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#rockbox log for 2020-05-22

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04:39:05bluebrotherspeachy: ok, there are now 2 problems with Rockbox Utility:
04:39:53bluebrother(1) it doesn't know about this new "retried" status, and will not display it correctly. Shouldn't affect functionality though. At least right now the status info from the download server still indicates stable.
04:41:39bluebrother(2) the forced upgrade to ssl on breaks things for some people. Seems this guy is affected,53326.msg246215.html We had this issue in the past with Windows binaries too. Those didn't have ssl support enabled for license reasons. Back then the forced upgrade to ssl on was simply disabled.
04:52:11bluebrotherthe main ssl issue here is that Qt uses OpenSSL, and that has a license that was considered ... problematic for static builds. mxe links it statically, so the latest Windows version should simply work. Which raises the question how mxe addresses the license issue ... or if it isn't an issue anymore these days.
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07:25:52speachybluebrother, I turned off the forced SSL to d.r.o
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07:36:57speachyand "retired" is just status=0, and I think rbutil only uses that for an informational tag.
07:39:19speachyNothing has generated a new release build-info file yet, so that hasn't gone anywhere..
07:43:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 74f358c, 292 builds, 10 clients.
07:45:02BilgusOk after this build round completes there will now be a status item in debug>talk engine stats
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07:46:10Bilguslogf will still need enabled for anything more than just a coarse error but better than nothing
07:47:01BilgusIt recognizes OOM, Alloc, incompatible header / ver
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07:52:53speachyoh that will be useful
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07:57:15Bilgustis the hope :P
07:57:36speachybluebrother, g#2382 is an attempt to make rbutil handle "retired" statuses.
07:57:38fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2382 at : rbutil: Handle the new 'Retired' target status. by Solomon Peachy
08:03:43Bilgusit there a way to get the Qt packages to compile that doesn't require jumping through hoops & giving them all my info?
08:04:56speachydownload the source/binaries from a 3rd party?
08:05:39speachydoing this for osx or windows, I assume?
08:06:36BilgusI hate doing any programming in windows it'll be linux
08:06:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1415 seconds.
08:06:55speachyunder Linux the qt stuff tends to be already packaged by the distro.
08:07:17Bilgusah hopefully that the case then
08:08:48speachyok, looks like homepc-petur had a little hiccup on a build.
08:10:32speachythat was a larger binary bump than I expeced from that change..
08:11:20speachyand it's strange how some targets never seem to get a binary size change either.
08:11:55speachythe x3ii changed, but rocker and x20 didn't. That makes no sense to me.
08:12:22Bilgusagreed I'll try and compress that a bit
08:15:03Bilgusjust having it as an error # will knock out a bit a little more opaque but OOM and alloc errors weren't spelled out either
08:15:24speachyand what, the strings aren't added to the lang files? :D
08:16:13Bilgusnever do in the debug menu
08:16:25Bilgusits english only
08:16:29*speachy nods.
08:16:57speachyjust thinking of an actual blind user, how will they know the voice is busted?
08:17:04speachybesides it not working, I mean.
08:17:15speachyit's a bit of a chicken-n-egg problem
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08:20:19BilgusIKR! I debated about that for a bit
08:22:08BilgusI thought about making it say something or beeping but at least theres some indication this way even if they need a sighted user to tell them
08:22:47speachythere's a good argument for making the "voice failed to load" a splash message.
08:24:53Bilgusthen it needs to be a localized string to be actually useful and bigger binary bump
08:27:44Bilguslets see if there is a sutible string already in lang
08:30:07speachykinda generic but it's better than having to go into the debug menu to find out why voice stopped working...
08:30:15Bilgusthat sounds good "Failed reading %s", lang.voice
08:34:12Bilgusits going to depend on how early the lang file is loaded if this works or not
08:34:23Bilgusrather the voice file
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08:50:20BilgusWorks ok just going to be 'Failed Reading .voice'
08:55:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision dcf8154, 292 builds, 10 clients.
08:56:08Bilguscomon petur 'you can doit'
08:58:48speachysweet, the rework to make the build.r.o site static succeeded
08:59:18speachyit's now regenerated upon completion of a build round.
09:00:06Bilgusoh instead of constantly refreshing?
