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#rockbox log for 2020-01-24

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17:22:17MarcAndersenIf I play opus files on my sansa c250 v1 and speed it up in the pitch screen, the audio pauss sometimes. Is this because it can't decode opus in realtime at higher speeds?
17:23:53gevaertsThat wouldn't surprise me. The 80MHz arm in that thing isn't the fastest
17:24:48MarcAndersenThat explains it. 80mhz is not very much.
17:26:32MarcAndersenIt's also a bit unresponsive in navigating menus when playing opus
17:27:33MarcAndersenBut it's a bit strange that it has 32 mb ram then when the processor is so bad
17:28:12gevaertsRAM is mostly for caching to optimise disk power, although on flash players that's a bit silly indeed
17:28:56MarcAndersenBut the clips only have 8 mb with a better processor
17:29:42MarcAndersenIs there a list somewhere with the processor and ram of all the players?
17:36:47gevaertsThere's but (a) that seems not to have "newer" devices, and (b) I wouldn't be surprised if that's very hard to read using screenreaders
17:38:08MarcAndersenI will try
17:38:42gevaertsThe two biggest users of RAM in audio players (apart from the code itself) are screen buffer (which gets larger the more pixels you have and if you have color), and audio buffer
17:39:21gevaertsClip and c200 both have tiny screens (although c200 is color so it takes a bit more RAM) so that's not too big a deal
17:40:09gevaertsAudio buffer is important on hard disk targets, because a disk spinning up consumes a huge amount of power compared to anything else in the system, so you want to read as much as possible in one go
17:40:56gevaertsMy suspicion is that when the c200 (and e200) was designed, maybe flash-based players were relatively new and they just picked the same amount of RAM that other devices used?
17:41:25gevaertsMaybe based on a reference design from the CPU manufacturer
17:42:11gevaertsThe ipod video e.g. has the same CPU as the c200, and it has a fairly large color screen and a hard drive. On that one 32MB makes a lot of sense
17:44:45gevaerts(also other "old style" ipods, some philips devices, some samsung devices, the olympys mrobe100, the iriver h10, ...)
17:45:11MarcAndersenThe page is easy enough to navigate with table navigation, thanks
17:45:38gevaertsProbably also at that time mp3 player prices hadn't been driven down too much yet, so the extra cost of that RAM wasn't too much of a problem
17:46:17gevaertsIn summary: I don't know but I sometimes like to speculate :)
17:47:56MarcAndersenWow, there are devices with 2 mb ram? How can rockbox run on that?
17:50:21gevaertsThe original rockbox devices (the Archoses) have 2mb of ram, but they also have mp3 decoding in hardware, so that helps (they also un at 12MHz...)
17:51:17gevaertsThe later ones (clip v1, e200 v2 I think) took some effort, and some plugins might not work very well
17:53:44gevaertsThat's the limit though. There have been some efforts to get it to run on 1MB devices, but that hasn't ever been finished
17:55:25MarcAndersenI think the ipod classic is one of the best in processor and ram
18:00:48gevaertsIt's a decent one. I think the gigabeat S has a better CPU
18:03:46MarcAndersenI just found this on wikipedia on the portalplayer 5020: Edirol R-1 (Unconfirmed rumor on what chip but unit displays "Powered by PortalPlay Inc. 1999-2004". Can we port rockbox to it? It would make excelent recordings.
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18:05:48gevaertsMaybe, if you manage to find someone with a device, the knowledge, and the time :)
18:06:59MarcAndersenI think I have one somewhere, but as I already know, it's not easy to do.
18:07:56gevaertsIt also gets less and less interesting the older the devices get I think
18:08:25gevaertsAt some point you end up finishing the port and it turns out you have the only surviving device and it's falling apart :)
18:09:08MarcAndersenOh that's true
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18:27:27MarcAndersenHow many mhz is the as3525 in the clip zip
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19:18:21Bilgus~192 MHZ IIRC
19:18:45MarcAndersenbut it's better than 80
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