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#rockbox log for 2020-03-10

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03:49:13LoebLonoxmont, I've got access to everything if you thought of anything else to try
03:49:41LoebI just doublechecked that there's no difference between disk mode and rockbox USB
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04:07:15TimetravelerrUpdate: I figured out why the cause of the red x abruptly popped up on the Ipod, I reset it on itunes to get the computer to recognize it. Since the click wheel wasn't working I was stuck on the setting screen on the apple firmware. I was trying to fix the Click wheel at the same time I kept on putting together and taking apart the Ipod. (
04:07:16Timetravelerrdisconnecting and reconnecting the battery cable) it kept restarting the apple firmware. I couldn't move on from this point because the click wheel wasn't working. Since I kept restarting it so many times I'm guessing the Apple firmware just detected this as a problem. Forcing me out of the firmware.
04:07:31TimetravelerrI think I fogured out*
04:09:34TimetravelerrThe logic board itself is stuck the red x doesnt pop up woth the older logic board. Except I cant use it cause it doesnt have a battery felx to connect the battery to..
04:10:21TimetravelerrI think there is a way to work around the red x on an ipod??
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04:11:29TimetravelerrA user on here once told me a code on command promt to detect a usb without a recognized mount point??
04:12:39TimetravelerrAlthough can't remember it .
04:14:23TimetravelerrCan a person work around a red x on an Ipod?
04:19:23TimetravelerrOr I could just somply get a replacement.,l
04:20:04TimetravelerrTry again ... if the click wheel works...
04:24:51TimetravelerrI'll just work with what I have now :/
04:27:30TimetravelerrAny suggestions?
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04:59:54TimetravelerrBottom of the line is. is there a way to work around a red x on an Ipod?
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07:49:56davetheipodminigHey room! quick question, anyone know how to have rockbox not show track numbers in the database view? On an ipod mini. Thanks so much!
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09:18:30chillmasteranyone here with some ipod 6g (80gb) knowledge?
09:18:53chillmasterI got one that runs fine atm, but it doesn't want to update the bootloader.
09:20:04chillmasterit runs emcore 0.2.3, I tried upgrading the bootloader with the rb gui tool and this guide user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html">
09:20:17chillmasterbut it still has the emcore bootloader
09:23:39chillmasterit also seems to have none of the original apple firmware left on it
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10:40:13user890104chillmaster: please uninstall emCORE first
10:40:22user890104then install as shown in the guide
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10:46:15chillmasterhow do I uninstall it?
10:52:38chillmasterfound a few instructions, will try them out later
10:52:58chillmasterother question: did rockbox eventually fix the ATA problem with the iFlash devices?
10:53:36chillmasterMy goal is to eventually upgrade to an msata as 80gb are currently enough, but once I have sorted out my music library, I want to have a couple of hundreds of GBs available
11:00:36chillmasterI also need to buy a USB C to USB adapter first. Got a mac yesterday (before that all linux) and USB C -> microUSB -> usb OTG adapter chaining doesn't seem to work
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13:28:54chillmasterthe mac just says "software for this ipod is not currently available
13:32:28chillmasterreconnecting a few times helped
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14:06:27Bilguschillmaster, problem with iFlash still exists
14:16:39chillmasterBilgus: weren't there patches?
14:16:46chillmasterand do you have person expirience?
14:17:44BilgusNo I just know builtin was investigating it and he hasn't come up with anything yet I refuse apple
14:18:05chillmaster__builtin: ping
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17:56:40LoebBilgus, what was the ATA problem with iflash, specifically?
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18:43:34LoebI've got an iflash I use on a 5th and 5.5 that don't have any major issues
18:43:45LoebBut it's the SD dual, not the mSATA
18:44:04Loebon that note, chillmaster why do you want to use the msata adapter in particular?
18:52:20chillmasterLoeb: i've had only bad experiences with sd cards so far. be it in phones, SBCs or in cameras
18:52:25chillmasterthey corrupt way too fast
18:52:40chillmasterbut if you say it works for you, I might just do that
18:52:44chillmasterwhat cards do you have Loeb ?
