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#rockbox log for 2020-04-11

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00:22:53speachybluebrother, I have another mini2g build up; it has an attempt to figure out what's leading to that data abort
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01:31:18Lonoxmontfound a divide by zero crash on a file i have
01:31:28Lonoxmonthow do i reported bug
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02:29:06speachythat's the proper way..
02:33:10speachyyou could describe it here if it's something simple
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03:19:31Lonoxmontlemme get the steps
03:20:32Lonoxmonthmm, maybe its not this specific track
03:20:46Lonoxmontlet me try jumping right to it instead of going from the resume playback point
03:21:36Lonoxmontbut rn the screen is white and says divide by zero at 03e8134c (0)
03:22:04Lonoxmontpc:03e8134c sp:40002b28
03:22:10Lonoxmontbt end
03:22:47Lonoxmontand the ui did seem to be a bit laggy before it crashed, like it wasnt playing what was displayed but the thing before it until it ran out of buffer or w/e
03:24:33Lonoxmontok yeah it doesnt like this file
03:24:39Lonoxmontgoing right to it crashes with the same thing
03:24:51Lonoxmontlemme see if skipping past without loading it also crashes
03:25:44Lonoxmontalso while im bitching at things, it seems like either ive got dupes in my files or it jus tlikes to pick the same song twice when creating big shuffled playlists
03:25:54Lonoxmontsometimes ive had the literal same song twice for no reason
03:26:05Lonoxmontand in general sometimes it just repeats itself for no discernable reason
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03:27:52Lonoxmontmanually skipping past the song that crashes it seems to work
03:28:06Lonoxmontbut if it loads anything about that file past the name it dies to death
03:28:27Lonoxmontskipping by going to the playlist that is
03:28:36Lonoxmonteven paused it still seems to die on that song
03:28:45Lonoxmontidk if its got a corrupted character in the name or what
03:29:51Lonoxmontspeachy: any of that helpful?
03:31:16NugettesHey it's me again. I wouldn't want to interrupt your discussion so I'll just leave this question here. It doesn't have to be answered right away. How do I make uncatallocated space useful again?
03:32:09Lonoxmontyou need to be more specific
03:32:21Lonoxmontbecause the answer to that depends on a lot of variables we dont yet have
03:32:37NugettesAh okay
03:33:03Lonoxmontso the more you can tell us the better
03:33:59speachyLonoxmont, what's the file? there's a very good chance it's slightly corrupted and the rockbox decoder isn't sufficiently robust to deal with it
03:34:08NugettesSo My ipod just recently started showing unallocated partition on the disk which I can not access it. I figured I probably wouldn't need linux to get this partition to show. Since before I used disk part to merge all partitions as one.
03:35:14speachyNugettes, how large is that unallocated section? It's not unusual to see some small slice on most drives due to partition alignment needs
03:35:23Lonoxmontspeachy: iirc its an ogg conversion of a youtube video, but im not 100% sure of its provenance. it didnt use to have this issue, so maybe quiet file corruption?
03:35:32Nugettesits 1TB
03:35:40speachyoh, and Loxomont, the target, firmware, etc etc.
03:35:40Nugettesalmost 2
03:35:51speachythat 2TB is pure audio?
03:36:05Nugettesno its empty
03:36:22speachynevermind, getting wires crossed
03:36:36Nugettesok lol
03:36:50Lonoxmontspeachy: ipod video 5.5 (arm of some kind i think?) , rockbox 3.15
03:36:50speachyNuggettes, other than firing up a tool that can mangle partitions.. not much that can be done
03:37:12Nugetteshmm not even diskpart can help this situation?
03:37:24Lonoxmontiflash quad adapter with 4x256gb samsungs iirc
03:37:29speachyif you're not using Linux I'd recommend downloading the gparted live ISO and slapping it on a USB stick.
03:37:40Lonoxmontgparted live is good shit
03:37:56speachyno sense in fighting with crappy tools, just go with what works.
03:38:25Nugetteshmm right I cant use it on this computer I plan on doing so on the new computer but the new computer doesnt have a HTMI cabgle so im kinda stuck
03:39:11Lonoxmontyour locla office supply store should have one
03:39:17speachyLonoxmont, it's certianly possible the file could have silently corrupted itself. Ogg is pretty forgiving though.
03:39:19Lonoxmontas would local computer store
03:39:26Nugetteshmm ok
03:39:34Lonoxmontamazon also would have that
03:40:02Lonoxmontspeachy: should i try and fsck or do we not trust the iflash that much
03:40:49speachyI'd try a fsck first, but if there's any way to confirm the file is indeed okay that would be the logical next stop
03:40:53NugettesI switched out my mains computers HTMI cable and placed it in the new computer is the computer supposed to show a bios screen to set it up?
