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#rockbox log for 2020-03-31

00:00:24NugettesWhat's silent corruption?
00:00:31_BilgusIf it was silent corruption before and crashes now that could be a meaningful result
00:00:56_Bilgusas in it failed but didn't give any indication of failing
00:01:19 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
00:02:11cockroachtrue. unfortunately I'm not getting any error messages in most cases, it just freezes. next time I see an error, I'll write it down.
00:02:46NugettesHas anyone tried to connect a click wheel to the logic board using sticky tape or hot glue??
00:02:48_Bilgusby chance is the data that did make it on there uncorrupted?
00:03:24cockroach_Bilgus: let me check
00:04:38_Bilguscouple dozen CRC comparisons would be sufficent
00:05:17NugettesThank you
00:05:17speachydunno, I'd think one should CRC everything
00:05:39speachyoh −− is it just writes, or do reads crash/hang/corrupt too?
00:05:47cockroach_Bilgus: unfortunately the last couple of directories it tried to sync are all empty
00:05:53cockroachstill trying to find one that isn't
00:07:49speachyalso, how much data transfer before crashing are you talking about? tens, hundreds, thousands of megabytes?
00:08:07cockroachthe files seem corrupted
00:08:47_Bilgusthe hunt continues
00:09:18cockroachI'm not exactly sure, I'll start again from scratch. df claims about 1.5 GB were transferred but I don't think so. the thing is, I ran a file system check and that did some cleanup.
00:10:46__builtinis this with an iflash?
00:11:10__builtinah, I was investigating those at one point
00:11:21__builtinhad a hard time inducing any corruption
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00:11:50cockroachnow *that* I can do quite reliably, it seems
00:11:52speachyhmm, those iflashes do change things somewhat. it is a bit of a wildcard versus spinning rust.
00:12:01__builtincockroach: how?
00:12:12cockroach__builtin: mount, copy files, wait for i/o errors.
00:12:26__builtinlinux host?
00:12:47__builtinare the errors driver errors or just silent corruption?
00:13:13__builtinalso, which model iflash and what card?
00:13:19cockroachthere's nothing in dmesg, so I don't think the drivers are unhappy.
00:13:34__builtinbut silent corruption once files are on disk?
00:13:44_Bilgusand rb crashing
00:13:45cockroachI don't know about that yet
00:14:51cockroachiflash solo, the card is a lexar 16GB. and it seems to work just fine using the ipod's built-in disk mode
00:15:34cockroachit *is* an ipod with 2k blocks
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00:16:08__builtinah, I see the logs
00:16:11cockroachI could try creating a card with 512 byte sectors and see whether that changes anything.
00:19:54__builtinthe sector size *might* be a contributing factor, but I doubt it if the errors are intermittent
00:19:55 Quit Nugettes (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
00:20:10__builtinbut again, it's very hard to tell without anything firm to go on
00:20:32cockroachfor now I'll try to find a way to properly reproduce it.
00:26:12speachythere's still a crash lurking in the xDuoo X3 data transfer too. don't know if it's USB, SD, or random corruption caused by not-quite-right asm code.
00:26:43speachyhaven't been able to recreate it since I created a separate IRQ stack for MIPS targets, but there's one user that it still occasionally happens to
00:27:38cockroachthis time the crash happened after somewhere between 600 and 900 MB transferred. afterwards, all files were corrupted.
00:30:41cockroachoh, this is unfortunate. even if I transfer a single (100MB) file, it seems to get corrupted during transfer.
00:31:50speachyhere's something that might be worth trying −− create a second partition on the drive with ext4 instead of fat. that'll be more robust with respect to failures and might be more diagnosable.
00:32:30cockroachsounds like a plan
00:32:58speachysince in USB mode it's just exported as a plain block device anyway
00:46:19cockroachI created an ext3 on the second partition and I also get corruptions with rockbox, no corruption with the built-in disk mode.
00:50:30 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
00:53:43cockroachusing 512 byte sectors does not seem to change anything
00:54:47cockroachnow, since I have been using this ipod with 512 byte sectors almost daily for the last couple of months, I'm fairly certain that no silent corruption has occurred with the data.
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01:21:13Lonoxmont_Bilgus: i have an ipod video w/ transfer issues under rockbox
01:21:22Lonoxmontre: 07:32:37 -0700 < _Bilgus> next time we get someone with an ipod iflash transfer issue we can have them try it and maybe find out
01:23:38randomguy1024Hi! I couldn't find the info by googling - does the iPod Classic (6G) have IAP support? or is that only for other iPods? thanks
01:25:57Lonoxmontafaik rockbox doesnt support IAP except for the older IAP over serial protocol
01:26:03LonoxmontIAP over USB is still trade secret
01:26:31Lonoxmontidk about the native firmware
01:26:45randomguy1024ah I see, is the older protocol supported on the 6G?
01:27:06cockroachLonoxmont: hey. last time we spoke you were asking about the built-in disk mode when installing rockbox without itunes. I finally got around to testing it and it works like a charm (much better than rockbox' USB disk mode at the moment)
01:27:11Lonoxmontnot sure, heavily depends on the accessory you are trying to use
01:28:01randomguy1024got it, best way to find out is probably to test then - time to charge the old classic that's been sitting around in a drawer for a while! thank you
01:28:15Lonoxmontno problem!
