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#rockbox log for 2020-01-22

00:00:12MarcAndersenIt is very stupid that they use such a non standard cable
00:00:16gevaertsYes. It's annoying to have no feedback at all during these things. For normal use we have some accessibility, but for these recovery things that's *really* hard
00:00:19gevaertsThat too...
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00:02:43gevaertsA few more minutes I think
00:03:17MarcAndersenwhy does it need to reformat the whole thing? (if that is what it does)
00:04:03gevaertsTechnically it could do a lot less, but back when I wrote this tool I had some issues at first because it doidn'
00:04:21gevaertst erase enough, so I changed it to just wipe the entire device.
00:04:47gevaertsOK, mine is done. Maybe play safe and wait five more minutes in case yours is a bit slower?
00:06:12MarcAndersenshould the hold switch be closest or furthest away from the usb port? I don't know what is what.
00:06:40gevaertsClosest is on hold, furthest is unlocked
00:07:09MarcAndersenso it should be unlocked?
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00:08:17gevaertsFor normal use, yes. For recovery, one of the steps to boot to manufacturer mode is to move that to locked (or on hold)
00:08:47MarcAndersenso should I unlock it now or let it be on hold?
00:09:18gevaertsUnlock it now
00:10:11gevaertsAnd then unplug it, then press the power button for about 30 seconds to turn it off, and plug it back in.
00:10:29gevaertsIt will still be in manufacturer mode, but now the normal procedure should work
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00:11:24gevaertsSo then again "e200tool recover pribootLoader.rom", wait for the 16mb drive to appear, copy the .rom and .mi4 files to it, unmount cleanly, and unplug
00:11:37MarcAndersenso I should upload the rom again now?
00:12:00MarcAndersenSorry didn't see the message
00:13:37gevaertsAfter unplugging it takes maybe 30 seconds on mine to boot into the sandisk firmware
00:19:53MarcAndersenThere is a c250 in portable devices, how do i get it into msc?
00:20:04gevaertsOK, progress :)
00:21:17gevaertsI'd say it's probably easiest if I install *exactly* the same version of the firmware you have. Which one did you get?
00:21:42MarcAnderseni think i got the 04 because that was what it came with
00:22:57gevaertsOK, let me install that
00:23:29MarcAndersenhow good are the chances to get it going now?
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00:24:58gevaertsWell, it seems to be back in the sandisk firmware, which I think means it could write to the entire flash without errors when wiping it earlier, so we should be good
00:26:37MarcAndersenI am trying to collect as many rockbox machines as possible. I tested the zen x-fi with pamaury a long time ago
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00:28:22gevaertsHmm, this is annoying. The thing went straight to MSC...
00:28:44gevaertsLet's guess :)
00:29:20gevaertsI'd say start by pressing the middle button. After a fresh install the sansa tends to sit on a language selection menu, and that picks the first one (English)
00:29:49gevaertsIf you were already past that, you might now have accidentally entered another menu, so press power once to leave that
00:30:24gevaertsThen, press "up" once (the cable is to the right, the screen to the left)
00:30:46gevaertsThen press middle to enter the settings menu
00:31:01gevaertsPress up twice
00:31:13gevaertsThen middle, down, middle
00:31:34gevaertsThat should do it
00:32:08MarcAndersenstill mtp
00:32:25 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@
00:32:40gevaertsRight, maybe we were too slow and it switched off the screen between button presses
00:32:55gevaertsIf that happens, it then ignores the next press and just wakes up the screen...
00:33:01MarcAndersenlet's try again
00:33:20gevaertsYes, but we probably have to reboot it to get to a known state
00:33:46gevaertsHold power for about five seconds, which should tell it to switch off
00:33:58gevaertsThen power again (short) to switch it back on
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00:35:18gevaertsOK. Try: power, up, middle, up, up, middle, down, middle, left
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00:35:37gevaerts(the first power is to wake up the screen in case it went to sleep mode again)
00:36:26TimetravelerrI'm fairly new to this site and would like to know if there are other rooms that deal with other tech topics. would you be able to tell me some others?
00:37:41MarcAndersenI got 3 drives. The main drive, a 20 mb oem partition and the micro sd
00:37:54gevaertsThat sounds perfect
00:38:07MarcAndersenwhat is the 20 mb one?
00:38:13gevaertsThe 20mb partition is where the original firmware sits
00:38:31MarcAndersenso I shouldn't delete it?
00:38:38gevaertsNo, don't touch it
00:39:17MarcAndersenOk, I will just remove the drive letter, but why is it even vissible when it isn't on my clip zip?
00:39:56gevaertsThe clip zip does that differently I think. IIRC the firmware on that one is on a bit of flash that's not visible over USB
00:40:14gevaertsTimetravelerr: there are a lot of channels on freenode, most of them about fairly specific topics or open source projects. I don't know of an index of them
00:40:37MarcAndersenOk. Thanks so much for your help and all. I hope I can do the rest myself.
