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#rockbox log for 2020-03-11

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01:26:56__builtinchillmaster: pong
01:28:16__builtinI haven't had time to investigate iflash recently
01:28:56__builtinI got some testing done with the SD adapter and couldn't reproduce the described issues
01:29:12__builtinI'll probably try mSATA whenever I get around to it
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06:24:49LoebLonoxmont, progress has been made
06:26:17Loeb4th gen: the corruption when reading from a different source than writing is only present with my Sandisk Extreme Pros. I have some Sandisk Ultras that are weirdly unstable (can boot OF or rockbox, but weird things like trying to change font consistently crashes) as well, but my samsung evo select and lexar nosurname both work fine
06:26:36LoebThe sandisk cards are 512 and 128 respectively, the samsung is 256, lexar 512. So it's not size related.
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06:27:38LoebAs for the 5th gen unicode issues, I got unicode corruption when I loaded music via windows and opened the storage device on linux. Unicode characters were displayed as "?", which upon a bit of research seems to be related to how fat stores unicode and extra characters in filenames.
06:28:05LoebCuriously, this is NOT present on the 5th gen ipod. So I think the 5.5 is doing something different with character encoding that the 5th gen does not.
06:28:50LoebNote that in order to read the 2048 byte sector formatted 5.5g SD card, which presents itself as a 512 byte sector device, I had to manually mount the fat partition.
06:29:15Loeb`mount /dev/sdX /mnt/ipod -t vfat -o offset=131604480`
06:29:28LoebNote I'm mounting sdX not sdX2
06:29:48LoebI do not know of a way to mount the storage device directly under windows due to the sector differences mentioned above.
06:31:11LoebI think I'll end up making a thread on the forums about the 5.5g issues. For the time being I'm going to try swapping the screen of my 5.5 into the 5g chassis.
07:04:12Loebaaaand I solved that issue with the 5.5g too
07:04:19LoebI needed to add `iocharset=utf8`
07:05:32LoebThere's still a bit of a delay to some things that I don't think was present with the 5.5g....
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16:22:12LoebIs it possible to have the 4th gen boot directly into rockbox via ipodpatcher? I'm just trying to avoid having to restore the ipod because I had the wrong firmware on the disk before loading 200+gb of music to it
16:34:22chillmaster__builtin: thanks for the reply. I think I'll go with the SD adapter then.
16:35:19__builtinI've only been experimenting with a single 8 GB SD card, but I suspect behavior will differ among cards
16:35:48chillmastermakes somewhat sense
16:35:56chillmasterbut so far I'll leave it as is
16:36:22chillmasterI'm in the process of redoing all my tech/server infrastructure and then need to reorganize my music library first
16:36:46LoebWhat was the post about SD cards? I've been doing a lot of SD card testing lately
16:36:47chillmasterbeen slacking for the last few years, that's my priority atm
16:38:20Loeboh nevermind there are logs on the site
16:38:50chillmaster>not having a bouncer or irssi/weechat + tmux/screen session
16:39:08LoebI only use IRC when I need tech support lol
16:39:31chillmasterirc makes up 80% of my social life outside of work
16:39:59LoebI feel that, just different platforms. I'm not old enough for IRC
16:40:19Loebok so this is still the ATA issue. I still haven't read/encountered that.
16:42:34LoebI've been messing around with an iflash SD adapter on 5/5.5/6g and the issues I've had were related to the 6th's gen LBA limitation (trying to workaround that in rockbox currenly) and the 5.5's weird sector size in relation to using the SD card outside the ipod which I've already wrote about here
16:43:05LoebI need to do some more testing but generally the iflash is happy with whatever I throw at it, vs the CF adapter I use for my 4th which hates sandisk cards for some reason
16:44:13chillmasterLoeb: do you have any trouble with RB on the 6g?
16:44:37 Part bremner ("Using Circe, the loveliest of all IRC clients")
16:46:55LoebThe first time I tried to install it, I couldn't get it to work. But I tried again last night and it worked just fine.
16:47:20LoebI haven't used it much, I don't like how the 6g works, but in my limited testing it's worked just fine.
16:50:20LoebIt is worth noting that on the 6th gen it puts the bootloader directly on the device, I haven't tried to boot back into the OF but I'm not sure if it's possible on the 6g like it is on other models.
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16:51:30chillmasterlol, haven't tried that either
16:51:32chillmasterone sec
16:51:57chillmasterboots fine into OF
16:52:07Loeboh cool
16:52:11LoebJust have to turn on hold?
16:52:38chillmasternah, I just put the lock slider into the locking position once it booted
16:52:47LoebYeah that's what I meant
16:52:59chillmasterthere's some key combo, too
16:53:05chillmasterbut i'd have to look it up
16:53:12LoebI think
16:53:20Loebor might be just menu
16:53:33chillmasteri think just menu, select menu would put it into DFU eventuallz
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17:32:38LonoxmontLoeb: strange, on my ipod it has an actual msdos disklabel
17:32:52Lonoxmontdid you format from a windows or a mac?
