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#rockbox log for 2020-01-21

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01:59:23Timetravelerwhat was that other room you recommended earlier had to log off and I forgot the name of the room..
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15:26:27speachythe battery in my xDuoo X3 has started to crap out −− If I order some extra batteries from AliExpress, anyone else interested?
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16:03:39PunkboyLooking for assistance with an ipod classic
16:04:00PunkboyWhen I try to select eq preset, it doesn't do anything
16:04:06Punkboyanyone else run into this issue?
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20:26:10MarcAndersenHi. My new sansa c250 v1 shows up as a tango digital media platform with no drive letter, what is that?
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20:50:16TimetravelerrCan anyone recover my disk for me?
20:50:54MarcAndersenIs the windows version of e200 tool available anywhere?
20:57:09TimetravelerrYou mean this ?
21:10:28MarcAndersenI am a bit worried about doing this, I just got it and it showed up as this tango thing.
21:12:12MarcAndersenWhere do I get the correct rom file?
21:16:32MarcAndersenWhich of all these 7z files do I need?
21:24:43Timetravelerrwhat are you using the files ofr?
21:32:48MarcAndersenI downloaded one and tried to recover it but it can't find the device. I think I will try a linux machine
21:55:59Timetravelerrwindows has limitations to recovering files on disk
21:56:11Timetravelerryou'd need third party software
21:57:22Timetravelerrunless someone on here can help recover files on my disk for free? It was that one user that asked me for disk image
22:02:11MarcAndersenI am trying to recover my c200 bootloader
22:04:31Timetravelerrcould you access the settings to get to bootloader?
22:05:21MarcAndersenno, my player just shows up as that tango platform thing with no drive or anything
22:05:39Timetravelerrwhich device are you using?
22:05:47MarcAndersensansa c200
22:06:40Timetravelerrdoes the disk in the sansa clip work properly? and can you access the device via computer?
22:07:35MarcAndersenit's not a clip, and as I say it just shows up as a tango digital media platform
22:08:21Timetravelerrwhat does it say on the creen currently?
22:09:29MarcAndersenI am blind so I don't know, but I think it is in manufacturing or preboot mode
22:11:47Timetravelerrhow long was has this problem been taking place?
22:11:49gevaertsI can't remember what exactly the c200 shows up as in manufacturing mode... This has been a while
22:12:43MarcAndersenI just got it today and I can only get to this point.
22:13:41gevaertsMarcAndersen: do you happen to have the USB ids?
22:13:58gevaertsI mean the vid and pid for that "tango" device
22:14:11TimetravelerrYour probably need to install rockbox for the sansa to read the disk
22:14:24MarcAndersenI am using linux now, should i do a lsusb or what?
22:14:33gevaertsTimetravelerr: I don't think you have any idea what to do here
22:14:40gevaertsMarcAndersen: yes, lsusb should show that
22:15:07Timetravelerrlead the way
22:17:42MarcAndersenhmm, linux says recovery mode, but I don't get any disk drives in either windows or linux
22:18:45MarcAndersenthe id is 0781:0720
22:19:45gevaertsOK. I found my old c250, so I can try things and not just guess...
22:20:17gevaerts0781:0720 is what e200tool expects as far as I can see
22:20:52gevaertsSo that's manufacturing mode
22:20:56MarcAndersenSo should I pass the mi4 or the rom file to the tool?
22:21:59gevaertsYou need pribootLoader.rom here I think
22:22:05gevaertsSo "./e200tool recover pribootLoader.rom"
22:22:10MarcAndersenI will try
22:22:52gevaertsIIRC (it's been a while...) that should make it reboot to "normal" recovery mode. Don't disconnect while it's doing that
22:24:06gevaertsThat means you should then see a 16MB disk
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22:30:25gevaertsYou might need sudo for that
22:40:42MarcAndersenWhy does it say no such file or directory when I try to run it? It is in the folder...
22:40:56gevaertsIs it executable?
22:41:04gevaertsTry "chmod +x e200tool" first
22:42:14MarcAndersenit still says it, what's going on?
22:42:30MarcAndersenI can find it witl ls...
22:45:42gevaertsMarcAndersen: What exact command are you running?
22:46:24MarcAndersenI tried to copy it over again, first, it says permission denied but when I give it +x it says no such file
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22:49:18gevaertsCan you put the output of "ldd e200tool" on a pastebin?
