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#rockbox log for 2020-03-25

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02:29:53NuggettetHi I just heard about this software and am interested in installing it to my media player. I have tried several times to install the software to my device manually but it fails to do so. I wanted to ask for help / advise on what I may be doing wrong.
02:34:20Lonoxmontwhat device are you using?
02:34:31Lonoxmonthave you tried the rockbox loader program?
02:34:59Lonoxmontif its listed there, the loader does all the legwork/patching for you
02:35:04NuggettetI am using a Ipod
02:35:33NuggettetRockbox loader program?
02:35:44Lonoxmontyeah its in the downloads
02:36:04NuggettetIs it rockbox utility?
02:36:19Nuggettetfor auto installation?
02:36:30Nuggettetah okay.
02:36:38Lonoxmontcouldnt remember what its listed as
02:36:52NuggettetYes I have tried that I ay have done something wrong
02:37:10NuggettetI probably did something wrong*
02:37:29NuggettetThe Ipod still loads with the apple logo?
02:38:49Lonoxmontis your model listed in the utility?
02:39:12Lonoxmontsome require different steps to make them able to install rockbox
02:40:03Nuggettetyes it is
02:40:36Lonoxmontwhat format is your ipod in?
02:40:51Lonoxmontafaik hfs+ is not supported under rockbox, only fat32
02:41:15Nuggettetits a Fat32 ipod..
02:41:49Lonoxmontin theory all you gotta do is plug in your ipod to a windows machine, run the utility, pick your model of ipod and hit install
02:42:30Nuggettetah okay it rewrites the apples firmware right?
02:42:54Lonoxmontafaik it puts a small patch in it that allows the ipod to boot other than apple firmware, but nothing major
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02:43:32NuggettetI wanted to completely erase / rewrite the apple firmware.
02:43:39Lonoxmonteh, would not reccomend it
02:43:47Nuggettethow come?
02:43:49Lonoxmontthere are some useful things in the basic firmware
02:44:09Lonoxmontdepending on your model, disk mode may or may not be implemented in the low level firmware ont he ipod
02:44:40Lonoxmontthere was a guy here who wiped all apple stuff off his ipod on a model capable of that, and then had a bad time trying to get into disk mode for low level access to recover some stuff
02:45:48Nuggettetso you mean to say when the ipod mount point becomes unrecognizable I cant put it into disk mode for the computer to read it?
02:46:18Lonoxmontit depends on the model
02:46:44Lonoxmontlike my ipod video gen 5.5 has a disk mode in the low level firmware
02:46:53Lonoxmontnewer ones might have it in the higher level apple firmware only
02:47:07Lonoxmontso if you wipe that firmware, you dont get disk mode anymore
02:47:41Lonoxmontagain, not every ipod is capable of this
02:47:52Nuggettetwait so Rockbox utility only installs a small patch to the ipod all while still running the apple firmware?
02:48:15Lonoxmontits a sideloader patch that then points the boot process to the new rockbox firmware files
02:48:30Nuggettetah okay
02:48:32Lonoxmontits possible to have both on the ipod at the same time
02:48:45Lonoxmontselectable at boot by holding a key combo or toggling the hold switch
02:48:45Nuggettetbut how would that work?
02:49:03Lonoxmontit boots rockbox by default after the patch, you gotta do a thing to get to apple firmware
02:50:19Nuggettetwill running both firmware allow you to have more than 128gb of space on itunes? even while running the apple
02:50:38Lonoxmontdepends on the model of ipod
02:50:45Nuggettetah okay
02:50:59Lonoxmontsome have lba48 capability in their hardware, some have less and therefore can only natively address 128gb
02:51:28Lonoxmonti /think/ rockbox can work around it in software, but not sure on that as i dont have such an ipod to test it
02:51:44NuggettetIs it available for the 6th or 7th generation ipods?
02:51:48Lonoxmontif you could tell us what you have we can help you more effectively :B
02:52:04NuggettetI have a 6th gen
02:53:58Lonoxmontis that the classic?
