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#rockbox log for 2020-04-18

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03:26:17speachyoffhand, anyone know what happened to the gerrit commit hook that announced commits to twitter, the mailing list, and presumably IRC too?
03:26:46speachyor is it one of those thigns that fell into disrepair as the gerrit instance became mostly unmaintained?
03:27:34speachy(I suppose it could have been switched off intentionally...)
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04:31:25fenugrecHi, I'm having issues with Rockbox (hold on, I forgot the version #) on a Sansa Fuze : copying files to the external SD causes the device to shutdown pretty much instantly
04:31:52fenugrecthe Fuze is old now, is there still any point in filing a proper bug report / getting debug info ?
04:35:32fenugrecit crashes / shutdowns when copying to the internal memory too, for that matter...\
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04:54:13fenugrecI can write to that uSD card just fine in another reader, so I'm inclined to believe the card itself is not (totally) the problem
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11:42:49Bilgusfenugrec should have upgraded to the latest Dev version before trying to diagnose bugs, My guess would be a weak battery or funny voltagr settings on the cpu
11:43:10gevaertsMy guess would be a dead battery
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15:10:36speachyyay, nighty voice and manual builds went off without a hitch this time. Fixed another bug in the logbot rottion code, but I do believe all of the moving pieces are good.
15:11:18speachyjust need to schedule a suitable window for the final transition.
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15:35:38BilgusLooks like we really need to put in a wipe Config file option
15:36:33BilgusI know there must be something funky about the version checking code in the cfg file
15:37:31speachyhmm, wasn't it just a config version ID? Or do we actually try to read the whole thing regardless?
15:37:46Bilgusor I suppose it could be an option that has bad input
15:38:13speachydo we have a copy of the offending cfg file?
15:42:28BilgusI think I asked for it last few times but generally we never get them bc deleting it fixes the issue
15:43:56BilgusI don't actually see any version checking in the cfg load code
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15:45:32fenugrecHi, is there any debug logging related to USB MSC mode ? I'm getting crashes when writing to the uSD card over USB on a Fuze
15:46:14fenugrec(v 3.14)
15:46:45speachyfenugrec, update to 3.15 first, and see if it's still a problem.
15:46:55fenugrecspeachy, will do. brb
15:48:05speachyBilgus, it's a little inefficient, it effectively ignores keys that aren't recognized.. but there's no protection against (eg) a bad enum setting.
15:50:01speachyas there's no range checks baked into the settings parser..
15:50:02Bilgusmaybe we could put a version Id 'setting'
15:50:27Bilgusthen if it doesn't match either ignore the config or ask the user
15:51:04speachyie a (ignore once, import, restore defaults) choice?
15:51:33speachyand it would be incumbent upon us to bump that version string every time the setings list changes?
15:52:09speachyheh, maybe we could get clever and do a checksum of the compiled settings_list table.
15:52:26speachyso any change in the table means the old config is potentially invalid.
15:52:27Bilguswe already have a version number baked into the fw
15:52:53Bilguswe just write that as the version string each time the settings getsaved
15:52:58speachyI don't want it to use the compiled fw version, folks that use daily builds will potentially have to reset their config every time they update, which seems unnecessary
15:53:15Bilgusthey just say import
15:53:44Bilgustada when it writes again the new version string is saved
15:54:09Bilgusnew build new prompt
15:54:19speachyconfig loading happens pretty early on though, is it feasible to prompt the user that early (before potentially loading in a config that trashes things?)
15:54:30Bilgusyou could also IGNORE ALWAYS
15:55:12Bilguseven if it loads and trashes things they can always restart after
15:55:56Bilguswe don't actually HAVE to have a prompt it could just be a WARNING in the settings
15:56:39Bilguspretty sure we have a config reset option
15:57:24speachyyeah, "reset settings" in the manage settings menu
15:57:34Bilgusyeah I just had to look too
15:58:18Bilgusso we already have the means just bring user to that menu after they answer
15:59:15BilgusI'll think something up< I don't think its feasible to sanatize the settings
15:59:36speachyno, sanitizing the settings is effectively impossible (especially across the swath of tergets)
15:59:38Bilgusalthough there already is a mechinism for checking their values
15:59:57Bilgusthey all get checked when the setting is input
16:00:30Bilgusbut I veered away from that due to the fact those Ranges don't always match what people want
16:00:43Bilgus32000 files in the browser for instance
16:01:25Bilgusatm they can bump that in the cfg if I check inputs they get what they get (and throw a fit?)
16:02:17speachywe really should check be checking enum ranges where they're known.
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16:03:15Bilgusthen you have to go through and specify what shouldn't be checked
16:03:18speachybecause no version check will catch a file deliberately modified..
16:03:31fenugrecspeachy, ok, can't reproduce with 3.15, but I also fsck'd the uSD so that might have helped too...
16:04:21BilgusI feel like if you screw it up deliberatly then you kno why its screwed up
16:04:24fenugrecbut I do get a strange dmesg entry " sdd: detected capacity change from 7948206080 to 0 " after unmounting the uSD
16:04:52speachyfenugrec, the card was logically "ejected" from the slot.
16:05:02Bilgusthat sounds like a entirely logical message
16:06:15BilgusIdk i'll mull it over if we are going to check enums then
16:06:25BilgusI might crc the whole file
16:06:54Bilgusget rid of manual editing and give them a script
16:08:09Bilgusor just get rid of manual editing and se some better limits
16:08:14speachywell, for now we know checking to see if the settings list has changed from when the file was saved is a good thing.
16:08:36speachydealing with user stupidity/maliciousness is a step beyond that.
16:08:47Bilguscrc is pretty cheap too
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16:09:35speachyespecially as it's already present in the firwmare images. :P
16:10:59Bilgusas far as checking ranges I can just use the macros already there in the settings code
16:11:08speachyIMO it needs to be a runtime checksum rather than compile-time, or we should checksum the preprocessed version, as the HAVE_XXX definitions can change (thereby changing the settings table) without the actual file changing
16:12:19speachypretty trivial to implement the actual checksum and verification. UI about what to do is the more complex bit
16:12:29Bilgusit'll just be a runtime checksum only I think
16:13:05fenugrecwell, I'll be back if it acts up again. Thanks
16:13:15Bilgusbetween that and checking enums compared to the settings
16:13:44BilgusI think we will leave the user config file alone though
16:14:13Bilgusthe overide file I can never remember the name
16:15:23Bilgusthe nvram already crc checks its settings
16:16:38Bilgusso no user prompt just strong checking inputs a crc and a fixed settings cfg file that allows freedom
16:17:18Bilgusthen you can still break it if you want to but normal users get a better experience
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16:22:37pixelmalike it's called "fixed" + settingsfile file extension (I believe ".cfg" but am not sure)
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16:24:47speachywell, g#2361 is what I just pulled from my posterior
16:24:48fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2361 at : WIP: Checksum settings table, and detect if it changes. by Solomon Peachy
16:25:11speachyit compiles therefore it must be okay. :D
16:27:25speachynow it doesn't actually _do_ anything when it detects the checksum has changed. but, eh, have to start somewhere
16:27:51speachy(did this as an exercise/refresher in my own edumication; feel free to ignore it)
16:34:15Bilguslol you are the overachiever
16:48:14speachystory of my life.. misguided overachievement
16:48:27speachyit's how I fill the endless void in my soul
16:49:16speachybut now the rest of the natives are stirring, and I'm on breakfast duty.
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19:29:29speachyokay, updated the patch, now it actually works.
19:30:11speachyall it does is splash "cfgver changed" on startup.
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