01:28:39Lonoxmontcockroach: ok good, sounds like the native disk mode is built into the logic board firmware
01:28:42Lonoxmontwhich is a good thing
01:28:50Lonoxmonti think they stopped doing that after the video
01:29:05Lonoxmonti recall someone coming here with a 6g where they had wiped the apple firmware entirely
01:29:18Lonoxmontand then couldnt get to disk mode
01:29:28cockroachah, that sucks
01:29:53Lonoxmontrandomguy1024: depending on how old it is you might consider replacing ht ebattery
01:30:06Lonoxmontthe original ones are really low capacity by now
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01:33:06speachyIAP-over-USB, enough to play audio on docks and whatnot.
01:33:23speachyjust needs someone motivated enough to port it to rockbox. :)
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01:39:35Lonoxmontspeachy: i thought it wasnt ported to rockbox because its proprietary etc
01:39:53Lonoxmontunless apple somehow released the specs for it
01:44:49speachythe original was just as proprietary
01:45:10speachyand rockbox is full of reverse-engineered stuff
01:45:29Lonoxmontyeah idk then
01:45:35Lonoxmontmaybe it was never a technical barrier
01:45:40Lonoxmontjust a political one
01:46:02Lonoxmontim guessing apple probably no longer cares that much about rockbox anymore
01:46:15Lonoxmontso might be safe to quietly pull in IAP over USB
01:46:19speachyit's more of a developer effort barrier
01:46:24Lonoxmontwell yeah it is now
01:46:48Lonoxmontwasnt few years back when i made some attempt to try ad get at the usb specs :V
01:47:48speachyapple has sued folks for shipping thigns that pretended to be ipods
01:48:48speachyrockbox does have a 1st-gen (serial) IAP implementation
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02:19:30_Bilgus<Lonoxmont> I think cockroach has verified that 2048 bytes sectors don't help but more data is always welcomed
02:20:28Lonoxmontim on linux, tell me what to run against the ipod and what modes etc and i will do it :V
02:20:48Lonoxmontprefer to not wipe it if i dont have to but if i do it is what it is
02:23:22 Quit S|h|a|w|n (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
02:25:13_Bilgusmost assuredly i'd need to be wiped
02:26:45Lonoxmonteh, i can back it up first
02:27:10Lonoxmontgetting at the storage directly might be a bit weird though since its a jbod across 4 sd cards
02:34:40 Join Nugettes [0] (
02:35:53NugettesHi I installed rockbox via rockbox utility with the combination of apple firmware already being in the disk. although rockbox still doesnt load when I hold the combinations MENU + PLAY.
02:40:16NugettesThe screen fades into black then when I stop holding the buttons the original apple firmware re appears.
02:50:42Lonoxmontmenu+play i dont think does anything
02:51:00Lonoxmontrockbox should boot by default after it is installed
02:51:21Lonoxmontso just start it with select
02:51:24Lonoxmontand dont touch anything
02:51:25Nugettesit doesnt...
02:51:51NugettesMenu select?
02:51:59Lonoxmontselect is the button in the middle
02:52:07Lonoxmontwhen an ipod is off that is how you wake it up
02:52:19Lonoxmontshould just be tap that and wait, dont toggle hold or do anything else
02:52:35Nugettesit should boot by default but it hasnt after I installed rockbox?
02:52:37Lonoxmontif you need to reboot select+menu, hold till it reboots
02:52:54Lonoxmontdid you have the utility install the bootloader?
02:53:32Lonoxmontwhat model of ipod
02:53:42speachyhuh, that was unexpected. I now have a 4.9.4-compiled archos image.
02:53:44NugettesIpod 6 gen
02:54:05 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
02:54:13Lonoxmonthmm, cant remember if 6 gen needs special handling...
02:54:16Lonoxmontlemme look
02:55:31Lonoxmontdoesnt say much on the wiki about it
02:55:51Lonoxmonti would try telling the utility to uninstall and reinstall rockbox and see what happens
02:56:00NugettesRockbox utility recognized the device as well?
02:56:06Lonoxmontalso make sure you have the latest version of it
02:56:27Lonoxmonthmm, if it autodetected it should have worked
02:57:07Nugettesthe latest version is 3.1 right?
02:58:29Lonoxmont1.4.1 according to wiki
02:58:52Nugettesthe latest one doesnt work on my computer it crashes..
02:59:09Lonoxmontwhat os are you running?
02:59:38Lonoxmontwhat version of windows
03:00:03Lonoxmont32 or 64 bit?
03:00:19Lonoxmontthat might be the problem, idk if 1.4.1 has a 32 bit build
03:00:28Nugettesoh okay
03:02:06Lonoxmontand unfortunately it looks like 1.4.1 or better is the build where ipod 6g support was implemented
03:02:24 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
03:03:01Lonoxmontadded in, made working etc
03:03:19Nugetteslooks like Ill have to try a more recent version
03:03:40Lonoxmontlemme take a look at the binary in the win32 build
03:04:43Lonoxmonthmm, i think it might still work on a 32 bit machine
03:04:59Lonoxmontwhat error do you get when it crashes?
03:05:55Nugettesim not exactly sure as I can not remember but it did tell me something like It was not compatible with the system
03:06:23Lonoxmont try this and screenshot any error it gives you
03:07:30Nugettesso it says
03:07:50Nugettestheres a kernerl that couldnt be specified in the system
03:08:40Lonoxmontanything else?
03:09:04Nugettesthats it then it stops working and winow closes the program
03:09:47Lonoxmontyeah idk, probably going to need one of the people more familiar with this to handle it
03:10:14Nugetteswhats the latest version that supports 6 gen?
03:10:23Lonoxmontspeachy: ping
03:10:38speachyhmm? version of rbutil?