09:00:50speachyno, the dev.cgi "autobuilder" page was already static
09:01:08speachythis is the main build page, with the links to the last successful builds for each target
09:01:32Bilgusah the dev builds page
09:01:41speachyto display the git revision for each, it was opening each build's zip file and parsing out rockbox-info.txt
09:01:59speachyso what, 50-odd zipfiles on eacn and every page load...
09:02:35speachycompletely unnecessary. :)
09:02:44Bilguswow thats a lot of overhead at several 1000 views
09:04:16speachyyeah, I was alway irked at how slow the build.r.o pages loaded. Much better now. :)
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09:04:51Bilguswaiting on builds to complete makes me sing that Tom Petty song ; The waiting is the hardest part
09:06:13BilgusI still run them all locally on the really big stuff but that takes like 2 hours+
09:07:04Bilgus20-30 mins much preferable :D
09:08:01speachyso I take it the voice load happens late enough for the slash to be useful?
09:09:18speachysince I have buildmaster under teh same roof now, I was also able to eliminate some of the cron jobs I set up to keep a lot of the other stuff synchronized.
09:09:31Bilgusyeah its real early but it pops just fter the fw title splash
09:11:33Bilgusit definitely beats no indication whatsoever which I should have thought of when I did the original patch but I was more concerned with the crash than the non working voice
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09:12:47speachysuch is the joy of F/OSS, drunkenly stumbling towards perfection
09:13:37BilgusBTW speachy your take over of the site very bueno it was def in need of some TLC which i'm sure HAXX guys realized they just weren't able to provide
09:13:52speachynow, next question. is this something that could/should be documented?
09:14:13speachyin the voice section of the manual, mention that there are compatibility tests and if they fail, it'll splash..
09:14:25BilgusIDK ill look in the voice part of the manual
09:14:55speachyI was frustrated by the state of site/infra long before I ever thought taking over could be an option
09:15:14fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1183 seconds.
09:15:16speachyso many "pebbles in the shoe" sorts of problems.
09:16:22Bilgushmm no all green / all teh errors message?
09:16:24speachywtf.. the autobuilder's h120 manual is tied to the sim build, not the normal build.
09:16:37speachythe bot isn't picking up errors for some reason.
09:16:55Bilguswell save a bit of space I was hoping for more like -100
09:16:58speachyor rather, the buildmaster isn't.
09:21:38Bilgusspeachy did you add voice to rtc and the wake alarm?
09:22:07speachyI don't recall.
09:22:36Bilgusjust noticed the voice section mentions plugins RTC and Alarm don't support voice I'll change that to Some plugins
09:22:52speachythere are still a lot of voice-enabling patches out of poretsky's tree left to sort out.
09:23:30speachybut it doesn't appear that the alarclock is voice-enabled.
09:25:03speachy...there's still an outstanding patch that adds voice to the alarm timer, but nothing for the alarm clock plugin itself.
09:25:49speachyit's probably more accurate to say that "most plugins do not currently support voice"
09:26:19speachya whole bunch do now but... there are a lot of plugins.
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09:42:30Bilgus g#2384
09:42:40fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2384 at : talk.h Add manual entry by William Wilgus
09:43:18speachybuildserver generated the result, but got a sigpipe that resulted in all clients getting dropped..
09:44:18speachyso perhaps one of the clients isn't behaving properly, blocked on the message, and the sigpipe handling force-booted all connected clients.
09:45:05speachylooks like it's probably deepthought-ender.
09:45:18Bilgusyou have something you want to do before I push this?
09:48:05speachynah, go for it. don't know what's going on with the results logging but there weren't any server-side changes.
09:48:16speachydata's being properly captured
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09:52:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision ce29bec, 292 builds, 10 clients.
09:58:31Bilgusbe interesting to see if the bin size still jumps around it always seemed to kinda jump up and down randomly maybe based on which client builds it
09:59:30speachyI don't expect any change in that regard. I may have changed how the data gets stored/visualized but the instability is the source.
10:00:56speachyprobably due to randomness in object linking order. I bet it would go away if we stopped allowing the builders to parallelize their builds.
10:04:25Bilgusmakes sense
10:09:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1034 seconds.
10:13:14Bilgusnope all bin deltas are +- 0 :)
10:16:23speachyhmm, need to investigate how "avg ul speed" and "round ul speed" are computed
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12:02:16bluebrotherspeachy: an incompatible voice file could make the player play a couple of beeps on startup. That would be recognizable even if the user cannot see the screen (for whatever reason)
12:04:48bluebrotherspeachy: configuring a manual build as sim build has the nice side effect that it also builds if you don't have the cross compilers installed.