03:41:14speachythe iflashes seem to be a little unreliable from what I've heard.
03:41:18NugettesNothing appears after it the DELL logo pops up
03:41:55LonoxmontNugettes: a bit out of scope for us to set up a computer :V
03:42:07Nugettestrue my bad
03:42:08Lonoxmontbut if its a prebuilt i would check the drive cables
03:42:20Nugettesits brand new
03:42:46Lonoxmontbeing new doesnt make cables any less likely to have vibrated loose
03:43:01Lonoxmontthey dont selastic them in or anything
03:43:21Nugettesah ok
03:43:33Lonoxmontassuming its a tower
03:43:50Lonoxmontif its a laptop then usually things hold together fairly well most of the time
03:44:34Nugettesthat makes sense
03:45:52Lonoxmontusually for prebuilts the first thing that happens on power up is windows (assuming its got windows installed) goes through its out of box setup process
03:46:22Lonoxmontso itl ask for your network info, microsoft account, set up pending updates etc before you can do anything with it
03:46:55Lonoxmontshould be fairly quick to jump into that process, if it takes a really long time something might be borked
03:47:26Nugettesbut the screen is just blank after Dell logo appears
03:47:45Lonoxmontis there more than one graphics output on that machine?
03:47:52Lonoxmontcould be its displaying something on another port
03:48:02Lonoxmontand the hdmi just isnt turned on in the settings
03:48:09Lonoxmontive had that happen before on a machine
03:48:24Lonoxmontagain if its a laptop with a screen then that should just work
03:48:37Lonoxmontbut towers can be a little more tricky
03:48:50Nugetteshmm maybe hdmi isnt turned on cause it says the screen will turn off in 4 min the little box with a timer on it displays
03:48:57Lonoxmontalso, if its got any addin graphics cards, under windows afaik that disables any onboard graphics
03:49:19Lonoxmontso you would need to plug into the card instead of anything on the motherboard
03:52:55Nugetteshow would I access this graphix card?
03:53:48Lonoxmontfirst things first
03:53:53Lonoxmontwhat form factor is this machine
03:53:57Lonoxmontis it a laptop or a desktop
03:56:08Lonoxmonttake a picture of the back with your phone and toss it somewhere we can look at it
03:56:13Lonoxmontimgur is usually easy enough
03:56:37Nugettes..ff about that the pc is already tucked away...
03:56:50NugettesIts a HDMi if thats what you mean?
03:57:09Lonoxmontwell in any case you will probably need to adjust where cables are plugged in so you need to get it out anyways
03:57:34Nugettesright but right now is not really the time..
03:57:37Lonoxmonta picture is worth a thousand words, seeing what you see will save us all a lot of time
03:57:56Lonoxmontif the computer isnt working anyways then what use is it?
03:58:18Nugettesit does its just the screen wont show
03:58:27Lonoxmontiif the screen doesnt show
03:58:29Lonoxmontyou cant use it
03:58:32Lonoxmontand therefore
03:58:40Lonoxmontfor all intents and purposes, its not usefully working
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03:59:36Lonoxmontso drag it out and get a picture of the back where the cables go
04:00:05Lonoxmontget a couple from various angles if you can, in case something blocks a view or w/e
04:16:30Lonoxmontwe dont nee dlike an elaborate photoshoot of it
04:16:38Lonoxmontjust enough so we arent flying blind
04:18:35Nugetteslol okay
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04:27:17Nugettesim kinda busy at the moment
04:27:44Nugetteshere is an image
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04:28:51Lonoxmontalright, if you have any addon graphics cards they would be where number 9 is
04:29:18Nugettesah ok
04:29:19Lonoxmontif theres nothing there but blank plates, you dont have an addon graphics card
04:29:41Lonoxmontalso, for the first setup i would try the vga port if it has one (and you dont have any addon cards)
04:29:50Lonoxmontyou can turn the hdmi on from there once you are in
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04:33:34Nugettesthx for the info gtg
04:34:06 Part Nugettes
04:37:14speachydrat, turned the entire build field yellow.
04:38:14chrisbmy sansa e200 is wedging after playing one or two m4a/AAC files
04:38:58speachyhow large are the files? mp4 stream parsing is very memory intensive and bigger files don't always make it
04:40:18chrisbspeachy: they are 12minute audio files and i did see the question addressed in 2018 on
04:40:45chrisbspeachy: so the answer may be conversion to another format?
04:40:49speachyI know I've run into this problem but with many-hour audiobooks
04:41:01speachythat's the simple answer, unfortunately
04:41:35chrisbspeachy: they are backed up in a beets database, so the transcoding might be automated
04:41:59speachyit might also be embedded metadata/art
04:42:33chrisbspeachy: ah, how can i check that?
