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#rockbox log for 2020-04-01

00:02:56speachyI hope!
00:03:51speachyBut I am curious to see if the images I built with a more modern toolchain work. It would be nice to sweep everything forward to the same level. :)
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00:08:58_Bilgussure but it's on thechopping block it'll be gone before next release
00:09:05*pixelma still likes her OndioFM
00:09:27pixelmaalthough I seldom use it, I admit
00:09:33_Bilgusdoes it have HW_Codec?
00:10:06_Bilgusyou said you stopped updating it though?
00:10:10pixelmaand I haven't updated Rockbox in years
00:10:27speachypixelma, feel like trying out some highly experimental code? :)
00:10:33_BilgusIIRC it was a size constraint?
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00:13:32speachypixelma: http:/
00:13:42Lonoxmont>mp3 codec implemented in hardware
00:13:44Lonoxmontnani the fuck
00:14:04speachyneedless to say, I recommend stashing away your .rockbox dir first.
00:15:48pixelmaspeachy: not sure I want that... also, my Ondio would need an advanced build (it's backlight modded - , last picture is mine)
00:16:11pixelmawell, it would work without but the backlight wouldn't
00:16:30speachyeasy enough to fix..
00:17:10speachyokay, that's now a backlight-enabled build. :)
00:18:11Lonoxmontthat was an oddly fast recompile :V
00:18:41speachyfrom a clean build dir to a zip file.. in 15s. :)
00:18:57Lonoxmontdamn son
00:19:21speachythe archos targets are quite fast to build, due to their much-reduced feature set
00:19:49speachy(plus 8 cores and an SSD)
00:20:04pixelmaLonoxmont: sound is better than quite a few other swcodec players playing mp3 files (e.g. my c200 is way worse, the M5 is probably better though)
00:20:31pixelmait also depends on the other hardware like the DAC etc.
00:20:50speachyI suspect the sound quality is more to do with the the DAC, amps, and other analog-y things
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00:26:12pixelmaspeachy: downloaded the build now but probably not going to test right now (past midnight here and I'm currently also doing other hobby-ish things currently)
00:28:01pixelmahurr... what a sentence. I guess I'm a bit too tired already
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00:31:57dimquado you aware about this fork?
00:32:05cockroachI'm trying to add a new option to rockbox' configuration. is there a document somewhere describing how to do that or should I just poke around in the code and see how it was done before?
00:33:22cockroachoh, I just noticed, the thing that I'm trying to make configurable happens before the settings are loaded.
00:40:19cockroachhmm still, it could be done. I'm wondering, in apps/main.c, before checking whether the hold button is turned on, would it be a problem if we loaded the current settings regardless of the hold position?
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00:50:26_Bilguswhat are you trying to make configurable?
00:52:46cockroachI would like to run my ipod with its keypad locked all the time, thus I'm trying to add an option to disable the settings_reset on poweron when the hold button is on
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00:56:07_Bilgusit wouldn't be an issue to load them I don't think
00:57:37_Bilgusproblem is there might be an issue of reloading them
00:59:08cockroachwhy would that be a problem?
01:00:11_BilgusIdk if you can reload the defaults after things get init'd just guessing atm still looking at the code
01:01:36__builtindimqua: yes
01:01:43__builtinspeachy has merged many of his patches into the mainline
01:04:23_Bilguscockroach ok here we go you could do the load with apply = FALSE
01:05:23_Bilgusdo your thing then either call settings_apply(True) or reset them
01:06:10cockroach_Bilgus: interesting. that would be settings_load_config, right?
01:07:16_Bilgusrejigger it to call that instead of the settings_load call
01:07:17cockroachso I would probably have to load both, CONFIGFILE as well as FIXEDSETTINGSFILE
01:07:33_Bilgussame as usual yes
01:08:22_Bilgusas long as you don't apply the settings then reset them I don't think you'll have an issue
01:08:29cockroachhmm, but doesn't settings_load do just that? call settings_load_config(..., false)?
01:09:56_Bilgusyep sure enough its already set up that way
01:10:55_Bilgusas far as the settings menus go I don't think there is a guide but the code is documented sorta ok
01:11:06cockroachso if I just moved the call to settings_load out of the else block and put it before the whole button_hold stuff, that should do the trick, right?
01:11:21_Bilgusjust make sure you keep track of your conditional defines and the order you have the settings in
01:11:56_Bilguslooks to be the case to me
01:11:57cockroachyeah, the menu seems to work, I just need to figure out where exactly to put the option.
01:12:29cockroachthe defines are what's currently causing some headaches, I'll try to get them right...