17:33:32LoebLonoxmont, more context?
17:33:55Lonoxmontas far as having to mount the device directly with an offset
17:34:08LoebThat only happens with the 5.5G because of the 2048 byte sectors
17:34:32LoebUnless your SD card shows as having 2048 byte sectors as well
17:34:34Lonoxmontsource: i have a 5.5g with 2048 sector size and it still has the correct mbr
17:34:50LoebAnd you're taking the SD card out of the ipod and attaching it directly to the PC?
17:34:57LoebYes :p
17:34:59Lonoxmontyeah thats where the difference is
17:35:11Lonoxmonti just run it via the ipod
17:35:20Lonoxmontand let it take however long it takes to copy over
17:35:34LoebYeah I'm not about that life
17:35:34Lonoxmonti cant take mine out because its 4 sd cards in a jbod
17:35:50LoebFair. I think it's possible to replicate the jbod in linux but it'd be a chore.
17:36:13Lonoxmontand it was sketchy enough getting everything to work in the first place
17:36:23Lonoxmonti dont think i would risk taking them back out unless one failed or something :B
17:36:41LoebWith my limited testing it LOOKS like the first card has the table/mbr/etc and the other drives are just extended byte space or whatever the technical term for that is
17:37:07Lonoxmontyeah iirc thats what jbod is supposed to do
17:37:14Lonoxmontone ends it flows onto the next one
17:37:48Lonoxmontidk how fat32 does as far as spreading things out
17:37:59Lonoxmontits probably got the secondary fat near the end of the volume
17:38:19LoebYeah so replicating that in linux with mdadm should be possible.
17:38:22LoebNo clue about fat32
17:38:36Lonoxmontso if you make a bunch of changes to the first one where the primary fat lives it might cause some fun times when it sees theres major discrepancy between the two fats
17:38:57LoebIn theory there's only one fat
17:39:05Lonoxmontone /active/ fat
17:39:12Lonoxmonttheres two for redundancy
17:39:18LoebThe table on the first drive just thinks it extends for X bytes and those bytes might address a different physical card
17:39:20Lonoxmontidk how often it syncs them
17:39:42LoebThe only two partitions normally are the fat and the blank space for the apple firmware no?
17:39:53Lonoxmontfat =/= partition
17:40:26Lonoxmontfat is File Allocation Table, and in most FAT12/16/32 volumes, by default two are created at format time
17:40:43Lonoxmontone near the beginning of the volume, one closer tot he end
17:41:11Lonoxmontthat way if the primary FAT gets mangled, it can try and rebuild it off the secondary FAT
17:42:17Lonoxmontidk how exFAT works, i know ms finally released the spec for it but i havent seen any good writeups on it yet
17:42:27Lonoxmontbut i would imagine its much the same
17:42:31Loebdoes rb even support exFAT?
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18:19:55Lonoxmontnope afaik
18:20:19Lonoxmontthe ipod itself supports fat32 and hfs+ i think
18:20:30Lonoxmontdepending on whether you formatted it on a mac or a windows
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20:12:30LoebSo, the max playlist length option is 32k
20:12:37LoebWhat if I want to go further than that?
20:21:11Lonoxmontprobably have to patch the code and compile a custom build
20:21:20Lonoxmontthere might be a reason it makes out there though
20:25:45 Join mendelmunkis [0] (
20:28:04LoebI mean probably, but I want to find out why :)
20:28:10LoebAnd if not, I'm gonna shuffle 100k songs
20:28:56Lonoxmonti think ive got around 11k on my ipod
20:30:20LoebOh I have to go out of my way to produce 100k songs to put on there but
20:30:28LoebI just wanna see what it'll do
20:30:43LoebBilgus, thanks!
20:30:49LoebNow I get to learn how to compile rockbox tonight
20:30:51Bilguspretty sure its an arbitrary limit
20:31:28Bilgusyou might be able to just change it in the config file too
20:31:52Bilgusi'd try that first I don't know if its checked for validity on load
20:31:54LoebI haven't actually looked...
20:32:11LoebHow would I verify what it's set to if I feed it a value outside of the intended range?
20:32:25LoebOther than like, y'know, loading a playlist with 100k songs or w/e
20:35:10Bilguspretty much that lokl
20:36:16LoebGuess I'm loading that folder in when I get home lol
20:36:37LoebAlso while I'm thinking about it, is there any way to build rockbox's database on a PC and load it in vs doing it on the device?
