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#rockbox log for 2020-02-20

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03:01:38HamsterAfter initializing the database would it still have play count saved?
03:03:48Lonoxmonti dont see why it owuld discard that information
03:04:43HamsterI'm not entirely sure last time I updated / initialized the database it erased the play count
03:09:26Lonoxmontinitialise would wipe play count
03:09:30Lonoxmontupdate shouldnt
03:10:23Lonoxmontinitialise basically builds a fresh db by scanning your media folders and collecting info
03:10:32Lonoxmontupdate just looks for changes to what is there afaik
03:10:48Lonoxmontlike it would probably remove play count if you removed the corresponding file
03:11:01Lonoxmontbut other than that i dont think it would wipe on update
03:11:55Hamsterokay I've played a few songs after I updated the Database but none of the mhave recorded into play count also Ive never deleted any files within the Rockbox folder.
03:12:40Lonoxmonti mean in your media
03:12:51Lonoxmontlike if you had podcast or w/e, stuff that you didnt want to stick around forever
03:13:18Lonoxmontif you removed the media file, would think corresponding entry in db would also get removed on update
03:13:38Lonoxmontalso you might only see play count in the db go up after you update
03:13:54Lonoxmontif you play files after update it probably wont put the new info in till the next update pass
03:14:15Hamsteroh okay
03:14:28Lonoxmontworth looking at anyways
03:14:43Lonoxmontpersonally i dont track play count so idk how well that part works
03:15:46HamsterThere are seperate files on the rockbox folder thar read Database.0.tdc Database.1.tdc ect
03:16:09Lonoxmontyeah those probably you should leave alone
03:16:42Hamsteris this apart of the tree folder you were speaking of?
03:17:09Lonoxmontthe tree command in windows just prints out a text-based folder structure to the console
03:17:14Lonoxmontunless you redirect it to a file
03:17:36Lonoxmontand if oyu do redirect it the output is jsut a normal text file you can view in notepad or w/e
03:18:04Lonoxmonttry it and see
03:19:16Hamsterwhat file would that be?
03:19:58Lonoxmontwhatever oyu named it when you created it by redirecting the output of tree to a file
03:21:51Lonoxmontyou might have to pass some flags to tree to get it to be pretty in notepad
03:22:09Lonoxmonti think by default it uses some box drawing characters that dont always show up right in text editors
03:22:24Lonoxmonttree /? should give you a help output
03:22:41Hamsteryea I just tried putting it on notepad and it showed up as random corrupted file names
03:22:46Lonoxmontmost windows programs (the builtin ones anyways) have help output by doing that
03:25:08Lonoxmontso navigating to your music folder in cmd with cd
03:25:18Lonoxmontthen running tree /f /a > tree.txt
03:25:30Lonoxmontshould give you a nice listing of your music folder
03:26:45Lonoxmonti dont think windows has anything like grep builtin
03:27:08Lonoxmontif it did you could use that to search the listing for image file extensions and see what it spits out
03:27:35HamsterI dont think Vista would have that build
03:28:45Lonoxmont looks like you have findstr
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03:35:30Hamsteralright thanks!
03:39:31Hamsterwill the files show if the file names have spaces?
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03:47:29Lonoxmontit should just dump everything it sees
03:48:11Lonoxmontthere might be some gui way to do this, but im more familiar with command line :B
03:49:14HamsterIm not very familiar with a lot of comman prompts...
03:49:23Hamstertherefore I dont use it often
03:50:08Lonoxmontif you ever get into linux you tend to do a lot at command line
03:50:22Lonoxmontthyeres usually some kind of gui option, but its usually faster to just use a terminal
03:50:24HamsterYeaI heard.
03:51:37HamsterAlright thanks
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08:32:00toruvinndoes rockbox have some sort of device support list *that points to the latest install instructions*? I'm asking cause there's for instance this: but it doesnt seem to have that info at first glance. there's a longish forum thread about that, but i'd have to read it in reverse to find out the latest info on how to patch my agptek to be usable...
08:34:10toruvinnthere's this manual thing but i recall reading long ago that agptek does not allow automatic install due to firmware license issues. ;-/ hm.
08:35:00toruvinn oh yeah and looks like there's no manual linked for agptek. ouch... i guess it's the "go through the thread" then.
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08:50:54toruvinn,51653.msg245164.html#msg245164 ok this looks like it worked ;-)
08:57:42toruvinnso very very tired of not having opus support in the default firmware. let's not even get into "directories support? a what?!". ;-/
08:58:05toruvinnboth are fixed now, i guess; hopefully that works stable.
