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#rockbox log for 2020-04-29

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16:37:36koniufyi- i was having problems with random data aborts on playback with two different sansa zips
16:38:01koniui think some of it was down to internal flash dying and writes .playlist_control
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16:38:26koniuso i got one of them to boot from flash but was still getting aborts
16:39:20koniui then disabled 'Database > Load to RAM' and no more aborts!
16:39:50koniuplaying large playlist (nearly 20k tracks) from a 256G sd card
16:40:31koniuhope i didn't just jinx it just now /o\
16:42:04koniupoint being, somehow 'load database to ram' has ill effects with a large collection on sansa zip - a bug maybe?
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17:03:54Bilgusum not much ram could play into that but I have never had the setting make my player abort
17:04:50Bilguskoniu also see about upgrading your bootloader if you haven't done so recently
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17:17:58Brutusok i'm a bit confused probably. i got an ipod classic 120gb a1238. i tried the installation a few times but i can't get it up and running. it's now telling me no partition found, entering usb mode, bootloader usb mode
17:21:51speachyjust a random question wrt the database aborts.. have you tried to regenerate the db from scratch? might be some old-fashioned corruption going on.
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20:57:14speachysweet, the mini2g showed up. only it's a nano2g not a mini2g.
21:00:27textmate_I have another question here with SSDs
21:00:41textmate_When will they be properly supported?
21:03:13speachythe short answer: probably never.
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21:10:45speachyI don't think there's anyone active that knows enough about the ipod quirks to make meaningful headway.
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21:24:49gevaertsspeachy: I think I'd just delete that account
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21:25:21speachyyou mean the one that did the spamming or are you referring to something else?
21:25:43gevaertsyes, there are no old ip addresses visible, so no way to find other spam they might have posted
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21:26:40cereal_eatertextmate_: ZIF SSDs work fine
21:27:20cereal_eaterI hope __builtin will find something about the iFlash adapters out.
21:28:06cereal_eatergevaerts: I am looking for a working build for the m:Robe 500. The wiki says you own one. is that stillt he case? Do you have a working build?
21:28:36gevaertsIt might have a build installed, but I haven't touched that thing in a decade I think
21:28:50__builtinI have been meaning to get to the iflashes, yes
21:29:04__builtinNo promises though
21:30:36speachywell, this nano2g works great, but doesn't do me any good as it's not a PP-based unit. :/
21:31:41cereal_eatergevaerts: this might give me a starting point to find out what broke the builds.
21:32:19cereal_eaterI will install a fresh battery and SD cards in mine.
21:34:01gevaertsWell, it still boots... To the OF right now though
21:34:27cereal_eaterjust found these Zender ZIF adapters
21:35:47gevaertsRight, you want to use untested storage before you know the build is stable ;)
21:38:45cereal_eaterLets hope I know what I am doing.
21:39:13gevaertsRight, booting is like one of those easter egg cheat codes
21:39:41cereal_eaterBut to make Rockbox work an the m:robe would be great. (If it ever was)
21:39:53gevaertsWell, rockbox seems to boot and then immediately shutdown, probably low battery
21:40:10gevaertsI mean, the thing isn't exactly *new*
21:40:35cereal_eater2004 gadgets
21:42:05gevaertsI think pamaury had it for a bit
21:42:14cereal_eaterthe wiki says 1 or 2 gen ipod batteries can be used as a replacement
21:43:20*gevaerts reboots to the OF to get reliable USB to copy the build off
21:45:38cereal_eaterthanks _gevaerts, thats nice.
21:47:41gevaertsDo you have the magic boot stuff?
21:49:12gevaertsI uploaded two builds:"> and
21:49:47gevaertsThe 120226 one is what it's running now, the 111229 one was on the disk, so presumably that was installed at some point as well
21:51:16cereal_eaterthank you gevaerts, that is very kind and much appreciated. I will try them immediately.
21:51:31gevaertsGood luck with the touchscreen controls! :)
21:52:34cereal_eaterLet's see what I can do. Maybe the theme on the themesite wil help.
21:54:05cereal_eaterOh it works! Lovely 3x3 grid navigation like the Cowon D2 :-)
21:54:23gevaertsYes :)
21:56:32gevaertsI can promise you that as long as the boot sequence stays the way it is, this is not a "stable" candidate :)
21:56:52cereal_eaterI understand.
