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#rockbox log for 2020-02-19

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00:37:44TimetravelerrHi I have a small problem, whenever I remove images from mp3 tags there is already an image displayed on rockbox how can I remove the image?
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01:21:01LonoxmontTimetravelerr: check your mp3 fiels themselves, they might have the image embedded
01:22:47TimetravelerrI checked with mp3tag but there are no image files present
01:23:52Lonoxmontmaybe check whatever cache rockbox uses?
01:24:01Lonoxmontmight be in the database too if you initialised it
01:24:19TimetravelerrI havent initialized the database.
01:24:46Timetravelerrcould it be the image file on the folder that gives the files the same image?
01:24:57Lonoxmontthat is pretty likely
01:25:17Lonoxmontmost media software grabs whatever images it can find near your files and uses that as album art
01:25:36TimetravelerrIs there anyway to remove it?
01:26:02Lonoxmontgo through your source folders and remove any images you find?
01:26:19Lonoxmontprobably also make sure you dont have any hidden image files in with your music
01:26:25TimetravelerrIve tried searching for jpg files but none appear
01:26:35Lonoxmontthey might not be in jpg format
01:27:05Lonoxmonti would use the command prompt and get a listing of all of your media stuff
01:27:14Lonoxmontsee if you can find any image files hanging around
01:27:45Lonoxmontyou could start with a folder you know has this issue of an image appearing and see what format the image is in
01:27:52Lonoxmontuse that as a start for looking for more
01:29:22Timetravelerrwhat kind of command would it be?
01:30:20Lonoxmontdepends on what os you are running
01:30:35Lonoxmonti think windows still has 'tree' somewhere
01:30:49Lonoxmontalso big oof
01:30:52Lonoxmontvista is
01:30:54Lonoxmonta time
01:31:25Lonoxmontive had the 'fun' of having to reinstall a box with vista
01:31:31Lonoxmontand then bring it current with ms updates
01:31:45Lonoxmontin batches of like 20 at a time because if any fail, they all get rolled back
01:31:52Lonoxmontand its 3 reboots minimum each way
01:32:07Timetravelerroh okaywow
01:35:50Timetravelerrwould it work on windows 10?
01:36:23Lonoxmontnot sure, im on 7 locally
01:36:41Lonoxmontbut i cant imagine they would remove it
01:36:52Lonoxmontif nothing else dir still works
01:37:11Lonoxmonttree just gives you a nice hierarchal listing of your folder structure
01:37:15Timetravelerrits best to initialise the database?
01:37:27Lonoxmonti always do mine, but idk how needed it is
01:38:12TimetravelerrI would mostly use the database for playcounts
01:38:29Lonoxmonti dont think it hurts anything to do it
01:38:53Timetravelerrhow would I view the tree on the device?
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01:41:56Lonoxmontmount it as a usb drive, navigate in cmd to the directory you are interested, run the command
01:43:11Lonoxmontidk how your device specifically has the storage laid out
01:43:37Lonoxmontbut most ones i know of you basically mount as usb drive, copy over what you want on it, then on the device point rockbox at the folders
01:46:38Timetravelerryea its already connected to the computer all I have to do is view the rockbox folder?
01:49:07Lonoxmontassuming that is where you pushed your media files, yes
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01:57:24TimetravelerrIs it possible playcount can be made in a seperate entry from the database?
01:59:22Lonoxmontidk about that, would need one of the devs here to chime in i think
01:59:27Lonoxmontim guessing probably not
01:59:39Lonoxmontnot without modifying rockbox
02:05:20Timetravelerrthanks for the info!
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19:52:18__builtinWhat's blocking us from getting things moving with the transition?
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