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#rockbox log for 2020-05-18

00:06:59speachyAffected logs re-processed with perl trickery, Everything that's visible is corrected.
00:11:40speachy g#888
00:11:41fs-bluebotGerrit review #888 at : Added 2048 game by Franklin Wei
00:18:08speachyexcellent. gerrit, updated flyspray, and (some) git revisions are now pretty-tagged in the irc logs.
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05:26:03nihilazoare there other nicer-looking CJK fonts in rockbox than unifont?
05:26:27nihilazoor an ability to use one font for latin text but still be able to render CJK text in another rather than having it not show up properly?
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07:23:03speachy!#%!@. Daily build page is claiming the recorderv1 has the current git rev when it's really from 2013.
07:31:43speachyaaand it turns out that the build works, so there's no reason to enable it in the build list.
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07:34:07gevaertsrecorderv1 has size problems I think
07:34:32speachycurrent git code builds cleanly. plus the 3.15 release went out with it
07:35:09gevaertsAm I misremembering things?
07:35:37speachyit has a size problem with the gcc494 toolchain I'm sitting on but works with gcc404
07:35:46speachyrecv2 is fine
07:36:22gevaertsYes. It's the built-in bootloader that can only handle a certain size on the v1
07:36:44gevaertsThe proper fix would be to move to a normal bootloader/main split
07:36:56speachy...or just drop the target. :D
07:37:04gevaertsOr that :)
07:37:39speachyother than incremental keep-it-building changes, any real engineering effort on one of these old archos targets is... unwise.
07:38:38speachythere's going to be a sea of yellow (and possibly some red) once I'm able to land the 494 stuff.
07:38:43gevaertsWell, if someone who actually has them cares...
07:39:12speachycares, and has the technical skillz to make it happen
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07:49:30speachystill no maps in the daily builds, but at least there are proper changelogs now.
08:07:07koniuheya, got a playlist with ~21k entries. when accessing through 'playlist catalogue' i sometimes get 'playlist buffer full' and only ~16k entries get loaded.
08:07:25koniubrowsing to playlist dir and selecting the playlist file works fine
08:07:51koniulimits max playlist size set to 30000
08:08:00koniusansa clip zip
08:09:59koniuany ideas?
08:10:39speachynot on my end. but manipulating it that way is a bit more memory intensive
08:12:34koniuyeah, i've hit some other memory problems with when upping the sd card size - had to disable 'load database to ram' to get rid of data aborts
08:13:38koniuthe 'playlist buffer full' is the only remaining problem, a bit annoying but at least workable around
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08:29:50speachywould be curious to see what the max playlist you can manipulate would be before you hit that buffer full problem.
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09:05:50nihilazohello, I've put an SD card in my fuse plus which is recognised in USB mode and copied a bunch of files to it. However, my file browser in rockbox is only showing files on the internal storage
09:05:58nihilazohow can I look at the files on the SD card?
09:06:41nihilazo(sorry for the noob question)
09:06:50speachyif the SD card's capacity is over 32GB, it's formated as exFAT by default, and will need to be reformatted as fat32 before Rockbox can talk to it.
09:08:01nihilazoahh, thanks
09:08:51nihilazoI keep forgetting that exFAT is a thing
09:09:36speachythere's no longer any legal reason for exFAT being excluded from rockbox, but adding it will be a decent amount of work.
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10:14:06__builtinspeachy: are irc logs working?
10:15:19speachyyour question was logged too
10:18:45*speachy frowns.
10:19:37speachydamnit, there's a 7 hour gap due to differing time zones.
10:22:20speachyI mean 6 hour. Drat, I hoped the overlap would work out in my favor.
10:23:35speachyNot sure if dancer can use UTC or arbitrary time zones as its base.
