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#rockbox log for 2020-05-10

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07:27:21blebi was just playing around with a new rockbox installation
07:27:28blebi had played a few albums on it last night
07:28:05blebthe tonight while i way listening to some music, it stopped and the screen said "panic: playlist resume" or something with some codes
07:28:12blebnow my sansa fuze won't turn on
07:28:19blebis it bricked or what?
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10:13:50blbro[m]Any opinions on moving the manual to Sphinx?
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15:20:01speachyblbro[m], "patches welcome" :D
15:21:29gevaertsWell, that and compelling arguments
15:21:43gevaertsIt's a big change after all
15:22:03speachyyeah, a major rewrite like that is a lot of work, and there are IMO much better targets for that effort than changing the manual implementation language.
15:22:29gevaertsWell, depends on who's doing it
15:22:37speachylike, oh, manual updates for targets lacking one. :)
15:23:02gevaertsIf someone wants to rework the manual and doesn't care about anything else, that's not really a consideration :)
15:23:21speachyquite true
15:23:27gevaertsManuals for targets are hard to do by people who don't have that target
15:24:44speachyI don't think sphinx is going to lead to an inscrease in folks contributing to the manual
15:26:51gevaertsProbably not, but who knows... One thing that's annoying about the current manual is getting the actual latex environment installed
15:27:17gevaertsThere have been a few things that needed fixes or workarounds over the years to cope with different versions of some packages
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15:28:03gevaertsI have no idea if sphinx is better in that regard
15:34:44speachysphinx is simpler insofar as it's more self-contained but for a typical linux user there's no meaningful difference. heck, under windows there's no meaningful difference either.
15:36:23speachythanks to texlive
15:36:56speachyso if you're able to get the cross-compilers going then latex is a relative breeze.
15:37:29speachysphinx won't free us from needing cross-compilers for the manual
15:37:47gevaertsOh, indeed not
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15:38:35speachywhicxh is somethign I'd personally like to see changed. ..
15:38:42gevaertsIt's things like 9d160c2a that don't make me very happy
15:39:13speachyis that still relevant now?
15:39:17gevaertsNo idea
15:39:50speachytex4ht has had plenty of warts
15:41:44gevaertsBut that's really a long-term maintenance thing. I am not at all convinced that these "newcomers" (I know sphinx isn't *that* new, but in comparison with latex it kind of is) will do better on compatibility
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15:42:11speachyyeah, if anything the newcomers tend to be much worse
15:42:38*speachy waves his cane and tells the kids to get off his lawn.
15:46:24speachydon't have a debian system with enough resources to install texlive to find out
15:46:47speachyjust a lone rpi0
15:47:47speachyuntuntu 16.04 has a truly ancient version
15:49:12speachyfrom 2009
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16:47:23blebanything i might try after my fuze v2 showed a white "panic" screen and has been unable to turn on since?
16:48:05blebi tried plugging it into power and a computer with two different cords
16:48:12blebleft it plugged into the power overnight
16:48:15blebstill no sign of life
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17:33:17speachybleb, if it can't boot into the OF (hold select on start I think) then it's probably toast
17:33:22speachymost likely the internal flash went kaput
17:39:41blebthis is my second sansa fuze...
17:40:04blebmaybe i can take the internal flash from the old fuze with the borken scroll wheel and put it in this one
17:42:40blebi'll probably just switch to ipods though
17:43:13_Bilgustry holding power for 60+ seconds to get it to reset if that doesn't work let it run down completely for a few days then try charging it and powering on
17:44:17_Bilgusbleb, problem is if it gets really hung then it needs to have power removed before it'll turn on again
17:44:47_Bilgusletting the power die accomplishes this..
17:47:22blebwill do
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