20:36:41LoebFor speed reasons obvs
20:37:57Bilgusyes but i'm not familar with it
20:38:21BilgusI'm sure its on the forum / wiki or one of the ipod guys know
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20:44:47LoebLooks like someone already wrote something up in python, dope.
20:48:10LonoxmontLoeb: good luck getting the toolchain to compile
20:48:18Lonoxmonti had a bear of a time doing it
20:48:37LoebThe config file is editable, I'm going to find out when I get home if that's adequate
20:48:37Lonoxmonteventually got it to work on cygwin after editing some definitions file somewhere
20:48:47Lonoxmontdirty hack but it worked
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20:55:11BilgusI'd recommend downloading the VM esp for windows users
20:57:11 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
20:57:58LoebI run linux straight up, which can help or hurt
20:58:05Loebrunning outdated toolchains...yeahhhh
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21:00:05ReneboxHello rockbox-people! I'm new to the rockbox thing and am optimistic! Hope I don't interrupt some discussion. May I ask for a little support? I can also wait for the current discussion to be resolved, of course! I just acquired a Sony nwz-e838.
21:00:05ReneboxBig thanks to everyone involved in the project anyway! Awesome!
21:00:05 Join ufdm [0] (
21:00:13Lonoxmonti mena ideally there would be enough people doing dev work to keep everything up to date with latest toolchains and so on
21:00:34Lonoxmontbut theres only so much resources available
21:00:55Lonoxmontif i knew enough about maintaining toolchains id do it myself because using outdated stuff bugs me lol
21:05:08BilgusRenebox whats your question
21:05:36ReneboxI just put my problem out there: the bootloader for above mentioned Sony nwz-e383 is not at the specified spot on Dropbox, I always get 404.
21:06:52ReneboxThe same by the way at least for nwz-e370
21:07:02Bilguswhats the address of the page you are finding the link on?
21:07:14ReneboxJust a second
21:07:39ReneboxDirectly from I send the exact link in a second
21:09:11ReneboxIn the section prebuilt bootloaders
21:10:07BilgusPretty sure thats pamaurys link let me see if I can find it elsewhere
21:11:23ReneboxAlright, thanks for looking!
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21:13:45BilgusYeah I don't have it backed up on my pc you will either have to get it from someone who has the player or hope Pamaury updates the link I saw him a few weeks ago but he isn't frequently here anymore
21:15:45BilgusI'd post on the forum your issue or compile it yourself
21:15:58 Quit Renebox (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:16:39BilgusDoes RbUtility show your device?
21:17:52BilgusRenebox if rbutil supports the device you wouldn't need those files
21:17:52 Quit CCF_100 (Client Quit)
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21:25:06Loebthey timed out
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21:32:38CCF_100Hello, I have an iPod Classic 5G (iPod Video) and I'm attempting to upgrade it with a compact flash card (32 GB), however, the iPod recognises it as a 60 GB HDD, and when I try to access it in Disk Mode, the device throws I/O errors. I use Arch Linux.
21:34:02CCF_100It already had Rockbox installed on it if that makes a difference...
21:38:01LoebDo you have other CF cards you can try?
21:38:32CCF_100I believe the only other one is a 1-2 GB card, I'm gonna see what it does...
21:38:58LoebGenerally my workflow for flash storage is Install > iTunes restore > Rockbox. You can always make the partitions manually
21:39:45CCF_100It's a 4GB card actually
21:40:40 Join Renebox [0] (~Renebox@2a03:2260:115:300:447b:cb30:4196:fd52)
21:43:08Loebwb Renebox
21:43:10ReneboxAlright, thank you. I already started registering for the forum, though I don't seem to receive the confirmation link (I also checked spam folder). So I guess I'll try compiling. That's easy, right?
21:43:57ReneboxLoeb: server disconnected me. Today the computers are not my allies :D
21:44:22Bilgus<Bilgus> Does RbUtility show your device?
21:44:22Bilgus<Bilgus> Renebox if rbutil supports the device you wouldn't need those files
21:46:53ReneboxWell, on this page it says only the Sansa fuze+ is supported... But I guess that's not totally accurate, is it?
21:50:53ReneboxDoes not look like Sony devices are supported. Downloaded it and there's a list of producing companies, Sony is not listed.
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21:58:44CCF_100I put the original HDD back in and it still thinks it's a 60 GB hdd...
22:02:54CCF_100So weird...
22:04:38LoebDid you reset the ipod between switching the storage?
22:05:13CCF_100MENU + SELECT? yes...
22:05:52ReneboxCompiling looks complicated... But even if I'd wanted to try, I seem to require a copy of the firmware which in turn is supposed to be found on Dropbox, but isn't there. I hope the forum is just working slowly or that I need to wait for someone to click 'confirm' for me to be able to register. Today there appears to be no point in expecting any more progress. Thanks for trying to help nevertheless! I hope I can reach pamaury somehow
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