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#rockbox log for 2020-03-27

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00:16:07CalabrelGood evening all.
00:16:22CalabrelI'm having issues with my Rockbox on my Fuze+
00:17:21CalabrelI found the development threat on the forums and came to the IRC from (admittedly a 7 year old post) advice by pamaury..
00:19:27CalabrelThis has actually happened to me on two different SanDisk Fuze+ players with Rockbox. If the battery discharges entirely to the point where it needs to be charged before it can even boot. It now has a persistent "white noise" sound with accompany screeches when navigating through menus and the SD card.
00:19:58speachythat's ... interesting
00:20:34CalabrelThe player worked fine for months, until I accidentally left it too long without external power. Now that the issue has started, I haven't found a way to remedy it.
00:21:01speachydoes the battery charge?
00:21:13CalabrelYes, it holds a charge still, and charges fine.
00:22:07CalabrelGoing through the 50+ pages of the development thread on the technical forums, I only saw one other person mentioning it, but it doesn't appear that it was resolved.
00:22:11CalabrelThis was back in 2013
00:22:43CalabrelActually, now that I look back, it was actually 20123
00:24:25speachynever encountered that when I still had a fuze+.. having a very hard time understanding how that can't be a hardware issue
00:24:49CalabrelI think it might be.
00:25:04speachyLiPo batteries are finicky about being over-discharged
00:25:08CalabrelWhich of course isn't something Rockbox could fix
00:25:37CalabrelJust wanted to ask around to see if anyone else has encountered it and if they were able to do anything about it.
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00:27:50speachyno, charging is SW controlled
00:30:58speachybut your best bet is probably to replace the battery somehow
00:31:35*__builtin has no idea about the Fuze+, but at least for ipod6g replacing is fairly straightforward
00:31:55__builtinthe only hurdle is figuring out how to crack the case
00:32:47CalabrelEh, I'll probably buy another one. Sorry, I went afk for a moment.
00:32:48speachyI recall the case being relatively easy to crack (with typical "ipod" case tools of the time)
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00:33:10speachythere's someone on ebay claiming to have a replacement battery for $22 −− that's a lot cheaper than replacing the whole unit
00:33:30speachymight need soldering skills though
00:33:37CalabrelI wish other SanDisk models were widely available that you could put Rockbox on
00:33:56CalabrelIt still doesn't work on newer models, right?
00:34:09speachytheir newer units have less RAM than even the old Archos targets.
00:34:46CalabrelHeh, figures.
00:36:21speachythe AGPTek Rocker is probably the best overall unit for rockbox that's readily available.
00:36:56CalabrelI'll check it out, thanks.
00:37:41CalabrelThe Fuze+ controls are the worst anyway.
00:37:46CalabrelThe touchpad
00:37:57speachyyeah, the touchpad was nigh unusuable. Even in the original firmware.
00:40:17speachythere's a new/open-box Xduoo X3 on ebay for $50. Crappy screen, but otherwise an excellent unit. quite robust physically and excellent sound quality.
00:41:16speachy(since it has a proper line out)
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00:47:26CalabrelI'll go check it out
00:47:35CalabrelThanks for being so helpful :)
00:48:52Calabrelx3II isn't compatible?
00:48:55CalabrelThat has a nicer screen.
00:49:21speachythere's an out-of-tree port that nobody with access to a unit has had time to integrate properly
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02:56:02eldudenessanyone seen this error when `make` in bash?
02:56:03eldudeness/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.4.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld: error: no memory region specified for loadable section `.ARM.exidx'
02:56:30eldudenessmade it sooo far, don't wanna give up now (i know windows installer is ez pz)
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03:58:25__builtineldudeness: some more context?
03:58:31__builtinwhat are you building, and any more errors?
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05:52:59eldudenesshey __builtin
05:53:23eldudenessi'm building for ipod
05:53:46eldudenessaccomplished the cross compiler
05:54:28eldudenesswhich was throwing a bug with my current gcc-9 so i used my gcc-8 and success (latest ubuntu)
05:54:44eldudenessconfigure succeeds
05:55:22eldudenessmake throws that error i pasted (ld error)
05:56:25eldudenessLD rockbox.elf
05:56:25eldudeness/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.4.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld: error: no memory region specified for loadable section `.ARM.exidx'
05:56:28eldudenesscollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
05:56:30eldudenessmake: *** [/home/pinkdad/Downloads/rockbox/tools/root.make:249: /home/pinkdad/Downloads/rockbox/build/rockbox.elf] Error 1
05:57:55eldudeness^^ that's the end of the `make` output, after a few hundred successful lines of output
06:11:05__builtinWhich ipod?