01:12:46cockroachrgr then, thanks
01:12:57_BilgusIIRC you need to keep the menu variable synched between the c and h file
01:13:25_Bilgusmight be thinking of something else though like the plugins file
01:23:01_Bilgusah looking at it I don't think its a requirement perhaps just the rule
01:23:20_Bilgussettings.h and settings_list.c
01:27:01cockroachah right, so I should make the same modifications to both files. makes sense.
01:37:37speachydimqua, yeah, I've probably managed to get about half of his patches merged in one form or another. Many more to go, but I had to step back from this stuff for a while
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01:54:32speachyI'd guessimate that about 50% of what remains isn't likely to ever get merged, but the rest I'd like to see get in.
02:03:52cockroach_Bilgus: what about documentation? I suppose I should also submit a patch against that?
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02:40:44speachyyeah, it needs to go into the manual too
02:52:25cockroachyeah I was going to ask where that was kept, but I found it...
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13:55:30speachyuser890104, looks like your builder hiccupped again.
13:56:45user890104well, it seems to have enough space available
13:57:36user890104looks like gcc crashed...
13:59:49 Join MrZeus [0] (
13:59:52user890104i removed the sdl capability
14:00:55speachygcc crashing is a sign there's something not quite right with your system
14:01:35speachytake it offline for a full fsck, perhaps?
14:01:40gevaertsYou could try running that exact same build again and see if it has the same issue
14:01:50user890104it's a lxc container on top of zfs, it does other strange things from time to time
14:02:02gevaertsIf you're going to check things, I'd also check RAM
14:02:20*gevaerts has no advice about container things
14:02:38speachycontainers multiply the "stuff-to-go-wrong" surface considerably
14:03:26speachyyeah, does the container have sufficent available RAM? Maybe you are right on the hairy edge..
14:03:56user890104there's no ram or disk limit, the host machine is barely used
14:04:35*speachy nods.
14:04:58user890104i just wanted to separate them, so i can give someone access to individual containers
14:05:39user890104if it continues to cause issues, i'll disable the builder, and look into migrating on a more stable environment
14:14:26speachyhow many capabilities do you advertise?
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14:33:44*speachy pings scorche through the forums.
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22:05:34NugettesI have bad news... My pc isnt opening a disk and the other computer isnt mine to use freely..
22:05:48NugettesOpening the CD slot.
22:07:15NugettesNot sure what to do with a broken CD slot...
22:10:56NugettesMight as well get rid of apple and just use rockbox if apple is only going to limit me to 128gb...
22:32:06Nugettesim trying to install rockbox escept
22:32:18NugettesI keep getting a there is no mount point
22:32:54chillmasterdid you mount it?
22:33:29Nugettesuh I think so?
22:33:41NugettesIt was mounted before
22:34:23chillmasteris the ipod fat formatted?
22:35:24chillmasteryou might need to remount it manually during the installation process.
22:35:43Nugetteshmm ok how do I do this?
22:36:04chillmasterjust click on the icon of your ipod in the file browser of your choice
22:36:14chillmasterit might be listed, but not mounted
22:36:20chillmasterbut idk how it's on windows tbh
22:36:53NugettesIt was working bwfore..
22:37:12NugettesI installed rockbox and it only loaded 128gb...
22:37:29Nugetteswith the apple firmware
22:39:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:39:30 Quit amiconn (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
22:39:30 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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22:56:38Nugetteshmm the ipod is there its just not mounted?
23:10:26 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
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23:11:28Lonoxmonta9c0027 ...
23:11:28DBUGEnqueued KICK Lonoxmont
23:11:28Lonoxmont... d0&th=1
23:12:10Lonoxmontanyhow its a 16gb flash drive (which is wya more than we need to gparted live) for like 7 dollars
23:12:14Lonoxmontorder that
23:12:25Lonoxmontwhen it gets in, let me know and i ill walk you through getting gparted onto it
23:12:44Nugettesoh okay
23:12:53NugettesI was going to use a CD...
23:13:01Lonoxmontyeah i saw, the drive wont open
23:13:17Lonoxmontso unless oyu have an external cd drive lying about usb is the next option
23:13:20Nugettesthe CD slot
23:13:42NugettesI can try it on another computer
23:14:05Lonoxmontagain, if you have a usb drive similar to the one i linked available, and dont mind erasing it, we can put gparted live on it now
23:14:13Lonoxmontotherwise order one and wait for it to get in
23:15:45Nugettesthis is sum bullshit..