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10:38:58nihilazoanother noob question, in the menu I get when long-pressing on the database on my fuze plus, there's an option to select directories for the database to scan. How do I actually select the directory I want? I've tried everything I can think of as a button but I can't seem to select a directory
10:53:54__builtinspeachy: it appears the issue is with the non-www domain
10:54:12speachyie ?
10:54:14__builtinOn my end it's still pointed at the haxx server
10:54:39__builtin is 404ing for me
10:54:59speachyare there any hosted-on-rockbox links that point to the non-www site?
10:55:37speachyI guess I can ask badger to create some blanket redirects for // -> //
10:56:01__builtinI'm just used to typing the url by hand
10:57:01speachylooks like they had // -> // but there were no other blanket redirects in the configs I got.
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11:45:37speachy__builtin, badger updated the // site to blanket-redirect everything to //
11:45:58speachyso your muscle memory doesn't need to change.
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12:08:39Bilgusnihilazo on the fuze+ I was thinking you use the play/pause button
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12:23:31Bilgusnope just grabbed my fuze+ its the select key it turns into a green arrow when selected I think
12:23:51nihilazodoesn't seem to for me
12:24:00nihilazoalthough it magically started scanning properly anyway, so I have no idea
12:24:38Bilgusyou have to select top level folders more than once
12:24:58Bilgusthe first select does a + sign and expands
12:25:21Bilgusselect again it turns to a green arrow
12:26:06Bilgusif you have menu icons disabled though I'm not sure how intuitive it would be
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15:20:34koniuspeachy: 'max playlist size' menu only allows up to 32k
15:21:06koniuif i set it to below 16k my playlist gets cropped to the set lenght with 'playlist buffer full' message
15:22:05koniuif i set it above 16k i also get 'playlist buffer full' but its cropped at at 16384 entries
15:23:05koniubut only through 'playlist catalogue', file browser to playlist directory gets me my whole playlist
15:24:36 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
15:27:40Bilgussounds like a bug then
15:39:20Bilgusok first I see that playlist_create_ex() requires a buffer be passed and only limits to max_files_in_playlist if that buffer is larger than max_files_in_playlist
15:39:38Bilgusso who is allocating the buffer...
15:41:29Bilgusdo you get a different result if a file is currently playing versus not (not playing not loaded)
15:43:08koniuBilgus: indeed!
15:43:27koniuwith playback stopped, it behaves
15:44:00Bilgusso then it has a big enough buffer to do what it wants
15:44:25Bilgusits still limited by how big the playback buffer is
15:44:41Bilgusthere will be a threshold where it fails again
15:45:46Bilgusso then what to do with it do we let the system decide where that threshold lies or do we enforce the users setting even if that makes playback buffer small to the point of killing battery life?
15:46:24speachyI do question the usefulness of a 32K entry playlist.
15:47:09speachybut I'd say we shoudl enforce a minimum-sized playback buffer, and allow the threshold to get up to that.
15:47:13koniucould you adjust playback buffer dynamically?
15:47:34koniuspeachy: well, the usecase is basically no fuss 'shuffle all'
15:47:54Bilgusor do we limit playlist to 16k and give you a script to break playlists down to managable chunks that link to each other
15:48:07speachyof course what "minimum" should be is highly dependent on a lot of things.. for spinning rust you'd want a bigger buffer, but SSD or flash your "spinup" time is negligible.
15:48:50Bilgusthere is still a measurable battery life reduction if the pb buffer is small
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15:49:57Bilgusstill if you decide that you want 32k playlists and the playback buffer is capable of it I feel we should let you
15:50:47speachyI'm strongly in favor of JustWorks() defaults.
15:50:51Bilguswe could take it further and allow you to stop playback if you wanna do more
15:51:37koniuwould this mean playback buffer would always be small with a big playlist or just whilst such expensive operations are performed?
