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#rockbox log for 2020-05-12

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06:07:29__builtinulmutul (logs): what's the status of the infones port ( g#946)?
06:07:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #946 at : InfoNES - FS #2911 - NES Emulator for Color Targets (WIP) by Sebastian Leonhardt
06:07:45__builtinI'm thinking of cleaning it up for master
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07:39:44XeraserHello, sorry for the redundant question but I just got a 7th gen iPod Classic (or apparently it's still a 6th gen?) and I was curious to try out Rockbox on it. I've heard some people say that Rockbox either drained their battery really quickly OR that it extended their battery life compared to Apple's OS. I don't think I've seen mentions of it
07:39:44Xeraserhappening on specific models, just in general. What could it depend on?
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10:11:56CH23hey y'all, I can't get the rockbox utility running on my x64 linux machine, it tells me "./RockboxUtility: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `Qt_5' not found (required by ./RockboxUtility)"
10:12:32CH23I do have it installed, so i have no idea why rockboxutility says no
10:13:44CH23same goes for libQt5Widgets, Network, and Core
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11:53:41skolemhello, maybe i can try to help you. on what distro are you?
11:54:02skolemand from where did you get RockboxUtility?
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12:44:08assahave you tried running it as root?
12:44:11CH23hi skolem, i'm on trisquel8, which is based on ubuntu 16.0.4. i got rockbox utility from the rockbox website,
12:44:46CH23as root i get the same errors
12:45:23assahave you checked if the path actually exists?
12:45:29assamaybe your distro installs it somewhere else
12:48:50CH23they're in that location
12:49:25assadid you run is as root or with sudo? sometimes that makes a difference
12:50:07CH23i tried both now, result is the same
12:50:36CH23i feel the same :P
12:51:19assaare you the ch23 from telegram?
12:51:28CH23yes I am
12:51:55assacongrats on being the first person to have entered two separated online identities of mine
12:52:14CH23achievement unlocked: accidental stalker
12:53:00CH23i have no idea who you are there though
12:53:14assalet's keep it that way
12:53:19CH23feel free to PM
12:53:21CH23or not, okay
12:54:06assawell, sorry for asking, but have you tried the obvious updating and restarting your machine?
12:54:48CH23yeah i did
12:54:56CH23wait, updating i did not try
12:57:08CH23nope it did nothing
13:00:25CH23could i maybe have a wrong subversion?
13:06:04CH23although i'd love to solve this issue, the thing I really want to do is to update the bootloader of my ipod classic, can that be done without losing the data on the iPod, using some alternative way?
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18:37:50CH23turns out my bootloader was still up to date
18:38:27CH23i did not manage to solve the issue with qt5, instead i used my work laptop which runs windows
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19:50:50cereal_eaterspeachy: in regard to the commit that seems to cause the m:Robe 500 hang on boot, I can confirm that revision 8bd992c (before this commit) works and revision 3e2b50e (after this commit) doesn't work.
19:51:04cereal_eaterwhat was the purpose of this commit?
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19:56:25cereal_eaterI mean, it must have been important.
19:58:58cereal_eatergevaerts: by the way, resetting the m:Robe is done using the remote and pressing the "Heart" button, the "Mode" button and the "Play" button simultaneously.
20:02:56 Quit CH23 (Quit: Leaving)'s a linking order thing.
20:04:04speachyso have you done a 'git revert b0de98ad' to see if master without that one commit does indeed work?
20:05:08speachybecause my gut tells me the actual problem is something else, but is exacerbated/hidden by that commit.
20:05:39cereal_eaterno I had problems doing that I did git checkout 8bd992c and git checkout 8bd992c and compiled the builds
20:07:35speachyit reverts cleanly...
20:09:24speachyCan you try out a couple of builds for me? One will be git master, but with the newer toolchain
20:10:15cereal_eateryes of course
20:11:31speachythe second is git master, with the new toolchain, with commit b0de98ad reverted.
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20:17:51cereal_eaterboth work
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20:23:12speachyso your problem will just go away with the new toolchain.
20:23:45cereal_eateroh, that's great news
20:24:12speachyand that problematic commit is a canary rather than the source of the actual problem
20:27:05cereal_eaterI see
20:33:27cereal_eaterstupid question, but how do I install the new toolchain? do I need to update it on my Linux system? Can't find a guide.
20:34:10speachyyou'll need to snag a commit out of gerrit. basically the only reason I haven't merged it is that it (badly) breaks the various portalplayer targets.
20:35:12speachy g#2305
20:35:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #2305 at : Build: Bump all compilers to GCC 4.9.4 (DO NOT MERGE YET) by Solomon Peachy
20:37:00speachybefore you try to grab that commit and rebuild toolchains, I have one or two more builds for you
20:37:15speachythe same thing as before, but with the old toolchain
20:44:10speachygit master with the old/current toolchain, and master with that commit reverted.
20:47:19cereal_eater3 hangs on boot, 4 works
20:47:30speachyone more coming.
20:48:39cereal_eaterI am happy to test
20:54:53cereal_eaterthis doesn't work
20:56:46speachythat fixes an out-of-bounds error in the USB code.. but probably unrelated to the hang
20:58:37cereal_eaterno, this build also doesn't work
21:02:54cereal_eaterdoesn't work
21:03:27speachyso it's the toolchain, not the compile flags, that makes the difference.
21:04:41cereal_eatera build from 2012 also works, does that mean, there was a different toolchain back then?
21:08:27speachyI think the underlying problem is that two blocks of code that need to be "close" to each other are not.
21:09:04speachythe link order change in that commit drastically altered the locality of a lot of code
21:10:16speachythe newer toolchain keeps things closer together. That could be due to improvements in auto-optimization, better recognition that the code needs to be kept together, or pure coincidence.
21:11:25speachythe fundamental "bug" here might be that some code function is missing an attribute.
21:11:55speachy(ie that explicitly tells the compiler that it needs to be grouped in a given place)
21:12:34speachy...and the newer compiler might be figuring that out automagically. Or perhaps is simply better at code generation in general.
21:16:32cereal_eaterok, that sounds wellfounded
21:17:27cereal_eaterthank you for your help speachy, I'll stay with one of the builds you provided till then
21:23:48speachyno problem. wish I could have narrowed this down a bit better, but at least a legit bugfix seems to have come out of this.
21:24:43cereal_eateryour help is much appreciated
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