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#rockbox log for 2020-04-12

00:14:52speachythat build still has support for both CPUs. it will probably HACF.
00:20:08ulmutulPanics after the rockbox logo: Data abort at 00074f9c (0)
00:20:56ulmutulpos a06000e3, pc: 00074f9c, sp: 4000aa68
00:30:25speachyokay, same panic as the mini2g
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00:30:37speachysame place, same reason, but different mem addr.
00:31:12speachyprobably not worth going any further until I come up with something that will be more diagnostically useful.
00:32:03ulmutulIf you have something new, just leave a note here. I read the logs.
00:32:42speachyI'm generating one more with the optimization dialed back, just for reference.
00:39:37ulmutulData abort at 00085d6c, pos a06000e3, pc:00085d6c, sp:4000acd0
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00:40:57speachysame place, okay.
00:43:24ulmutulFunny thing: it works if I RoLo your version and even plays music. But it crashes when I tried out pitch shifting.
00:47:02speachythat's a very interesting data point
00:51:24speachypoints at the multi-cpu startup code in the PP port, rather than general threading problems.
00:53:30ulmutulIf it helps, I can provide you with infos from the debug menu.
00:55:38speachyI don't think that will help me at this time.
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00:59:15ulmutulGoing to bed now, bye!
00:59:21speachyg'nite, thanks for the help
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01:52:29__builtinspeachy: daily build pages don't work, but that's expected
01:53:28speachyoh, that should work. let me see what's going on..
01:53:44speachy(might be that the older builds got expired)
01:55:15speachyyeah, the old ones got expired out
01:55:23speachyas they were over 2 days old
01:55:52speachyand since I didn't have the toolchains needed, nothing new replaced them
01:56:37speachyso yeah, it's really only the buildmaster and ircbot that remain. the nightly stuff would work if I had the toolchains.
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02:02:14speachyhmm, should remove the redundant donate link.
02:07:44speachywhaddaya know, the dailybuild alrady works by snagging the latest out of the buildfarm
02:10:56speachyfixed daily build page
02:11:13speachymanual page too
02:16:32speachyjust undid the https links too, though that will go back in eventually
02:25:22speachyokay, everything but the android and more esoteric hosted compilers are now there, and a test run of the manuals and voices are running.
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03:33:44speachyokay, for voices.. there's a good argument to be made for doing them all on the same system. Most of the strings can get reused.
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04:12:58chrisbwhat's a trick to remove files in a vfat filesystem which have invalid names in unix shell?
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04:58:19speachyuse wildcards or quotes, maybe?
04:58:41speachyas long as the filename doesn't have a backslash or nulls in it, it's manipulable
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05:12:03__builtinrm -rf *
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14:28:53sakaxdo we have a rockbox app for android? :)
14:29:09sakaxor which app is rockbox recommending for android? :)
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15:55:19speachyshort answer, yes, there is an android port but it's not really all that great. and I don't think there's any real "recommendation" beyond what folks personally might like.
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16:07:53gevaertsDid anyone fix it to run on something newer than android 4.4?
16:08:51speachyI vaguely recall someone in China(?) doing some more recent work on it but at the end of the day, the rockbox UI isn't that condusive to a touchscreen interface.
16:13:04speachyit really is a completely different interactivity paradigm
16:20:51speachyhuh, it looks like my original estimations were off about the bandwidth usage of forums/themes/translate.. themes is using 2.3-2.9GB/day, and the other two combined are barely more than a rounding error on top of that.
16:22:02speachyand so far it appears to be predominantly real user traffic rather than bots.
16:26:47gevaerts2.5GB of themes isn't bad, at around 250K per theme. That's 10000 themes per day? (plus or minus a lot, the page renders also exist...)
16:27:13gevaertsNot sure I'd have expected that much still at this time
16:27:18speachy92.5% of that is PNGs.
16:27:25gevaertsOh, ok
16:27:28speachyonly 4.7% are the actual zips
16:27:36gevaertsSo 500 a day :)
16:27:49speachythough most of the forum traffic since it moved is from 'msnbot' :)
16:27:54gevaertsI did say "plus or minus a lot" for a reason :)
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16:31:03speachyweather just went south. guess I get to stay inside and continue upgrading foswiki.
16:32:13speachyepeaking of, the one running on has the WYSIWYG editor installed, but it doesn't seem to be enabled..
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16:33:53speachyOn my side, I have to upgrade past a couple more point releases before the config/admin tools will run without exploding.
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19:51:45*speachy kicks the tires of the logbot.
19:51:59speachysweet, everything is up and running.
19:53:03speachyjust for the same of my own notes, fs-bluebot is hosted elsewhere, right? (and it seems to have keeled over too..)
19:55:48speachystill need to point one of my builders at my buildmaster to confirm it all works, but everything else works. I didn't expect to get that done so soon.
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20:07:50gevaertsfs-bluebot is bluebrother's bot
20:08:09bluebrother^speachy: gevaerts just beat me to revealing it :)
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20:33:44speachyall that's left (once the toolchains finish building) is to install the cron job for the various background tasks and it'll be "live"
20:39:53speachybluebrother^, is that something you want to keep hosting? Is there a point in consolidating it with the rest of the infrastructure?
20:40:38speachyheh, as long as it doesn't rely software abandoned over twenty years ago. :D
20:40:46bluebrother^well, I've always had it running on my local box. I don't mind keeping it like that.
20:41:38bluebrother^it only relies on a running build client. I've basically added a hook to the build client running on the same machine to allow the bot getting a notification when a new build starts.
20:41:48bluebrother^the rest is just scraping the website.
20:42:12speachyokeydokey. FWIW it seems to have stopped responding to builds
20:46:25speachyAll that's left to sort out in the www move is the more bureaucratic problem of migrating the ssl certificates and how to access the mailing list archives.
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21:16:41__builtinspeachy: speaking of which, will the forums ever get SSL?
21:24:40 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:34:30speachyShort answer, yes. Longer answer depends on what my options are for authenticating the ssl certificates. I want to do a wildcard cert for but that will require the ability to publish the occasional DNS update.
21:35:20speachyhow to proceed with respect to the SSL certs is one of the hanful of remaining things that still needs hashing out.
21:46:09_Bilgusspeachy, Damn good show fellow :p
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21:46:41*_Bilgus is terrible at accents in r/l too
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21:58:21__builtinShouldn't be too hard to run letsencrypt, should it?
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22:15:27 Nick chillmaster is now known as assa (~assa@2001:bc8:4700:2500::1613)
22:18:28speachyit's already doing that, but the cert includes domains taht aren't part of the handover and therefore I can't just take over automagically
22:19:16speachythat's part of why I want to just make it a wildcard cert, so I can authenticate via dns instead.
22:19:44speachybut that requires the ability to push a single dns entry to the server
22:20:21speachy(and that's why my first questions were if I could take over DNS and migrate the entire server as-is.. :)
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23:39:46speachyhe who controls the DNS, controls the universe
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