12:05:32bluebrotherhmm, this cryptopp thing is really a pain. Finally got Rockbox Utility build on OS X again but now it doesn't link due to cryptopp, and that having a different target SDK.
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12:15:25Bilgusbluebrother, I too thought of a beep but figured it was too cryptic but maybe along with the message it would be ok
12:22:54Bilgusah nevermind its too early to play a beep
12:23:37bluebrotheranother option: Add a pre-rendered file to .rockbox and play that.
12:23:44bluebrotherhmm, playback not ready at that point?
12:25:41Bilgusyeah IDK I think its good enough at least it doesn't crash anymore
12:36:52*bluebrother wonders if there is a simple implementation that could be used to replace libcryptopp
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12:57:53Bilgusdepends on how you define simple :p
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13:06:10bluebrotherwell, simple enough so that it can be easily included in the Rockbox tools, or if it's an external library used without much hassle. And portable.
13:06:29bluebrothercryptopp is nice on Linux. But on all other OSes it's a nightmare, at least for our setup.
13:07:09bluebrotherfinally managed to get somewhere on OS X again, but it fails spectacularly when linking with libcryptopp.
13:07:38bluebrotherand on Windows we have a problem as well, since it's nothing we can expect to be present system-wide.
13:08:01bluebrotherand doing all this on our own is ... additional work I'm seeing less and less benefit in.
13:08:12bluebrothermaybe simply go back to the old implementation.
13:09:37bluebrothercryptopp is pretty huge, and as far as I can see we only use it for aes encoding / decoding.
13:10:55Bilgusyeah agreed on the AES part looking through the source but TBH I don't remeber what the old way was
13:13:00bluebrothercrap, nwzboot also uses it.
13:13:26bluebrotherfor md5 calculation.
13:16:11bluebrotherold way = our own implementation.
13:19:00bluebrotherfs-bluebot_: .describe 8b3f5a8ad74
13:19:01fs-bluebot_imxtools/sbtools: switch AES implementation to Crypto++ by Amaury Pouly
13:19:08bluebrotherthat's when cryptopp came in
13:24:55Bilgus g#1452 yeah quite a while ago
13:24:57fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1452 at : imxtools/sbtools: switch AES implementation to Crypto++ by Amaury Pouly
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15:26:57pamaurybluebrother: Bilgus: just noticed that you were ranting about crypto++ ;) The main reason I switched is that the entired imx image is encrypted with AES, that's pretty large and the self-contained implementation was really slow
15:28:26pamauryso my advise before you make any switch is to at least benchmark it
15:50:44bluebrotherpamaury: it's not crypto++ per se, it's using it in our applications on non-Linux systems. On Linux it's simple, you use pkg-config to find it and things are well. On Windows ... not a chance, things get complicated. At least mxe provides a package for crypto++, so one can use that to cross-compile a Windows binary and avoid the hassle.
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15:51:54bluebrotherI've decided to try looking into creating a recent binary for macOS. On that things become even more convoluted. Build crypto++, build Rockbox Utility, try to link, fails. Because it uses different SDK / libc++ :/
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15:53:12bluebrother(and that's after figuring how to install XCode in 2020 ... on 10.11 (my hardware isn't supported by a newer macOS version) you cannot install XCode anymore due to an expired certificate. Had to set the clock back to 2019 :o )
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16:45:40blbro[m]speachy: themes.r.o doesn't work with ssl - I get a website, but not the themes one.
17:11:26pamaurybluebrother: yes I understand the problem, it's crypto++ is particularly tricky though
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18:08:59speachythere are plenty of standalone aes implemenmtations
18:09:56speachyif nothing else, libtom..
18:10:17speachybut yes, fixing themes.r.o and translate.r.o is on my list for this weekend/next week
18:10:29speachywith respect to ssl
18:10:58speachythought the links off the main page were not fixed to http:// not https but maybe I accidentally undid that
18:12:26speachys/not //;
18:20:04blbro[m]I typed the url myself :)
18:21:34blbro[m]Actually I tried to change some urls in Rockbox Utility to https when I stumbled across that. Wasn't aware this is a known issue :)
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