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19:29:29eldudenesshey __builtin, #29 in the build, 6G/Classic
19:42:55__builtinso you built the 4.4.4 cross compiler with gcc 8?
19:43:09 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
19:43:50__builtinwe have had plenty of issues with recent gcc versions building old cross compilers
19:44:11__builtinI think speachy is/was looking into shipping a newer cross compiler
19:46:51speachyyeah, I wanted to bump everything (except sh) to 4.9.4
19:54:08eldudenessyes yes i used `update_alternatives` and tapped in gcc-8
19:54:34eldudenesswhich is 8.4.0 on my ubuntu
19:54:49eldudenessbuilt successfully
19:56:19eldudeness(built the cross compiler successfully)
19:57:19 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
19:58:06speachyIf bump the toolchain the various builders will need updating
19:59:11speachybut I'd really like to see a few more targets tested before I do that. I know the clip+ basically works, but have no other arm or m68k targets.
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20:07:51speachyrelatedly, I'd like to also retire Archos targets, along with HWCODEC support.
20:09:35*speachy is letting all this newfound power go to his head
20:12:13 Quit mendelmunkis (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:23:50 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
20:25:38eldudenessspeachy sounds like you're into some next level work
20:26:06speachynaw, I just don't like impediments to other folks doing stuff.
20:28:01eldudenessso if you updated, others downstream from you would have to update their device-specific code
20:28:03speachyI can't say I've actually written all that much code for rockbox, but what I have accomplished is taken a big chunk out of the backlog of stuff that other folks had already done
20:28:21bluebrotherspeachy: tried to run the test build on my h120. Checksum error, the binary is for h100.
20:28:38bluebrotheryou have a h120 binary around?
20:28:43speachybluebrother whoops.. could have sworn you said it was h100
20:29:05bluebrothermaybe I even did ... it's been a while :)
20:29:31speachyno, I'll have to build a new one. And, heh, rebuild the m68k toolchain as I'd built it on a ramdisk. :)
20:29:36bluebrotherdo you have an updated version of I can build the compiler myself.
20:30:04bluebrotheror build instructions for the new gcc that is. Doesn't need to be
20:30:31bluebrothersorry for the late response btw. Pretty messy time.
20:30:33speachysure, give me a sec
20:33:25speachybluebrother, try this:
20:38:04speachyI'm rebuilding the toolchains on my side.
20:38:10speachynot on a ramdisk this time
20:38:26 Join mendelmunkis [0] (
20:38:53__builtinspeachy: could you get some performance numbers of 4.4.4 vs 4.9.4?
20:39:16__builtinand again, great work!
20:41:06speachynot really. my clip+ is quite flaky; I just confirmed it booted but the onboard flash is toast.
20:42:43*__builtin will test ipod6g when he gets some free time
20:45:00 Join Ckatt [0] (~Ckat@xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g)
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21:10:26bluebrotherhmm. 2048 isn't really playable on a greyscale target. At some point the numbers become invisible :)
21:12:47amdjthat just adds to the experience :)
21:13:16bluebrotherperiodic_table isn't too useful either. Not enough screen space, so the text overlaps.
21:13:57 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:17:25__builtin2048 is my fault
21:17:45__builtinand ptable too, to an extent
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21:25:17speachytoolchains done, rebuilding h120 now
21:26:53 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
21:27:33speachytook longer to upload than compile
21:28:34speachyanyone want a specific arm target built?
21:29:41speachythere are a few warnings in the h120 compile, basically gcc 4.9 has better sanity checks and warns about more questionable stuff
21:30:03 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:30:43*speachy waits for the clip+ to finish...
21:31:42speachyokay, ipod building
21:32:25speachyI also turned on -funit-at-a-time because it's basically a freebie with respect to code optimization
21:34:59bluebrotherspeachy: seems to work fine so far.
21:35:18bluebrotherI do see some display glitches but I have those with my 4 year old build as well.
21:35:58bluebrotherbasically in some situations graphics are off. Like album art has some lines in that don't belong. And the fire plugin shows an almost black grid-like background.
21:37:03speachya bug, but not a regression
21:38:11bluebrothermp3 plays, ogg, ape as well.
