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#rockbox log for 2020-05-03

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00:15:36gevaertsspeachy: it was timing out.Seems to be fine now
00:16:00speachythe internet is always broken somewhere....
00:20:47speachymy stats show I never lost connectivity to my various "sites" and google.
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00:49:19Brutusok i think i know why my ipod is having constant issues. the disk is failing.
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01:09:14_Bilgusspeachy I had a few instances that I got page timeouts while refreshing on the forum
01:09:35_BilgusI just figured it was something dns related
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01:21:00Brutusis reliable?
01:22:15Zardoznot sure if still true but rockbox and iflash can have problems
01:22:27Brutusdo you know an alternative that works better?
01:30:50speachyhmm, can't really speak to what could have happened, but please holler again if it breaks. I don't really have anything independent enough to monitor external availability
01:35:02BrutusZardoz: ok fair enough, the iflash doesn't work properly. but is there a working alternative? i don't want to throw my ipod in the bin if i could still save it
01:36:01Zardoznot that I know of. I think there was a toshiba 1.8 zif ssd drive a long back, but they are way gone now.
01:36:31speachyIIRC it's just the iflash SD adapters that are wonky; the CF stuff is fine.
01:36:36Brutusi'd like to have 1tb of storage in it
01:36:40Brutusspeachy: oh
01:37:05speachygranted CF cards are pricier than SD for a given capacity
01:37:39Brutuslooked up the price, yeah i'm not going to go that route
01:44:58Brutusi could buy a new FIIO M7 with a 512GB MicroSD card nad have a cheaper solution than the CF card upgrade
01:45:36Zardozor get that new M3 for like 80 US?
01:46:03Brutusor that
01:47:37Brutuslooks like the M3 isn't sold anymore but there is a M3K
01:48:10Zardozsorry yeah the M3K is the new onew
01:48:32Brutuswatching a review now
01:50:58Brutusso i have 2 ipods, both are broken
01:51:06Zardozhard drives?
01:51:28Brutusmy classic 120gb has a broken disk, the other one is a mini with a 128GB flash card and that won't boot anymore
01:52:03Brutusdoesn't turn on. doesn't respond to the cable or pressing the menu and select button
01:52:16Zardozmmm might be battery
01:52:27Brutusyeah might be
01:53:04Zardozoh here is what I was looking at for a ssd replace
01:53:11ZardozKingSpec 128GB 1.8" 5mm ZIF SSD KSD-ZF18.6-128MS
01:53:28Zardozbut 75 bucks.
01:53:48ZardozI might get to play with anyways
01:53:56Zardozand a new battery
01:54:14Brutusyeah but for that price i can get the M3K
01:54:34Brutusand i can upgrade the M3K with a SD card with 2TB max
01:55:08Zardozif you like the ipod classic form. if you can fins a fiio x3 III its a nice option
01:56:05Zardozsorry not the III but the II is better IMO
01:57:28Brutusthe ipod is nice because it's flat. the M3K is nice because it's tiny. might fit in the watch pouch of my jeans
01:57:48speachysure, those new players are nice, but will they run rockbox? :D
01:58:02Zardozyeah no rockbox
01:58:11Brutusspeachy: well, if i can't upgrade my ipod with rockbox, i'd have to get something else
01:58:52Zardozwith my x3 II would have rockbox.
01:59:09Zardozbut its not to bad as it is.
01:59:26Zardozand runs off micro SD
01:59:44Brutusdoesn't appear the X3 is still sold here
01:59:53Brutusm3k, m7, m9, x5iii and m11
02:00:07Brutuslast 2 are around 500 euro's
02:00:20Zardozyeah x3 is EOL
02:00:24speachyyeah, targeting the monster cable crowd..
02:00:34speachyxduoo x3 or fiio x3?
02:00:45ZardozI just got one used for like 60 bucks about 3 months ago
02:01:35speachyIt's hard to justify buying DAPs solely for rockbox hacking purposes. :/
02:02:45speachyprinters, on the other hand.. but those generally pay for themselves.
02:03:03Brutusi've never had a printer
02:03:19Brutusmy work has a printer, i use that if i need to
02:04:05speachymy CUPS server has 27 unique printers plugged in right now. And several more that aren't.
02:04:15Brutusi assume that's not at home
02:04:30Zardozhere is my x3 II
02:04:32speachyyep, at home.
02:04:46BrutusZardoz: nice. how much storage does it have
02:04:56Brutuslooks like a first gen ipod
02:05:05speachyis the Fiio X3ii another hibiplayer-based unit?
02:05:05Zardozyeah very ipod like
02:05:39Zardozmy baby though
02:06:27Brutuswhat's the setup?
02:06:56Zardozthe amp I use on the ipod is a fiio E12 amp
02:07:02Brutusah ok
02:07:07Brutusnot a real on the go solution XD
02:07:40Zardozthats my ipod 5.5 gen with a E12 fiio amp
02:07:53Zardozoh it goes
02:08:04Zardozbut yes its a brick
02:08:39Brutusbut people complain about my phone, so what do i know
02:09:09Zardozoh lmao
02:09:37Brutusit's got a 10.000mAh battery
02:09:51Brutusand it's rugged, so rubber coating, waterproof, etc. it's a brick
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02:11:21Brutusdo any of those support bluetooth?
02:11:33Zardozthe x7MK2 does
02:11:47Brutusah ok
02:12:26Brutusi use xiaomi bluetooth earplug things at work. it's so nice.
02:12:38Zardozthe X7MK2 has a 4.4 balanced output too
02:12:54Brutus25 euro's, okish sound quality, but i only use one earplug and for at work, quality is good enough
02:17:09Brutusno issues with snagging cables when you walk around. it's not for listening to high quality music though
02:18:25speachybtw, here's (most of) the printer stash:
02:19:58speachyI don't have a problem. I can stop anytime I want.
02:21:39Brutusoh wow
02:21:46Brutuswell i got that problem with pans
02:21:53Brutusdon't have a picture but i got a lot of them
02:24:16speachymost of those aren't technically mine, but are on semi-permanent loan should an urgent support request come in.
02:25:30speachybut it's a nice little niche that'
02:25:38speachythat's paid for a lot of toys over the past few years.
02:26:32Brutusdon't know how you make money of them, but hey
02:26:33ZardozI wish I had a pic of the old printer lag I used to work in.
02:28:24speachyconsulting work. Basically, if the photo booth/kiosk/whatever is running Linux and drives a dyesub printer, it's running my code.
02:29:44speachyso new printers get tossed my way, or older ones with some quirks they want to be better supported or worked-around.
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02:32:45Brutusahh ok
02:33:08Brutusthat makes sense
02:34:15Brutusoh the m3k doesn't have bluetooth :S
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04:23:05Zardozolh yeah M3k does not but M7 does.
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15:20:42speachywell. checkwps is broken for at least some hosted targets.
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15:33:14speachyfix committed.
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23:49:19edhelasHey 😃

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