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#rockbox log for 2020-03-29

00:00:43ry755Hey, so I have one of those weird iPod first gens that reports the revision as 0xffffff which makes the scroll wheel not work. I've seen a few patches that fix that issue, but none of them ever got merged. Is there a reason for that?
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00:10:13speachyonly thing that came to mind is that it might have caused a regression elsewhere (or there wasn't anyone willing/able to make sure it didn't)
00:10:18speachycan you point me at one of those patches?
00:14:00ry755 and
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00:14:37speachyman, this gcc9 thing is a mess.
00:14:56speachywill probably require touching a lot of files to fix up typedef includes
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00:28:04speachyif you're feeling brave:
00:31:53__builtinwill try
00:32:07*__builtin has run plenty of questionable code on his devices
00:32:34speachyhuh, wouldn't you know it but the ipod6g was one of the two cpu families that needed the headers fixed up for the typedefs. the rest were okay.
00:32:54__builtinfreezes on the boot splash
00:33:24speachythat was built with -Os
00:34:31speachyand that's the simple answer to Wei about "why stop at 4.9.4?" :)
00:35:09__builtin"Our code sucks"
00:35:31__builtin"Especially SDL"
00:35:41speachynah, boot splash hang has nothign to do with SDL.
00:36:08*__builtin knows
00:43:39speachywe have a lot of "legacy" code that predates newfangled "standards"
00:44:39__builtinupping gcc is a good way to force us to clean things up though :)
00:45:55speachytoo bad I don't have a conveninet gcc>4 mips toolchain lying around, then I could at least eat my own dogfood.
00:47:08speachythis is back to normal -O and without -funit-at-a-time
00:47:16__builtinWill choke on >4.x?
00:47:48speachyonly one way to find out. :)
00:48:24speachy(I vaguely recall building a newer mips toolchain a year ago but I may be misremembering things)
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00:51:03speachywhat makes fixing rockbox so perilous is that, well, debugging is challenging, and what few developers remain don't have access to most of the "supported" targets
00:52:22speachyand it's hard to justify working on something that hasn't been commercially available for 15 years and whose design life expectency was 2-3 years tops.
00:55:50koniuheya, sansa zip here - im getting lots of data aborts and other weirdness, i think internal flash is dying
00:56:05koniuis there any way to boot rockbox from the sd card?
00:56:23koniuand most importantly .playlist_control file on the sd
00:59:40speachyI recall thre being an experimental bootloader that would allow .rockbox to live on the SD card
01:01:03speachyyou should ask _Bilgus, I believe that as his baby.
01:09:45koniuooh, i see this and now
01:10:48koniubut this is from november'19, whilst rbutil is downloading from here and that's dated august'19
01:10:53koniudo i need to go manual?
01:13:58__builtinspeachy: yeah, I'd love some sort of on-target debug functionality
01:18:25Lonoxmontkoniu: sounds like it
01:18:54__builtinhmm... apparently the ipod6g's got a serial
01:19:40speachyyeah, part of the classic ipod connector
01:20:08speachyhmm. wonder if someone's builder got stuck.
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01:21:10__builtinI wonder if I can't get a remote gdb stub running
01:21:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2ce0002, 281 builds, 10 clients.
01:22:03speachyI have an ipod video here but I think it needs both a new battery and mass storage, and even then it's not certain to come to life.
01:23:45__builtinbatteries are fairly cheap for the ipods iirc
01:23:48__builtinaround $15
01:25:22speachyI was given this thing (eight years ago!) because it "stopped working". might be worth investing in a CF adapter since I have a few of those floating around still, and they're a lot less finiky than the SD converters
01:25:54*__builtin has been meaning to investigate the iflash adapters
01:26:19__builtinI remember I had a hard time inducing corruption on the SD ones, but I haven't tried the mSATA one
01:26:20speachybut I don't even have a system capable of running itunes to bootstrap the player to the point where rbutil can do something useful.
01:27:02__builtinyou can install itunes completely without itunes, I'm pretty sure
01:27:08__builtinon the ipod6g at least
01:28:26koniuzomg i think i managed it (was missing /sd/rockbox_main.clipzip), no more file not found when removing /flash/.rockbox
01:28:33koniunow lets see how this fares
01:28:37__builtinhmm... according to one of pamaury's old forum posts, the serial driver has bidirectional support
01:29:01__builtinso I *might* be able to pull something off, even if it's god awfully ugly
01:29:17speachyyeah, the serial port is how the original IAP worked
01:30:43speachyhmm. found the cable, a spare (but also possibly dead) drive and a replacement battery I picked up... but not the player itself.