03:11:01 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@
03:11:17Lonoxmonthes on win7 32 bit
03:11:27Lonoxmontgetting a crash in rbutil
03:11:40Lonoxmonti gave him 1.4.1
03:11:45Nugettesit may be a vista.. not certain
03:12:05 Quit S|h|a|w|n (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:12:14speachythere have been nearly no changes in rbutil since then
03:14:23speachyI don't think I can cross-compile it for windows with what I have set up now
03:14:41Nugettesyea its a vista..
03:15:08Lonoxmontvista was always a really weird os
03:15:13Lonoxmontlits like half-baked win7
03:15:19NugettesI can try version 3.0
03:15:23Lonoxmontwith a lot of xp
03:15:34Lonoxmonti mean you can but afaik that version doesnt support your ipod
03:15:51NugettesI did before ...
03:16:04Lonoxmonttry 1.4.0, idk if that has 6g support or not
03:16:23Nugettesmaybe its the logic board that got switched out??
03:16:35NugettesI changed the logic board for a new one...
03:16:55Lonoxmontdid you reinitialise the ipod uding itunes after that?
03:16:57Nugetteslogic board could be a different model not sure?
03:17:08Lonoxmontalso yeah that could be causing problems as well
03:17:42Lonoxmontwhat does itunes see the ipod as?
03:17:49NugettesIts not getting recognized on iTunes either
03:18:02Nugettesbut the computer itself recognizes it
03:18:12Lonoxmontyeha if itunes doesnt like it something is wrong
03:18:20Lonoxmontalso not helping is your really old OS
03:18:34NugettesDoesnt the 80gb and 160gb logic board look different?
03:18:44Lonoxmontidk for the g6
03:18:51Lonoxmontall i have is a 5.5 video
03:18:58NugettesI ordered an 80gb version
03:19:10Nugetteshmm ill restart the ipod on itunes
03:20:08Nugettesheres the SN of the model
03:20:52NugettesSN: 8N748RVSYMV
03:21:28Lonoxmontis that what itunes sees or off the case or what
03:21:40Lonoxmontif you replaced the logic board case SN goes out the window
03:21:44Nugettesthis is what itunes displays the ipod model as
03:25:29Nugetteswait but thats the SN
03:25:53 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
03:26:50Lonoxmontaccording to apple site the YMV makes it a first gen classic
03:26:54NugettesI restired the ipd on itunes
03:27:05Nugettesill check
03:29:11Nugettesits MB147LL
03:32:05Lonoxmontnow that itunes likes it again, maybe try version 1.4.0 of rbutil
03:32:25Nugettesthat version doesnt work with my os.
03:32:34Nugettesill try an older version
03:33:02Lonoxmonti mean you can run as old a version as you want, but if it doesnt have support for your ipod model it snot going to help you much
03:33:57Lonoxmontalso 1.4.0 is not the same as 1.4.1
03:34:08Nugettesohh okay
03:34:17Lonoxmont1.4.1 was built late 2019 looks like
03:34:27Lonoxmont1.4.0 was early 2014
03:35:00Lonoxmontso it probably has a better chance of running on your ancient machine
03:35:25Nugetteshad to close my ipod as I left it open after I repaired
03:36:10 Quit sherbets (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
03:36:26Nugettes4.0 works with my os
03:37:43Nugettesokay I instaled it
03:39:02Nugetteswhen installing does it ask for certain buttons to be selected during installation also a beep can be heard correct?
03:40:28Lonoxmontdo whatever it says when it tells you to do it
03:40:41Lonoxmontim not imtimately familiar with 6g install process
03:40:41Nugettesokay I already installed it
03:41:58Nugetteshmm I restarted it apple logo still loads not rockbox.
03:42:24Nugettesisnt there a way to over wright apple files?
03:42:48Lonoxmontnot a good idea
03:43:08Lonoxmontalso the apple logo should load initially, then if everything goes well it will switch over to rockbox
03:43:11NugettesApple wont let rockbox load..
03:43:31Nugettesyea it didnt do thar
03:43:50 Quit randomguy1024 (Remote host closed the connection)
03:44:15Lonoxmontyeah idk man
03:44:26Lonoxmonttry and find a friend with a newer machine to try the latest version of rbutil on
03:44:42Nugettesits worked on here before
03:44:51Lonoxmontor burn and boot from a linux livecd and run the latest version there
03:44:59NugettesDont know whats the issue now...
03:45:05 Quit cockroach (Quit: leaving)
03:45:16Nugettesitunes must be stopping it from booting
03:45:31Lonoxmontyeah itunes needs to be not running to run the rbutil properly
03:45:44Lonoxmontthat might also be why 1.4.1 was crashing
03:46:01Nugettesitunes wasnt open when I had 1.4.1 open
03:46:06Lonoxmontbut was it running
03:46:12Lonoxmontitunes likes to silently start when you log in
03:46:33NugettesI made sure to stop itunes from booting in task manager
03:48:21Lonoxmontyeha idk then
03:48:39Lonoxmonttry and find a local library thats still open and try and use one of their machines if its newer than yours and see if that helps
03:48:47Lonoxmontmaybe netcafe or gmaing lounge
03:48:47Nugetteshmmm is there a specific file that helps diskmode boot?
03:49:44Nugettesill try that tomorrow
03:51:02Nugettesdisk mode has a specific file right?