02:57:39Nuggettetso if an Ipods mountpoint becomes unreadable through a computer will this mean I'll have a better chance of recovering its files if I still have the apple firmware still installed?
02:57:51Lonoxmonti would say yes
02:58:12Lonoxmontive also noticed at least on my ipod that theres sometimes corruption issues during file transfers running rockbox
02:58:32Lonoxmontdisk mode has basically nothing running on mine because its low level so whatever borks files doesnt happen then
02:58:47NuggettetI've never ran into that issue...
02:59:04Lonoxmontit might be specific to the video 5.5g
02:59:18Lonoxmonttheres one other person who has it and is looking into it
02:59:19Nuggettetah ok
03:00:43Lonoxmontanyhow read the documentation on the wiki for your model and any quirks you need to deal with
03:00:52Lonoxmontthe installer is really really straightforward
03:04:48NuggettetCould there be a way to read a mountpoint without using diskpoint?
03:06:51Lonoxmontwhat OS are you running
03:12:38Lonoxmontwhat version
03:17:24Nuggettetwindows 78
03:18:24Lonoxmontok yeah you should have smooth sailing
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03:18:42Lonoxmontalso as far as reading raw from the disk at the block level, its not really easy to do under windows
03:18:57Lonoxmontit is possible but takes specialised software to do it
03:21:13Lonoxmonttrying to remember how you get at it
03:22:34Lonoxmontbut llike i said its technically possible but a real pain
03:24:31Lonoxmontas long as you follow the instructions in the installer you should be fine
03:24:47Lonoxmonti mean obv back up whatever is on the ipod you cant stand to lose just in case
03:24:58Lonoxmontbut thats just general good practise :V
03:28:16Nuggettetthanks for the info
03:28:32Lonoxmontno problem! if you run into any problems, feel free to hit us up
03:28:51Lonoxmontbut do keep in mind you might have to wait a while for someone to see it here, we arent as active as we once were :V
03:29:27Nuggettetmay be because everyone is dealing with the virus
03:30:30Lonoxmonteh, it was slow here before that
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03:30:47Lonoxmontas you may have noticed, standalone media players are a bit archaic in this day and age :V
03:31:06Lonoxmontthats not to mean the project is abandoned
03:31:13Lonoxmontjsut not as spry as it once was
03:31:42Nuggettetnot a lot of technical support for those because its ancient technology im glad theres people around for that
03:33:23Lonoxmontwell as far as support goes, this is definitely a good place for it :V
03:38:08Nuggettetwell heres the thing
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03:38:54NuggettetI am getting a new computer soon and I want to transfer all my files on my ipod but Im not sure if the ipod will be recognized on the new computer
03:40:11Lonoxmontit should be in disk mode if nothing else
03:40:23Lonoxmontdisk mode makes it behave jus tlike a regular usb drive afaik
03:40:36Lonoxmontas long as you have a suitable port on the new machine you should be fine
03:41:25NuggettetI still kinda want to get rid of the original firmware cause the ipod logic board gets locked out by the apple firmware
03:41:31Nuggettetif anything goes wrong
03:41:44Nuggettetbut it appears that doesnt happen with rockbox installed
03:42:02Lonoxmontyeah idk about logic board bricking
03:43:58NuggettetI've switched out my logic board at least three times due to the fact that I kept on getting blocked out by the apple firmware because of how many times I kept on restarting it to test out the click wheel
03:45:45NuggettetIs there by any chance a way to take a step in getting rid of the original firmware but keeping the diskmode file in hand?
03:46:11Lonoxmontnot that i know of
03:46:32Nuggettetah okay
03:48:53NuggettetIs there specific steps to get rid of the apple firmware entirely?
03:49:25NuggettetSorry I;m getting a bit repetitive..
03:56:07Lonoxmonti dont know them for your model, and again its probably not the best plan
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19:50:58speachySo no feedback on the transition plan yet. :/
19:51:32mendelmunkisspeachy: I'm pretty sure everyone who is a regular on the channel supports it.
