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#rockbox log for 2020-05-20

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12:10:34BilgusLooking at the playlist code that gets loaded on startup for the 'current playlist' a 32k playlisy uses ~900 kb of ram
12:11:36BilgusI should explain thats including the Name buffer at 10000 entries as well
12:12:04BilgusI Find it slightly odd that it carries with it a full size name buffer
12:14:08Bilgusso I guess a 32k playlist eats 528k and has a desert of another 40 - 400 k
12:28:00BilgusI'm thinking the playlist code needs a bit of spring cleaning as well awful lot of assumptions lying around in the code :/
12:42:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 776ceae, 296 builds, 10 clients.
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12:58:50speachyit's nice to see everything working.
13:00:13Bilgusno doubt, GJ speachy
13:02:35speachyadded another builder so I can retire the one on the main server.
13:07:54Bilgusdoes that one on the main server compete with serving the infrastructure then or is it just outdated?
13:08:19fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1574 seconds.
13:08:20fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 776ceae result: 2 errors 0 warnings
13:09:35Bilgusmust be the archos
13:09:38speachyit competes. I set it to only use 2/3rds of the cores..
13:09:44speachyyeah, recorderv1
13:10:36speachybinary size checks work too, excellent.
13:17:24Bilgusso ipod users when you use iTunes to add your music how does that show up on your device in RB?
13:18:03Bilguslike is it just the random filenames ADFGB.mp3?
13:18:43BilgusSorry its been since like 2005 that I touched an Apple :p
13:18:50speachyon disk, yeah, it's random filenames. But the file tags/etc are intact.
13:19:16Bilgusah so they really need the database but what about playlists?
13:19:51speachyI can't say. I've only owned an ipod for a couple of weeks, most of which time it was spent on a data abort screen. :D
13:20:32BilgusLOL sounds similar to my apple experiences
13:20:35speachyIIRC playlists are filename-based.
13:21:09speachywait that can't be right
13:21:21Bilguson the back end but all my music is named sensibly so I really can't tell
13:21:25speachyno, was thinking of bootmarks.
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13:22:10BilgusIt appears as if its using tags too
13:23:29speachyall of these years, and I've never used the rb playlist viewing/editing features
13:23:47Bilgusme either kinda funny
13:24:47BilgusI only started using the DB like last year after I made that lua script to create custom playlists by tag
13:34:10speachythe www site now properly respects the notion of "formerly stable" targets, and can exclude them from daily/etc builds but not from the release page.
13:34:52speachyso recorderv1 can be properly retired instead of rewriting its bootloader or de-featuring its build.
13:35:31Bilgusnice, how does it indicate that it isn't current?
13:36:58speachystill need to fix the build-info generation so that rbutil can do the right thing
13:39:55speachy has the v1 recorder links for v3.13, everything else is for the current release.
13:41:31speachyI also just nuked the incomplete recv1 release files for 3.14/3.15
13:41:48speachy(no point in voice+manual when there's no binaries to go with them..)
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13:49:42speachyright now it doesn't explicitly state the release is old, but the download table cell does have some hints.
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13:53:13Bilguspeople don't even get explicit things :p
13:53:49Bilgusbut its prob like 4 people left that have one LOL
13:55:13speachyI updated the display to be more explicit, let me know what you think
13:56:49BilgusYeah that works
13:57:14Bilgusbe especially important as we cull more old players
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13:59:42speachyI think I'll chance the source/font release to appear under each player too; makes it more obvious.
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14:02:52fujisani was here in 2007 where were you then?
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14:06:58speachylet's see.. this time in 2007 I was beginning to regret my five-month-old marriage.
14:08:24fujisanhehe wow
14:08:29fujisanyour memory is good
14:08:44speachywell, some things do tend to stick with you
14:09:53fujisanyeah true
14:10:59speachysometime in that timeframe I bought an iHP-120 to replace the my literally-falling-apart Archos Recorder.
14:11:22speachythe h120 got stolen during Tropical Storm Fey in mid-August 2008. :/
14:11:35speachyalong with a pair of prescription sunglasses
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14:12:37fujisanfeels like yesterday
14:18:13 Part toffe82 ("Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is")
14:24:48speachyI'm about to commit a patch marking recorderv1 as retired. Will probably follow that up with a patch that removes all recv1 sources.
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15:30:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision bbe8c73, 292 builds, 10 clients.
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21:56:16__builtinspeachy: why are $manualrelease and $voicerelease removed in this?;a=commitdiff;h=bbe8c73bb8#patch1
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22:21:15speachybecause they're not acually used by anything any more
22:22:39speachythe download page now uses the 'release' property for that given build.
22:23:33speachyand you're not going to want to download a manual (or voice!) release versus the firmware binary..
22:24:41speachy'git grep manualrelease' in rockbox.git and www.git turns up nothing.
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