15:51:58speachythe former
15:52:34Bilgusor we look at pb buffer size and use that to determine the max size of max_files_in_playlist based on an expected threshold
15:52:38koniuah great so if it's dynamic like that then the impact on battery life shouldn't be too bad
15:53:09speachywell, the space for the playlist is statically allocated based on the configuration
15:53:58Bilgusthe taking over of the pb buffer should leave it dynamic
15:54:26Bilgusmy cursory glance at it atleast
15:56:28Bilguswe just make it take over bufsz = entrysz * max_files_in_playlist if bufsz > pb_bufsz * .95
15:57:33koniuhaha, i'll leave you guys to it - it's getting a bit over my head here :P
15:57:52koniuthanks speachy and Bilgus for on-the-spot support tho
15:58:14koniuif you like i can open a ticket for this
15:58:16Bilgussimplistic pseudo code −− I can't remember what sets the min size needed in the pb buffer but it would probably vary by codec
15:58:30koniuprobably the only useful thing i can contribute at this point
15:59:05Bilguskoniu feel free I'm looking for something RB to work on anyways
16:00:35speachythe tracker should be a bit more robust/reliable now too. :D
16:01:58Bilgusit surely looks prettier!
16:02:01*speachy wants to do a general purge of old tickets.
16:02:37Bilgushopefully in a way that allows them to still exist
16:04:19speachyoh, they'll still be there, just closed as OBSOLETE or something like that.
16:04:29speachyI added in the current version numbers too
16:10:30koniudunno about prettier :P
16:10:39koniui did attempt to paste the irclog...
16:10:40speachyit needs html formatting
16:12:51Bilgushmm apparently I'm not in the Assigned to: dev list but it does allow me to [Assign To Me]
16:17:06speachyI upgraded flyspray from a pretty ancient one to modern, but the migration wasn't clean −− I couldn't have it automatically reformat the comments due to unspecified issues.
16:17:22speachycomments and issue text
16:17:35koniupffft it's ignoring tags, whitespace, everything
16:17:43speachyit's expecting HTML.
16:18:22koniui did try adding <pre></pre> around it
16:22:09 Join Malessa [0] (
16:24:24MalessaHey Could I ask for some advise my battery socket for my ipod detached off of the logic board how do I reatach it?
16:27:41speachyformatting fixed. now has the appropriate rendering plugin enabled.
16:33:35speachyMalessa, there are a lot of video/slideshow tutorials covering that sort of thing
16:34:25BilgusWeird why would it depend if files were playing if you are grabbing the pluginbuf?
16:35:08Malessaspeachy okay thx
16:35:13 Quit Malessa (Remote host closed the connection)
16:35:53BilgusI'm going to need to mess with it for awhile but it seems atm that the 1/2 limit is superfluous unless I'm missing/forgetting something
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16:46:33speachycan folks confirm they're getting email from the tracker?
16:51:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 9e674c7, 296 builds, 9 clients.
16:55:49 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
16:57:34speachyof the 730 tickets, 289 are marked as patches
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17:14:07fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1370 seconds.
17:14:08fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 9e674c7 result: 2 errors 0 warnings
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18:09:25speachyokay, I think I unwedged the wiki. Botched the upgrade, and edits weren't working.
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18:14:53johnb4speachy, yes I got email from flyspray.
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21:29:30speachyokay, straw poll. if I disable the tag cache, the archosrecorderv1 build will fit in the available space.
21:31:07speachyis this is an acceptible tradeoff to get a build newer than 2013?
21:33:07speachy(I tried nuking recording but it still came in a few kb too large..)
21:42:01 Join MrZeus [0] (
21:46:23fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 0c3380f, 296 builds, 9 clients.
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22:10:53fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1471 seconds.
22:10:54fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 0c3380f result: 2 errors 0 warnings
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23:57:01speachyfixed up the release download page so that it actually respects the optional version tag in, so the recorderv1 links point at its last release
23:58:47speachythe daily builds don't properly track the corresponding revision though.. so the voices can (and do) get out of sync in the face of failed builds.

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