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#rockbox log for 2020-02-22

00:08:31 Join EY [0] (
00:10:29EYI am browsing the firmware code and came across the macro CLUSTERS_PER_FAT_SECTOR. Was 'SECTOR' and 'CLUSTER' inversed in this macro?
00:12:50Lonoxmontvery well could be, but you would need to ask someone with a /lot/ more knowledge of the inner depths of rockbox than me :B
00:13:19Lonoxmonti take it there arent any handy comments around to explain anything?
00:20:42EYLonoxmont, no. I haven't found any.
00:22:00Lonoxmontwell, hang out here long enough and someone more knowledgable is bound to come along sooner or later
00:22:07Lonoxmontit might take a while though
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00:24:35_3dsvfreenode doesn't like names starting with a number
00:26:05Lonoxmontlol nope
00:26:18Lonoxmontnot sure if thats part of the irc standard or justy a freenodism
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00:29:35_3dsvA duckduck go search doesn't turn anything up, it could be either
00:30:06_3dsvname is name
00:44:21Lonoxmontglancing over the rfc for irc, it just says usernames start with a letter
00:44:30Lonoxmontdoesnt seem to go much into why that is
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02:11:47HamsterWhere is Mendel munkins?
02:14:15 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
02:14:19Lonoxmontwho is that
02:15:51HamsterThe user on here somethimes Mendel_munkins?
02:16:47HamsterHe sometimes works as a Helper on here/
02:17:04Lonoxmontdoesnt look like anyone by that name is currently connected
02:17:16Lonoxmontyou are welcome to hang out and wait to see if they come online
02:17:40Lonoxmontalternatively, you could post your question anyways and whoever is currently active can take a look
02:17:46HamsterTnaks! Yea Ill wait to see if they come on
02:18:28HamsterWell its not a question per say its something hes handing to me/
02:19:47Lonoxmontyeah you would need him specifically for that lol
02:20:41HamsterYea so about that database thing
02:21:15HamsterSo I bought more music to upload to my device and decided to update the database but it said to initialuze it
02:21:32Hamsterprobably because it was too many files for the database to handle
02:24:46Lonoxmonti mean unless oyu completely replaced everything with new things i wouldnt think it would have you reinitialse it
02:25:25HamsterI didnt all I did was update it but it asked to initialize instead
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02:31:13Lonoxmontwas this the same database you copied from somewhere, or am i mixing oyu up with someone else?
02:38:24Hamsteryour mixing me up with someone else?
02:38:56HamsterI already have a database implemented by rockbox on the ipod
02:43:44EYI have the identify_info.bin for a generic CF adapter. Is anyboby interested in that?
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02:48:54EYCrash with generic CF adapter seems to occur when HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF is defined.
02:49:37 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
02:49:45EYOn iPod 3G 40GB that is. Need to figure out a way to fix it in a nice way
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02:53:45HamsterIf 1TB micro sd cards are old why is it now that I see them in the market?
02:55:15 Join aleggg [0] (~aleggg@
02:56:30 Join massiveH [0] (
03:03:08EYHamster, I didn't know they were old. Biggest I was aware of is 256GB.
03:04:03Hamsterthe biggest one Ive only found was 512 GB
03:04:39 Join mixfix41_ [0] (~swr42@unaffiliated/mixfix41)
03:05:30Hamster1TB are supposedly new to the market but Ive heard theyve been around for a while but their as expensive as cameras
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03:16:38Lonoxmontyeah 1tb microsd is still dummy expensive
03:16:46Lonoxmontcoming down in price though
03:17:39Hamster:( Thats dummy sucks
03:18:04Hamsterso much for being an advanced race
03:19:02Lonoxmonteh, technology marches on
03:19:11Lonoxmonti remember when 1gb was /huge/ for a hard drive
03:19:28Lonoxmontand for the longest time, a cd held way way more than your computer ever could
03:20:15Lonoxmontyteah i have a distinct memory of an add in a computer magazine (remember those?) for a 1gb desktop hard drive
03:20:30Lonoxmontit took up a significant amount of desk space, almost as much as a pc of that era on its own took
03:20:37Lonoxmontit was several thousand dollars
03:20:40Lonoxmontin 90s money
03:23:11Hamsteruh im not that old but yes I remember
03:24:32Lonoxmontthe machine in front of me has 32 times as much storage as that hard drive did
