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#rockbox log for 2020-05-05

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00:47:12ZardozBrutus: got my 128GB zf drive today.
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02:21:19speachyokay, the PP problems with the new toolchain are definitely confined to hot multicore activities.
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02:52:13_Bilgusthat was fast
02:55:38speachytook me longer to get the damn thing to hard reset than it takes to get a new build going. :/
02:55:51speachybasically a singlecore build works beautifully.
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04:23:07speachycool, squirreled a backtrace out of it. going kaboom in the disk cache code..
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04:25:09speachymore specifically, when trying to lock disk_cache_mutex
04:28:34speachy...which in turn leads to the threading code. actual crash is insude inherit_priority()
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05:11:14_Bilgusspeachy could you try that new filesystem code and see if it crashes as spectacularly?
05:12:09_BilgusIf its gonna need changed I'd much rather work on that code than the current
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11:09:43BrutusZardoz: nice
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14:06:40speachy_Bilgus, I really doubt it's the FS code specifically itself, but sure, I can try somethign else
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18:22:48NuggettesHeyy I have a question. I'm trying to load both the Apple firmware and the Rockbox firmware in one device but Apple limits me to 128GB even after I install Rockbox with Rockbox utility could this be because Windows Fat32 file system limitation limits the storage?
18:23:43NuggettesAlso The ipod wont be able to be recognized by the computer if the original Apple firmware is not present
18:26:24NuggettesIt has been recognized by the computer even without the apple firmware but its best to keep the original firmware
18:27:23NuggettesSo my question lies Could windows Fat32 limit its capacity even after I installed Rockbox
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19:39:31_BilgusNuggettes ? Windows Fat32?
19:40:53_Bilgusso FAT32 is good to 2TB as far as I know
19:41:13Nuggetteshmmm Rockbox isnt picking it up..
19:41:24_Bilguswindows doesn't like to format fat 32 that large though
19:41:40_Bilgusyou generally need 3rd party tools or linux
19:41:40gevaertsMake sure the partition type is correct too
19:41:47Nuggettesyes it is?
19:42:19_BilgusI'd try reformatting first before I went further personally
19:42:55_Bilgussometimes the fat table gets extra junk that RB barfs on
19:43:41gevaertsHmmm, what model ipod is this?
19:43:49NuggettesWell I had resized the partition on wizard minitool and it has taken forever
19:43:55Nuggettes6th gen
19:44:06Nuggettesand it ended up being RAW
19:44:09gevaertsok, so no 5th gen 2K sector weirdness
19:45:08NuggettesIt says Re-sizing partitions wont delete or mess with any data nut it did just that
19:45:36_BilgusIts probably fine for something with lots of error checking correction but RB expects a perfect FAT table my guess would be its not quite right
19:46:07_Bilgusyou could try a smaller dc get it working and then clone it to your other drive
19:46:16_BilgusSD not dc\\
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19:46:21NuggettesSee If I reformat or resize the partition
19:46:44NuggettesI risk losing the original apple firmware
19:47:07NuggettesIf I keep the apple firmware with rockbox it limits me to 128gb
19:49:42*gevaerts doesn't know much about the 6g
19:50:07gevaertsOn the older ones the apple firmware is on a separate partition so you can't do much wrong with it
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23:10:31_Bilguscould you move the apple partition after the fat32 partition"
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