04:42:38speachyI wodner if there are any "sanity check your mp4 file" sites/tools out there.
04:44:04Lonoxmontid say vlc but it tries its damndest to play whatever you throw at it...
04:44:07chrisbis ffmpeg .m4a .ogg efficient?
04:44:35chrisbsometimes ffmpeg blows the file size up
04:44:36Lonoxmontgood as any id imagine
04:44:47Lonoxmontprobably depends on what settings you feed it
04:47:30Lonoxmontiirc there should be an ffmpeg2theora script/wrapper that makes it easy for making things into ogg
04:47:43Lonoxmontive used it before to get movies transcoded
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04:49:58Lonoxmontstraight up ffmpeg options can be a bit esoteric to say the least
04:54:01chrisbLonoxmont: i have these files in beets, so beets can run the ffmpeg transcoding
04:54:53chrisbLonoxmont: meaning, once the ffmpeg esoterics are set once, i should be able to do it reliably
04:56:31Lonoxmontthen again media manipulation and reliably rarely go hand in hand :P
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14:54:05bluebrother^speachy: now it hangs at the Rockbox logo. Somewhat of an improvement since I don't get to read any weird numbers anymore ;-)
14:54:24speachythat's... odd.
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14:55:45speachyI basically added code that should trigger PANICs in multiple places. Maybe that's being triggered before the rest of the system is ready.
14:56:07bluebrother^it's bcd32ff9e4M-200411 according to rockbox-info.txt
14:56:13speachyI'll yank those out and just leave the extra info in the data abort.
14:56:27speachyyep, that's the one.
14:56:41bluebrother^ok, just to make sure I've got the right file :)
14:56:58speachyif oyu have a few minutes I'll spin up another for you now
14:59:09bluebrother^btw, if you want to cross-compiler Rockbox Utility for Windows: use mxe.
14:59:48bluebrother^doesn't build natively on Windows anymore these days due to the libcrypto++ dependency. Hasn't been fixed since.
15:00:15speachyI couldn't do the cross compile because I lacked some of the qt5 libraries we pulled in
15:00:22speachynew image up, same bac place.
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15:03:17Mode"#rockbox +o ChanServ " by
15:03:39bluebrother^data abort at 000756ac
15:04:05bluebrother^but no further info in the panic screen.
15:04:05speachyno additional output?
15:04:20bluebrother^pc:000756ac sp:4000ada0
15:04:23bluebrother^bt end
15:04:23speachyokay, let me fix that
15:08:48 Quit ChanServ (*.net *.split)
15:08:51speachynew one up.
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15:12:29bluebrother^hangs at Logo. Now it identifies as 11eac0adc4M though.
15:17:08speachyand yet another. this one does nothing other than add one additional line of output to the panic message.
15:17:34speachysorry, new image up in case that wasn't clear. same 11eac as before though
15:18:38gevaertsMight make sense to have a temporary branch so you can have a commit for each build to make the version useful?
15:19:18speachyyeah, if this continues...
15:19:51speachythen again I could always change the info.txt by hand before I send it. :)
15:21:07bluebrother^data abort at 000756c4 pos 1
15:22:01speachyyay, progress!
15:22:45speachythat's in thread.c:inherit_priority()
15:33:07speachythat code already has a null check..
15:33:10speachyokay, new image up.
15:34:04speachythis one will report the actual pointer value.
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15:37:34bluebrother^btw, I have an ondio fm I can try on (finally have charged batteries for that around :)
15:39:31speachyoh, cool! I'll build that right up..
15:39:34bluebrother^000756c4, pos 2024b581
15:39:54speachyokay, that 'pos' is an unaligned value.
15:40:00bluebrother^oh, I already did a build some days ago. Lets try with that now :)
15:40:36speachyIf it doesn't immediately HACF I'll be quite pleasantly surprised.
15:43:01speachyI wonder if that 'pos' is due to somethign not getting properly zero-initialized.
15:43:36speachyit's unaligned _and_ lies outside system RAM.
15:56:34speachynew one uloaded.
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16:02:16speachyone thing worth trying is forcing the PP targets to single-core operation
16:02:42speachythat disables most of the PP-specific stuff, including the funky multicore threading code
16:03:23bluebrother^I'm getting exactly the same output with the new version
16:07:09speachyI'm respinning the image to only use a single core.
16:07:27speachyjust trying to narrow the window..
16:08:08speachyokay, it's up.
16:17:45bluebrother^ah. That ondio has Rockbox flashed. That's why it's not loading the new firmware ...
