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#rockbox log for 2020-03-15

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00:15:19__builtinBilgus: I remember discussion about potentially switching to discourse, which I find to be generally better than SMF and more modern
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09:27:40ArcegisHello, people. I am there to discuss about the transition, since a reminder has been posted by Daniel. Has there been some discussion on the matter already ? If so, where can I follow it ?
09:34:50chillmasterwhich transition?
09:37:56ArcegisThe one posted in the rockbox-dev mailing list. Oops.
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19:32:35__builtinspeachy: nice to see you again :)
19:34:06speachyyeah, life's been.. peachy
19:35:20__builtinI'm mostly in favor of your idea for the transition, with one minor exception:
19:35:52__builtinwe should preserve the current forums for posterity, as there's a lot of irreplacable content and history there
19:36:10speachyyeah, I see that as useful
19:36:25speachyguess I didn't send that followup email yet. whoops
19:36:45__builtinas for code hosting, I think we can continue the status quo of Gerrit and a Github mirror
19:36:47speachyif we preserve/archive the forums as-is, it should be in the form of a static crawl
19:37:00__builtinwe could probably outsource that to if we're clever about it
19:37:20speachybecause an unmaintained forum, even "read only" is a recipe for.. antics.
19:37:52__builtinand yes, we should definitely take the SMF code offline ASAP... plaintext passwords over HTTP is a bit out of fashion nowadays :)
19:38:23__builtinas for code hosting, I think we can stick with our current gerrit setup, as it's probably less work to do that than migrate all our review/patch backlog over to GH
19:39:00__builtinfor build system, I say we keep that as-is with new hosting
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19:39:20*speachy nods in general agreement.
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19:39:31__builtinand I agree that flyspray could go, probably with a static archive like we're proposing for the forums
19:40:20speachyif flyspray goes, there needs to be a replacement though
19:40:57__builtingithub issues?
19:40:58speachyI know at some point I brought up the notion of mass-closing everything on flyspray that's over a few years old. I don't recall if that ever happened
19:41:24__builtinexcept that'll be a pain to integrate if we continue to use gerrit in parallel...
19:42:06speachynot all that bad, at my last employer we had a FS->Gerrit setup going until $corporate forced us all onto Jira
19:42:34__builtinflyspray to gerrit? how?
19:43:05speachynothing major, just the ability to reference into each other. There wasn't any serious workflow integration.
19:43:15__builtinah, makes sense
19:43:41__builtinso we could probably move issue tracking to github while keeping day-to-day patch sets on Gerrit?
19:44:27speachyGH Issues isn't great, but like most "ingerated" tooling, if you're not using GH workflows it loses a lot of its appeal.
19:45:38__builtinwe don't need all that much from an issue tracker, do we? It's just a central place to dump bug reports, no?
19:45:57speachyexactly. And that's where flyspray is awesome. :)
19:46:47speachyupgrade the existing instance to what upstream is maintaining, force-close the truly ancient stuff, and we preserve history and still have a useful tool.
19:46:58__builtinI'm convinced then
19:47:06speachybut one thing that we need is a single unified login for everything.
19:47:55__builtinwell, gerrit supports oauth for sure, and Discourse appears to as well
19:49:18__builtinflyspray does as well
19:50:05*speachy nods.
19:50:31__builtinthere is still the question of who to host, but I think if you're still willing you ought to do it
19:51:27*speachy is a bit of a distrusting control freak.
19:51:37speachyhence self-hosting everything that matters..
19:51:47__builtinthat makes you the ideal candidate, then ;)
19:52:12speachyThat said, if I host, there needs to be someone else that also has admin/root rights to the infrastructure
19:52:50speachyin case of bus or covid-19 or whatever
19:53:13*__builtin nods
19:53:31__builtinthough that's of limited use if we don't have physical access to the hardware,
19:53:56speachyor at least someplace where regular backups get offloaded
19:54:29speachysure I back up my own stuff, but it's a poor strategy to have the same bus take both out
19:55:02mendel_munkisI don't mind storing an offline backup for bus purposes
19:55:05__builtinthat would be ideal, yes
19:56:00__builtinthough I think multiple admins is still a good idea for faster response times and reducing speachy's workload
19:56:27mendel_munkisI agree with that. just offering what I can.
19:56:40speachymy intent is to have all rockbox stuff stashed in a (relatively) portable VM.
19:57:08__builtinthat's a very good idea - makes the next migration easier if/when you decide to pass on the torch
19:58:57speachyDNS is trickier; I'm able to host that too but I'd prefer to not own the domain, just be a technical contact. But either way we'd need the ability to update DNS incrementally as we migrate each service
19:59:36speachyso there's a good argument for DNS moving first.
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20:00:00__builtinwho *does* own the domain?
20:00:09gevaertsDNS can stay where it is for a while longer
20:00:18__builtin(largely rhetorical - I'm guessing Haxx/Daniel/Bjorn)
20:00:19mendel_munkiswho does own it and how much does it cost?
20:00:28gevaertsDNS and mail are welcome to stay with Haxx AIUI
20:00:45speachyeven if it stays there we need administrative control over the DNS zones
20:01:17gevaertsTrue, but that's not necessarily a hard requirement for the initial move
20:01:52gevaertsIn the long term, yes. I suspect DNS management currently is hand-editing zonefiles, which is hard to allow to other people
20:02:16speachywell, if we move everything at once with a bit of downtime as it happens, then DNS can wait, but having zone control allows incremental migration
20:02:34speachygotta scoot for a bit
20:02:49__builtinI think it makes sense to stand up a duplicate site first and then worry about DNS
20:09:47*__builtin will send a summary of this discussion to the -dev ml
20:16:07__builtinooh, how about wiki?
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20:31:11__builtinand themes/translate?
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20:39:25speachytranslate & themes are easy to move, and the wiki is pretty self-contained too. moving the wiki to a better maintained platform makes sense, but the main www site is rather tied together with it all
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20:56:43__builtinso continue with foswiki?
20:56:54__builtinI don't like it, but I suppose it's acceptable for the time being...
20:57:31__builtinalso, IRC logging should continue as-is, too
20:58:04speachyhmm, that's not explicitly listed, but yes
20:58:26__builtinthere's a bunch of miscellania that Haxx runs, and I bet we're forgetting some
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20:59:07speachyso, assuming I undertake this
20:59:11*__builtin is trying to write up a plan that we can broadcast to the community and devs for a consensus
20:59:45speachyto get started I'll need an appropriate system image or sufficient credentials on the exising systems to exfiltrate everything.
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21:00:37__builtinyou'll want to talk to zagor[m]/bagder and scorche about that
21:00:39speachyI can light it up on my own infrastructure, get the (major) kinks out, have a few other folks kick the wheels, then mark the main site read-only, exfiltrate all remaining/new data, and flip DNS
21:00:51*__builtin nods
21:01:31mendel_munkisspeachy: if you do that do you plan on using newer versions of gerrit/flyspray?
21:02:06*__builtin can lend a hand if needed but suspects this is best done as a one-person job
21:02:23speachyI'd want to use the existing versions as-is to start with, and after the migration is done then the individual services can be upgraded as warranted
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21:05:51speachyit would be nice to be able to share the initial workload.
21:06:27speachybut that depends on what form the data exfiltration takes.
21:06:57speachyactually an easy first step would be to migrate themes & translation. they're already independent and self-contained
21:08:05speachyforums too −− getting a new solution spun up, then marking the old one as read only then archiving it via some appropriate mechanism
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23:40:53__builtinYes, I can help with that
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23:53:45__builtinI'll see if we can use to our advantage
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