21:38:14bluebrotherI agree :)
21:38:59bluebrotherjpegviewer also is fine. So greylib itself does work. mpegplayer is worse than with the old version.
21:39:15bluebrotherthough that one is questionable on such a device anyway :)
21:39:16__builtindang, I've got a slow connection...
21:39:25__builtin20 KB/s
21:41:30bluebrothergiven that my old version is a 4 years old build I don't think that's because of the compiler.
21:41:56speachymight be worth grabbing the latest nightly build for an apples to um, irivers comparison
21:42:14bluebrotherI could build with the old gcc too ...
21:42:23bluebrotherbut that would require me building it :D
21:42:41speachyno need, just grab the latest nightly off of the rockbox site
21:42:53bluebrotherah, but that doesn't have rtc support :)
21:43:01speachyah, I see
21:44:18bluebrotherthat's a really nice mod
21:44:43bluebrotherand building rockbox doesn't take too long. Building gcc is long in comparison.
21:45:22eldudenessyay ipod work. that's where i'm stuck
21:45:37__builtinrtc mod?
21:47:49speachythe sw patch to enable that might be worth integrating if there's a clean way of detecting it.
21:48:47bluebrotheriirc the discussion back then was also about things like plugins: if rtc is enabled you'll get things like the clock plugin, which obviously won't work if you don't have the rtc mod
21:49:18__builtinugly hack would be to just quit the plugin if runtime detection fails
21:49:44__builtinthat's hardly the only plugin we ship that doesn't work by default
21:50:02bluebrotherwell, back then plugins worked :)
21:50:26 Quit mendelmunkis (Remote host closed the connection)
21:50:36bluebrotherbut given that you'd do most of the stuff plugins did using your phone these days the main use for rockbox would be playback imo.
21:51:14__builtinexcept quake :)
21:59:28bluebrotherok, comparing with a build using the old compiler I can't see anything that's worse.
21:59:42speachycan you run some codec benchmarks on both?
22:00:45bluebrotherI can, but I need to build with the test plugins first
22:01:57__builtinquake performance seems to have regressed slightly
22:02:04eldudenessspeachy what would happen if i launched that pizza zip in my ipod6g?
22:02:27__builtinI'll double check though
22:03:07speachyeldudeness, presumably it would act the same as any other recent build
22:03:48__builtingrr... my download speed is slower than dial-up right now
22:04:25eldudenesssounds good speachy, i'm failing to build on my own
22:04:53speachymy build is highly experimental. I can't promise it won't try to eat your cat.
22:06:25speachyif oyu want something more trustworthy for general use, the 3.15 release or the most recent nightly build should be used instead.
22:18:28__builtinyeah, quake regresses from 14.1 fps on latest HEAD to 12.8 with 4.9.4
22:24:03bluebrotherspeachy: mp3 speed test goes from 445% to 448% realtime. I guess that can be considered no change :)
22:27:22__builtinre quake: it's definitely a real drop I'm seeing here
22:29:25 Quit Soap_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:30:33speachythat's within the margin of error
22:31:18__builtinthis is averaged over the exact same 1000 or so frames
22:31:28speachythe quake slowdown is more concerning. I wonder if somthing's [not] getting inlined or asm acceleration is getting bypassed or something like that
22:32:40bluebrotherogg is similar. 475% to 469%.
22:33:17speachywhat matters more are the older, much slower targets eg m68k or even the original couple of ipod generations
22:33:29speachythat were a lot closer to the barely-realtime-performance edge
22:34:24bluebrotherI can also try on ipodmini2g. But not today, it's gotten quite late.
22:34:55speachy...but we can't stick with the old toolchains. so discovering these problems is the first step towards fixing them.
22:35:00bluebrotherany specific target you'd like to see?
22:35:13speachybluebrother hang on a sec, let me build it for you before you depart
22:35:33bluebrotherI'll be back tomorrow :)
22:37:06__builtinthere's a couple ways I have in mind to root out the quake regression(s) but they all take more time than I've got
22:38:19speachyanyone think it's worth trying to keep the Archos targets alive?
22:38:34 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)
22:38:39*__builtin says let 'em die
22:38:56 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:38:57speachyif I still had one I'd be tempted to give it a redneck funeral.
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23:10:12bluebrotherspeachy: mini2g hangs on startup splash screen. Going back to a build with the old gcc 4.4.4 and things are fine again.
23:11:10bluebrotherthat is with git head.
23:11:57bluebrotheranyway, off for tonight.
23:18:59 Join yosafbridge [0] (
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