03:52:14Lonoxmontidk on yours
03:52:22Lonoxmonti think its part of the apple firmware on 6g
03:52:35Lonoxmonti just know somoene who removed the apple firmware form his 6g didnt have it anymore
03:52:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:53:37Lonoxmontid say if you can try and at least update your machine to win7 if it has enough hardware
03:53:48 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@2600:6c58:4c7f:936b:4171:c48c:b0a5:4b29)
03:53:52Lonoxmonti think that might be the oldest version of winodws currently supported, least according to the wiki
03:54:48NugettesI have another machine with wind 7.. Ill try it on that
03:56:44Lonoxmontyeah try that and let us know how it goes
03:59:58Nugettesalright thanks for the help!
04:03:22 Join massiveH [0] (
04:04:17Nugettesim gonna try on the other computer real quick
04:21:37NugettesHi I just installed
04:21:50Nugettesthe newest version of rockbox on the ipod
04:21:56Nugettesin the new OS
04:22:10Nugettesbut it didn't load within the ipod.
04:32:03 Quit koniu (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
04:32:35NugettesI think I see what I did wrong
04:32:44NugettesBootloader wasnt checked in
04:34:46Nugettesin rockboc utility
04:38:01 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
04:45:06 Join koniu [0] (~koniu@gateway/tor-sasl/koniu)
04:48:47NugettesI successfuly installed rockbox
04:53:59NugettesI have a problem... I installed rockbox but I am still limited to 128GB...
04:55:38_Bilgushow much space should it have?
04:56:10NugettesIt limited to 128gb
04:56:56NugettesI left the original apple firmware and I even installed it with rockbox utility
04:57:19NugettesI'm not sure what I did wrong...?
04:58:15_Bilguswell it'll still be limited in the OF but rb should utilize all of it but I'm not sure how you proceed
04:59:44NugettesRockbox should be able to exceed that
05:01:35NugettesMaybe I should reinstall it?
05:12:37_BilgusIts probably more like it needs to be formatted correctly or maybe a second partition
05:13:33NugettesI already fromatted all disks
05:13:40Nugettesinthe ipod they are all FAT 32
05:13:44Nugettesand so is the ipod
05:14:08NugettesI have to format the ipod with another software?
05:16:12NugettesI don't think I have that software
05:22:41NugettesWahts it called?
05:28:45NugettesWhat is it called?
05:36:21NugettesCan I use any freeware format programs to format?
05:36:35Nugettesor is there any recommended?
05:39:31Nugettesalright thx for the help!
05:39:35 Part Nugettes
05:40:18_Bilguswindows rufus or rmusbprep come to mind
05:40:26 Join Davian [0] (
05:40:37_BilgusI can't remember which is best lol
05:40:52 Part Davian
05:41:19 Join Nugettes [0] (
05:41:21NugettesAh okay
05:41:54NugettesTheres one I remember coming across it has a black usb logo I believe?
05:45:31_BilgusIn my vm it looks like rufus might be the better of the two but you might have something else that'd do better?
05:45:38Nugettesfound it its called rufus
05:46:23Nugetteswait if I format will I have to reinstall rockbox?
05:47:36_Bilgusyou could possibly use something like diskwizard?
05:47:45_Bilgusone of the partition managers
05:48:08Nugettesit will still erase all my contents right?
05:48:40_Bilgusyou could just resize partitions or possibly add another
05:48:59_BilgusI think its partition wizard or maybe partition magic?
05:49:33_Bilgusidk if either is still around or work for usb's no clue its been ages
05:49:46Nugetteshmm okay
05:49:59NugettesIll just use rufus and reinstall rockbox
05:51:39Nugettesah okay thanks
05:51:51NugettesHow do I re partition or create a new partition?
05:52:50_Bilgusit should be pretty evident whats going on in that program IIRC its a gui that shows how big the partition is and how big you can make it
05:52:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:53:17Nugettesah okay
05:53:20_Bilgusif you reformat it just set it for the max size
05:53:26NugettesIt seems I have to pay for it
05:53:37_Bilgustheres the free version
05:53:45Nugettesokay thanks
05:58:22Nugetteswhat is partition label?
05:59:24_Bilgusor leave it blank
05:59:36Nugettesah ok
06:04:41Nugetteswait will this remove the original firmaware as well?
06:04:58NugettesWill I only be with the rockbox firmware
06:07:59_Bilgusare you reformatting?
06:08:59NugettesI already reformatted it wiped all the contents
06:09:24NugettesI dont have a partition either its what read on rockbox
06:12:05_Bilgusok you need to do a format and put in a partition
06:12:22Nugetteshmm okay
06:12:23_Bilgusthe formatter should put in a partition for you
06:12:33_Bilgusotherwise you need to do it manually
06:13:28_Bilgusand yes you probably need to go back through iTunes to get your OF back on there
06:13:37_Bilgussorry iPods are not my thing
06:15:10NugettesIts not giving me the ability to create a partition after I deleted the partitions
06:15:56_Bilgusare you using rufus?
06:16:27Nugettesim using the program you asked
06:16:36Nugettestold me about
06:17:06_Bilgusthat shoul have allowed you to resize the partitions
06:17:24Nugettesit didnt..
06:17:29_Bilgusnot delete them
06:17:45_BilgusI'd just start over in rufus and reformat
06:19:42_BilgusBoot selection > Non bootable, Partition scheme > MBR File system FAT 32 try the default Cluster size
06:20:23_BilgusI'm doing this off their screenshot
06:21:37Nugettesalright im going to restart the ipod on itunes and reformat the ipod through rufus
06:21:41Nugettesthen install rockbox
06:22:21_Bilgusok i'd follow the guide for this part tbh
06:31:14 Quit sherbets (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
06:37:30Nugetteshmm rufus doesnt seem to want to run on this computer?
