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#rockbox log for 2020-02-18

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19:40:17mohnishHello everyone
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19:41:12mohnishI'm looking for firmware for my Sony Walkman NWZ-B152F
19:41:28mohnishBut I cannot fimd it on the website
19:44:19Lonoxmontlike oem firmware or rockbox
19:44:49mohnishoem firmware
19:45:15Lonoxmontyou would have to look on the OEMs site, afaik rockbox cant distribute oem anything
19:46:41mohnishoh okay
19:47:04mohnishwhere should I look for?
19:47:15Lonoxmontcheck if you havent already, sometimes people put stuff up there
19:47:25Lonoxmontgoogle around for it, etc
19:47:40Lonoxmontits hard for things ont bhe internet to completely vanish
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19:48:03Lonoxmontthose sources are secondary to the official ones of course
19:48:53mohnishyeah I did, some sites that offer it, when I click on download, it redirects me to some other site, and asks me for my credit card details
19:49:10Lonoxmontyeah try and avoid the obvious scams
19:49:48mohnishbut those were the only ones I found
19:52:10Lonoxmontsony is kind of a dick as far as maintaining older hardware
19:52:20Lonoxmontif it isn the bleeding edge model oyu are usually sol
19:52:49Lonoxmontyou might have to check tpb or something, ma7ybe someone has uploaded the firmware as a torrent
19:52:58Lonoxmontask around on sony forums etc
19:53:17mohnishyeah it isn't there on sony's website either
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19:54:56Lonoxmontyou might also check other irc networks
19:54:57mohnishThe problem is that when I try to turn it on, it says BOOT ERROR
19:55:23mohnish^^ that's how I found about rockbox
19:55:28Lonoxmontdepending on how old it is you might be able to call up sony and beg them for support
19:55:44Lonoxmontthats probably going to be your option going off what ive been able to dig up so far
19:56:20Lonoxmontif you do get the firmware and flasher out of them, throw it up everywhere you can so the next guy doesnt have to try and go through the same hell
19:56:48mohnishIt's old and only got 2gb of storage, ot isn't worth the effort
19:57:21Lonoxmonttear it down for components or toss it at a e-waste recycler
19:57:27mohnishI was thinking to reverse engineer it or something, it'd be a cool prokect
19:58:06Lonoxmonttheoretically possible to do, but without working firmware it becomes several orders of magnitude mroe difficult
19:58:16Lonoxmontsince you dont even have something known working to pick at
19:58:34mohnishWell yeah
19:59:02Lonoxmontyour other bet might be poke around the sony site for newer versions of the hardware and see if they have anything available firmware wise
19:59:16Lonoxmontthat might be something to give you a starting point if the hardware hasnt changed a whole lot
19:59:39mohnishBut it's not even worth fixing. So I thought about tinkering with it
20:07:47Lonoxmonthere is a firmware for a different model in the same line
20:07:55Lonoxmontmight be worth a look
20:08:15Lonoxmontmy guess is its a self extracting archive that drops a flasher binary and a firmware file, maybe some config stuff
20:08:30Lonoxmont7zip is good for poking around inside stuff like that
20:09:33Lonoxmont more different one
20:09:54Lonoxmontlooks like those are all they ahve up still
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20:14:46mohnishthanks for the links
20:14:54mohnishI'll try them out
20:14:58Lonoxmontsorry couldnt be more help
20:15:27mohnishyou helped me more than I could help myself
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