18:53:33LoebRight now I have some sandisk extreme pros because I got a good deal on them, but samsung evo selects on amazon are good and also relatively cheap
18:53:48chillmasterhow much storage do you have in it?
18:53:56LoebJust keep in mind that EVERYTHING is slow as poo over the ipod's USB
18:54:01LoebI've got a single 512 card in there right now
18:54:19chillmasterand it works with rockbox?
18:54:50LoebYup! I've had some issues but they are all related to attempting to transfer data directly to the SD card instead of through the ipod.
18:55:04LoebI'm still troubleshooting those, hence why I'm here lol
18:55:14chillmastergotta say that the USB file transfer rate with my classic 6g is pretty fast at a constant 25-30MB/s (on the stock hdd)
18:55:22chillmasterLoeb: so you're using the apple firmware still?
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19:07:37LoebOn average I get more like 10-15MB/s on a good day regardless of what I have inside. If I pull the card out and do direct it's the better part of 90MB/s
19:08:11LoebI'm dual booting the OF and rockbox
19:08:41LoebBut right now I don't have any songs loaded itunes style. I had a 5th gen set up with videos loaded in itunes and everything else just files
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19:58:40YugioHi Is there a way to detect a usb on a computer with commandprompt?
20:03:46Loebdisk management probably
20:04:10Yugiodisk management inst helpful
20:04:19Yugiobut thanks for the suggestion
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20:12:48Yugiotheres this code specifically to find mediaplayers its starts with an M
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20:13:34Yugiowhen a mount point is unrecognized
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20:34:53TimetravelerrWhat does a red x mean on an Ipod?
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20:51:41Lonoxmontchillmaster: i would caution against the msata iflash boards
20:51:46Lonoxmontthey run really hot ajnd use a ton of power
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21:24:38chillmasterLonoxmont: aight, I'll consider the sd card boards then
21:25:16chillmasterif the dual board works well, as Loeb has said, that's enough for me. one or two 512GB cards are sufficient
21:25:35Lonoxmontive had good luck so far with the quad
21:25:47Lonoxmontit took some fiddling to get it to see all the cards at once but eventually i got it going
21:26:01chillmasterwhat device are you using it with?
21:26:07Lonoxmonti suspect there was some voltage regulation problems due to the new battery not being charged up enough yet
21:26:15Lonoxmontipod 5.5g (video)
21:27:02chillmasteris it a stock battery?
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21:29:54Lonoxmontnah it was a replacement one
21:30:10Lonoxmontmarked as 3000mah, i suspect tis closer to 1800
21:30:12Lonoxmontmaybe lower
21:30:20Lonoxmontbut in any case still a good dela more than the stock one
21:30:55Lonoxmontthe original battery was having problems spinning up the hdd
21:31:11Lonoxmontif it was at all low the act of spinning it up could restart the ipod
21:31:35Lonoxmonti figured while i was in replacing that i might as well upgrade the storage to solid state at the same time
21:31:53chillmastermine is suprisingly in a good state. the only ones, except stock, I've found so far are advertised as 580mah
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21:32:53Lonoxmonti mean you can find the 'higher capacity' ones on ebay for relatively cheap, but it /is/ ebay, so large grain of salt :V
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21:35:25Lonoxmontalso yeah theres not a huge amount of point in putting super fast storage into an ipod unless you plan on accessing it externally somehow
21:35:40Lonoxmontnative usb speeds is hilariously slow
21:36:13Lonoxmontand at least on mine, i had better results putting the ipod in native firmware's disk mode for transferring data, doing it via rockbox i had some corruption issues
21:40:23chillmasterhave you tried the bootloader's usb mode?
21:46:41Lonoxmontthats what i was talking about
21:46:49Lonoxmontbooting holding select+play/pause
21:47:10Lonoxmontidk if theres other modes other than the debug menu
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