23:16:30NugettesGetting rid of the OF will get rockbox to work but I guess thats not an option
23:17:33NugettesNow the mount is not being recognized :?
23:17:40Lonoxmonti would have linked you to a site selling gparted live already on flash drives, but apparantly they closed down years ago
23:18:07Lonoxmontonce we get gparted live running a lot of this toruble becomes easier
23:18:19Lonoxmontlinux is a lot more flexible as far as getting at things
23:18:39NugettesIve never used it before..
23:18:56NugettesI do have some spare CDs that I boot it from
23:19:20Lonoxmontthe cds dont help you if the drive you want to use them in wont open
23:19:24NugettesI can use it on the other computer which is not mine)
23:19:44NugettesIt will surely work on there
23:20:09Lonoxmontworth a try if they are willing to let you use it for this
23:20:27 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:20:38Nugettesbrb gonna get it
23:21:00Lonoxmontjust to be absolutely safe as far as data loss, we should probably temporarily disconnect the power to the existing hard drives in the machine when we go to use it for gparted
23:21:21Lonoxmontbut that happens once you have a disc ready to go
23:22:00Nugettesill be on another device to chat brb
23:22:04 Part Nugettes
23:23:42 Join Nugettes [0] (
23:23:45NugettesOk back
23:24:29NugettesWhat should I do
23:25:27NugettesIm inserting the CD
23:25:48Lonoxmontdid you install imgburn?
23:26:01NugettesNot yet
23:26:04Nugettesi, not sure how
23:26:53NugettesThere us 300mb free
23:26:58Lonoxmontis this machine you are using a laptop or a desktop?
23:27:25Lonoxmontalright, put the file i linked on the desktop then double click it
23:28:44Lonoxmontdid you get imgburn installed?
23:28:59NugettesThe wifi is down give me a few
23:31:17Lonoxmontis the disc you put in blank?
23:31:27Lonoxmontif it has stuff on it we might need a blank one
23:31:47Nugettesill move the files else where
23:32:05Lonoxmontits a cd, you cant really move files on and off at will unless its a cd-rw
23:32:17Lonoxmontand even then it usually requires an erase cycle to do it
23:32:42NugettesSo just delete everything on it?
23:33:06Lonoxmontyou can, but it wont reclaim any space unless its a cd-rw or a dvd-ram disc
23:33:34Lonoxmontif its just a cd-r, those are essentially one time write for most use cases
23:34:05Lonoxmontit is possible to 'delete' data off it, but because the data is already burned into the data area of the disc all you are doing is marking that entry invalid
23:34:07NugettesHang on let me get a different one
23:35:11NugettesIts claiming that the download is dangerous
23:35:26Lonoxmontfor imgburn?
23:35:28Lonoxmontshouldnt be
23:35:36Lonoxmontlemme look at another host of it then
23:36:58NugettesOkay so you told me to open it?
23:37:57NugettesThis CD has 3GB
23:38:06Lonoxmontdoesnt sounds like a cd
23:38:08Lonoxmontsounds like a dvd
23:38:17NugettesYea its a dvd
23:38:19Lonoxmontwe can use it, but it would be kind of a waste
23:38:35NugettesWhat do you mean?
23:38:49NugettesIt has Windows Xp set up on it
23:38:51Lonoxmontwell the image we are burning to it isnt all that large, a couple hundred mb at most
23:38:58Lonoxmontso the rest of the dvd wouldnt really be useful
23:39:04NugettesAh ok
23:39:27Lonoxmontif you dont have any blanks thats fine
23:39:28Lonoxmontorder some
23:39:31Lonoxmontif you can
23:39:42Lonoxmontor just get a usb drive for cheap off amazon and use that instead
23:39:56Lonoxmontthose are a lot easier to reclaim vs trying to clear out space on optical media
23:40:09NugettesHmmm Ok
23:40:14NugettesI still want to try
23:40:22NugettesIm moving the files off of it
23:40:32NugettesAnd then deleting it
23:40:36Lonoxmontdont really listen well do you
23:40:43Lonoxmontmoving files
23:40:46Lonoxmontoff a cd
23:40:49Lonoxmontdoesnt free space
23:40:52Nugettes:I oh
23:41:02Lonoxmontunless its a rewriteable disc which by default they arent
23:41:05NugettesDx okay okay ill just buy the usb
23:41:08Lonoxmontand even then only after an erase cycle
23:41:29 Part dimqua (" ")
23:44:47NugettesWell Ill just buy the usb
23:45:02NugettesIll be right back
23:45:05 Quit Nugettes (Remote host closed the connection)
23:51:18 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:54:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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