06:38:05_Bilgusoi task 1 install linux or a mordern OS lol
06:38:15_Bilgus*more modern*
06:38:36Nugetteshmm im gonna try on the other computer
06:40:10_Bilgusstop using that one lol
06:40:34Nugetteswindows 7?
06:40:49Nugettesit works on that one but not the one im currently on
06:41:29_Bilgushell I think win7 is even out of support
06:42:02Nugettesyes it is now but it works
06:42:17_Bilgusubuntu is not too bad it'll be faster and much more stable then you can run xp or vista in a vm if you like
06:42:50Nugettesshouls I install rockbox first or reformat the ipod?
06:43:47_Bilgusyou'll need to reformat first
06:44:02 Quit massiveH (Quit: Leaving)
06:45:35Nugetteshmmm im not able to click on anything
06:47:11Nugettesit only allows me to lcick on the boot section after that im not able to click on anything else
06:48:18Nugettesah ok I clicked on list usb hard drive
06:49:45Nugetteshmmm how am I going to keep the apple firmware after the format wiped everything off?
06:51:35Nugettesshould I copy the OF files off the disk and put them back in?
06:54:47Nugettesthis didnt work either...
06:55:04Nugettesminitool worked better..
07:01:01 Join Loeb [0] (~urp@
07:09:05Nugetteswhy do I only see126gb..
07:09:17NugettesI dont see the rest of the disk space..
07:18:05_Bilgusall I can fugure is that the OF makes it 128 gb again Idk but I'm sure someone else can help you with it that actually has an ipod
07:18:22_Bilgusmaybe you need to create several partitions IDK
07:19:59Nugetteshow do I ceate a partitiion with wizard
07:21:27_Bilgusjust wait till you hear back
07:21:42_Bilgusrather than risk screwing something up
07:22:37NugettesI think I already did..
07:24:14_Bilgusmeh doubt its anything too very bad
07:25:08NugettesI cant seem to find any unallocated space in minitool
07:25:53_Bilgusthats because you already formatted the max size
07:26:29_Bilgusbasically the drive is formatted properly but the ipod isn't showing it to you
07:26:48_BilgusI'm not familar enough with it to tell you why or how to fix it
07:27:01_BilgusI swore off apple quite a long while ago
07:27:49Nugettesmaybe diskpart could help??
07:29:41_Bilgusmaybe waiting for someone who has a extra large ipod WILL help lol
07:30:08Nugettes_builtin has an ipod..
07:31:00Nugettesnothing seems to be working...
07:31:09_Bilgushe's close to my timezone and in bed most likely
07:31:29Nugettesrufus did something wierd to the ipod..
07:32:02NugettesIt didnt resize the partition except kept it the same
07:33:50Nugetteswait i think I figured it out
07:34:00Nugettesthe ipod is ntsf
07:34:07_Bilgusthats odd maybe you already have multiple partitions on there
07:34:27_Bilgusyeah rb only supports fat32
07:34:33Nugettesthere should be an unallocated space
07:34:46Nugettesbut since its ntsf it doesnt see it
07:35:30_Bilgusthen you need to wipe all that out so yes diskpart might help
07:36:20Nugetteswhat do I do with diskpart?
07:36:36NugettesI dont know the exact steps but am familiar with it
07:37:03_Bilgusyou read online about how to use it
07:39:07_Bilgusjust be careful you get the right drive
07:39:52_Bilgushmm Although DiskPart is a great choice when Windows Disk Management and File Explorer fail to format hard drive to FAT32, it also shares a common limitation with the other two tools: they cannot format a large drive (over 32GB) to FAT32. When you try to perform such formatting task in Diskpart, you will receive an error message saying "The volume size is too big for FAT32"(as shown in the below screenshot).
07:40:12_Bilguswindows sure sucks for this
07:40:52Nugettesoh then what shall I dooo
07:40:56_Bilgusyou should be able to do it through partition wizard too
07:43:00Nugettesits not allowing me to resize
07:44:13_Bilgusthat first article recommended this:
07:44:23_Bilgusno clue..
07:44:35_BilgusI'd just use linux l9ol
07:45:50Nugettesi used diskpart last time and did something therer
07:46:17NugettesI deleted the partition and resuzed it to full space?
07:52:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:07:22Nugetteshmm im gonna try to reinstall rockbox
08:11:09NugettesI changed the file systrm to exfat and it loacted all the space
08:13:28_Bilgusrb ONLY supports Fat32
08:14:36_Bilguswindows builtin formatting doesn't support 2 TB drives so you need something that doesn't use the windows built-in utilities
08:15:22Nugettesrockbox is supposed to loacte the rest of the unallocated space rigth?
08:15:39Nugettesonce installed
08:22:25Nugettesmaybe rufus will do thejob
08:22:55Nugettesbut it turned the device into another device?
08:29:48_Bilgusyou might try RMPrepUSB I know one of them works for big usb drives
08:34:03Nugetteswhere can I download?
08:38:11Nugettesnvm i see it
08:44:55Nugettesnothing happens when I open it
08:46:08Nugetteswhat now?
