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#rockbox log for 2020-05-06

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00:12:09NugettesDoes Resizing a partition delete data?
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01:51:58_Bilgusif you make it smaller it might
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07:20:37saratogaNuggettes: the apple firmware is always limited to 128GB, so if you want to go above that you cannot use the apple firmware anymore
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11:25:32NuggettesHey I want to get rid of the original apple firmware as in rewrite it with the one cause I cant get the full capacity storage I want. I am aware It might not be the best idea. But I havent been able to get linux running or any of that because I haven't recieved any packages the USB I last bought! And Im worried I'll lose my music that is backed up
11:25:33Nuggetteson my old computer.
11:27:34NuggettesAnd my parents are getting rid of the old computer
11:29:56NuggettesI'm running out of patience and time :(
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12:50:18blebis there any linux distro which packages RockboxUtility?
12:50:35blebor alternatively, any distro which RockboxUtility runs on?
12:51:49blebwhen i try to run it it says i need and this doesn't appear to be available in any ubuntu packages:
12:59:58blebi don't insist on doing a manual install but i guess i have to
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13:07:07gevaertsbleb: not sure if ubuntu has something like, but if not, maybe try
13:07:58gevaertsInstalling debian packages on ubuntu is not always the best idea, but if you have nothing depending on it, and a package like this one with very few dependencies of its own, I think it's worth a try
13:28:17blebok thanks
13:28:19blebi got it working
13:28:38blebnow it says i have to enter in my mount point manually but i see no way to do that
13:28:55gevaertsAutodetect doesn't work?
13:29:30gevaertsAre you running with sudo (or as root)?
13:29:45gevaertsRight. That's usually required IIRC
13:29:52bleboh okay
13:30:12gevaertsAutodetect wants to look at USB ids, and on some devices installation needs raw partition access
13:37:26blebgotcha it's working now
13:37:53blebwhat's the goto place to get sansa fuze firmware?
13:38:01blebi have a sansa fuze v2
13:39:42gevaertsI thinkn the manual has a link?
13:40:39blebmendel_munkis: thanks
13:44:20blebhmm "could not open fuzpa.bin for writing"
13:45:11gevaertsIs the fuze mounted read-write? linux usually remounts read-only if filesystem corruption is found
13:46:53blebhmm the mount had an i/o error
13:47:02blebmaybe the fuze went to sleep...
13:47:27blebi was able to mount it again after unplugging and replugging
13:48:07blebyeah it's working now :)
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13:55:55NugettesI know I asked this before and Im asking it again.. but Does anyone know how to rewrite The rockbox firmware with apple Os? I
13:56:45NugettesIll have my music backed up regardless if anything goes wrong but it will be stable for a long time
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14:04:20blebi have one more question: can rockbox read anything other than fat32 for an sd card?
14:04:38blebin particular, any filesystems that support links?
14:05:26bleblinks would make it possible to build the "database" structure on the sd card so you wouldnt have to initialize the db on rockbox
14:05:33blebwhich can take a long time for large sd cards...
14:06:50blebactually can you just build the database index on a computer rather than on the mp3 player?
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14:12:00gevaertsThere is the tool in tools/database in the source that *should* work, but it's not well documented and probably not tested very often. Maybe there's some help in the wiki or on the forums...
14:12:38bleboh cool
14:12:40blebis that new?
14:12:46blebi feel like they didnt have that a few years ago
14:12:50gevaertsIt's been there for a very long time
14:13:08blebi'll have to check it out
14:13:24blebwhat database format do they use anyway?
14:13:59bleb`file MTABLE.SYS` says it is a "dBase III DBT" file
14:14:54gevaertsmtable.sys isn't rockbox
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15:06:49KenyaMantrealHi Im installing rockbox but it isnt working
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15:20:44ZardozKenyaMantreal: whats the issue?
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18:25:18NuggettesHi Is there anyway to get rid of the Apple firmware along with the Apple boot loader to prevent the ipod from booting up with it or potentially locking storage to 127GB?
18:53:06Lonoxmontjust get an ipod video off ebay they can address larger space no problem
18:53:24Lonoxmontitl be easier than trying to kitbash what oyu have into something usable with both firmwares
18:53:51Lonoxmontthat or accept the fact that the native apple firmware doesnt want to address large storage
18:53:59Lonoxmontunless its on an ipod video
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19:36:43Nuggettesah okay
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19:42:09FreemeNot sure If I can ask this here but my mp3 player isnt showing up on my computer
19:49:09Freemewhen I installed rockbox
20:02:03_BilgusFreeme, thats vague
20:07:13FreemeI recently installed rockbox on my Sandisk windows 10
20:07:46Freemeand It shows its plugged in but it wont show up in the usb computer
20:09:47_BilgusI assume the device still starts up?
20:10:52_BilgusFirst I'd try a different port and if that doesn't work go into OF original firmware) mode usually left dpad or volume up/dn depending on the player
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20:14:20Freemeah ok yes the device still starts
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21:02:29Rikuhi I just got my apple ipod radio remote (A1187/MA070G/*) which is listed as fully working with rockbox
21:02:33Rikuit doesn't work with rockbox
21:02:35Rikuany ideas
21:02:46Rikuit does work on OFW so not broken
21:04:36Riku listed as working on 5G, tested 2009, has support been broken since then or not present for 6G?
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