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#rockbox log for 2020-04-27

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00:21:13speachyBilgus, it's not quite so clearcut; the source file uses both #defines and direct strings.
00:21:59Bilgusyeah I almost changed the file name version last time I went through an bug fixed in there
00:22:38Bilgusoh well if he doesn't get it with his credits merge I'll clean it up a bit
00:23:04*Bilgus hates magic numbers personally
00:23:57Bilgusbut I do like the fact that its going after header bytes be interesting to see if any bugs disappear
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00:43:41speachya shame the web site migration didn't happen today like I'd wanted. :/
00:45:42speachyand the mini2g is supposed to show up tomorrow. hopefully it works well enough to get rockbox on it.. and start chipping away at the gcc494 data abort.
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02:25:58MarcroSoftHi. My simulator of ipod 6g won't speak even when I made a voice file for it, and I checked the list of new commits, could it be something to do with commit c93666d if someone can test?
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02:47:50MarcroSoftAnd opus still doesn't work
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03:53:14speachydoesn't work in the sim, real hardware, or both?
04:05:04speachyand with respect to voice, does it work with the latest nightly voice files?
04:05:35speachy(I _think_ voice sets are the same for sim vs non-sim builds, but I might be mistaken)
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04:09:42Bilgusspeachy, they are not
04:09:59speachywas in the process of building a set
04:10:13speachythere's no way to do a sim-specific voice build, is there?
04:11:06BilgusIIRC they have different defines enabled it'll still work but the wrongs words get said and it might even crash if I didn't fix it like I had intended
04:11:23Bilgusno there is
04:12:04BilgusI think you just do it as a sim build and do the voicing but Its been so long I don't remember steps
04:12:23speachyyep, go to advanced, select S and V
04:12:30Bilgusthere ya go
04:12:55speachy(I guess I've learned something new today)
04:13:53BilgusI really need to get off this current project and do some rockboxin, getting rusty w/ the codebase
04:14:01speachySo the question for MarcroSoft is if they built a sim voice pack
04:14:11Bilgusprobably not
04:14:29Bilgusand if I fixed the crash issue they will not get voice
04:14:30speachyand relatedly, is this technicality documented..
04:14:37BilgusIIRC it logf';s
04:15:13BilgusIts probably documented albeit not clearly
04:15:47Bilgusyeah I merged it
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04:19:17speachyJust updated the VoiceFiles wiki page to document that simulator voice sets are different
04:21:23speachythe daily/dev builds page should also mention this, I think.
04:21:48BilgusMeh I think it says it on the sim page TBH
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04:22:54BilgusNo guess not, hey go for it?
04:23:07BilgusOR release a sim voice too "p
04:26:15speachywe don't provide any sim builds for download.
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04:28:23speachygranted, that wouldn't be too hard to add (as we're already _doing_ the builds..)
04:28:49Bilgusanyone using linux should build their own
04:29:33Bilgusas far as windows goes I think rasher? maybe releases some
04:29:56rasherused to
04:30:01BilgusI think the note'll be sufficient
04:30:25Bilgusdid you cross compile em?
04:30:33rasherYeah, using mingw32
04:30:54Bilgusthat sounds far better than trying to set it up in windows
04:31:30BilgusI'd really like to get a fully assembled VM for people
04:32:05Bilgusevery time I do it I never think about it till I have added half my stuff to it
04:32:10rasherI think I basically just ran the release shell script. The trick was getting the mingw32 stuff setup and a mingw32 version of sdl built
04:32:38BilgusI may screw with it if people start asking
04:32:58BilgusI think you had 3.14 up and shits a changin
04:34:18speachyrasher, is there anything you still have floating around that you'd like to shove off to the new infrastructure?
04:34:24speachyI forget if I asked before
04:34:58speachy(even if just "permanently hand off to someone else")
04:35:01rasherSetting up Windows and Android builds would be nice, but it's not something I have running currently
04:35:10rasherbut I did at one point
04:35:33rasheralthough, android is dead?
04:35:47rasheror what's that?
04:35:48speachywell, dead for >4.4
04:36:01speachyuntil someone supremely motivated (and/or skilled) changes that.
04:36:03rasherso probably not a priority
04:36:27speachythe mainline code can now at least be successfully built with modern-ish NDKs.
04:40:34*Bilgus snickers
04:49:07speachylooks like Fedora's mingw32 packages are sufficient to cross-compile a simulator
04:52:44speachypile of warnings for a mingw64 build though
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05:33:47speachyokay, re-pinged 'em. mostly verbatim from the last message.
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08:57:35MarcroSoftSo what do I need to do to create a voice for the sim?
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14:34:01MarcroSoftIf I can't create my own voice files anymore I really think we should revert that commit, unless you can make danish voice files.
14:39:41speachyMarcroSoft, that commit is not the problem; the problem is that sim vs normal builds require _different_ voice files.
14:41:33speachySo to build your own sim-specific voice files, when you run tools/configure, after picking the target, when it prompts you for the build type, pick A(dvanced), then S<enter> V<enter> <enter> and it will do a Sim-specific Voice build.
