TimetravelerrI've successfully managed to get everything working but should have extracted the data when I had the chance...
22:15:20TimetravelerrThe ssd I previously had installed in my Ipod was recognized in the Ipod and worked fine all the data was read fine. For some reason the Ipod didn't get recognized on the computer.
22:16:25TimetravelerrSo I had no way of extracting the data.
22:17:08Timetravelerrunless I connected it to a USB but its asking to format it yet it has a partition that is read
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23:02:40TimetravelerrHi Is there any possible way to extract files from a RAW disk without using third party software?
23:03:20mendel_munkisManually find the file headers
23:03:30bertrikif you have linux you can use dd
23:03:49bertrikput the SSD in an USB enclosure or something like that
23:04:16bertrikthen you can extract the files from the dumped disk image using photorec for example
23:04:41mendel_munkisbertrik: photorec is TPS
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23:06:29bertrikI don't know what you mean by third party software
23:08:34bertrikoh, sorry I see now that you couldn't connect it to a regular computer
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23:11:50TimetravelerrBy third part software I meant software that helps scan the disk and extract data
23:13:23TimetravelerrYea about that I do not have Linux and Chkdsk does not work with RAW disks
23:14:43mendel_munkisTimetravelerr: the only windows tools i've used are undelete and recuva. I think one of them worked on raw disks.
23:15:25TimetravelerrDo I need to regisyter or pay?
23:17:20Timetravelerrjust to extract the files?
23:17:50mendel_munkisYou should be able to get them for free.
23:20:21TimetravelerrAm I able to select a specific drive?
23:20:46mendel_munkisI think so
23:21:08TimetravelerrYou think...
23:21:35mendel_munkisIv'e been using mostly linnux tools for years now. it's been a while.
23:21:45TimetravelerrI see
23:24:41TimetravelerrIt still aks to format the disk...
23:25:11TimetravelerrI want to extract the files without formatting the RAWE disk
23:25:40mendel_munkiswhat tool?
23:25:53TimetravelerrThe Raw disk
23:26:10Timetravelerrthe tool you provided still asks to format the disk
23:26:16mendel_munkiswhich one?
23:27:44TimetravelerrApparently it can't determine the file system
23:28:44mendel_munkisstrange. I just checked and testdisk exists for windows. its pretty good at finding deleted filesystems and files.
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23:29:06TimetravelerrYou just provided Recuva
23:29:22mendel_munkisyou said it didn't work.
23:29:37mendel_munkisI also wasn't aware that testdisk existed for windows.
23:29:54TimetravelerrHow does this work?
23:31:48saratogadid anyone look into the bus error when playing flac on the the sony NWZ Linux devices?
23:32:02saratogai see pamaury mentioned it a year ago
23:32:22mendel_munkisTimetravelerr: has instructions
23:32:26saratogai assume that means they don't like some of the ASM, but I don't even know what CPU they have
23:32:56Timetravelerr@mendel_munk It says it doesnt provide file recovery for RAW didkd
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23:37:00mendel_munkisTimetravelerr: It figures out what the RAW disk used to be.
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23:39:08saratogaarm11, but hosted
23:39:18saratogado hosted targets define an ARM version?
23:40:15Timetravelerrhmmm I'm not sure how this testdisk works...
23:56:14Timetravelerrhmmmm alright I give uop
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