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#rockbox log for 2020-04-24

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14:46:00vitSo i did some digging all over the net to try and find a answer but i couldnt. Does anyone know what voltage a iPod classic 6th gen needs to reach before it will power on? im a 3477mV and its still saying low battery charging. I used to presume it was 3.2v but perhaps its something different?
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16:03:49speachydepending on the xact battery chemistry, 3.4v is ~10% charge.
16:05:13speachyhate to say it but that battery is probably toast
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16:08:29speachyI think rockbox considers the battery dangerously low at 3.5v, and dead-as-a-doornail at 3.3v
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16:09:55speachyyeah, rockbox considers <=3.5v as 0% charge, and will force-shutdown the player (if it hasn't already died) at 3.3v.
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16:17:23vitok. its a new battery i installed. One of the supposed 3000mah batteries. Its been in storage for about 3 weeks so the battery drained excessively. Ill leave the iPod charging overnight and check on it in the morning. Thanks for the info Speachy!
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16:18:37speachythe official ipod6g battery is supposed to be fully chargeable in under 2 hours..
16:19:26*speachy has had pretty poor results with various ChinaInc(tm) batteries.
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16:20:07speachyand as for the capacity promise... they might as well claim it will cure covid-19, it's just as believeable.
16:20:38vithaha i know. its probably closer to 1800-1600
16:21:37vitso the estimated charge time should be about 7-8 hours right? im adding about 30 min as batteries charge slower when they get close to 4-4.2v
16:22:51speachyIMO if it's not powering on after an hour, six more isn't going to make a difference.
16:23:36speachyand Rockbox's (and the OF's) notion of the state of charge goes out the window if the new battery uses a slightly different chemistry from the old.
16:24:03speachy100-200mv is the difference between 85% and 15% charge for most Li-Ions
16:24:40speachybut that could be 3.5->3.7 vs 3.6->3.8
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16:25:35vitTrue, However the voltage is slowly going up. Very slowly. Its at 3514mV. No harm in trying right? Theres no noticable difference in temperature for the battery. Also the ipod is only drawing about 100ma when plugged into a anker charger. When connected to my pc it draws 500ma
16:25:57speachytrue enough. temperature is key
16:26:01vitBut i think thats due to the iPod not playing well with some of the new smart chargers
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17:42:48Bilgusspeachy I was alluding to the terrible quality and fake capacities the other day
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17:43:18BilgusPs I'd never charge a questionable battery in my device @ vit
17:44:42Bilgusalways use a proper charger (for the chemistry) and put the damn thing on something non-flammable NO NOT inflammable :P
17:45:52BilgusI've seen 2 go up and one of those was as spectacular as those 4th of july growing snake things
17:52:42speachymy X3's battery is putting out a ton of heat on both charge and discharge cycles now. can't really seem to find a new one without buying 50 via alibaba.
17:53:00speachy....was cheaper to buy another X3.
17:54:27speachyone of my colleagues accidently punctured a battery intended for electric bikes. was quite spectacular.
17:54:48Bilgusoh I bet those are way more energy dense
17:54:49speachybut the fire extinguisher made even more of a mess
17:55:55speachyIt was something like 20AH @50V
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19:05:34speachyBilgus, can you recommend a half-decent Li-Ion charger?
19:06:04BilgusI actually bought some bare ones and made my own
19:06:26Bilgusgive me a minute and I'll try to find them again
19:08:40Bilgusthese look like the boards I ordered but aren't the same 'brand'
19:08:58BilgusPs they don't have ReversePolarity protection
19:13:54BilgusIf you look the datasheet they have a sense resistor so I set one up to trickle
19:16:27speachyoh good, that has temperature sensing support too
19:17:19speachy ...but not on that board, heh.
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19:17:45BilgusOh also If you have a bunch of loose liion 18650s
19:18:57speachyI was thinking along the lines of a bench charger
19:19:00speachyfor whatever
19:19:19speachyI have a small pile of misc lithium ion batteries that are questionable
19:19:45speachywhat I have typically done is to dispose of them by deliberately puncturing them and tossing them in water
19:20:09speachyand 15 seconds later toss a lit match into the bucket
19:20:35speachybecause science is awesome
19:21:49BilgusI haven't bothered with the temp sense I'm not that far away when charging questionable batteries lol
19:22:36Bilgusthat TOMO charger though slick its a charger and a power bank
19:22:54BilgusI charge up a whole bag before trips and have power for days
19:24:28BilgusI was under the impression lithium was like sodium
19:24:37Bilgusor does it just create hydrogen?
19:24:52speachyit reacts with water to create hydrogen gas, yes
19:25:10Bilguslike sodium ie burns in water
19:25:17speachywhich is why LiIon battery fires are so bad; the heat speeds up the rate of reaction
19:26:23Bilgusthey are no joke thats for sure but I mean gasoline is the same
19:26:31speachyIIRC as you go down the period the reactivity increases, so li isn't as bad as na
19:27:27BilgusI think people fail to realize how dangerous liion can be
19:27:49Bilgusthey know how very explosive gasoline is BC hollywood :P
19:28:00speachyI've had wet-cell led acid batteries explode on me
19:28:16BilgusI had one go off in a barn and made me deaf for a few days
19:28:27Bilgusscary shit
19:28:34speachylead, gaah. fingers no work today
19:29:10Bilgusluckily it was in situ in the equipment so no shrapnel but I did get covered in acid
19:29:51speachyit was the UPS batteries for my server closet. heh, the same server that's now hosting parts of
19:29:59speachyI had my backups in the same closet
19:30:17speachy...and a non-trivial quantity of ammunition stored in there too
19:30:23speachydon't do that.
19:31:20BilgusI have some massive UPS i think retired shipboard from the labels I'd like to convert them to liion
19:31:22speachythe UPS and its batteries were under a cheapie coffee table that the server was lying on, and it took the brunt of the acid spray
19:31:59BilgusI think I got about 10 years out of them before the batteries went south
19:32:46speachywhere it's at now, there's enough UPS capacity to run things for about 30 minutes, but the building has a standby generator.
19:33:53speachyif the power truly goes out at the building, it's an instant 200K or so hit as the six MRI systems will have to do an emergency vent their liquid helium.
19:34:52speachyLi-Ion UPSes are still ludicrously priced though
19:35:01Bilgus*interesting voices coming from that side of the building oh the power went out*
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