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#rockbox log for 2020-03-09

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00:11:07Timetravelerrmaybe its the disk?
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00:56:00Timetravelerrum my Ipod just started showing a red x on it... even when storage unit is connected
00:56:16Timetravelerrit was booting up fine a few moments ago
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02:17:09superweegee164Dead drive?
02:43:05LoebTimetravelerr, have had this with drives that don't exhibit the issue on my clip+
02:43:35Loebbehavior basically the same between faster and slower drives
02:48:42Timetravelerrthe drive isnt dead
02:48:50Timetravelerr I just formatted it with itunes
02:49:01Timetravelerrrefreshed the ipod with itunes
02:49:15Timetravelerrand now it wont read anything
02:49:32Timetravelerrfisrt it was the click wheel not working
02:52:35TimetravelerrII have no idea how to fix this now
02:52:48TimetravelerrI placed a new battery a new logic bored
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03:02:49Timetravelerr): I dont lnow what to do
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03:55:05TimetravelerrWith the old logic board the rockbox firmware is still there
03:59:12Timetravelerrbut there is no battery cpnnector to hook it on too
03:59:17Timetravelerrso it cant boot up
03:59:34Timetravelerrthe new logic board is giving me a red x when it was just workin
04:01:26Timetravelerrplus I cant really start the newly refreshed apple firmware since the click wheel just stopped working as well with the new logic boad
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08:03:31TimetravelerrI'm having a difficult time logging in...
08:05:03TimetravelerrMy Ipod classic ran into a red x screen I cant seem to get it to go away. My iflash adapter is connected and so is everything else... but for some reason that red x just keeps coming back!
08:05:45TimetravelerrAnd I can't use my clickwheel to try to reset it ... the click wheel just doesn't woek
08:06:09TimetravelerrI rebooted it just fine on Itunes! And it just turned red x
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19:57:13LoebAnyone have experience with filename corruption when transferring files to the drive inside an ipod after putting said drive back into the ipod? Corruption is present when accessing storage with PC via ipod, but is not present when storage is removed and directly attached
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20:04:21Lonoxmontunder the ipod disk mode or via rockbox?
20:07:37LonoxmontLoeb: is it slow in switching songs after you save the playlist to a file and load it back in again?
20:08:03Lonoxmonti had major slowness issues when adding my library shuffled to the dynamic playlisty
20:08:26Lonoxmontthe initial operation was reasonably fast, but loading it back up after powering off took couple minutes sometimes
20:08:39LoebLonoxmont, I've had loading slowness just loading up small albums. I THINK that might have been related to having dir cache disabled?
20:08:41Lonoxmontsolution was save the loaded playlist to a playlist file and load it back
20:08:47LoebThe disk issues I believe are the same between rockbox and disk mode
20:09:33Lonoxmontany unicode filenames going on?
20:10:40LoebYes, lots.
20:10:54LoebThe current theory is that perhaps the files are encoded UTF-16
20:11:01LoebI'm at work and can't verify
20:11:15Lonoxmontyeah something like that might cause issues
20:11:28Lonoxmontwhat os are you loading them back and forth from?
20:11:42LoebThe filename corruption happens on unicode characters. I've got another ipod that has huge file corruption via the ipod but is fine otherwise.
20:12:00LoebLoading back and forth from Linux (ubuntu), but I'm not generating the unicode characters
20:12:30Lonoxmontlet me see if i can dig up a script, are they showing up as mojibake?
20:12:42Lonoxmonti had issues with that because of faulty encoding int he filenames
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20:13:31LoebLet me see if I can upload that photo somewhere
20:14:37Lonoxmont you might try this out if the names are scrambled even on ubuntu
20:15:56Loeb mixture of japanese and other unicode characters getting clobbered. Those are supposed to read " ほっち◯ぽっち". The difference in clobbering is a unicode dash character on the second one.