08:46:55_BilgusI'm going to bed goodnight
08:47:14_Bilgushint its your pc
08:47:17Nugettesah ok
08:50:49 Part Nugettes
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09:56:10 Join advcomp2019 [0] (~advcomp20@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
09:57:48 Quit advcomp2019_ (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
11:01:57 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
11:40:26 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:42:16 Quit S|h|a|w|n (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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13:09:48 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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13:17:57 Join Rower [0] (
13:18:18 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
13:18:49 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
13:24:26 Quit Natch (Remote host closed the connection)
13:38:15 Join randomguy1024 [0] (
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14:10:45 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:13:13 Join cockroach [0] (~blattodea@pdpc/supporter/active/cockroach)
14:25:33 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
14:26:57 Join mikroflops [0] (
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14:29:44 Quit randomguy1024 (Remote host closed the connection)
14:36:18 Join Natch [0] (
14:41:17 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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15:15:05 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
15:39:20 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
15:48:41cockroachI wrote a bunch of scripts to analyze the ipod transfer issues and so far it seems that I can easily reproduce it with a few MB of data. what might be interesting is that all the failures seem to affect whole sectors (i.e. the corruption starts at an address that can be divided by 512).
15:49:37cockroachit would seem that the ipod just stops writing at those positions −− the remaining data is the stuff that used to be on the memory card before
15:50:31cockroachand I did manage to see a *PANIC* screen once. it said "mount: 0, pc:00071b8c sp:00100368", in case that helps.
15:50:57 Join mendel_munkis_ [0] (
15:51:43 Quit mendelmunkis (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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16:01:14 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@
16:15:25 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
16:15:26Lonoxmontcockroach: and in disk mode this didnt happen?
16:17:36cockroachLonoxmont: no, in disk mode it works reliably
16:18:14Lonoxmontso its specific to rockbox then
16:18:47Lonoxmonti dont suppose you also have an ipod with the smaller sectors?
16:19:05Lonoxmontmy guess is this is a corner case with the 5.5g ipods
16:24:50cockroachLonoxmont: i do have one of those, yes, but it's currently broken. spare parts should arrive later this week...
16:25:21Lonoxmontgonna be interesting if this is just a video issue
16:25:32Lonoxmontin which cas eim guessing the fix is 'use disk mode'
16:25:42Lonoxmontsince lel no devs
16:27:59 Quit sherbets (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:28:15 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@
16:29:37 Quit sherbets (Client Quit)
16:29:49 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@
16:30:09 Quit sherbets (Client Quit)
16:30:39 Join sherbets [0] (~Thunderbi@2600:6c58:4c7f:936b:4171:c48c:b0a5:4b29)
16:39:02cockroachLonoxmont: heh I hope we won't be limited to disk mode forever...
16:39:24Lonoxmonteh, imo its not the end of the world
16:39:27Lonoxmontleast in my use cases
16:39:33Lonoxmontits fast enough for what i do
16:39:37_Bilgusits not just the video
16:40:01_Bilgusits rb + iflash issue AFAIK
16:40:44_Bilguscockroach are you using the latest dev version?
16:40:45Lonoxmontdoes iflash do open source on their design and such?
16:40:59Lonoxmontmight be able to work with them or something on this
16:42:44_Bilgusgotta diagnose it first and we did work on them with this they sent _builtin one to try and test
16:43:30_Bilgussorry __builtin *magic incantation*
16:44:23 Join lezt [0] (
16:44:30 Quit koniu (Remote host closed the connection)
16:45:01 Join koniu [0] (~koniu@gateway/tor-sasl/koniu)
16:45:12 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:45:21 Quit lezt (Remote host closed the connection)
16:53:44cockroach_Bilgus: almost, a checkout from last sunday
16:54:35_Bilgusyou'll need the map file by a checkout I assume you compiled it?
16:54:58cockroachwhat map file?
16:55:40cockroachindeed it's there
16:56:11_Bilgusthe one generated by compiling the build rockbox.maap
16:56:34cockroachaye. and what do I do with it?
16:56:37_Bilguslol so now look in it for what function is at that pc
16:57:00_Bilgus*or near it*
16:57:27_Bilgusor pastebin it and I can look
16:58:50cockroachthe closest (lower) one would be usb_status_event at 0x00000000000718ac
16:59:45cockroachbut it's pastebinned at
16:59:58cockroachin case you would like to have a look yourself
17:00:44cockroach(need to go buy some food, back soon)
17:07:47_BilgusI'd concur with that function
17:08:04 Quit sherbets (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:31:33 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
17:42:26cockroachoh this is fun: I just tried a different iflash adapter (one that uses a compactflash card) and that one seems to work flawlessly.
17:42:47cockroachi.e. it's only rockbox + iflash + sdcard
17:44:14 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:44:44cockroachgood thing I just ordered a big sd card ...
17:45:31gevaertsCF cards are directly ATA compatible (at least not the very old ones), so CF adapters tend to be simple passthrough
17:46:21cockroachah right, that makes some sense then.
17:49:25 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
17:53:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:53:36cockroachLonoxmont: I managed to revive the 512-bytes-per-sector ipod, the same thing happens there too, so it's not limited to 2k ipods
17:56:04Lonoxmontthats weird
17:56:13Lonoxmonthopefully we can work with iflash on this
18:02:28 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
18:03:42cockroachhmm, I wonder whether I have an account on the forums. *some*body has one with my name, but I'm not sure whether that's me or not :)
18:04:18Lonoxmontthankfully my name is rare enough that usually i dont have that issue :V
18:05:02gevaertsI can look at that account and confirm if you like
18:05:48cockroachoh, that would be nice
18:06:54gevaertsUsername "cockroach"?