01:32:34*__builtin isn't sure how much hardware support remote gdb needs
01:32:51speachythis box contains three dead fuzev1, one dead fuzev2, flaky clip+, AGPTek Rocker (cracked case), an iPod Touch, a Fiio X1, and a spare xDuoo X3.
01:33:17speachywonder what happened to the iPod video. hope it didnt' get lost in the move.
01:35:29__builtinah, we have gdb stubs in-tree!
01:35:40speachyfor native targets?
01:35:51__builtinyeah, rockbox/gdb
01:35:54Lonoxmontspeachy: ive done the iflash adapter and new battery for my ipod video
01:36:04Lonoxmontworks good once you get it going
01:36:21Lonoxmonti would avoid the msata i hear they run dummy hot and use a ton of power all the time for no reason
01:36:22__builtinlooks like it hasn't been touched in years, so it's probably bitrotted like crazy
01:36:31cockroachspeachy: I recently installed rockbox on an ipod video from scratch without itunes. it can be done but it's a bit tricky.
01:36:48Lonoxmontcockroach: can you document that somewhere? would be good to know how to do it
01:37:03speachycockroach: it's probably a moot point since mine seems to have disappeared on me..
01:37:12cockroachLonoxmont: I did, but in a strange language:
01:37:39cockroachLonoxmont: I might be able to translate it to something useful if you think that others might care
01:37:48cockroachspeachy: oh, that's unfortunate
01:39:08speachythe one I'm most interested in pushing forward is the native Fiio X1 port. pauiry was working on it but that was a couple of years ago now, and the mips tree has changed enough such that the port would probably need to be re-implemented.
01:39:32speachybut like everything else.. need time.
01:42:12speachy__builtin, given that the README talks about the Jukebox, yeah...
01:43:31Lonoxmontcockroach: google translate mostly works on the text, but doesnt help the images any
01:43:49Lonoxmontif you can an english version would be nice
01:50:07cockroachLonoxmont: sure, I'll do that. where would I put it though? forums?
01:50:27Lonoxmontmaybe have one of the admins here stick it in the wiki?
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01:51:15Lonoxmontalso given the name of the firmware file, i wonder if its possible to pull it from apple directly somehow...
01:51:24Lonoxmontmight need to wireshark when itunes does it
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01:51:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 2ce0002 result: 4 errors 0 warnings
01:51:49cockroachpossibly, but I wanted to do it without external dependencies, only stuff from the rockbox repository
01:52:28Lonoxmontdoes the low level firmware on the logic board have disk mode in it, or is that a function of the apple firmware?
01:52:36Lonoxmontthats really the part i need
01:52:50cockroachwell, I should find some time next week to do a proper translation (also, fix one minor detail that is missing from the article)
01:53:16Lonoxmonthonestly you could probably start from the google translate and just fix a few things
01:53:33Lonoxmontits mostly legible, just a few goofs where an idiom or w/e didnt quite make it
01:53:35cockroachno idea, I used an iflash adapter so I didn't need disk mode
01:54:06Lonoxmontdisk mode is when you do select+play/pause at boot iirc
01:54:12cockroachheh, the same thing might just happen if I translte it myself :). but that is a good idea, might save me some time.
01:54:19Lonoxmontits 1-bit graphics that turn the ipod into a usb drive directly
01:54:51Lonoxmonti still need that mode as i have had file corruption issues while moving data while rockbox is running
01:55:37cockroachah that sucks
01:57:04cockroachI just tried with one of the ipods, it say "Disk Mode" in a very non-rockboxy screen. I'll try to remember to get the other one (not sure which one I flashed) tomorrow
01:57:32cockroachi.e. if you're in here the same time tomorrow, I should be able to tell you whether that still works
01:57:49Lonoxmonti pretty much stay connected to irc at all times unless theres a power cut
01:57:57cockroachexcellent :)
01:57:59Lonoxmontthe perks of running irssi inside a screen session :V
01:59:11cockroachwell I'll be off for now, should get some sleep. o/
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03:13:18koniu_Bilgus: i managed boot from sd with one of my half-broken clipzip (4MB) but not the other (8MB), i seem to get 'file not found' no matter what, any things to check for?
