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#rockbox log for 2020-04-20

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15:00:57speachyanyone around that can tell me how the forum's reporting/banning stuff has been used in practice?
15:04:36speachyjust want to make sure I'm doing things consistently with the others with banhammer power.
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15:25:25SQUelcherHi. I'm trying to unbrick an old Sansa Clip+, with stock firmware, which hangs on the boot logo. I sometimes can get it to a mode showing up as a 32MB USB drive, the device seems to be writable, but stays empty. Maybe the flash is bad.
15:25:53speachyyeah, bad flash, unfortunately.
15:26:16speachyI have one in that state, and another that occasionally enters that state..
15:30:27SQUelcherThat's a shame
15:30:47SQUelcherbut thanks a lot :)
15:31:22speachyThere's info on the wiki about how to potentially recover from that state, but if it's due to the flash failing you're SOL.
15:33:06gevaertsspeachy: we don't seem to get a lot of trolling these days, so I think lately it's only been used for spammers, where I think there's no question about banning (or deleting the entire account) being appropriate
15:34:15gevaertsSometimes an IP ban can be useful, but it's been a while since I've seen several spammers with the same address I think
15:36:32gevaertsThe annoying ones are the ones that just copy some text from somewhere to blend in, to then edit that later
15:39:04gevaertsWe probably should get saratoga's opniion on these things. I think he does a lot of the cleaning up work
15:39:38*gevaerts may be wrong
15:39:49gevaertsI'm not a good admin :)
15:43:22speachyspeaking of, saratoga's email address on the forums is bouncing
15:46:59speachywas thinking of doing some spring cleaning too; for example nuking every account that hasn't seen a login.. ever.
15:50:03speachythere's nearly 7000 of them.
15:50:27speachyalso accounts that haven't been logged into for say, five years, with zero posts.
15:50:59*gevaerts nods
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17:25:24speachywow, nearly 30K users zero posts and haven't logged in since 2015.
17:26:35speachyI think that represents over 60% of the accounts
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17:48:29Bilgusspeachy I do a lot of cleanup on the forums too
17:48:59BilgusI generally just ban emails but I have wiped out whole domains but I generally set those on a timeout
17:50:27*speachy nods.
17:51:07BilgusIf that no coffee sentence is coherent...
17:58:05speachystill purging, one 30 page screen at a time. could probably do this directly in the DB, but so far I've found four distinct groups created by bots.
17:58:19speachymake that five..
17:58:45speachysix... :P
18:02:27speachy... twelve...
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18:09:52gevaertsAre there any non-bots there? :)
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18:54:40speachyit helps that all the cool spammer kids these days just use social media
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19:57:11BilgusI see a lot of IPs originating in India and sometimes Russia
19:58:29Bilguswhat are you using for your determination on classifying as groups?
19:58:40Bilgusthe date of registration?
19:59:38speachyvery naively, just the originating IP.
20:00:14speachysometimes I saw similarly-mangled email addresses but from a pile of different IPs
20:00:57speachybut I've probably nuked some 8-9K accounts, now I've finished everything not-logged-into for over 13 years.
20:01:05speachyzeroposters all
20:02:59speachylarge swaths of those bot-created IPs have been logged into though.
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20:34:28BilgusI'd say set a different threshold if under x posts in x years trashbin
20:36:14Bilgusas long as you aren't banning them outright the impact on real people will be minimal imo
20:38:50speachyI've found there are quite a few accounts with non-zero post counts that were clearly spammers too, with no posts visible any longer.
20:39:19speachyso let's see if the 'forum DB maintenance' run fixes up those totals properly
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20:41:56speachyI'm not banning anyone, just purging (very) disused accounts.
20:42:56Bilgusyeah so anyone that falls through the cracks an just make a new one
20:43:02speachyit's not just posts, tons of them have spammy links in their profiles too
20:43:31speachythe odds are good that if they haven't logged in for years, they won't even remember they had an account.. heh.
20:45:59Bilgusoh yeah thats the other way I found spam accounts the profile links
20:46:32speachyonce ancient zeroposters are all gone, then another cleanup round can happen if it's warranted.
20:46:42speachythis is just the (very) low hanging fruit
20:47:43BilgusI think I estimated somewhere around 30k bs accounts as well so your estimate seems sound
20:48:20speachyyeah, of the ~53K accounts to start, there will be about 20K left when this first round is over
20:49:57Bilgusthats still a huge number lol
20:50:44Bilgusdoes the upgraded forum software give a higher bar for entry I hope?
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20:53:40speachyit's the same basic config, though I'm sure the updted software has fewer holes
20:54:27speachythe main saving grace is that spam/bot patterns have shifted a lot over the years, this sort of thing isn't a primo target any more.
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21:42:51speachylooks like the major uptick in spam/bot registrations happened in 2010
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23:24:44theoneblackmageHello, I just wanted to know how iFlash SD Card board compatibility is with Rockbox. I've read on the forums and Reddit that there are some instability issues. Is there a specific version of Rockbox that has better compatibility? I have an iPod 4th Gen Greyscale with iFlash Dual 2x128GB SD. I've got Rockbox installed successfully, loaded my music via Apple Disk Mode. Rockbox will inconsistently play the songs, or get
23:24:44theoneblackmagestuck on "Loading".
23:33:36theoneblackmageUsually I can play the first song I try, maybe scan through that album. If I go to another album and play a song, it gets stuck on "Loading". If I hard reset the ipod and try the second song, it will usually work. So it's not a problem with the files.
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