18:08:07 Quit St3ak (Quit: Free ZNC ~ Powered by LunarBNC:
18:08:23 Join St3ak [0] (
18:08:34*gevaerts now tries to think of an authentication method that does not leak data :)
18:08:42cockroachheh, same here :)
18:08:53cockroachlet me /query you
18:23:54 Join sherbets1 [0] (~Thunderbi@
18:31:51 Join lebellium [0] (
18:56:43 Join Nugettes [0] (
18:57:37 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
18:58:08NugettesHi I successfuly installed rockbox to my Ipod but was still left with 128gb. Although if I format im left with only the rockbox firmware and the apple firmware gone after format? Looks like I dont have the option to keep both firmware.
18:59:13NugettesAny ideas to work around this problem?
19:11:06LonoxmontNugettes: lok into using the gparted livecd to extend the fat32 partition on your ipod
19:11:23Lonoxmontits what i use for most dicking around with partitions
19:11:34_Bilgusyeah good idea use LINUX
19:12:20Lonoxmonta livecd wont touch your machine unless you tell it to
19:12:26Lonoxmontso its relatively safe
19:12:48Lonoxmontyou can also use a usb drive instead of a cd if you want but thats usually not as universal in most pc firmware
19:13:40NugettesHow much space would a usb need?
19:13:43Nugettesi mean a cd
19:14:05Lonoxmonta cd holds ~700mb so thats what the image you would be burning to it maxes out at
19:14:18Lonoxmonti dont think gparted live is that big
19:15:33NugettesThats strange i individually selerated all four disc and formatted all to fat32 ... then inserted them back in
19:15:43Lonoxmontyeah that wont work
19:15:55Lonoxmontthat just makes 4 individual fat32 filesystems
19:16:00Lonoxmontthey dont automatically add together
19:16:13NugettesHow would I keep the apple firmware after I format?
19:16:21Lonoxmontby not reformatting at all
19:16:34Lonoxmontits possible to use software to resize a partition as long as you have space on the device to do it in
19:16:57 Join MrZeus [0] (
19:18:00NugettesI was told to keep both rockbox and apple firmware to keep diskmode just incase any emergencies although i came across a problem whenI format the apple firmware is wiped and if I restart it with Itunes it goes back to 128gb
19:18:33Lonoxmontalright so
19:18:35NugettesResizing the partition didnt work for me either all it showed was 128gb as well
19:18:40Lonoxmonti think for us to give you any meaningful support
19:18:44Lonoxmontyou are going to need to learn some things
19:19:32Lonoxmontgo read up on the difference between a partition and a filesystem, the difference between reformatting and resizing is
19:20:09Lonoxmontread up what a livecd is, how to burn one
19:20:15Lonoxmontget gparted live, look up how to work it
19:21:17NugettesYea I know what a Livecd is and how formstting and resizing works although when resizing it was still limited to 127gb
19:21:58Lonoxmontyou need to be in an operating system that can see how large the storage actually is on the ipod
19:21:59NugettesIm not sure how to find the rest of the unallocated space.
19:22:11Nugettes Ah ok
19:22:30Lonoxmontif itunes or whatever you are using takes the partition table as gospel as to the size of the storage, you arent going to get anywhere unless you can change that table
19:22:48 Quit sherbets1 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:23:20Lonoxmontso i would reccomend gparted livecd, boot one of your computers into that and connect the ipod
19:23:31NugettesIt worked before... but I got rid of apple
19:23:35Lonoxmontit should then show up in gparted as a device you can edit and then you should be able to extend the partition
19:23:50Lonoxmontyou probably wiped the entire thing and started from scratch with a fresh partitintable
19:24:04Lonoxmontdoing so will wipe out the firmware partition apple uses for its firmware that is installed by itunes
19:24:41Lonoxmontagain, it should be possible to modify the existing fat32 partition using software that can see past what the ipod is reporting
19:24:54Lonoxmontwhich is easiest in a non-windows environment
19:26:02Lonoxmonti am familiar with the gparted livecd environment and can walk you through it if you set that up
19:26:02NugettesThat would be easy If I had a livecd to run on the computer.
19:26:15Lonoxmontall you need is a writeable cd or a usb drive you arent using
19:26:25NugettesAh. Ok
19:27:03NugettesI'll have to look for a cd
19:29:32NugettesThen what will I do?
19:29:37Lonoxmonta usb drive you dont mind wiping will also work
19:29:55Lonoxmontyou download the iso image and use whatever burning software you have to write it to the cd
19:30:12Lonoxmontlet me check and see what i use on windows...
19:30:50Lonoxmont these guys
19:31:18Lonoxmontthis also assumes you have a drive capable of writing a cd, which in theory you should have on a computer new enough to run windows 7
19:31:24Lonoxmontidk about the vista machine, it might be too old
19:31:36Lonoxmontit should mention cd writing somewhere on the face of the drive
19:32:05NugettesHmm ok
19:34:29NugettesThis shouldn't be to hard. It shows step by step imageson how to do it
19:38:54Lonoxmontalso you will probably have to have the ipod in disk mode to get at the entire storage
19:39:03Lonoxmontidk if it will show the whole storage running normally
19:39:33NugettesDisk image runs by pressing certain buttons?
