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#rockbox log for 2020-03-02

00:07:26Bilgusno flux helps solder flow and stay unoxidized
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03:34:40CricketdewI have a sandisk clip sport with a prison locked
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03:39:44CricketdewHow do i upgrade the firmware on the sandisk clip sport
03:44:16BilgusCricketdew, I wasn't aware the Sport had prison FW only the clip+
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04:10:42cricketdewHello world
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17:41:04superluig164Hello! I have an iPod Colour/Photo (4th Gen) and I just installed RockBox. I also have an Apple iPod Hi-Fi and I want to help test its functionality with RockBox, since I'd like to be able to use it with my iPod. Where should I go/what should I do to contribute information?
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22:44:19TimetravelerDoes Rockbox save to the main root of the ipod or does it save to the storage? I'm trying to replace the logic board if I do that I'm not sure if I'll still have Rockbox on the ipod.
22:44:54Lonoxmontafaik it is on the storage
22:45:03Lonoxmontpossibly with a patch to the rom onboard the logic board
22:45:28Lonoxmonteither way not a bad idea to dd off an image of the ipod before you do anything unless its already gone pop
22:46:03Timetravelerits already gone pop
22:46:16Lonoxmontah, thats unfortunate
22:46:43Lonoxmontwell, replace the board and see what happens, worst case you just have to reinstall over the old directory (which should still be intact)
22:46:54Lonoxmontshouldnt wipe anything afaik
22:47:36TimetravelerIve alreadyu previously installed rockbox with the other logic board im just afraid if Ill have rockbox or not
22:48:01TimetravelerBut ill see what happens when I replace it
22:48:12Lonoxmontlogic board really doesnt have much as far as firmware on it afaik
22:48:27Lonoxmontenough to get to disk mode and boot the firmware off the storage
22:48:35Timetravelerah I see..
22:48:37Lonoxmontand/or recovery mode
22:49:15TimetravelerI still have storage on the device that I wasnt able to extract on time it was unexpected
22:49:59TimetravelerIf I am not asked to format the device then Ill probably try extracting the storage with zip
22:51:05Lonoxmont7zip better than winrar :B
22:51:46Lonoxmontif you can get the new board to get to disk mode you can back up your music and files etc before you format it out, iirc itunes still needs to do that as part of loading the firmware to the ipod and no way i know of to get around it
22:52:09Timetravelerhmmm I dont have 7zip on the computer so I might need to download it.
22:52:21Lonoxmontits free and open source
22:52:31TimetravelerDoes it take administrative access to access a disk?
22:53:03TimetravelerOr like to do that action in particular
22:53:35Lonoxmonti dont think so
22:53:49Lonoxmontif the logic board can get into disk mode it basically makes the ipod behave like a flash drive
22:54:16Lonoxmonti dont know if you get block level access direct to the underlying storage or if its abstracted in some fashion, but for just backing up what you already have on the device you shouldnt need it
22:54:36TimetravelerI'll see what happens when I install the new logic board
22:54:57Lonoxmontdo you ahve a copy of the stuff you loaded onto the ipod anywhere else, or was that your only copy?
22:56:03TimetravelerThat was my only copy unfortunately I wasn't able to extract it cause the situation happened unexpectedly
22:56:31TimetravelerAs in the battery flex socket broke off the logic board
22:56:56TimetravelerEverything else is working fine
23:01:29Lonoxmontorigianl hard drive or replacement/mod board?
23:01:45Timetravelerreplacement board
23:01:48Lonoxmontyou might be able to get a pata to usb adapter of some sort and get the contents off the drive
23:02:04Lonoxmontwhat board,?
23:02:07Timetravelerthat probably wont work
23:02:37TimetravelerThe disks themselves alreafy have a sd card adapter their mini sd cards
23:02:38Lonoxmontthe sd card one or the m.2?
