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#rockbox log for 2020-03-26

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00:31:58Bilguslodzie I'm quite familar with the lua plugin and it'd take a lot of work for something so slow you'd cry lol
00:35:11Bilgusthe lua ethos is not very kind to embedded not to mention the screen blitter I made is in software and too slow to do anything as demanding as that
00:37:33Bilgusspeachy I think your plan is sound..
00:37:55speachyleast effort for everyone. except perhaps me...
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01:39:42ThePhxRisesI'm trying to get rockbox installed on a 2nd gen iPod mini, with a digigear type II CF to SDXC adapter and a 64GB SDXC card, which seems to work fine in the original firmware, however, when I install rockbox, rockbox doesn't seem to be able to write to the disk no matter what I do. Anyone have any ideas?
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03:46:09LoebThePhxRises, try a different SD card
03:46:19Loebsome cards don't cooperate with some CF>SD adapters
03:47:01ThePhxRisesI've tried 3 cards, an 8GB class 4 SDHC, a 16GB class 4 SDHC, and the card I want to use, a 64GB class 10 SDXC
03:47:13ThePhxRisesthe class 4 SDHC cards work fine
03:47:23ThePhxRisesthe class 10 SDXC just won't
03:47:39ThePhxRisesall 3 are SanDisk brand btw
04:07:30ThePhxRisesI'm performing a sector by sector clone of the working 16GB card to the 64GB card, to make sure it isn't a strange formatting thing (or that rockbox has an issue with the partition being too large)
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04:15:20Bilgusrockbox is fine with partitions as long as its Fat32
04:15:48Bilgusthere is an issue with reformatting sometime so perhaps
04:16:23ThePhxRisesyeah windows won't let you format certain size devices as fat32 so I had to resort to external programs
04:17:12ThePhxRisesI'm gonna try the sector by sector clone and if that actually works I'll resize the partition to fill the rest of the card
04:21:06ThePhxRisesThinking about it, I should've cloned the 8GB one so it would've been faster, but it's too late now.
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06:37:49ThePhxRisesthe sector by sector clone of the drive doesn't work either
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07:04:53LoebThePhxRises, I've had some SD cards just not get along with some adapters. I've got some sandisk ultra cards that have issues in most adapters.
07:05:32Loebmight be worth picking up a samsung evo select on amazon if possible. Those give me less issues.
07:05:52ThePhxRisesthis one's just a plain SanDisk, not ultra or extreme
07:06:10ThePhxRisesand yeah I was planning to pick up a 256 samsung evo, this was just going to be a temporary one
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12:37:15speachyherd back from the haxx folks, unfortunately no root access to existing infra is possible. :(
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12:53:59*speachy is not quite awake yet
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13:50:21BilgusSpeachy So what does that mean you can't just clone the whole thing?
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14:19:19speachyBigus, yeah, the server hosting is shared with non-rockbox stuff.
14:20:46speachyBut Daniel et al understand that means they need to be more active, and proposed a path similar to what I had in mind.
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14:21:09speachyas soon as I hear from scorche I'll write up a more detailed plan and things can get started.
14:28:43cockroachspeaking of server, it seems rockbox' gerrit still won't allow self-hosted openid providers. is there any chance that this will be fixed anytime soon?
14:31:14speachyshort answer −− maybe. longer answer −− need to get the server migrated first, then perform necessary upgrades for security/etc. only then can feature requests/fixes/etc be possible.
14:31:34speachydon't have a real timeline other than "it will happen over the next few months"
14:31:41cockroachokay, thanks
14:32:20speachyI still need a designated survivor for this stuff
14:34:35cockroachhmm, not sure if this is worth much but if you need assistance, I might be able to help out with server things.
14:36:10speachythis is more of a matter of continuity in case I get hit by a bus.
14:37:12cockroachI would assume there are lots of qualified and interested people in the rockbox user base, aren't there?
14:38:36speachyqualified, probably. interested.. not really, as evidenced by the number of active developers these days
14:41:52cockroachhmm yeah.
14:42:26cockroachso right now you are doing the whole infrastructure stuff on your own?
14:43:33speachyin the short term, yes.
14:44:35speachyor rather, I will be.
14:45:49speachyone of my goals is to end up with all rockbox stuff on a self-contained VM, to make future transitions easier.
14:46:00cockroachthat would certainly make sense
14:46:07speachyand so I won't have to give anyone else root access to my stuff. :P
14:46:32*speachy is a bit of a paranoid, untrusting git.
14:47:01cockroachwell I don't give anyone root access to *my* stuff, so I can certainly understand that
14:47:49speachycompared to the overhead of hosting my own stuff, rockbox won't be that much extra effort. Assuming that there are still active moderators on the forums etc.
14:49:06cockroachhmm yeah, the dreaded "talking to the customers" :)
14:49:54cockroachor rather, keeping the bots out
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14:50:24speachybots, spammers, and scammers.
14:51:35speachyie spammers, but fraudlently
14:51:56cockroachah okay, not rockbox-specific scams
14:52:29speachyno, just the realities of hosting stuff that allows public signups.
14:55:12Bilgusspeachy PM me
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20:02:40eldudenessanyone know how to build the linux source?
20:03:55eldudenessmake all in tools/ is not happening
20:04:23eldudenessand running the precompiled verison is blocking me
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20:05:07eldudenessmake: *** No rule to make target 'scramble.c', needed by 'scramble.o'. Stop.
20:10:17eldudenesshi i found the article
20:10:28eldudenessthanksxx peace
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20:41:17mendel_munkis_so we have interested and qualified but not both in the same place.
20:46:09Lonoxmontas far as what
20:46:46mendel_munkis_what speachy said this morning about continuity.
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21:24:27__builtinspeachy: I'd be glad to play a secondary role in administering the infra
21:34:31speachy__builtin: dm'd you
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