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#rockbox log for 2020-05-07

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01:44:08_Bilgusthey are different players so probably never enabled/ worked on for the 6G
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05:13:30Rikucan I put in a feature request or something
05:13:34Rikuthis remote was C$32
05:26:37_BilgusRiku, generally you do that yourself feel free to request but unless someone feels like doing it .. well you get the idea
05:28:59Rikuah yes right I've filed bug reports before it'd be the same place
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09:35:04PimpiN8you ever connected it to the internet?
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14:52:32langestHi, is there any modern device that has official rockbox support? Thanks.
14:53:52toruvinnagp rocker works, but not sure if it's "official". also it's in kinda beta.
14:53:53toruvinnbut works
14:53:58toruvinni wonder if there's something newer...
14:54:03toruvinner, agptek rocker
14:55:01toruvinnwhich you'll find coincidentally hw-wise is the same as benije something or benje
14:56:07toruvinnBenjie apparently. oh well.
14:58:36langestOk, thanks, I'll check those out.
15:07:06speachyagktek rocker aka benjie t6
15:07:29speachythe xduoo x3ii and x20 are also commercially available
15:11:05speachyall three are considered "unstable" but that's only because there's no automagic installer support yet.
15:18:40langestOk, is there instructions for compiling/installing it manually?
15:21:51langestIn the wiki ( it looks like xduoo x3ii and x20 is linking to aptek rocker. Do they have their own page or is it supposed to do this?
15:24:38speachyall three have nightly builds
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15:27:27speachythe only complication is the bootloader installation. there's a script in-tree to patch the firmware images.
15:27:56speachybut there are some pre-patched binaries around that will do until rbutil is updated appropriately.
15:29:05langestok, thanks
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16:17:25langestIs there any general rockbox manual? There isn't one available for the xDuoo's.
16:24:10langestI'm trying to find instructions on how to install it manually
16:24:13speachythe base manual is the same for all targets; generally only the button mappings differ.
16:24:59speachyinstallation for which one exactly?
16:25:28speachythe rocker, x3ii, and x20 share the same installation process. Which isn't really written down in a sane manner.
16:25:43langestx3ii was the one I was thinking of
16:25:43speachyie reflecting the current state..
16:26:48speachygrab the patched firmware, drop it in the root of your sdcard as update.upt, unzip an appopriate nightly build into the sd card, then use the OF firmware update to flash things.
16:27:13langestalright, simple enough. Thanks
16:29:28speachyrbutil will eventually do all of this for you, but my dislike of C++ still outweighs my willingness to make that happen.
16:50:08langestC++ is pretty nice if written well. :)
16:54:41speachyrbutil is one of the better ones
16:54:51speachyand QT is quite nice
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17:55:39langest /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER langest ciipxtacyveb
17:56:32langestsorry, ignore
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19:38:37AForkInTheButtHi! I'm looking through the plugin API and writing some test code. It seems there is no grayscale on 3rd gen iPods?
19:38:45AForkInTheButtI thought they were 2bpp screens
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19:43:56AForkInTheButtit's just that if I set a single entry in a buffer the size of a screen it will change 8 pixels
19:44:07AForkInTheButtwhen calling lcd_bitmap
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20:00:45AForkInTheButtxxx_gray_bitmap isn't even defined :/
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21:51:16_BilgusAForkInTheButt, I think you access those functions thru -> struct screen
21:51:33_Bilgusgive me a minute to find it
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21:53:53_Bilgusah thats it
21:54:47_Bilgus#if defined(HAVE_LCD_BITMAP) && (LCD_DEPTH < 4)
21:56:57_Bilgus also has it
22:01:01AForkInTheButtty :D
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23:08:46AForkInTheButtare the stdio stream functions like fopen, ect unavailable?
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