19:52:02mendelmunkis(seeing as there haven't been any major complaints)
19:56:20speachyyeah, it would have been nice to see even one "yup, looks [in]sane" response. :)
19:56:56mendelmunkisI was going to but then figured I had already implied as much here.
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21:40:45__builtinspeachy: I think we've got a good amount of support for it
21:41:00__builtinmaybe send something out among the devs?
21:57:42speachyI think the general consensus is "oh good, someone else is volunteering to take care of it." :)
21:59:30speachybut I really do need someone else willing to be my understudy, in case I get hit by a bus or covid-19 or whatnot..
22:00:25speachyand of course access to the existing system(s) so I can come up with a technical plan.
22:03:36gevaertsMaybe contact Daniel and Björn directly for that? I'm not sure they're still on the list
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22:37:18speachyDoes anyone have sorche's email contact info? (suppose I could just search
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22:39:04gevaertsI'm pretty sure I have that somewhere, assuming it hasn't changed
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22:48:16lodziesup guys
22:48:51lodziejust wondering is it possible to divide my toshiba gigabeat in to 2 partitions?
22:48:54lodzie10 gigs each
22:49:08lodzieone for rockbox and another as a usb drive
22:49:16lodzieis it possible?
22:49:36Lonoxmontif you can get right at the storage probably, idk if the firmware on there will be too happy though
22:49:57lodzieyea that was my worry
22:49:58Lonoxmontyou dont need to do that also, you can just store your files in another folder from your music
22:50:04lodziei dont want rockbox to break
22:50:44Lonoxmontwhy would you want to repartition it?
22:51:40lodziebecuase im dirt poor and cant afford a usb stick
22:51:44lodzieand i need one atm
22:51:58lodzieso i thought i could repartition my gigabeat f
22:52:13Lonoxmontlike if its jsut for files you dont need to do anything special, it should just be a fat32 volume
22:52:22lodziewell yea
22:52:38lodziemain reason i need another partition is to do a few things to my xbox 360
22:52:51lodzieik this is off topic but does horizon need a formatted usb?
22:53:06Lonoxmontnever heard of it so idk
22:53:14lodzieo well
22:53:16gevaertsAre you sure that xbox 360 thing you want to do won't go wrong if there's the rockbox partition?
22:53:27lodzierockbox is fat32
22:53:33lodziemy toaster supports fat32
22:53:56Lonoxmonti think he means as far as mangling things
22:54:06Lonoxmontor not reading past the first partition it sees or w/e
22:54:17lodziedidnt think of that
22:54:35lodzieill just stop being a cheap ass and buy a usb stick XD
22:54:50lodziemore trouble than its worth tbh
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22:55:03Lonoxmontgood luck on finding one, lotta places closed atm
22:55:06gevaertsIIRC the Gigabeat F is a bit picky about exact disk things, but I don't remember the details. If it's flashed with the rockbox-only loader that's somewhere, it will be a lot safer, but flashing that is not guaranteed to be safe...
22:55:21gevaerts(and if it's a Gigabeat S, forget it)
22:55:34lodziealso one more other thing
22:55:40gevaertsThe S reformats itself if you look at it in a way it doesn't like
22:55:55lodziejust wanna say im really glad about this change to chinese mp3 players lately
22:56:01lodziesuch as the apgtek rocker
22:56:36lodziei think even tho its impossible to reverse enginner the things in the first place
22:57:58 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
22:59:32lodziealso can rockboy play gba games?
22:59:51 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
23:00:17gevaertsI'll admit I lost track of game things a while ago, but I don't *think* so?
23:00:21Lonoxmontidk, would you even have enough buttons?