03:24:34Lonoxmontin ram
03:24:38Lonoxmonti remember when like
03:24:46Lonoxmont256mb was smokin
03:25:09Lonoxmonti think one of my familys early machines had a whopping 1gb of ram
03:25:15Lonoxmontand we thought nobody could ever need that much
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03:27:48Lonoxmontletsd see, what else was notable
03:28:19Lonoxmontthe machine this irc client is running on (a linux box at my house) is a clone of a physical i used to have that i ended up killing
03:28:29Lonoxmonta dell tower of some sort, one with rambus ram
03:28:32Lonoxmonthard to get, rambus
03:28:39Lonoxmontwas really really stable though
03:28:43Lonoxmontnever had problems with it
03:28:52Lonoxmontit used to be my family machine, running win2k pro
03:28:57Lonoxmontwas very good and cool
03:29:14Lonoxmontthen one day it decided that the second hard drive was totally blank no matter what you did to it
03:29:27Lonoxmontconverted it to linux and havent looked back since
03:29:45Hamstertheir selling 2tb ipod for 3000 dollars on ebay and other sites it uses a SSD with a 3000mah battery that in its self is a rip off and wont work
03:30:35Hamster'thats a very stable machine
03:32:48Lonoxmontyeah, i now run a server at my house running esxi 6.5 that this machine lives on
03:32:59Lonoxmonthave a couple virtuals on it chillin
03:34:27Lonoxmonthad the weirdest issues with random kernel panics until i tracked it down to the network adapter i was provisioning the virtuals with
03:34:29HamsterI was able to capacitate 3Tb on my ipod wish I could fit 4... but I cant afford.
03:34:55Lonoxmonti guess the particular combo of debian and whatnot i was running just didnt jive with the vmxnet3 adapter
03:34:59Hamsterthe adapters usually cause all the problems
03:35:02Lonoxmonthad to swap it to e1000e
03:35:24Lonoxmont 18:35:25 up 185 days, 4:05, 6 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.08
03:35:31Hamster2tb not 3tb
03:35:46Lonoxmontthats not the output i needed
03:36:28LonoxmontHostname: luna - OS: Linux 4.19.0-5-amd64/x86_64 - CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) (2800.099 MHz) - Processes: 199 - Uptime: 185d 4h 6m - Load Average: 0.00 - Memory Usage: 340.16MB/1972.14MB (17.25%) - Disk Usage: 4.16GB/247.42GB (1.68%)
04:02:25HamsterLooks like he wont be on today...
04:02:37Hamsterbut ill wait a bit longer
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06:27:50HamsterGuess he isnt gonna be on till tomorrow
06:28:39 Part Hamster
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18:35:53 Join EY [0] (
18:42:26EYI think disabling power management off in ATA solves the issue with SD-to-CF adapter cards.
18:43:51EYThe weight of the iPod feels odd without the HDD. It feels cheap when not so hefty.
19:04:20 Join Hamster [0] (
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19:24:49TimetravelerrGuess I'll wait today too....
19:24:58EYFor whom are you waiting?
19:25:49EYPeculiar name!
19:26:44EYIt's been an interesting two days diving in Rockbox code to make it work with a CF adapter. I might figure out the battery level info next. It seems very off.
19:27:34TimetravelerrI've read some things on Ifixit that CFs dont owrk at all with Ipods
19:27:47EYThere have been issues :-)
19:28:10TimetravelerrAnd aldo SSDs
19:28:12EYI thought the sector calculation was off because of the error saying that the address was invalid. But I think it's a red herring.
19:28:58TimetravelerrSd cards and micro sd cards work best with ipods
19:29:27Timetravelerrbut they have to converted to Fat32 to be read by adapters
19:29:35EYBut on this particular card, it looks like power management isn't supported, so I just had to comment out some defines to avoid it. According to ATA specs the device should respond cleanly to power commands but since it's a cheap one....
19:30:52TimetravelerrHmm I don't think any user on here has any recollection of a user named mendel_munkins
19:31:19TimetravelerrAs strange as his name is
19:31:51TimetravelerrHe was logged on for a month straight...
19:32:43EYCheck your sanity by looking up his name in the IRC logs!
19:33:07Timetravelerrlol Sanity
19:33:17TimetravelerrHow do I do that?
19:35:06TimetravelerrAs in how do I check logs
19:37:50Timetravelerrwow thanks
19:42:35Timetravelerrhmmm he was on three days ago...
19:43:47TimetravelerrIt appears as if he was on 10 days ago in the logs so meh
19:46:38TimetravelerrCan I find more logs like this else where?
19:48:27EYErr, for other channels maybe. But this one is Rockbox's only, as far as I know.
19:53:36 Part Timetravelerr
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