03:22:32__builtinhmm... I can't seem to get my machine to recognize the ipod
03:22:36__builtinfor serial, that is
03:22:41__builtinstorage works as usual
03:44:44speachyhuh, that build failure is kinda random.
03:45:09*speachy goes back to writing up a detailed service migration plan
03:53:54_Bilguskoniu, If using linux & still able to boot I have recovery firmware that exposes the whole drive or you can do the whole shorting the pins recovery and copy the whole firmware to the drive
03:54:19_Bilgusdo try and make a copy of the current contents first
03:55:35koniu_Bilgus: for a while i couldn't even boot with /flash/.rockbox present but after mkfs.vfat and reinstall of bootloader and fresh unzip it's booting fine
03:56:16koniubut still only from the internal despite the same sd working fine in the other zip (and has the rockbox_main.clipzip
03:56:43_Bilgusas long as you have the latest bootloader it should boot from sd
03:57:05_Bilgusmake sure you have a single / in the redirect file
03:57:43_Bilgusalso the latest dev versions support sd booting so make sure you are using that as well
03:58:09koniuyup latest .rockbox on the sd and loading fine in the other player
03:59:00_Bilgusthe only thing left is either physical connections or maybe the sd card is timing out
03:59:23koniuas for redirect file i tried both touch rockbox_main.clipzip and echo -n '/' > rockbox_main.clipzip
03:59:26koniuthis is in the root of the sd
03:59:43_Bilgustake a finger nail emery board and cut the end the same as a sd card and lightly insert and remove a few dozen times
04:00:01koniueven if the card mounts fine when it boots from internal?
04:00:13_Bilgusyeah either completely with touch or a single /
04:00:35_Bilgushmm if it mounts fine then IDK i'd have figured hardware
04:01:00_Bilgusare you completely sure it didn't boot from the sd card?
04:01:30_Bilgusthis latest fw does it a little hacky so in the boot data look for CRC OK!
04:02:01koniuyea, looked in debug/boot data and it says <0>. plus it's obvious as the internal .rockbox/config is the default, looking very different on the sd
04:02:42koniuaha! yes, when it boots from internal the boot data says CRC bad
04:03:25_Bilgusthe <0> part won't really tell you since the filesystem rewrite never got finished I did it another way
04:03:33 Quit ry755 (Quit: Leaving)
04:03:53_Bilgusit now just swaps the two drives so the sdcard becomes <0>
04:03:59_Bilgusinternal <1>
04:04:18_BilgusIgtg but I'll be back tomorrow eve
04:04:23koniuah ok, its just on the one that does boot from the sd it says 'boot volume <1>' (and CRC OK)
04:04:54koniuok nice one, i'll fiddle some more and ping you if i;m still stuck
04:05:33koniumight be good to hear what CRC BAD means and how to tackle
04:06:34koniuanyhow massive thanks for these patches- i thought my sansas were kaput and been watching ebay like a hawk :]
04:07:12koniuthe one i got to boot from sd no longer seems to data abort
04:07:19koniushame the volume keys are fscked
04:07:45koniuhence trying to get the older one to play ball
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04:15:57Lonoxmontrunning into an odd issue
04:16:18Lonoxmonton a directory with a lot of files in one folder, getting a directory buffer error and its not showing everything
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04:22:27koniu_Bilgus: one thing I noticed, is it briefly shows 'Boot 4.0' (no such thing on the player that sd boot works on). i've successfully ran rbutil bootloader instal 20 times by now, maybe it's failing to update somehow?
04:25:24koniuthat said the md5sum of clpza.bin is the same on both players, is there anything more to the bootloader than this file?
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10:11:54LoebSo I asked this the other day and don't recall if someone responded or not: What all is known about file corruption issues when doing file transfers via USB while in rockbox? With ipods specifically.
10:18:23 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
10:19:04LoebI need to go back and verify since I thought I was having issues with flash, but if it was rockbox then I've had this issue with the mini 2g, photo, and video.
