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#rockbox log for 2020-04-02

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00:10:19Nugettesok back
00:13:37Nugettescan I install rockbox and resize the partition with linux??
00:15:07NugettesThe other computer can read the mountpoint on the ipod but not this computer..
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01:04:41Nugettesokay I mounted Rockbox onto the ipod now the only problem I have is resizing or reallocating the other part of storage on there.
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01:06:52Nugettesill have to buy that usb..
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01:25:29Nugettesthx for the info Lonoxmont!
01:25:51NugettesLonoxmont I'll notify you when I get the usb
01:26:00 Part Nugettes
01:27:23scorchespeachy: : sorry - I am around, but just taking care of a lot at the moment. I keep meaning to reach out to you and then I keep telling myself "tomorrow"...
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03:48:05speachyscorche, believe me, I understand how that goes. the oldest thing in my inbox dates from June of last year.
03:48:48speachycompletely coincidentally, I think I have a working/migrated
03:50:38speachyscorche, send me an email and I'll add you to my migration google doc
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08:02:51__builtinspeachy: yay!
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15:09:57speachyAnyone know the original author of the translate code? (rasher?)
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15:11:40rasherspeachy: the website?
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15:12:05rasherspeachy: oh I the context now, yeah that was me.
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15:22:13speachythere wasn't an explicit copyright or license on anything there, any objection if I put the standard GPLv2+ header with your name on it?
15:23:04speachy(and the git log only goes back to 2010, is there a better year to use than that?)
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15:24:36speachyand since you're here, the build client stats page has a link to "rasher's page" that kicks back a database connection error, is the code (and/or data) for that still around?
15:27:19rasherFormer question: 2010 is probably reasonably accurate, I had just been banging at it "live" on my own server until it got moved. As for license - GPLv2+ makes sense I guess.
15:28:01rasherI don't even remember what that build client stats thing is. Will look into it. I would expect both the code and data to be around, really.
15:29:50rasherPersonally I lean more liberal as far as license goes, but rockbox is gpl overall, so it makes sense to extend it to the website I guess
15:30:52speachyit's your code, so I'll defer to your wishes. :) We just need to make it explicit IMO.
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15:31:37speachyAn example of a "rasher's page" link:">
15:32:37rasherDefinitely on making it explicit. I really don't think my preference matters. What's the license (if any) on the theme site?
15:33:32rasherThanks for the link. Odd. I'll look into it. I suspect it'll have a bunch of really old data, probably
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15:43:19speachylooks like the theme stuff is GPLv2+
15:43:56speachyI didn't expect the historical data to be of much value, but the code that does the detailed analysis might be useful going forward.
15:46:21speachyeither way I'm trying to consolidate everything under a single roof and drag it into the harsh light of the daystar.
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16:21:02rasherspeachy: let's go with gplv2+ then. I'll take a look at the code
16:25:28speachyWhen adding the header to everything, I discovered one of the files (templater.class.php) was already marked as GPLv2+
16:25:36speachywas the only one with any copyright info
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16:28:32rasherhuh, odd
16:29:29speachy(Just going on what was in www.git; suppose I should double-check the dump of the live site to make sure nothing was uncommitted)
16:29:58rasherah, looks like that may not have originated from me (or at least not from the translate code originally)
16:36:42speachyokay, just need to set up cron jobs or some sort of hook to kick off update.php but the new site is otherwise fully functional.
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16:44:20speachyall of my changes are pushed to translate.git btw
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17:19:46rasherspeachy: ooh the graph thing tries to connect to
17:20:09rasherwhich apparently ran a database server
17:20:14rasherer, a mysql server
17:22:20speachyheh, one more thing to add to the "unknown things about rockbox infrastructure" list.
17:30:37speachyso it presumably connects to the master build DB server. That I didn't know existed..
17:31:23speachycan you put the code you had up somewhere for me to snag and incorporate into the main after I migrate the build infrastructure?
17:35:28rasherspeachy: yeah n oproblem - I'll ping you later in the day
17:35:49speachythank you
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