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#rockbox log for 2020-04-08

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14:28:00speachySince it looks like we won't be able to provide rbutil support for the Hiby players (ie Rocker, X3ii, X20, etc), and the tooling for patching the OF images looks to be restricted to Linux indefinitely, what is the policy around providing pre-patched firmware images?
14:28:36speachyfrom what I can tell, it's essentially "don't host them on"
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14:53:38speachybut I seem to recall running into firmware on various wiki pages, so..
14:54:19gevaertsWiki is weird :)
14:55:33gevaertsAIUI the policy is basically "Rockbox does not host stuff with clearly allowed distribution", but linking to other places is different
14:56:05gevaertsThere might be uploads to the wiki itself as attachments, but those should not have happened
14:56:20*speachy nods.
14:56:22gevaertsOf course, if you end up hosting the stuff yourself, you have a pretty large say in what the policy should be I think
14:56:54speachyno, it's good to keep "rockbox" separate.
14:57:09speachyI'll throw them up under my personal web space
14:57:18speachythat happens to be hosted on the same server
14:58:01speachyHeh, I highly doubt that Chinese DAP makers, with their violating-the-GPL-left-and-right, will raise any objections.
14:58:42speachybecause if I don't do this, I'm going to be swamped in "where can I get firmware" or "can you help me patch firmware" emails..
14:58:57gevaertsThis is why you port to obscure devices :)
15:07:56speachyheh, "obscure devices" are all that's left now..
15:11:22gevaertsThat's true :)
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16:14:13speachyokay, this is odd. The last round of builds had a bunch silently fail.
16:14:32speachyor simply were never triggered to begin with
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16:38:15speachyseems to have corrected itself
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18:27:07Bilguswodz and I discussed making the firmware patched on the fly
18:27:36Bilguslike some others the user supplies the OF source
18:28:31Bilgusbut for time being I think it'll be fine
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19:01:10speachyBilgus, the problem is that the tools to patch this stuff "on the fly" is non-portable. Even if we were to naively port the python ubifs unpacker and mtd-tools ubifs packer to Windows, both rely on Linux filesystem capabilities that aren't present under Windows.
19:01:42speachysure it can be overcome but... it's a significant project in its own right
19:02:50BilgusI think you are thinking about it too hard doesn't need to be so perfect just a byte patcher
19:03:07speachyI don't think that's feasible
19:03:22speachyubifs is compressed and has pretty complex internal structures
19:04:24Bilgusand if I have 2 images and patch the bytes between the first becomes the second
19:04:33speachyGranted, we could literally do something like pre-patching an image to create a binary diff, then applying that to the user-supplied one
19:05:10Bilgusdo that on the linux side and just give them the diff off our server
19:06:31BilgusI forget which diff program Wodz told me worked on linux and windows
19:06:57BilgusI was just going to build one
19:09:49Bilgusyep lol
19:10:32speachylet's see.
19:16:04speachybsdiff would take a little work to build as part of rbutil (most notably it needs libbzip2)
19:24:54Bilgusthere are others
19:26:36speachy4.5 minutes, and the bsdiff is ~400KB
19:26:45speachyfor the Rocker
19:28:28Bilgusthats ntb at all
19:28:30speachyhmm, someone already did the work to port and build it for windows
19:28:59Bilgus? Wodz
19:33:08Bilgusall except the vsstudio part and the non standard license
19:33:25Bilguslooks to be permissive enough though
19:34:31speachyIt's 2-clause BSD..?
19:36:03speachyIIRC rbutil does everything in a self-contained executable, rather than calling out to external tools?
19:37:41BilgusAFAIK yes
19:39:29speachywe'd still need to statically link in libbzip2.
19:48:51BilgusIf it works well It wouldnt be a bad idea to move (all) the other targets to a similar mechanism
19:56:28speachytrying to hack it into rbutil now
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20:16:15speachygot the lib in, now for bspatch
20:23:31speachyokay, compiles standalone, and applies the patch properly.
20:31:14speachylibified the patcher. still works.
20:34:46speachyso all that's needed now is to have rbutil do something with it.
20:43:06speachyIf you'd care to look, it's all in g#2339
20:43:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #2339 at : rbutil: Add bspatch and libbzip2 by Solomon Peachy
20:44:05speachybspatch is standalone buildable, and it (with its bzip2 dependency) is linked into rbutilqt, but nothing in the latter uses it yet.
20:45:24speachyI left bsdiff out as it's more complicated and doesn't need to be part of rbutil
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20:55:13Bilgusyeah I don't see a need to supply bsdiff on the user side
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21:01:37speachyis it reasonable to expect the user to download and extract the firmware image from the vendor site?
21:02:13speachythey all seem to be embeded in .RARs and in the case of xDuoo, the download links point at google drive.
21:02:51Bilgusso explain standalone buildable does rbutil make it on the user side then?
21:03:07BilgusI think I'd just add a note about 7z
21:03:43speachystandalone meaing you can go into rbutil/bspatch and type 'make' to get the bspatch executable
21:04:05Bilgusah ok got it
21:04:32speachyI don't have the abiltiy to build it for windows though.
21:04:47speachyso I don't know if what I added is clean or not.
21:11:58speachylet's see if the fedora mingw qt5 stuff will suffice... and nope.
21:15:20speachyCan't build the full rbutilqt but the bspatch stuff is good.
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22:57:11speachythink it's okay to merge that as-is?
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