22:50:14MarcAndersennot a dynamic executable
22:52:01gevaertsHmm, right. Maybe you're on a 64 bit system without 32 bit compatibility stuff, and that version is 32 bit?
22:52:09gevaertsLet me see if I can provide a 64 bit build
22:52:12MarcAndersenthat's right
22:53:24gevaertsCan you try the version at ?
22:53:37gevaertsThat's a 64 bit one I built on my laptop a while ago
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22:54:45gevaertsBack in 2009, apparently :)
22:58:57MarcAndersenI need libusb
23:00:03gevaertsRight. I was afraid of that. Try
23:00:13gevaertsThat one shouldn't need any external libraries
23:02:35MarcAndersenThis one can run. Let's hope it works
23:05:44MarcAndersenI got a failed to claim the interface error
23:06:50gevaertsAre you running it as root or with sudo?
23:07:02gevaertsWithout that I get that error too
23:07:13MarcAndersenoh sorry for that, I'm not a regular unix user...
23:07:19gevaertsNo problem :)
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23:16:34gevaertsMarcAndersen: by the way, if it's stuck on "Searching for device" for longer than a few seconds, something has gone wrong. If that happens, unplug it and plug it back in, check with lsusb if it's still there, and if not, unplug, hard-reset it by holding the power button (the one at the bottom left, the separate button near the USB cable) for more than 30 seconds (I'd give it a minute to be sure)
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23:18:01MarcAndersenYes! I have a 16 mb volume! So I should put firmware.mi4 and the rom there, and then what?
23:18:37gevaertsPut those there, unmount cleanly, and then unplug. Don't put anything else there
23:19:24gevaertsThen it should write everything to flash and reboot. That shouldn't take more than 30 seconds or so
23:19:43gevaertsThen plug back in and see what you get
23:23:58MarcAndersenHmm it went back to tango platform
23:24:59gevaertsOK, so there are two possibilities. Either the flash is corrupted in a way the standard software can't recover (in which case we can fix it), or the flash is broken
23:25:31gevaerts"Corrupting" the flash is as easy as e.g. formatting it to NTFS, so that's not *that* unlikely
23:25:52gevaertsIt's a c250, right, the 2GB model?
23:26:55gevaertsOK. Download and run that with "e200tool recover c250erase.bin" (same as the other command, just a different file to load)
23:28:30gevaertsThe annoying bit is that this takes a while. Once e200tool says it's done its thing, you have to wait around 20 minutes or so before it says on the screen that it's done, and there's not really another way to tell...
23:29:01gevaertsSo tell me when it started, and I'll do the same thing on my c250. I'll then tell you when mine is done
23:29:55gevaertsIf we then wait a few minutes longer, yours should be done too
23:36:36MarcAndersennow it gives me a bulk write error 110 connection timed out
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23:38:31gevaertsMarcAndersen: did it say anything before that?
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23:41:20gevaertsI'd say unplug, hold power for around 30 seconds, and try again
23:44:43MarcAndersenI started it now
23:45:13gevaertshere too
23:45:57MarcAndersenwill this write a new partition table?
23:46:16gevaertsIt erases the entire flash and writes a new partition table
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23:47:25MarcAndersenIs it right that the battery is removable in this thing?
23:47:48gevaertsAs far as I can figure out, the way the c200 firmware detects flash size is not like any sensible system by asking the chip, it looks at the FAT filesystem and/or the partition table. That means that if those are corrupted or formatted with something other that FAT, it gets the size totally wrong, so it can't even rewrite itself
23:48:12gevaertsThat's right. I don't know how easy it is to find a new battery though
23:49:15MarcAndersenI have an idea that this might be the case, I don't know why
23:54:47MarcAndersenwhen i do lsusb now I get a device with id 6666:e200, is that ok?
23:55:01gevaertsI think so
23:55:35gevaertsYes, same here
23:55:54MarcAndersenwhy did you brick your own?
23:56:37gevaertsThe first time was when I made a mistake while writing the USB code. It took me a few days to figure out how to recover it
23:57:23MarcAndersenbut did you brick it now just so you could help me unbrick mine?
23:57:24gevaertsI'm not actually using it these days, so it's easiest to just do exactly the same steps here when trying to help someone
23:57:38gevaertsI'm confident that I can recover it :)
23:57:53MarcAndersenI hope so too
23:57:56gevaerts(as long as the hardware itself isn't broken)
23:58:29MarcAndersenIf we can't get it tonight, I can try the same steps with a sighted person around

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