23:00:48Lonoxmontalso gba takes a lot more power to run compared to regualr game boy
23:00:57lodziethey are the same as the gb and gbc other than the l&r bumpers
23:01:01Lonoxmontfairly big differences between the platforms
23:01:26gevaertsGames being unplayable on an mp3 player due to unsuitable controls has never stopped people porting games
23:02:19gevaertsI mean, there's video around of people playing Doom on a Clip+ or v2
23:02:33gevaerts(controls might be reasonable on that, but the screen?)
23:02:56pixelmaisn't there doom on the Sansa Clips? Or was that just a rumour?
23:03:06pixelmatoo slow
23:03:53bertrikyes, doom run on the clip zip in colour, but very low resolution
23:04:21gevaertsThe clip zip at least has a stable screem
23:04:28bertrikand on the regular clip, it runs in "grayscale" by means of flickering pixels
23:04:43gevaertsOn the monochrome clips, it runs using greylib, which really doesn't work on fast displays like OLED
23:04:56gevaertsWell, if you squint, *maybe* :)
23:05:29bertrikand a yellow line on top
23:05:36gevaertsThat too!
23:05:45pixelmaand some space between the yellow and blue part
23:05:51bertrikbut *apart* from that, it runs fine!
23:05:58lodziegives me a headache seeing any fps running on a clip
23:06:10pixelmabe carefull which pixel you aim at
23:06:34gevaertsAnd that pixel is flickering, of course
23:06:39lodzieyes very important
23:06:46lodzieas the sprites are only 2x2
23:06:57Lonoxmont>2x2 sprites
23:07:03bertriksprites? luxury!
23:08:05lodzielegit tho i still have dreams/nightmares about wolf3d on a sansa clip
23:08:15lodzieor the stick shaped samsung mp3
23:08:35lodzie>archos fans look away
23:08:52lodziei cant see the point of plugins running on any grayscale/one colour screen
23:08:59Lonoxmont>someone tries to do doom on a 7 segment display, somehow
23:09:54lodziethose people are saints and devils all at once
23:10:06lodziei just hate it when they say its"playable"
23:10:40pixelmait depends on the kind of plugins. And even video on the greyscale and black on white LCDs isn't that bad
23:11:15lodziemakes me wonder how good mpeg player is on the sansa clip :/
23:11:33gevaertsOn LCD it works just fine, although it can be a bit blurry
23:11:43gevaertsBut OLED...
23:12:12lodziesorry im daft, remind me again which screen the gigabeat f has again?
23:12:27gevaertsThat has a colour screen. You're fine :)
23:12:53gevaertsI mean, monochrome OLED is *great* for monochrome stuff. It's sharp, fast, bright, ...
23:13:13bertrikdoom on rockbox is mostly just a kind of tech demo, IMO
23:13:19gevaertsIt just doesn't do temporal dithering
23:13:41lodziewell yea.. i only hopped on this rockbox train about a week ago (week ago) but i knew about it for like 3 years. just bought my gigabeat f recently tho, cant complain much. only problem is how the ok button is not centered
23:14:16lodziethat reminds me
23:14:25lodzierockbox has a lua demo right?
23:14:36lodziewhat if we port ddlc to it?
23:14:45gevaertsI used a gigabeat F for a fairly long time. My main issue with them is that the case is actually less solid than it looks. After a while, it starts coming apart if you're not careful
23:15:31gevaertsThere's a lua plugin, yes. I never really looked at it
23:15:47lodziemy dads a scrap metal dealer, looked at the gigabeat and said he would give me 2 bucks for it XD
23:17:26 Quit lodzie (Remote host closed the connection)
23:17:32 Join ahhlamode131 [0] (9bfe6026@
23:17:36speachyjust emailed daniel about the migration. need to do the same to sorche but can't find contact info on him.
23:18:17gevaertsI sent you a PM
23:18:36gevaertsAlso, scorche, not sorche :)
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23:21:36speachyah, thay might be why I didn't find anything. :P
23:25:06gevaertsCould be :)
23:25:44gevaertsIf you were around in the good old DOS days, you might remeber scorche.exe, Scorched Earth. That's where he got the name from
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