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#rockbox log for 2020-05-19

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01:39:05Bilgusthen maybe a message would be a good idea on improper voice file
01:39:18Bilgusnot that it'd do a blind person any good
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02:49:07fs-bluebot_ 'playlist buffer full' but playlist size is smaller than 'max playlist size' (bugs, assigned)
02:49:24Bilgus g#2376
02:49:26fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2376 at : Playlist Viewer Fix FS 13197 by William Wilgus
02:49:48Bilguskoniu are you able to compile builds?
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07:47:03pixelmais it really the rockbox binary or just the rombox binary that doesn't fit anymore?
07:47:44speachythe built-in bootloader can't handle an image larger than 200K. newer archos hardware supports 400k.
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07:49:20pixelmafwiw as long as newer build (especially releases) aren't tested then I don't think any measure to just get build don't make much sense to me. I mean you get something but it could be worse than the ancient release
07:49:59pixelmap.s.: I don't have a Recorder V1
07:50:07speachythe "proper" solution is to add a 2nd-stage bootloader which loads the actual image.
07:51:12gevaertsUntested builds indeed don't work unless proven otherwise, but without a build that testing gets harder to do :)
07:51:51pixelmathat's what amiconn wanted to do but then he got annoyed by things (e.g. the switch to git) and found other intererests
07:52:18pixelmagevaerts: that's a bit like T... and corona
07:52:35*pixelma has to leave for a while
07:52:39gevaertsExactly! :)
07:54:07speachyyeah.. IMO a feature-reduced build is more useful than no build at all.
07:56:35gevaertsI'm not as convinced that the same goes for actual releases though...
08:13:21amiconnThe proper solution would be to do it like on all newer targets, with the first stage loader existing in two versions (ajbrec.ajz and something flashable)
08:13:58speachythe other thing that can be done is to make the recorderv1 "obsolete" and drop it entirely, leaving only the historical releases.
08:14:31speachywhich (along with the rest of the hwcodec targets) is arguably the right approach anyway.
08:14:38amiconnThat applies to all SH1 Archoses, not just recorder V1
08:15:10speachyit's quite hard to justify engineering effort on the archos targets, especially when it's just for a single model, and a relatively rare one at that.
08:16:16amiconnI might try to do something again for rockbox, but then I still need to regain access to gerrit (that's been broken due to the &%$%& OpenID stuff and me deleting the linked domain without changing OpenID first)
08:16:27amiconnBack then I tried to contact Torne to no avail
08:16:59speachywhen I (eventually) migrate gerrit fixing crap like that is high on my to-do list.
08:17:25amiconnI would also like to see lba48-capable bootloaders for the Coldfire targets - something that I need myself for my "H1480"
08:17:59amiconn(originally a H140 equipped with a Kingston 480GB SSD with adapters)
08:20:54speachyI've been trying to get ThePowersThatBe(tm) to grant my gerrit account admin rights; there's a lot that I could do even before the migration.
08:21:16speachybut I went from intending to migrate gerrit first, to it being the last thing remaining.
08:26:30gevaertsspeachy: I've added you to the administrators group now, but I'm not sure that gives you a lot
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08:59:16speachylooks like there's an even higher-level admin, and I don't have those permissions.
08:59:44speachywith that I could directly muck with the account linkages
09:00:21pixelmaspeachy: it's not about feature reduced, it's about working at all
09:01:02pixelmawhich is not proven for newer builds
09:01:25speachyI know the ondio builds out of the gcc494 toolchain work
09:01:51speachy(ie boots, and can play audio)
09:01:58pixelmahaven't tried it yet, though maybe bluebrother did
09:02:22speachybut again, it's pretty much impossible to test when there are no builds available.
09:04:00gevaertsspeachy: I'm not sure. This access level does give you direct database access if you really like, but that's not easy to use...
09:04:22gevaerts(ssh -p port user@server gerrit gsql)
09:05:01gevaertsIt's all very vague, but IIRC there are some fixes in later versions that might help us
09:07:06speachyor maybe the docs I'm using refer to something too new for our version
09:07:31gevaertsCould be. Our version isn't really the latest
09:07:57speachyI _should_ be able to get to what I want through meta refs in the All-Users repo
09:10:41gevaertsHmm, that might be newer indeed
09:10:54speachyhard to find historical docs. :/
09:18:23speachyamiconn, do you have a new openid provider I should link to instead?
09:19:33speachyI should be able to replace the openid url with something else.
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15:53:59blbro[m]pixelma I did try it on the ondiofm, worked well. At least for my non-extensive test.
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16:37:21repetitionHi I need some help. I installed rockbox automatically though rockbox utility and the ipod is for,atted to FAT32 and I can still access the Ipod. Although every time I refresh the Ipod all it keeps readig is No partition found. The rockbox utility still finds the mount on the Ipod just fine. My Ipod is stuck in the No partition found. I cant seem
16:37:21repetitionto shut it down either.
16:40:59repetition"No Partition Found" "Entering USB Mode..." Plug USB Cable"
16:52:12Lonoxmontwhat model of ipod
16:52:15repetitionWhen I refreshed the ipod after the successful mount it still read No partition found
16:52:18Lonoxmontwhat os are you on
16:52:24repetition6th generation Ipod
16:52:53Lonoxmontare you the same guy who was tyring to remove the apple firmware?
16:53:30Lonoxmontok, did this ipod ever work before?
16:53:50Lonoxmonthave you tried using itunes to restore it and then reinstalling rockbox?
16:54:08Lonoxmontalso, what version of the rockbox utility?
16:54:11repetitionYes but it doesn't show on itunes
16:54:15Lonoxmontdid you get it off our site or a 3rd party?
16:54:39repetitionits the newest version if rockbox I downloaded it from the rockbox site
17:01:26Lonoxmontyeah hang on looking at some stuff
17:01:39repetitionWhat stuff?
17:02:00Lonoxmontgevaerts: ping
17:02:03Lonoxmontspeachy: ping
17:03:14Lonoxmontidk a wholel ot about the 6g ipods, mine is 5.5 (ipod video)
17:03:30Lonoxmontfrom what i have seen the 6g and up is a pain to deal with for some stuff
17:04:04Lonoxmontanyhow i would try the firmware reloading steps we have... somewhere on the wiki idk where
17:04:05repetitionBut do you know a solution to the no patition found error?
17:04:21Lonoxmontbasically involves putting the ipod into dfu mode and having itunes find it
17:04:22repetitionLike rockbox utility?
17:04:51Lonoxmontneed to have the ipod in a known good state before trying to hammer on it with the rockbox utility
17:05:18repetitionLike the mount being found?
17:05:39repetitionrockbox utility detects it and it installs just find
17:05:57Lonoxmontevidently it does not install just fine or else you woldnt be here :P
17:06:09Lonoxmontso maybe there is problem where it says it works when it shouldnt
17:06:48Lonoxmonti can do the basic torubleshooting stuff, but it sounds like you are in a pickle that is somewhat out of my depth
17:06:59Lonoxmontso i ping the people i know here who know more than i do
17:07:03LonoxmontBilgus: ping
17:07:15repetitionAh okay
17:07:22Lonoxmontstick around and see if any of them are available
17:07:32Lonoxmontmight take a while but someone will eventually get back to you
17:08:06repetitionI found a way to reset it with itunes
17:08:21repetitionentering Disk mode
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17:15:42repetitionHmmm I got it to work!
17:20:13repetitionThx for the help!
17:20:21 Part repetition
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