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#rockbox log for 2020-03-28

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01:39:00speachybluebrother, when you get a chance, I'd like you to repeat that mini2g test with the latest nightly build (if it wasn't already the case) just so we can be sure it was my build that broke.
01:39:39speachyand as a secondary test, blow away the .rockbox dir altogether so only the new build's files are present.
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01:55:06NuggettetHey how do I navigate between two firmwares on an ipod?
01:56:37NuggettetAnother time I navigated ti Apple firmware but wasnt able to go back to rockbox.
01:57:33__builtindepending on which model the bootloader listens for a certain key combination
01:57:49__builtinwith ipod6gboot you press SELECT to boot rockbox
01:58:28Nuggettetah I see
01:58:55NuggettetWould it be safe to just get rid of the apple firmware all together?
02:00:54NuggettetI'll have my data backed up regardless?
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02:14:12__builtinI think so, yes
02:26:18NuggettetHow do
02:27:02NuggettetI get rid of the apple firmware permanently without having to connect the ipod and the apple firmware comes back?
03:12:18*__builtin doesn't remember
03:15:43__builtinI'd check the wiki
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03:21:24__builtinspeachy: quake also freezes on exit with 4.9.4, but not 4.4.4
03:26:27Nuggettetok thnx
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04:27:14lodziehey guys
04:27:21lodzietryna convert an avi
04:27:25lodziewith winff
04:27:43lodziegives me an error about b frames and wants me to use virtualdub or avidemux to fix it
04:27:52lodzieidk how to use any of them
04:27:57lodziecan someone plz help me?
04:35:31lodzieanyone here can help?
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11:43:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 022dfe7, 281 builds, 11 clients.
12:02:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1110 seconds.
12:02:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 022dfe7 result: All green
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12:32:30speachy__builtin, is that on the ipod6g?
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12:43:36bluebrotherspeachy: tried e200. Current git head: fine with gcc 4.4.4. Crashes during boot with 4.9.9
12:44:11bluebrotherData abort at 0008b310 (0)
12:44:31bluebrotherpc:0008b310 sp:000f5a28
12:45:47speachyso the mini2g and e200 have one notable thing in common −− they're both arm7tdmi targets
12:46:01speachythe clip+ and ipod6g are arm926ejs
12:46:57bluebrotheraccording to the map file this is in queue.o
12:47:10bluebrotherat least the e200 shows me something :)
12:47:20bluebrother.text 0x000000000008b300 0xafc /home/dom/projects/rockbox/build-e200-gcc494/firmware/libfirmware.a(queue.o) 0x000000000008b384 queue_enable_queue_send
12:52:08speachyokay, try this.
12:52:28speachyin the configure script, get rid of '-funit-at-a-time' in CCOPTS near the very top
12:52:36speachythen 'make reconf && make zip'
12:53:32speachycompiler could be optimizing something away thanks to that.
12:54:28speachytoo bad we don't know the address that tripped the abort..
12:54:50speachyquestion is, is this an unaligned access or a pointer into neverland?
12:58:04speachy(or an attempt to write to a read-only location..)
13:03:48speachywhen I did a build, that address is in queue_release_sender_innner()
13:07:08speachycorresponding to line 73 of firmware/kernel/queue.c
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13:58:19bluebrotherspeachy: same result. Both on e200 and mini2g
13:59:17bluebrotherhmm. queue_release_sender_inner() doesn't appear in my map file?
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14:08:45speachymroe reliable than the map is the obdjump -d output
14:12:44bluebrothergood point :)
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17:03:00__builtinspeachy: yes
17:03:19__builtinSeems to be intermittent
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17:06:28__builtinI'll make sure to investigate more
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20:11:31__builtinok, building toolchains
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20:38:23__builtinok, this quake crash is odd
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20:38:56__builtintaking place at PC=0x82cc, which isn't code
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21:08:23*speachy should have done those toolchains with a different prefix
21:12:58__builtinI've traced the quake crash down to corruption of a pointer
21:13:33__builtinsome pointer to a mutex is getting overwritten with 0x20, which is causing subsequent stuff to fail
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21:15:53__builtinoh, great... adding instrumentation code causes the crash to go away
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21:54:44Lonoxmontgotta love schrodinger's bugs
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22:12:25__builtinhmm... gcc has a nice way to automaticall instrument functions
22:22:44__builtinthough given my luck I can almost guarantee that the bug goes away then, too
22:23:53bertrikif a bug goes away "by itself", it will always come back later
22:28:12__builtinthe hard part is getting it to come back when you want it to :)
22:31:56__builtinno surprise... it goes away with instrumentation
22:45:10__builtinit seems like some unrelated code is stepping on this code's memory
22:54:39speachyVery strange.