00:41:17gevaertsThe rest should be fairly straightforward, especially if you've done things with rockbox before
00:41:35Timetravelerrokay is there a room specifically for disk problems?
00:41:56gevaertsI'm still annoyed at sandisk because of this though. Their firmware should *really* not be as easy to confuse into a hard to recover state as it is
00:42:18MarcAndersenSo i should choose the main drive in rbutil and not the firmware drive, right?
00:43:14TimetravelerrI want to recover files on my disk but I didn't get anywhere
00:43:19gevaertsTimetravelerr: I'm not aware of any, but i suspect some general hardware forums might be better
00:44:35gevaertsI've never really used them, but maybe something like ?
00:45:23TimetravelerrIt would be quicker if it were a chat like this one :?
00:46:57gevaertsMaybe, but only if you manage to find someone who's online at the same time as you, knows the right things, and has enough time for an interactive session
00:47:18Timetravelerrwow yea thats true
00:47:26Timetravelerr'could you maybe help?
00:47:53gevaertsNo. I don't really know anything about data recovery
00:48:03Timetravelerrff okay
00:48:30MarcAndersenYes!! It shows up as rockbox internal and sd devices! Thanks again for all your help, now it's time to do fun things with this thing
00:48:57gevaertsGreat! Have fun with the thing :)
00:49:12gevaertsNow I'm going to sleep. It's getting late :)
00:49:20MarcAndersenI really thought all hope was lost here..
00:49:41Timetravelerrsadly thats the case for me
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00:51:38AntacterHello is anyone available for any help?
00:52:06 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
00:52:12AntacterI'm trying to recover a device but I'm not sure how
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03:24:10anon1Does anyone have write speeds for ipod 5 gen?
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03:27:01TimetravelerrIs anyone an expert at recovering data? Or can you point me to a channel that can help this is the only channel I know about.
03:27:35TimetravelerrI really don't want to go through the process of downloading 25,000 songs
03:28:59TimetravelerrAnyone literally anyone I'll even pay you to recover my data
03:31:26mendel_munkiswhat country are you in?
03:32:36TimetravelerrUnited states
03:35:16mendel_munkiswhat state?
03:37:52Timetravelerrfeel like I shouldn't have typed that here but whatever
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03:49:57anon1Has the ipod mini sd card issue been solved with 3.15?
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03:53:52Timetravelerrwhat issue?
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05:48:59Bry49Hello, I'm trying to use the SonyNEWDestTool and I'm getting an error that my device is most likely not compatible with this tool. But I see it on the compatibility list.
06:12:47toruvinna blind guess: perhaps your firmware version is not compatible?
06:12:56toruvinnfor instnace, you have newer firmware than is required
06:12:57toruvinnor something
06:17:19Bry49I was thinking that oo..
06:17:26Bry49I'll try to downgrade the firmware.
06:21:35toruvinni wouldnt do that at first
06:21:40toruvinnat first i'd confirm this is the problem :-)
06:21:50toruvinni.e. check your firmware version and google it + "rockbox"?
06:24:25Bry49Not a whole lot of info on Google about it heh. Not many people probably buying used MP3 players from Japan and trying to change language on it >.<
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06:36:21toruvinnwhich player?
06:38:14 Join Aldem_ [0] (~Aldem@unaffiliated/aldem)
06:41:06Bry49Sony NW-A55 part of the NW-A50 series
06:41:48 Quit Aldem (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
06:45:24toruvinnhm i dont know, i dont really see anything that'd lead me to believe nw-a55 is the same as nw-a50
06:45:27toruvinnbut i frankly just dont know
06:46:09toruvinnif you just want to change the language, for starters i'd look for 言語 and switch to 英語 (or english if htey have language names... in the destination language)
06:47:47toruvinnthere's certainly a mention of nw-a55 here
06:48:18Bry49I've seen on a hifi forum someone with a nw-a55 has switched the destination code (which allows you to change language).
06:48:19toruvinnBry49, are you using the newest as in unstable (nightly or something) of rockbox?
06:49:16Bry49This is just a tool to change the destination of the mp3 player. I don't think the Rockbox program is involved.
06:55:25Bry49Is there a way to download an older version of the tool? Maybe v24 isn't working for me.
07:02:04toruvinni'd assume an old version is less likely to support your player
07:02:26toruvinnwelp im afraid i cant help you, it's probably a good idea to wait for someone who's actually involved, or even better - ask on the forums.
07:02:35toruvinnim quite sure the forums will get you more visibility
07:03:02Bry49Ok, thanks for the help though! Much appreciated.
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13:52:21RufusABry49: Have you checked what output you get when you run with help_us -
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