08:58:07toruvinnthanks ;-p
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09:48:23toruvinnoh god, the experience of having a functional player again...
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19:30:23Lonoxmonttoruvinn: i know that feel
19:30:36Lonoxmonta decent chunk of my music is in flac
19:30:44Lonoxmontand native ipod firmware doesnt know what to do
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21:29:43alexbobpLonoxmont: transcode it!
21:32:36Lonoxmonti mean i could
21:32:43Lonoxmontbut i dont want to
21:32:47Lonoxmontand rockbox can read it
21:32:52Lonoxmontso i dont need to do anything
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22:05:09mixfix41yea flac already transcoded from wav form or yea just wav
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22:22:12Lonoxmontstraight wav is hueg though
22:22:18Lonoxmontat least with flac its somewhat smaller
22:26:23mixfix41oh is it good to know
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22:26:52mixfix41you could make a gui drag and drop frontend for ffmpeg
22:27:21mixfix41i havent make one myself but i heard it from a podcast
22:27:43mixfix41i forget which toolkit he used it couldve been qt
22:27:57mixfix41yea it probably was ;)
22:28:03Lonoxmontim really lazy and already cobbled together a command to rip and convert a cd into flac
22:28:28Lonoxmonti probably couldnt find it now since i think the machine it was one went and died
22:28:39Lonoxmontbut could probably replicate it if i had a need
22:28:58Lonoxmonti rarely use optical media anymore anyways so i dont have much impetus to worry about it anymore
22:29:39mixfix41yes but how will you show off the media and take a picture with it if its not on cd?
22:29:42mixfix41haha jk
22:31:06mixfix41i have some vhs i ripped and the drag and drog gui will help me i need to do it with music files first so its on the agenda!
22:31:32mixfix41myvhs rips are pretty big and its hard to keep track of the smaller ffmpeg scripts i have
22:31:38mixfix41the gui is perfect
22:31:49Lonoxmontif thats what works for you, more power to ya
22:31:52mixfix41besides how it actually looks but that is another topic to get into
22:31:57Lonoxmonti prefer cli over gui but thats just my preference
22:32:42mixfix41oh ok
22:51:07alexbobpflac just seems like a very strange use of the limited storage space on a portable device, if nothing else...
22:51:48alexbobpwe have amazingly good lossy codecs like opus, I guarantee you can't hear the difference between 160kbps opus and flac, no matter what equipment you listen with
22:54:57Lonoxmonti upgraded my ipod with an iflash quad and 1tb worth of sd cards so
22:55:06Lonoxmontstorage isnt really at a premium ( ≖‿≖)
22:55:58alexbobpwow that is incredibly badass sounding. what's an iflash? a multi sd card thing that emulates the ipod hard drive?
22:56:12alexbobpcan it do raid-5?
22:56:26Lonoxmontnah its not a raid card, it just does jbod
22:56:30alexbobpwow that thing isn't even expensive is the site i think
22:57:00alexbobpthis is cool!
22:57:22Lonoxmonti think theres a bit of pickiness as far as cards it likes
22:57:25alexbobphahah there's one for taking a sata m.2 ssd
22:57:32Lonoxmonti know i had to fiddle with mine a bunch before things showe dup properly
22:57:40Lonoxmontdo not reccomend the m.2
22:57:49Lonoxmontuses a lot more power and runs really hot
22:58:13alexbobpI think I never really considered that generation of ipod because of lack of storage upgradeability. but that was in the distant past. I dunno how long this kit's been around
22:58:22Lonoxmontits been aorund a while
22:58:32alexbobppersonally I carry sandisk sansa players mainly *because* of sd support
22:58:41alexbobpand because they're so cheap of course
22:59:03Lonoxmontalso as far as i have heard ipod 5.5 like the ipod video i have here (very old present from long ago) has some of the best DAC you can get in an ipod
22:59:34Lonoxmontthe original hard drive i still have, it works fine
22:59:44Lonoxmontthe original battery is shot though
22:59:56Lonoxmonti figured while im in there to replace battery might as well upgrade storage too
23:00:01alexbobphave you ever dropped it? I'd be afraid of a player with a hard drive because I drop things >_>
23:00:14Lonoxmontthats one of the reasons i went to solid state storage lol
23:00:19alexbobpsandisk players don't get damaged if you drop them because they barely weigh anything xD they flutter to the ground like a feather
23:00:24Lonoxmonti dont think this particular ipod ever took a bad tumble
23:00:36alexbobpthe benefit of cheap ass cases
23:00:39Lonoxmonti was always careful with it
23:00:57Lonoxmontbut now i dont really have to care aside from cosmetics
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