19:39:56Lonoxmontdusk mode is usually select+play/pause at boot of ipod
19:39:59Lonoxmontdisk mode
19:40:24Lonoxmontso reboot with select+menu then immediately switch down to select+play/pause once it reboots
19:42:39NugettesOk but first I have to find a CD
19:43:01Lonoxmontyou can also use a usb drive that you dont mind wiping
19:45:01NugettesHmm I dont have any usb
19:48:28NugettesWhat If The cd doesnt boot after I installed the Live firmware
19:52:29Lonoxmontyou might need to go into the firmware on your pc and adjust the boot order to include the cd drive, if it doesnt just let you outright pick where to boot from as a one-off
19:52:44Lonoxmontusually to get there its one of the function keys while it is booting
19:53:01Lonoxmontcommon ones are f8, f12, sometimes f2
19:53:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:53:32Lonoxmonti cant tell form here which one it is for your specific machine but usually there should be text on the screen saying press whatever to get to setup
19:53:41Lonoxmontor press whatever for boot options
19:56:18NugettesAh ok
19:57:03Nugetteswouldn't a blue screen with BIOS show up to select the specific Os you would want to boot after pressing F12
19:57:32Lonoxmontquite possible, again i dont have your machine in front of me to test but yes it hsould let you select where to boot from
19:57:50Lonoxmontyou would want in this case to boot from the cd drive that has the livecd in it
19:58:42 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
19:59:05Lonoxmontalso, if you havent already, have some method of getting onto irc that isnt the machine you are booting into the livecd
19:59:22Lonoxmontthe livecd does have networking support but its probably going to be unfamiliar to get to
20:00:49 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
20:01:26speachywas there anyone out there with an archos target willing to be a guinea pig?
20:10:17 Quit Nugettes (Remote host closed the connection)
20:17:40 Quit craftyguy (Remote host closed the connection)
20:18:29 Join craftyguy [0] (~craftyguy@qutebrowser/dev/craftyguy)
20:20:29 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:24:16 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:07:43 Quit TheLemonMan (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:38:30 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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21:53:23 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
21:57:17 Quit S|h|a|w|n (Client Quit)
22:30:38 Join dimqua [0] (~quassel@2a01:4f9:2a:14e2:335::9b45)
22:34:49dimquaHi. Are there any recommendations on how to encode music for Rockbox players? And/or Sansa Clip+ specifically.
22:38:54speachyrockbox supports pretty much every codec that's commonly used, and several that don't.
22:39:44speachyother than being careful of mp4 (bigger files can cause rockbox to choke; this is a problem inherent to mp4 unfortunately) pretty much go with whatever sounds good to your ears.
22:40:41speachynewer codecs produce better quality for a given file size, and the clip+ is fast enough to play any format.
22:46:13 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:47:36Lonoxmontspeachy: what devices are archos targets?
22:51:22 Quit ufdm (Quit: Leaving)
22:52:01gevaertsIf you have to ask, you don't have one :)
22:52:12gevaertsThe Archos targets are the ones made by Archos
22:58:40_Bilgusdimqua, mp3/flac/opus
22:59:51_Bilgusif you have the room + quality source of recordings flac
23:00:22_Bilgusmp3 will be the easiest on battery life
23:02:01_Bilguscockroach, thanks for the write up
23:03:08cockroach_Bilgus: you're welcome
23:04:00cockroachand thanks for making it sticky, I feel honoured :)
23:04:04_BilgusI also added linux to your list of things needed
23:04:19dimqua_Bilgus: even mp3 320?
23:04:30cockroachah yes, that makes sense
23:04:41_Bilgusdimqua sure
23:05:25dimquais opus, for example, much battery-hungry?
23:05:44_Bilgusuh let me find the comparison webpage
23:06:21cockroach(also, the kangaroo thing might be the greatest spam protection ever)
23:06:55Lonoxmontkangaroo thing?
23:09:05cockroachthe captcha on the forums
23:09:53_Bilgusdimqua scroll down till you get to the clipzip one
23:11:08_Bilgusprobably easier to just search for Clip Zip
23:11:30_Bilgusanyways those results are a bit old but will still give you an idea
23:12:58_Bilgusif it was 100% or less of runtime then the device is going to skip
23:13:16_Bilgusso read it as higher % = better battery life
23:13:46dimqua_Bilgus: do you mean "realtime"?
23:13:57_Bilgusyes sorry realtime
23:14:27gevaertsWell, 100% would not leave anything for other stuff, so realistically you need 120% or so
23:16:26 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:18:45dimqua_Bilgus: FLAC has 2500% realtime, mp3 has 700-800%. Does it mean FLAC is easier on battery?
23:19:33_Bilgussure bu hard on space
23:19:43_Bilgusflac takes up more room per file
23:19:54_Bilgusbut is higher quality
23:20:21dimquaWhy not choose Musepack, for example?
23:20:30_Bilguswell garbage in garbage out but if given good quality original file then it will be good quality out
23:21:26_Bilgusnever tried it I have mp3 flac and opus thats probably tes same for most people
23:22:59dimquatbh I think it's a bit pointless to encode (by yourself) to such a popular format such as mp3, since you can download it anywhere. :-)
23:24:37_Bilgusdepends a lot on space, file quality, what your other devices support
23:26:32dimquado any of you think it worth using WavPack Lossy?
23:26:52gevaertsOn hard disk devices, larger files means more disk spinups, which means more power usage that way
23:32:35 Quit amiconn (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
23:32:35 Quit pixelma (Quit: .)
23:34:00 Join amiconn [0] (jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:34:00 Join pixelma [0] (marianne@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
23:48:18speachyLonoxmont, the archos targets are the very first devices Rockbox was written for. They are... very, very obsolete.
23:53:10speachyand are also the only ones to do the codec (mp3 only) in hardware.
23:53:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:52_Bilgusare are going to be removed (soon?)

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