10:20:23***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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14:29:50_Bilgus56koniu the CRCBad message just means the fimware you booted isn't booting from the sd card
14:30:12_Bilgus56there is nothing to fix persay
14:32:00pixelmathe Ipod manuals seem to be broken (the online versions stop at the installation chapter)
14:34:10_Bilgus56Latex is a fickle tool, great power comes great complexity I suppose
14:34:34_Bilgus56is it all the manuals or just one specifically
14:34:56pixelmaindeed, I remember that from back when I was more active
14:37:30pixelmaLonoxmont: I believe there is a setting which at least explains why you don't see everything. According to the manuals there is a "Max Entries in File Browser" setting under the System > Limits menu
14:39:57_Bilgus56*And device sometimes (always?) needs a reboot to effect the change*
14:45:44pixelma_Bilgus56: it seems to affect all Ipod manuals in their html version, they stop in the Installation chapter > Manual Installation > Installing the bootloader. The fun part seems to be that some stop in the "Bootloader installation from MacOS" paragraph and some go a little further until the "Bootloader installation" from linux" paragraph. And the pdf manuals seem to be fine
14:48:42speachyI've found where the ipod manual breaks in the html version. Not sure I'm understanding _why_ it breaks for html but not pdf, but hey..
14:49:39speachyit's the code block starting on line 75 of manua/getting_started/ipod_install.tex
14:50:35_Bilgus56so do you know what is broken or is that just the error start?
14:50:47 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
14:53:34speachyokay, that's definitely the breakage. commenting out that code block allows the manual to build all the way through
14:53:58gevaertsIn the past, there's been occasional problems with latex packages changing
14:55:45speachycode block mis-renders in the PDF version too.
14:56:19gevaertsThere's a few more code blocks for other manuals too
14:56:22 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
14:56:55_Bilgus56do you have a link? sorry not at home
14:57:27pixelmabluebrother was the most knowledgable about LaTeX as far as I remember
14:59:36gevaertse.g. the gigabeat S has a very similar code block (also in the install chapter) and that one seems fine
14:59:44speachyso do most others.
14:59:55speachygot it, I think.
15:00:03gevaertsSo maybe it's one of the other things, $HOME or something like that?
15:00:49gevaertsThat block, yes
15:02:51_Bilgus56LAtex needs a realtime viewer
15:03:21 Join cockroach [0] (~blattodea@pdpc/supporter/active/cockroach)
15:03:24_Bilgus56koniu multi boot works like this(FW = the /.rockbox firmware ):
15:03:25_Bilgus56special data struct with teh crc and what volume the FW was found on
15:03:27_Bilgus56generated by the bootloader
15:07:15_Bilgus56one more [FW FAILED] rockbox the bootloader returns and tries again this time falling back to the original behavior
15:09:39_Bilgus56the current dev firmware only redirects to .rockbox in the root the version rotting in gerrit actually allows you to change the directory as well instead of <SD> /.rockbox you can have things like <SD> /beta_ver012/.rockbox
15:13:18speachysomething is making it completely ignroe the \end{code} line
15:13:42_Bilgus56look for weirdly encoded spaces
15:14:05_Bilgus56man one file I worked on had like 50
15:15:31speachypdf manual also mis-generates badly, just not broken in the same way.
15:19:33_Bilgus56crap the web version blocks my wall of text
15:19:55_Bilgus56koniu SD Boot ->
15:21:41 Quit _Bilgus56 (Remote host closed the connection)
15:27:56pixelmaspeachy: did you try removing the $ sign?
15:28:18speachyyes, but that's not the problem.
15:30:54speachyah! there's a mismatched } somewhere.
15:32:31pixelmathe "\nopt{ipod6g}{" right at the start not closed properly?
15:33:45speachyor at least something is throwing off emacs' accounting
15:34:25speachyno, that nopt is closed after the first \end{enumerate}
15:36:25pixelmaI can't find the mathing { to the second } on line 82. Mind you, I am just looking at the code in the browser
15:36:34pixelmamatching too
15:36:57pixelmaah, no. That was silly
15:36:59speachyyou mean the \note{ ... }
15:39:54pixelmahmm, now it looks like to me like the opening nopt{ipod6g} is closed at line 57 and it's meant to only be closed at line 90. If that's not it, I give up, it doesn't mke much sense to just look at the dry code
15:41:43speachyno, they're all balanced from what I can actually tell.