23:03:07Timetravelerthe problem is the computer itself doesnt read the sd card slot
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23:03:23Timetravelerprobably cause its super dusty
23:03:24Lonoxmontit proably does jsut doesnt like whatever it sees unless you know for a fact its broken
23:04:06TimetravelerI mean the best thing I could do is connect the ipod and try to get 7zip to access the device and extract the contents
23:04:47Lonoxmontif you have a linux machine somewhere, might be able to run recovery tools from it
23:05:13Lonoxmontalso all iflash boards do is pretend to be a pata drive tot he ipod side
23:05:18Timetraveler:U yea... I do not have that anywhere near
23:05:22Lonoxmontso they should work with a pata to usb adapter
23:05:41Lonoxmontyou have to get some oddball one though because of the connector
23:06:29Lonoxmontoh right, the zif ribbon might present an issue
23:06:56Lonoxmontbest bet probably try and get new logic board into it and boot to disk mode, should just show up as usb drive to the computer
23:07:13Lonoxmontthen you can copy off your stuff, install firmware with itunes, then reinstall rockbox and copy back your music and files
23:07:39 Join MrZeus [0] (
23:09:28TimetravelerYea last time i tried the iflash adapter to usb it became corrupted
23:12:21TimetravelerThanks for the advice
23:12:27Lonoxmontno problem
23:12:34Lonoxmontfeel free to hang here as much as you want
23:12:46Lonoxmontits usually pretty quiet but on occasion you see some interesting and useful things
23:15:36Timetraveleralright I g2g
23:15:42 Part Timetraveler
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23:33:19theLMGNHi all! I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I'm trying to build the bootloader for my iPod Video to make a small change, however after running the rockboxdev script, configure script and trying to make the project, I get an error from make "unknown argument '-meabi=5', did you mean '-mabi=5'?" in /Users/thelmgn/rockbox/build/firmware/common/config.o. I'm on macOS Mojave. Thanks!
23:33:58Lonoxmontyou made it past building the toolchain?
23:34:07Lonoxmontafaik that was still broken unless somebody fixed it
23:35:50theLMGNI don't see any obvious errors from the rockboxdev script, but I'll post the scrollback from my terminal here:
23:36:41Lonoxmontif the script completed you are good as far as toolchain, i was having hell of a time getting ti to make the cross compiler without dying to death
23:38:38Lonoxmonti dont remember the thumb bit int he output when i built mine
23:38:49Lonoxmontare you sure you picked the right options for what model you have?
23:40:42theLMGNI chose 'arm' on the toolkit builder if I remember correctly.
23:41:20Lonoxmontyou need to specifically pick ipod video from the list, i wanna say its option 55 but im not sure
23:41:40Lonoxmontassuming its the same script on mac as on linux
23:41:44Lonoxmontlemme go check
23:42:11theLMGNAh, on the toolkit I chose arm which was listed next to 'iPods' however on the configure script I chose 22 which is listed next to iPod Video
23:42:57Lonoxmontthat sounds right
23:43:08Lonoxmontipods are arm devices
23:43:33Lonoxmontits been a while since i built my toolchain so possible they are building it a little bit different than i remember
23:44:08Lonoxmontanyhow probably your toolchain is fine
23:44:21Lonoxmonthave you tried making the change the error suggests to see if it gets any farther?
23:46:50theLMGNI don't know if I'm doing anything wrong (I'm not too experienced with C/C++) but the file it's complaining about doesn't exist
23:47:27Lonoxmontand you pulled all the git repo over?
23:48:14theLMGNI cloned ''
23:48:42Lonoxmontyeah if that didnt error out you should have everything
23:48:56Lonoxmontwonder if thats some kind of dynamic file it creates during compile but doesnt keep around...
23:49:22Lonoxmontyou did the configure script already? cant remember if oyu still ahve to do that after building the toolchain or not
23:50:09theLMGNYeah. I only selected bootloader though, should I have selected normal?
23:50:58Lonoxmontusually do a normal build yeah, idk if the other options get much attention so they might be busted
23:51:21Lonoxmonti think rockbox has a bug tracker? might go put one in for the build not working
23:51:55theLMGNDoing a normal build gives the same issue with an added "/Users/thelmgn/rockbox/apps/action.c:27:18: error: lang.h: No such file or directory" line
23:52:44theLMGNAt this point, do you reckon it'll be easier just to use that VM thing on the website?
23:52:46Lonoxmontdid you make sure you had all the needed stuff installed? sounds like maybe its not finding a library it needs
23:53:23Lonoxmontmac is a little bit weird as far as getting those settled since its a weird unix offshoot
23:53:33Lonoxmontyeah you could try the vm, no harm in it
23:54:15theLMGN"gawk" and "texinfo" don't seem to be installed. Seeing if they're in homebrew
23:54:37Lonoxmontyeah you need both of those
23:55:02Lonoxmonti think theres a mac build page or section on the wiki
23:55:06Lonoxmontleast i remember seeing one
23:55:16Lonoxmonthas the steps you need to make a build
23:56:50theLMGNAfter installing those packages, still no luck on the make. I'll try the VM tomorrow (it's getting late here). Thanks anyway!
23:57:06Lonoxmontyeah no problem, sorry i wasnt mroe help
23:57:12Lonoxmontyou could just leave your machine on and idle here
23:57:12 Quit theLMGN (Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
23:57:34Lonoxmontor not lol

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