22:55:08speachyWonder if there's an ascii buffer overrun somewhere. I assume that mutex etc is in the heap, rather than statically allocated?
22:55:37speachythe crash on the arm7tdmi targets was in the queueing code, which also involves mutexes.
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23:02:45__builtinit's in the ported SDL
23:03:24__builtinthe pointer itself is statically allocated
23:03:29__builtinand that's what's being stepped on
23:04:14__builtinwhat I want is to set a watchpoint on the pointer so I can figure out what's writing to it... but alas
23:04:29speachyAnother common trick is to enable higher optimization levels, that makes GCC do a lot more analysis.
23:05:31__builtinhow would that help?
23:05:59speachymore analysis often leads to more warnings
23:06:08speachyabout unsafe code, that is
23:06:33speachybut alas, doesn't seem to be helping here.
23:06:59__builtinproblem is, SDL already spews out loads of warnings
23:08:11speachyah, I see SDL is already built with -O3
23:09:01__builtinthe problem is in sdl/src/thread/SDL_thread.c
23:09:03speachyand with warnings disables
23:09:15__builtinyeah... hehe :)
23:11:36speachylots of more problematic warnings underneath all of the noise
23:12:14__builtinI suppose I can try filtering out the noise
23:12:29bertrikwhen you run some typical desktop apps from the command line, I'm surprised by the amount of "asserts" that go off but are apparently all ignored/left in
23:13:15bertrikan assert is basically a critical precondition for some part of the software that's supposed to always be true
23:14:06bertrikbut in practice a lot of these checks are not satisfied in linux desktop software
23:14:48bertrikeither the check is wrong, or the code is wrong, both are highly questionable
23:15:08bertrikbut that's no rockbox issue, sorry
23:16:57speachyhmm, also can't help but wonder if -Os would be faster than -O3 given the tiny caches (if any) on these things.
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23:21:20__builtinheh, -Os causes a crash on startup
23:21:38__builtinthankfully it has a sensible PC
23:23:49speachyit sounds like the SDL port is on the hairy edge of stability in the best of circumstances
23:26:38__builtinThat one was a fluke, actually. Didn't sync before ejecting.
23:26:54 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
23:27:34__builtin-Os averages 12.4 FPS (down from 12.8 with -O3 and 4.9.4)
23:29:47*speachy nods.
23:30:16speachyit's hard to point the finger any anything else though until we can weed out the superfluous warnings.
23:31:27__builtinthe crash on exit is also gone with -Os
23:31:47__builtinand -O2
23:32:00speachythat does point the finger at unsafe code getting incorrectly optimized
23:32:09__builtinyeah, for sure
23:32:51*__builtin is trying to figure out what's being allocated near the address of the pointer in question
23:33:13__builtinare there any better ways of doing that than picking through the asm listing?
23:33:44speachyobjdump -t
23:34:43__builtinexactly what I needed
23:35:01speachyI'm going to see if ipod6g compiles with the GCC 9 arm toolchain I have lying around
23:35:08speachyjsut for giggles
23:37:23__builtincaused by?
23:38:13speachyC headers being included when assembling crt0.S
23:40:17__builtinthere's only preprocessor stuff in those headers, no?
23:40:40 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:40:44speachyyeah. something's pulling in _default_types.h in the toolchain
23:42:43speachy...we're building the ASM with $CC...
23:44:43__builtinor is that an abuse?
23:44:53speachyshould be okay but something wonky is happening
23:55:46 Join ry755 [0] (~ry755@
23:57:29speachyfound it. we were including <inttypes.h> which isn't ASM-safe.

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