15:42:36speachybut the '$' in $HOME is throwing off emacs unless the line gets commented out.
15:46:45pixelmawhat's with the slash in ./ipodpatcher?
15:47:31 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
15:49:15speachyie "execute from local directory"
15:49:58speachybut it's purely the \begin{code} ... \end{code} itself is what's causing this to go kaboom.
15:50:05speachygah, grammer fail
15:57:40pixelmabut as gevaerts pointed out there are similar blocks elsewhere, e.g. in the gigabeats-install.tex which seem to work (it's just a oneliner there though)
15:58:03speachyit's cut-n-pasted exactly from sansa_install.tex, and that works fine
15:58:07gevaertsGrammar fail is exactly the issue :)
15:58:22speachyand both are included via exact same construct in installation.tex
15:58:50speachyhmm. Going to try an experiment.
15:59:44speachyokay, it's the nested \nopt{} block.
16:04:50speachythat worked. split the 6g and non-6g instructions into separate files
16:05:04speachyand load the correct one from installation.tex
16:08:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f86f788, 281 builds, 11 clients.
16:09:27speachyfix committed and pushed. So that's one fewer bug. Only 41,311 to go. :P
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16:29:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1246 seconds.
16:29:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f86f788 result: 4 errors 0 warnings
16:30:12speachyokay, we have a builder that's malfunctioning with hosted/simulator builds.
16:32:08*gevaerts likes contextless errors like that!
16:32:32 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:35:42gevaertsThere's also;type=sansae200v2sim to confuse things
16:36:35user890104any idea how to fix it?
16:36:55user890104or it's a bug of the build system?
16:38:27user890104this looks like a failed one
16:40:21 Join MrZeus [0] (
16:40:23gevaertsI have no clue what the problem actually *is*...
16:46:38 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:08:59cockroachspeachy: thanks for fixing the tex bug!
17:23:29 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
17:49:28speachycockroach −− we can't fix what we don't know about!
17:49:42speachyand it provided an excuse to not go out and do yard work
17:50:23speachyuser980104 −− given that two different simulation builds failed consecutively, I'd say that there's something wrong with your builder and sim builds
17:51:15speachyyou only built a handful of jobs each time. I'd wager that each time you only ended up with a single sim job
17:53:29speachyif you don't know what's breaking, I'd request that you pull 'sdl' builds out of the capabilities your builder advertises
18:02:06gevaertsspeachy: no, there were other sim buids in there
18:02:54*speachy nods.
18:03:18 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
18:14:42 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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18:26:34speachywith respect to the gcc4.9 hangs, FS #13164 might be relevant
18:26:34fs-bluebot Rockbox commit ce0b31d87 fails to build due to overlapping sections in rockbox.elf (bugs, unconfirmed)
18:27:17speachyor not. that's for hosted targets.
18:30:26speachylooks like our flyspray instance is truncating larger (>52KB) attachments..
18:30:49speachythree updated translations all truncated about the same place..
18:30:59speachy(or maybe it's the translation site doing it?)
18:43:27 Quit Rondom (Remote host closed the connection)
18:43:39 Join Rondom [0] (
18:44:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 51ad625, 281 builds, 11 clients.
18:50:59speachycockroach, merged a couple of your ipod patches. the toolchain fix is good too, but I don't have credentials to make it live.
18:51:23cockroachspeachy: thank you
18:51:49*speachy wants to start the hosting migration with flyspray, because it's eating patches..
18:52:26cockroachit also whines a lot about PHP stuff
18:58:31speachyyeah, updating to a version of flyspray that's less than oh, five years old should do the trick there. :P
19:03:36Lonoxmontpixelma: bumped that, still doing it
19:03:43gevaertsIs it that new? :)
19:09:39speachyoh, it's definitely older than that. :)
19:09:52 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@2600:6c58:4c7f:936b:4171:c48c:b0a5:4b29)
19:10:53*gevaerts tries to help with migration things by sending admin emails to lists
19:16:49speachyI wrote up the transition plan outline for everything I know about so far.
19:17:50gevaertsYes, I'm probably not able to help with the actual *plan*, but access to stuff probably a bit. Not as much as I'd like, but still :)
19:19:40speachyooo, forgot gitweb from the git.rockbox migration
19:23:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1229 seconds.
