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#rockbox log for 2020-01-17

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00:43:13CapacityHello. Can anyone please point me to a web page that lists all the changes to the RB source code (I want to watch for changes to my player).
00:46:04bertrikthen click log, shortlog or summary for the rockbox repository
00:48:06CapacityThank you!
00:48:27_builtinNot too much to see nowadays ;)
00:49:07_builtinVery few active devs
00:49:26 Nick _builtin is now known as __builtin (~quassel@rockbox/developer/builtin)
00:49:40__builtinThough it looks like pamaury is back from the dead
00:49:53PrinceKyleI've seen more stuff in the past 5 months or so.
00:50:36CapacityLong live RB!
00:51:01bertrikit's just resting
00:54:40PrinceKyleIt works really well on my ClipZip, and worked on my ClipPlus until it started going wonky, I think a hardware issue. There is still a decent off-the-shelf player it runs on as well. I would like to see an interface to Talkback on the Android version, as it's about the best music software currently available.
01:06:15Lonoxmontits pinig for the fjords
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01:19:33CapacityPrinceKyle: where are you getting RB Android builds?
01:20:28PrinceKyleCapacity: Rockbox can be built for Android. I just can't use it because I'm visually impaired, and it doesn't interface with the screen reader.
01:20:51PrinceKyleLast I knew, it didn't accept voice or talk files either.
01:21:22PrinceKyleIt's actually labeled unusable, but I did want to play with it at my own risk.
01:22:07CapacityWhat's labeled unusable?
01:22:22PrinceKyleThe Android port.
01:29:54CapacityAnyone tried building for Android from here:
01:30:23Capacity*from that source code* i meant
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01:43:42TimetravelerrI've been trying everything to recover data from a RAW drive but I've only been told to go to a recovery program to pay money.
01:44:05TimetravelerrIs there literlly any other way I can do this?!
01:44:26Lonoxmonttools on a linux iso
01:44:37TimetravelerrI have windows
01:44:44Lonoxmonttheres a bunch that can just scrape the entire disk looking for signatures of known types of files
01:45:00Lonoxmontyou are gonna have to run something else temporarily
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01:45:42Lonoxmontpersonally i use the gparted livecd for a lot of recovery stuff, its got a decent balance of tools for doing disk stuff
01:45:57Lonoxmontlemme look for the names, i know the tools exist but cant think pf the name
01:48:39Lonoxmont looks like someone put up a blog post better than i could ahead of me lol
01:48:57Lonoxmontbut yeah the basics is get into a linux environment off a usb or cd
01:49:16TimetravelerrTransfer Linux into a usb?
01:49:25Lonoxmontand then do a low level copy of the failing drive to an image somewhere so you can work on the image isntead of the potentially failing physical drive
01:49:45Lonoxmontyeah theres a lot of distros that can be run from a usb drive
01:49:51Lonoxmontor burned to a cd or dvd
01:50:12TimetravelerrYea the disk isn't failing and I don't think I can work with any of that
01:50:25Lonoxmontthen be prepared to shell out loads of money to people who can
01:50:36TimetravelerrIve heard that Hex code can recover data
01:50:37Lonoxmontguarantee they are likely to use the same tools
01:50:56anonIs it safe to assume the 30gb hdd in the ipod 5g is 2048 if it says 2048 in fdisk?
01:51:10Lonoxmontanon: afaik 5.5g ipod is all 2048
01:51:22anon5 not 5.5
01:51:38Lonoxmontidk then all i have is a 5.5 :B
01:52:11LonoxmontTimetravelerr: how do you know the disk isnt failing? have you looked at the SMART data?
01:52:25Lonoxmontjust because it isnt clicking yet doesnt mean its healthy
01:52:37TimetravelerrIts not a Hdd its an SSD
01:52:51TimetravelerrAnd its a pretty new drive
01:52:56Lonoxmontthat does make it a lot less likely to have gone pop
01:53:07Lonoxmontstill, looking at the SMART data cant hurt
01:53:17Timetravelerrhow would I do that???
01:53:32Lonoxmontprobably with some paid 3rd party util on windows
01:53:37Lonoxmonti know of several on linux for free
01:53:58Lonoxmonti dont know of any native SMART data tools on windows
01:54:04TimetravelerrSmh Might as well switch iver to a linus OS Computer sonce everything can be done on linux
01:54:39anonAre you using windows?
01:55:11anonMake sure to get the Shizuku edition, it offers extra accuracy
01:55:42TimetravelerrWhat is this cuteness?
01:55:55anonThat is for crystaldiskinfo
01:56:38TimetravelerrDoes it only display information?
01:56:58anonYeah it reads the smart values on your drive
01:57:16anonvery important though, you have to get the shizuku edition
01:57:32TimetravelerrCan it recover data or is it only to read the disk?
01:58:15anonIf you want to recover the data the best way to do it is probably to clone it to a healthy disk with a linux utility
01:58:27anonbut crystladiskinfo only tells you if your drive is healthy
01:58:47Timetravelerr:C I don't have any access to linux whatsoever
01:59:18anonbr0, you just need a usb
01:59:26TimetravelerrI don't have a usb
01:59:44anonask your parents to buy you one
01:59:51CapacityDo you have a DVD burner?