14:45:42speachy(that commit also prevents incorrect voice prompts and crashes when the wrong voice files are used)
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15:21:11MarcroSoftoh, thanks. but then I think we should put in configure that it should make the sim voice as well when you press s, but that's a minor thing. Thanks a lot.
15:26:47MarcroSoftSo now I can't create voices with rockbox utility anymore?
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16:09:04speachyIIUC rbutil was never meant to interact with simulator builds.
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19:53:30BilgusMarcroSoft (Logs?) I'm sorry you are upset by the changes, The voice files from dailies were never guaranteed to work with the sim
19:56:00BilgusBy coincidence they mostly worked but at some point they diverged far enough that something had to be done...
19:59:22BilgusIf he ever comes back i'd like to hear about opus as well
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20:12:01bluebrotherspeachy, MarcroSoft: you can build voice files for the sim using Rockbox Utility. Just did :)
20:12:52bluebrotherthe thing here is that the voice file needs to match the lang file. It's basically a binary blob of all strings / prerendered voice clips with an index table. That index table needs to match.
20:14:24bluebrotherRockbox Utility loads a compressed version of the strings from the device (in .rockbox/langs/ and uses that to create the voice file, thus it will match.
20:16:03bluebrotherthe pre-rendered files on the website are a completely different story. They are only done for releases. And will only work for that release. You can't mix such a file with a simulator, since we don't release simulator builds.
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20:19:23bluebrotherspeachy: so no, from my understanding the voice files are not different between target and sim. And Rockbox Utility never did something to accomodate for the sim, yet a voice file generated with it works fine with the sim for me :)
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20:20:45bluebrotherspeachy: just tried the last binary on the mini2g (69b6818aa9-200421). Hangs at logo. Sorry, didn't get around earlier.
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20:23:33bluebrotherthe main problem with Rockbox Utiltiy generating voice files for the sim is that it expects to get configure with a mount point, which doesn't exist for the sim. But you can trick it: configure your player, ignore the mountpoint error, quit it, edit the configuration file, then start it again.
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20:47:27speachybluebrother, the string tables are different between targets and their sims, alas.
20:47:52BilgusThey matched pretty close for a long while they don't match at all anymore
20:48:28speachyand in theory, a well-loved mini2g should be in my mailbox later today. So I can make the test/debug loop a lot tighter.
20:48:44blbro[m]Why is that?
20:49:03Bilguswhy do they not match as closly?
20:49:19speachysims don't ahve the same set of hardware as the real target, different features, and different plugins too.
20:49:33Bilgusthe plugins are where it really diverges
20:49:35blbro[m]Why not at all?
20:49:48speachyjust to pick a random example, real targets might have an FM tuner but the sim doesn't.
20:49:50blbro[m]Wasn't that stubbed?
20:51:00blbro[m]Yeah, but the sims were used to create themes. So you need to be able to "use" the tuner, even though there is none.
20:51:10blbro[m]Iirc that worked.
20:51:51blbro[m]And plugins ... Do we have translations for plugins these days? I remember this being a long standing issue.
20:52:25speachythe infra for plugins to use translations and voice was merged about a year ago
20:52:46speachyand quite a few plugins use that now
20:53:05blbro[m]Ah, that explains things. Haven't followed development too much :)
20:53:08BilgusI'm not sure how you could really get a working implementation between the two I guess you could have subset and supersets
20:53:50Bilgusbut thats just extra overhead TBH i'd rather just require the proper voicefile
20:53:50blbro[m]But anyway, those prerendered voice files don't make too much sense except for releases.
20:54:33blbro[m]You can always create your own with Rockbox Utility.
20:54:41speachywell, nightly voice files are still being generated.
20:55:02BilgusAtm it just logf's the expected and received I suppose there can be a louder warning added
20:55:09speachyin theory for all stable and unstable targets (excluding "unusuable" targets)
20:56:27blbro[m]Well, a simple mitigation could be to make sure we use use different ID groups for Rockbox and individual plugins.
20:56:42blbro[m]But yeah, not worth the work.
21:00:32Bilgusso you said you can do it with the utility for sims you just have to edit the config file?
21:01:55speachyhmm. I added another engines to the configure script, should do the same for rbutil. And then add google tts to both.
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21:32:21BilgusI wasn't even aware google had a tts still open to the general population
21:36:58 Join sakax [0] (~r0b0t@unaffiliated/r0b0t)
21:41:20blbro[m]Bilgus yes. Rockbox Utility reads the strings to voice from the target. You just need to point it to the target. The problem is that it assumes the target has a mountpoint in the host system (or drive letter on Windows)
21:43:53blbro[m]Since the "mountpoint" for the sim isn't a system mountpoint you cannot select it in the configuration. But in the configuration file it's just a path. So you edit that path and it happily accepts it as long as that path exists.
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23:45:17speachyheh, looks like SMF doesn't know how to handle IPv6 addresses.

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