21:57:55cereal_eateramazing the the brushedrobe theme works!
21:59:05cereal_eaterSo let's see if I have success with bisect. Thank you again.
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22:08:05textmate_I was gonna ask cereal_eater what the difference between a "ZIF Adapter" and the iFlash adapters was
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22:10:31textmate___builtin: Thank you for fixing the iFlash adapters, let me know this week when its upstream.
22:10:44textmate_I hope you stand to your promise.
22:11:02gevaertsPromising to look at it isn't the same as promising to fix it...
22:11:18textmate_gevaerts: What do you mean?
22:11:23textmate_lol I was joking
22:18:54gevaertsLooks like my mr500 froze and I don't know how to reset it...
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22:22:15speachyhammer? :)
22:26:00gevaertsOpening it and disconnecting the battery worked :)
22:30:16livvyHello folks. I'm very keen on helping advance the USB Audio endeavour and am just in the process of making notes and trying to understand the current situation. As far as I can tell from Flyspray #11108 and the git log, isochronous transfers need to be improved in the ARC driver and implemented in the others? Naturally, finding documentation on the relevant SoCs (e.g S5L8702) and the dwc controller is
22:30:22livvyquite hard :). I'm wondering if anyone has any tid-bits of knowledge that might be helpful.
22:32:51livvyThis might be one for pamaury but I know others have been involved too :~)
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22:43:38pixelmamy 40pin SSD (I believe it was) works a treat with Rockbox in my iAudio M5 for many years already. ;)
22:44:23pixelmaAFAIK those aren't in production for quite some time too, though
22:44:40speachythere's always generic CF cards too
22:49:46__builtintextmate_: of course, once I get cold fusion figured out
22:54:12textmate___builtin: ok
22:54:21textmate_thank you Sir
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23:28:38Brutusok i'm a bit confused probably. i got an ipod classic 120gb a1238. i tried the installation a few times but i can't get it up and running. it's now telling me no partition found, entering usb mode, bootloader usb mode
23:31:34livvyBrutus: i remember experiencing similar symptoms and it turned out to be the partition table on my 6g classic
23:32:33livvyBrutus: have you tried restoring apple firmware via iTunes (on windows) before running the setup again?
23:36:28Brutusitunes doesn't see it
23:36:58Brutuslivvy: i actually wanted to do that but i'm unable to get back into it
23:40:41Brutuslivvy: when i plug it in i have two partitions, one of them requires to be formatted according to windows. after a reboot i can reset it in itunes but it doesn't work
23:41:07livvyBrutus: Have you booted into DFU mode?
23:41:21Brutuswhat's that
23:41:31 Quit emacsomancer (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:42:25livvy"Device Firmware Upgrade" mode. It allows iTunes to access the bootloader (I believe) and upload the firmware
23:42:25Brutusah found it online
23:42:29Brutusthat's the 12 second press
23:42:37Brutusone moment
23:46:20Brutusthe ipod is now off and won't turn on, itunes doesn't see it
23:48:40livvyBrutus: do you see anything in Device Manager (win) or in the output of "lsusb" (linux)
23:49:23livvyit's likely not kaput. the hardware is pretty picky about the timing of the button presses to get it into DFU mode.
23:50:03livvyit's best to have a digital clock/timer to hand :)
23:50:06Brutusunder windows i see nothing. just plugged it into my linux box and it does see it
23:50:13BrutusBus 001 Device 009: ID 05ac:1223 Apple, Inc. iPod Classic/Nano 3.Gen (DFU mode)
23:50:15 Join emacsomancer [0] (
23:52:06livvyI don't really use windows at all but could be drivers on your box. you tried re-entering DFU/restarting iTunes etc / rebooting?
23:52:43Brutuswell it's now on my linux box which does see it so if it works on there and you could help me on linux i would prefer that
23:53:26Brutusrockbox instantly selects the ipod classic 6th gen which it does, can't select a mount point
23:53:53Brutusmountpoint: mountpoint unknown or invalid
23:54:47livvyprobably gonna have to disappear soon
23:54:52Brutusoh ok too bad
23:58:37Brutusnothing that stands out to me in the logs

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