16:19:07bluebrother^ok, now the mini2g boots. Trying to resume playback, ended up with prefetch abort at ffff(cutoff) pos 00000003 pc:fffffffe sp:40002c00
16:19:35bluebrother^voice works though.
16:19:47bluebrother^well, voicing the menus that is.
16:20:53bluebrother^Rockbox Info says "Buffer: 0kiB" which seems a bit strange to me.
16:34:18speachyokay, so it's clear the first place to start is the PP-specific multicore code.
16:34:33speachythat's a sign that the other arm7tdmi targets are likely okay
16:57:03*chrisb still transcoding
17:03:52_BilgusBuffer: 0kiB that means the voice file has an offset issue
17:04:18_BilgusFFS if only I could remember what the issue was
17:15:27speachyhmm, what preferch abort, what was teh codec? mp3?
17:15:50speachyand the voices are speex?
17:16:22_BilgusIt was something stupid but its been lost to the sands of time :|
17:30:39bluebrother^speachy: mp3, and it also happens when I try ogg
17:31:09bluebrother^on mp3 it paniced immediately, on ogg it showed the wps, but wasn't playing. Touching the wheel made it panic, so I guess it's at least similar.
17:31:36bluebrother^what arm7tdmi target is not PP?
17:31:47speachysuppose it could still be threading wonkiness, but I'd have thought voice wouldn't work in that case.
17:32:04speachyI don't know if there are any non-PP arm7tdmi targets.
17:32:53speachybut we just narrowed the window from "everything arm7tdmi" to "definitely something in multi-cpu PP code"
17:33:37speachyarm7tdmi shares a lot with newer arm targets, but there is some arm7tdmi-only asm code in the general arm platform code
17:39:00*speachy re-reads that last grammatically-challenged sentance and shudders.
17:41:35 Join prof_wolfff_ [0] (~prof_wolf@
17:56:01speachy__builtin, any objection if I commit my current pile of SDL warning fixes? (I'll pull out the change in CFLAGS that trigger them..)
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18:29:33pixelmaspelling challenged, too? ;)
18:42:35bluebrother^ondiofm and gcc 4.9.4 seems to work fine.
18:44:14bluebrother^At least it boots find, playback works, fm works, plugins run (well, the ones I've tried, fractals exits with a "not enough memory" splash)
18:45:06bluebrother^even fractals works.
18:46:15bluebrother^recorded some noise from the microphone, works as well.
18:46:27bluebrother^So I guess I can say that sh1 seems to be unproblematic.
18:46:51speachyholy crap, that's far better than I'd ever expected
18:51:43bluebrother^ok, screenshot doesn't work. When I enable screenshot and plug in the USB cable I'll end up with a Stkov USB
18:52:43bluebrother^interesting. After that the flashed 3.10 doesn't start anymore and complains about "no partition found"
18:53:00bluebrother^plug in usb, unplug it and 3.10 starts.
18:56:57bluebrother^ok, 3.10 works fine again afterwards if I pull the battery for a moment. Seems like shutting down the new version and then starting the player again leaves something in a weird state.
18:57:14bluebrother^not really an issue imo, you're usually not doing something like this :)
19:10:59speachymight be worth seeing if 3.15 does the same
19:11:07speachydon't know how many of these are actual regressions
19:11:13speachyfrom gcc 4.9, I mean
19:11:23bluebrother^yep, thought of that as well :)
19:11:30bluebrother^haven't tried it yet though.
19:11:46speachyhighly questionable if the effort is worth it
19:12:24speachyso it looks like the only serious regression so far is on the mini2g, and probably all other PP targets.
19:14:49bluebrother^oh, and 2048 is barely playable on the ondio due to the way it is displayed. Makes it hard to distinguish the fields.
19:18:39bluebrother^ok, 3.15 also gets the Stkov usb when screenshot mode is enabled.
19:21:17bluebrother^so ondiofm looks pretty good. I guess it's safe to say that all sh targets should be fine.
19:23:23__builtinspeachy: yeah, go ahead
19:23:34__builtinI'll fix things if they break
19:30:09speachyokay, it's gone in
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23:56:11*ulmutul realizes that he wasn't here for a long time
23:56:51ulmutulspeachy: I'm the guy who can test some of the PP targets, like Samsung, Philips, etc.
23:57:24speachyFYI, the forums are now alive on their new host. DNS propogation not withstanding, everything should now work.
23:58:29ulmutulIf you like to provide test builds than it's best to start with Samsung YH925, because that's the DAP I use mostly for testing. Just don't expect instant feedback :)
23:58:37speachyulmutul, it's pretty clear that the PP5022 is busted with 4.9.4 (multithreading on multiple CPUs..) but other/older PPs might be useful
23:58:52speachyok, give me a couple...
23:58:58ulmutulYH925 is PP5020

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