19:23:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 9eba95d result: All green
19:23:22 Quit sherbets (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
19:23:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5bcf4e6, 281 builds, 11 clients.
19:28:57Lonoxmonthow many build revisions does that build server have stacked up waiting :V
19:30:53speachythis is the last one I think
19:31:10*speachy has been cleaning out some of the flyspray backlog
19:31:19gevaertsspeachy: I assume you're on the -committers list?
19:32:19speachygevaerts, I'm not sure. I mean I can commit to the www repo but I don't believe I have rights to get changes to go live on www.
19:32:29gevaertsI mean the mailing list
19:34:20gevaertsAll right, I'll forward you the email I just sent there. Can I use your git commit email address?
19:34:24speachyno wait, I'm on there.
19:34:31gevaertsOh, ok :)
19:34:46gevaertsIn that case I won't forward it
19:34:49speachyor at least I have the "welcome to the list" email in my archive
19:35:14gevaertsI just sent an email there about admin things
19:36:22speachyI haven't received any email from that list since Sep 2018 though
19:37:19gevaertsAlthough I'm not sure how many there were. I don't think I kept them all
19:38:25gevaertsSo maybe there weren't any between then and the one I just sent?
19:40:09speachyyeah, it says I'm still subscribed. Haven't seen your email yet though
19:41:26gevaertsI've forwarded it now
19:41:45gevaertsI got it back from the list, so it's not down as a whole
19:45:39speachyI just got the password confirmation from the listserv, over 10 minutes after I asked for it
19:46:34speachydidn't get anything from you yet either
19:47:21gevaertsDo you use greylisting setups?
19:47:22speachyah, both emails just came through!
19:47:35gevaertsyay :)
19:47:36speachyno, haven't used greylisting for some time now
19:48:20speachywhat's the db backend for the forums?
19:48:31gevaertsI'm pretty sure it's mysql
19:48:33 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
19:48:47gevaertsOr maybe mariadb by now
19:49:20gevaertsThemes is sqlite3, and I'm not sure if translate has a db
19:49:43gevaertsflyspray, wiki and gerrit, no idea
19:49:57*speachy nods.
19:50:26speachybtw, I did include "give my account admin rights" in the transition plans.
19:51:44gevaertsI think it's more or less a requirement
19:52:03gevaertsAlso a bit silly to give you a full database dump but not admin rights :)
19:52:18speachygranted, with access to the databases I can always do that myself. :)
19:53:54gevaertsBasically my plan is that if nobody replies I'll just give you those rights where I can. I just think I should ask first :)
19:54:11gevaertsExcept for that shell access. That's not my machine, so...
19:54:23speachyof course
19:55:49Lonoxmont>not using mongodb
19:55:52Lonoxmont( ≖‿≖)
19:57:06*gevaerts hasn't yet personally encountered a problem where he thought a non-relational database was the solution :)
20:01:34speachyyeah, we don't have the budget for "web scale" here. :)
20:03:56speachyour infrastructure just needs a gardener to tend to it.
20:08:29cockroacheuhm, if I would like to add something to the wiki, should I wait until after the transition to ask for an account?
20:10:38speachythere's no timeline yet for the wiki getting moved, so you should just go ahead and ask now
20:11:41cockroachdoes anyone in here happen to be in charge of creating wiki accounts? :)
20:13:54speachynot yet. :)
20:14:13speachyI think Bjorn is the keepr of the wiki keys still.
20:18:56_BilgusIt took 2 months for me to get mine lol
20:19:09_Bilgusah speaking of the wiki
20:20:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:23:40user890104speachy: i think i fixed the problem of my build client ... by freeing up disk space
20:23:55speachyah yes, that would do it. :)
20:25:29user890104i need to fix this more permanently though
20:36:46 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:48:18 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
20:52:06 Quit craftyguy (Quit: ZNC -
20:54:26 Join craftyguy [0] (~craftyguy@qutebrowser/dev/craftyguy)
21:07:59 Quit _3dsv (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:13:08 Join _3dsv [0] (
21:22:33 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
21:31:10 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:44:36 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
22:02:50 Join Nugettes [0] (
22:03:42NugettesHi what glue would I use to stick the circuit board to the logic board on an Ipod?