02:00:04CapacityThat will work
02:00:07Timetravelerrinstalled on the computer?
02:00:35CapacityYou can burn a Linux distro onto a DVD and boot your computer from it
02:01:08Capacity*Boot your computer from the DVD you burned.(
02:01:19anonCapacity, do you know if the ipod 5g hdd reports sector size accurately in fdisk?
02:01:32Capacityi don't know
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02:02:19TimetravelerrCan I instal linux on a Sd card? :D
02:02:51CapacityThat will work too, as long as your computer can boot from SD cards.
02:02:59Lonoxmontdoable but easier to use a usb drive or cd/dvd
02:03:20Lonoxmontoptical media is the lowest common denominator for booting computers
02:04:04Lonoxmontand yeah cloning it off is a viable option
02:04:18Lonoxmontyou might even be int he same boat i was a decade or so ago
02:04:25CapacityTimetravelerr: I suggest starting Linux with Ubuntu, because there is tons of info available on the web on how to do various things in Ubuntu (anyone disagree?).
02:04:42Lonoxmonti had a win2kpro machine that suddenly refused to acknowledge a disk had anything on it
02:05:00Lonoxmontno matter what i tired it didnt want to work
02:05:13Lonoxmontbooted a linux livecd and it saw everything just fine
02:05:27Lonoxmontbeen running linux ever since on anything i can
02:05:38Timetravelerrwindows is trash
02:06:15TimetravelerrIs there a possibility I can Recover data using hex code?
02:07:02Lonoxmontnot sure what program you are referring to
02:07:13Lonoxmontbut if its just opening your disk in a hex editor uh
02:07:17Lonoxmontyou are gonna have a bad time
02:08:12CapacityAll digital storage is on the media in the form of one's and zero's. Hex code is just a way of representing the one's and zero's.
02:08:13TimetravelerrI'm refering to this
02:08:28TimetravelerrAh I see
02:10:58Timetravelerr:/ Well I don't have many open options on my hands
02:11:43Lonoxmontwe have told you several
02:11:52Timetravelerryea except
02:12:05Lonoxmontthe nice thing about a livecd or liveusb is it wont write anything to your machine unless you tell it to do so
02:12:19Lonoxmontit just loads into ram and runs from there
02:13:00Lonoxmontand afaik all the data recovery tools on windows cost money
02:13:06Lonoxmontor are gimped unless you pay up
02:13:28Timetravelerri just remembered the sd card slot doesn't work i dont have a usb or a cd I can try using the sd card on another computer
02:13:46TimetravelerrI just load linux onto the disk?
02:14:00Lonoxmontif the sd slot doesnt work at all on that machine then you arent gonna be able to boot from it msot likely
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02:14:29Timetravelerr I'm gonnause a different computer
02:16:11Lonoxmontis the ssd in question just data or is your os partition on it as well?
02:16:17CapacityGoogle "how to create Ubuntu Live USB"
02:16:35Lonoxmontif its just data you may be able to just move it to another machine and try and get at it
02:16:47Lonoxmontor boot the other machine to linux and try recovery etc
02:17:07TimetravelerrThe SSD is just data there is no os on it
02:18:40TimetravelerrThere isn't a os partition on it
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02:22:14CapacityAre the file types you need to recover in this list: jpg, gif, png, bmp, avi, exe, mpg, wav, riff, wmv, mov, pdf, ole, doc, zip, rar, htm, and cpp
02:22:23Lonoxmontyou can try and move the drive to the other computer temporarily and see if it is able to access it
02:23:28TimetravelerrNope their mp3 files and Ive tried that with the other computer it still reads the Disk as RAW
02:24:58TimetravelerrIt still insist to format the disk to access it
02:26:36Lonoxmontget yourself a usb stick from somewhere and look up putting ubuntu on it
02:26:55Lonoxmontboot off that on one of your machines and try and access the disk with it
02:32:48TimetravelerrLinux can read Disks that don't have a file system?
02:33:04Lonoxmontits likely the file system is still there
02:33:11Lonoxmontbut windows is having a hard time reading it for some reason
02:33:24Lonoxmontas long as you havent tried to format it you may still be able to recover data from it
02:33:50TimetravelerrAh okay
02:38:56TimetravelerrSo once I plug in the usb stick linuc will boot up?
02:41:10Lonoxmontyou will have to reboot the machine you are trying to boot linux on and hit some key combo to make it into the bios/uefi interface
02:41:35TimetravelerrAnd how would I change it back to windows??
02:41:38Lonoxmontyou will need to look up what it is for your specific machine, but usually its some variation on esc or backspace or delete, sometimes one of the f keys
02:41:53Lonoxmontonce thats done then you tell the firmware to boot once off the usb
02:42:00Lonoxmontafter that it should load linux
02:42:09Lonoxmontto change it back you dont need to do anything
02:42:23Lonoxmontby default windows configures itself as the first and only boot option in the firmware
02:42:39Lonoxmontyou have to go out of your way to tell the firmware to boot off a usb
02:43:26Lonoxmontand in any case just removing the usb after you shut the machine down would be enough to keep it from booting back off of it again
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