20:15:56LonoxmontLoeb: imgur is fine
20:16:19LoebThe filenames look like that when I access the storage via ipod, but if I take the SD card out and attach direct it's fine.
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20:23:00trflcan't believe rockbox is still a thing, brings back memories w
20:23:19trflok so that looks like legit utf8 except it's displayed as latin1
20:24:13LonoxmontLoeb: do you have a pic of what rockbox displays when trying to look at the filenames
20:24:17trflso rockbox thinks the memory card is in latin1 maybe? and exposes those filenames both on the device screen and over usb tethering?
20:25:09LoebIt shows the same in disk mode too
20:25:32Lonoxmontnative firmware disk mode with select+play/pause?
20:25:41trflaight hmm is there an option somewhere in rockbox to switch encodings? don't think there's much to be done if all it can speak is latin1
20:26:15trflthen again I remember having a bunch of weeb music on there in flac, but iirc only the tags were fine, filenames were similarly broken
20:26:30Lonoxmontreasonably certain it speaks utf-8 but not sure, need actual dev to chime in
20:26:47Loeb rockbox is basically displaying the same characters
20:27:10Loebgnu unifont if anyone was wondering
20:28:45trflwhat happens if you copy files in over usb rather than directly on the sd card?
20:28:59LoebI haven't tried that yet, that's first on the list when I get home
20:29:05LoebIt's painfully slow so I've been avoiding it
20:29:20Lonoxmontwhat model of ipod is it?
20:29:42trflyou'd get the same results if you took a proper utf8 filename, interpreted it as latin1 and then saved that as utf8... but that sounds silly
20:29:55Loeb5.5G. Requires manual offset to mount the partition, but I've had worse corruption on a 4th gen that doesn't require any weird trickery to attach the storage directly.
20:30:17Lonoxmontive got the same model, have not had to do anything weird to mount it
20:30:31Loeb(5.5g shows as a 2048 byte sector device but the sd card will always show as 512 byte)
20:30:51LoebOnly weird if you have an SD card you want to mount directly instead of via the ipod
20:30:54Lonoxmontdid you format the fat32 with 2048 byte sectors?
20:31:30LoebNot sure, it was formatted by itunes
20:31:42Lonoxmonthmm, itunes should have done that automatically
20:32:01Loebthe mount was done mounting the device `/dev/sdX` instead of the partition `/dev/sdX2` so I think the system reads whatever the table says
20:32:30Lonoxmontwere you running itunes under wine?
20:32:41LoebNope, was having problems with it so I just threw it on a windows laptop
20:33:24Lonoxmontwhat version of windows?
20:34:20Lonoxmontwhich iflash adapter model?
20:34:39Loebdual, 4th gen using a CF>SD adapter
20:34:42Lonoxmontand did you get it direct from iflash or via 3rd party ebay seller?
20:37:45Lonoxmonti know i had some weird issues getting the iflash quad to work with 4 sd cards at once, but enough fiddling got it working eventually
20:37:57Lonoxmontprobably not super relevant here
20:38:16Lonoxmontdid you replace the battery at the same time?
20:38:17LoebYeah I'm just running a single card so I can, ideally, yank it and move songs at a sane rate
20:38:29LoebYeah this one has a new battery now
20:38:41Lonoxmonti had a lot of issues until the new battery was fully charged up for the first time
20:39:06LoebBattery on this is charged fine, been using it at work
20:39:26Lonoxmontok, probably not that then
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20:45:55Lonoxmont__builtin: any ideas?
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20:48:31LonoxmontLoeb: did you start a thread on the forums about it?
20:48:46Lonoxmontmight be a good idea, since the irc here is really slow most of the time
20:48:54Lonoxmontidk how many of the core devs use it still
20:49:18LoebI have not, getting troubleshooting advice from a couple of different directions. Need to go home and test more things before I start up a thread
20:52:32LoebI had unicode characters on one of my ipods just fine at one point, I think it was my 5th gen
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