22:06:56Lonoxmontlol what
22:07:05Lonoxmontthe logic board is a circuit board my dude
22:07:13NugettesIm gona reohrase that oops..
22:08:46NugettesThe click wheel and the orange thing that connects the hdd needs glue to stick on the logic board but im not sure what to use
22:09:35NugettesI don't know what you call it ?
22:09:54Lonoxmontafaik they dont use any glue internally on the ipod other than fixing the battery to the case
22:10:23_Bilgusdouble sided tape?
22:10:26Lonoxmontall the ribbon connectors should just stay in with the zif connectors closed properly
22:10:35_Bilgusdon't use superglue it wicks too much
22:11:09NugettesThe click wheel needs something sticky to keep the ribbon cable flat on the logic board for it to work...
22:11:26Nugettesis it adhesive?
22:11:35Lonoxmontmaybe you have a different model than i have
22:11:59Lonoxmontmine didnt have any glue other than the battery to the case
22:12:10Lonoxmontthey just routed everything so it laid flat from being folded
22:12:22Lonoxmontipod video 5.5 gen
22:12:47NugettesThe click wheel wont work regardless if its clipped on. it still needs to be flat on the logic board for it to work I have an Ipod 6 gen
22:13:20Lonoxmontyeah i guess double sided tape might work
22:13:29Lonoxmontor some of that foam with adhesive on both sides
22:13:41_Bilgusmight be too thick
22:13:56Nugettesthe double sided tape or adhesive?
22:13:58Lonoxmontthe one caution i owuld have with that is if you ever have to break it open again its one more thing to worry about
22:14:12_BilgusI think they both might be called double sided tape
22:14:38_Bilgus[the foam DST]
22:15:39_Bilgusgood easily removable adhesive is hot melt glue just take care not to toch the ribbon with the tip
22:15:44Nugetteslike maybe something like this?
22:16:02_Bilgusisopropyl alcohol makes it delam
22:16:43_Bilgusthats the stuff but they have a cellophane version too thats about 10x cheaper
22:17:08Lonoxmontdo they make double sided kaptan?
22:17:22Nugetteshmm I think the liquid could work better.
22:17:39Lonoxmontliquid likes to wick around to places you wont like though
22:17:39Nugettesbut this is super glue..
22:17:51_Bilgustaht stuff usually has so organic volatiles I'd keep away from my ribbon cable
22:18:34Nugettesill with the tape then
22:19:24Nugetteswait are you saying I can use a glue gun with glue?
22:19:53NugettesReplying to this comment you said "good easily removable adhesive is hot melt glue just take care not to toch the ribbon with the tip"
22:20:06Lonoxmonthotglue works but yeah
22:20:13Lonoxmontthe ribbon cables dont like too much heat
22:20:16Lonoxmontmelts them easy
22:20:19Lonoxmontthin insulation
22:20:30Nugettesoh ...
22:20:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:20:39Lonoxmontif you are careful its fine
22:20:49Lonoxmontjust keep the tip off the ribbon
22:21:28NugettesI can probably dab a tiny bit on the logic board and let it cool then dab the ribbon on
22:21:50_Bilgusdepends on how hot your glue gun gets
22:22:17Nugettestrue it heats up quite a lot ...
22:22:22_BilgusI have a low temp that works fine and a high temp that melts everything fingers incld
22:22:33Nugettesyea lol
22:23:26NugettesI want to save money... but I don't want to mess any components either...
22:28:39 Join Rower [0] (
22:31:13 Join sakax [0] (~r0b0t@unaffiliated/r0b0t)
22:34:59 Quit _3dsv (Quit: WeeChat 2.7.1)
22:35:17 Join _3dsv [0] (
22:43:18 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
22:44:15NugettesI have some other questions.
22:54:03NugettesIf I accidently navigate to the apple rockbox and vise versa all id need to do is reset it?
22:55:49Nugettesim actually just asking for what buttons id need to press to go to different firmware
23:21:58 Quit _3dsv (Quit: WeeChat 2.7.1)
23:23:17 Join _3dsv [0] (
23:28:29Nugetteswait if I switch to the apple firmware would it still limit the amount of space on the ipod to 128gb??
23:28:53 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
23:31:28 Join reductum [0] (
23:49:49 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:56:24 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)

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